Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Subscription Open

30.09 Mysore  Posted.
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Efforts to start a website which will feature Ratings,Analysis,Live updates,post race observations,Record book,Video handicapping with section timings of indivual horses in a race and many other features demands lot of time.Its really a tough job to PROGRAM what we think.In simple its like a DIGITAL book of our work.It may take time but will surely be one of its unique kind

So meanwhile we will continue to do in existing format 

Details of subscription 
Last date to join : 30th September 

Subscription offer : Blogger works out race card according to his knowledge and allows it to be viewed to others on nominal charges.DR,Comments,analysis and Selections are given as guidance only and not recommendation of any sort .For centres like Mysore ,Delhi and Kolkotta only DR will be given

ELIGIBILITY: For  Persons of Indian origin aged above 21years .Gmail account is must 

Charges : 1500/- per month valid up to 31st October 
4000/- per 3 months valid up to 31st December 

Modality: After payment an invite to view blog will be send to gmail id of the subscriber.After clicking the link given in that mail they will be eligible to view blog

Disclaimer: Subscriber will be ready to give an undertaking that inspite of honest and sincere efforts of blogger Vinod Vyas they may still end up in financial losses for which they will not hold either Blogger Vinod Vyas or blogs (Deccan Selections ,DeccanSelections , Ratings and Selections ) responsible in any manner 
For any assistance mail us at 

Past performance

Ratings which were posted to premium members are posted here after the race .Whatever may be the result we are posting it as it is  here since we believe few bad days are part and parcel of this game .Click on the link to view

01.09 Mys         03.09 Kol         03.09 Pune  04.09 Hyd 

10.09Pune        10.09 Kol         11.09 Pune   11.09 Hyd 

12.09 Hyd            13.09 Mys         14.09 Kol        17.09 Pune 

18.09 Pune           18.09 Hyd         19.09 Mys       20.09 Hyd

21.09 Kol         22.09 Mys             23.09 Mys      24.09 Kol 

24.09 Pune      25.09 Pune        27.09 Delhi     28.09 D 

29.09 Mys

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