Saturday, January 31, 2009

My betting proposition for Mumbai

Race1) Eat thunderinghooves
Race2) Back calpsyo for win or culcrieft in place
Race4)Casual look place and small shp
Race5) Fair tactics shp and place
Race6)Suddenimpact win
Race7)Polariser place
Race8)will eat angels if i get below 40/100 or leave the race
Race9) leave if redchilli wins
Race10)Eat fav

Double: Redchilli/Ekhabinskya

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hyderabad race on Friday

Hyderabad races scheduled on Saturday 31st January have been preponed to Friday 3oth January.

My next posting will be on 14th feb.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hyderabad Derby

Hi all,

Blue riband of the season Vijay textiles Golconda derby stakes looks like a mere formality for Wonder filly Attractress,however Lone filly in this race has to be careful with Reconnect.Saturday Jackpot paid almost 11lakhs on one single ticket,On sunday a carried over amount of almost 8 lakhs will be added to net jackpot pool.

School of thoughts:{Correct me if iam wrong}

1:Netto is loosing faith of his owners who r deserting him fast,he has to extend all his horses to restore faith.
2:Anupamsharma has great day on sat,he will rest on sunday.
3:Lesser known trainers strike on derby day,so keep an eye on Shamsuddins and Faiyaz sheiks horses.
4:If a race is one horse affair,it is not included in Jackpot pool,but Main race is included which in other words mean Attractress is not running unopposed.


Rubycrown:Ignore its last run where it was ridden not properly,has very good chance to register win in this poor bunch.
Flyingphoenix:Well bred,half brother to Inspiring trust,working very well,is next best.
Royalquest:Good long shot place bet.
Kansascitymac:+ve change of shoes,last run was slowly off,working well with "Blks",only -ve point is that even in Gate practise on 19/01 it was slowly off by 3 lengths,can upset.



Avemaria:Ignore its run in Barley stakes where due to hot pace it cud not settle thru out,yet came up powerfully in the end to finish good fourth,here can extend its best.
Siphsalar:His Sire "Exceed And Excel" was one of Australia’s premier sprinters, underlined when as a spring 3year old in 2003, he led throughout to win, against the older horses, the 1400m G1 Dubai Racing Club Stakes at Caulfield. Then, as an autumn 3year old, he beat the best Australia had to offer in the VRC Newmarket Handicap down the testing Flemington straight over 1200m, a remarkable feat for a Sydney-trained horse. Exceed And Excel has gone on to prove himself as class sprinter,is very well bred for sprint races,working very well and can do like "Miss everywhere"
Indiagate:Good place bet.

Ignore:Easy pride

Race3:True Fashion(1)/Lightbrigade(6)

Truefashion:Ignore its last run in higher category where even in strong company was seen moving very well,can again extend his best here.
Lightbrigade:Last run was slow in start,finishing very well in end,earlier in monsoon has won very impressively beating likes of One mission with jockey Suraj narredu astride,shud take level jump to make an impression on final outcome.
Mrchief:Has lot of initial speed,Very good place bet.
Classiccruise:If takes level jump then can cause major upset.

Ignore:Shen Long,Royal Flyer,Ravileena,Colorful{Eat}

Cannonscot:First two runs of season were slowly off,in subsequent run niggled thru centre to finish good third to Red fairy and truefashion,in 4th run moved up very well to finish good third behind Habituated and Cogent,last run can be ignored as it was forced to stop momentarily at bend to avoid clipping the heels of front runners,has very good chance to win here.
Redriverrebel:Impressive winner in lower category over poor bunch,last run was in superior company,has good chance in this set,but surprisingly not seen in tracks after last run,jockey Aadesh kumar scored a grand treble on Sat,his chances by default gets weakened.
Easytouch:Winner in lower category in weak company,last run chose to run unextended,yet finished close ,+ve change of shoes indicate it is on job,place looks good.
Lenavi:Something is brewing in it,cannot be ignored atleast for minor combination,can cause flutter.

Ignore:Hariharpriya,Embattled,Favourable terms,Page three


Celticshot:Impressive third behind Templebells in its last run with Exercise jockey Laxman astride,is working well,will raise winning gallop.
Canopus:Has good initial speed,is working very well with "Blks",will lead all the way till being caught.
Goldenflame:Working very well,good bet for place,must for Jp.
Tigana:Working very well,is live threat over this extended distance,must for jp.
Tasteofindia:All its previous were dismayal,but take a chance in JP,will fetch huge returns if it obliges.

Ignore:Adorna{Topeweight,front runner and outer box},Bundleofroses{winner in 5 years group,suspect over this distance},Secretsilence{Very poor win in monsoon over company majority of which have not win a race till now},Titleshot,Ultravioletray{Topweight,winner in poor set},Luckydamsel{Unable to perform after lameness},Kodos{Neednot to say anything},Regentspark{Bad show this season},Manon fire{Running in wrong distance},Narwhal{Poor performer,may do well only in his age group},Cannonhawk{Going for class down}

Race6:Glaring Godzilla(7)/True Legend(9)/Sprucespringstien(10)

Glaringgodzilla:Should do well over this extended distance,looks good here.
Truelegend:Has regained form as evident by its last run,can do well here.
Sprucespringstein:Was seen moving very well in final part of race in its last outing,working very well,genuine upset horse.
Lanchashire:Impressive and easy winner ,cannot be ignored atleast for Jp.
Adamant approach:Consistent,but getting beaten still should be in JP.
Doingmybest:If takes a level jump,can upset.

Ignore:Arrowoflight{Just one track in this season,pulled up lame in first run},Flyingrudolph{-ve change of shoes,no track for last one month},Globalpresence{Distance and jockey -ve},Starcomposer{Jockey is clear -ve},Birdie{distance and class -ve}


Caliagatae:Won twice this season,is very good type gelding,has good future ahead,should do well
Copertina:Impressed most in its last win,will be there at busy end.
Seeyouthere:Last two runs can be ignored as it was bit slow in both starts,genuine upset horse.
Goldentricks:Something is brewing in it,do not ignore atleast for JP.
Bellacool:Never travelled over 1400mts,warms up late,has relatively best jockey,must for JP.

Ignore:Spectacularfalcon{no track,distance is against},Goodspeed{poorrun,earlier winner in 5 years group},Cleverploy{Do not forget,it cud not even clear upto 50 cat,,,,ratings r high coz of running in graded races,good -ve bet,Eat},Smartempire{No track after last run},Pillantronics{No track after last run},Sikander e alam{No track after last run},Lavendermist{no track for last 20days},Shegotthe looks{Very poor form},Worldvision


Conventional racing wisdom says "Its is better to back Performers than Expectors".Feature event of the day.Attractress has proved her mettle beyond doubt,on paper she is the best.Reconnect may be fancied .Only once it has run along with Attractress in Monsoon derby,where Attractress was shaping like winner before being beaten whereas Reconnect was running unextended.Hyperkinetic will place ahead of Earthbender.


Indhradhanush:Ignore last run,is capable to doing better,shud be there at busy end.
Stormcommand:Genuine upset,do not ignore,always moves up well over 1200mts,can create flutter in this distance.
Sweetyboy:Ignore its previous run,Trainer Netto is left with no option but to go all out with all his horses as considerate number of horses have been shifted to other stables.Must for jp
Fantasticboy:Knocking door for quite sometime,place looks certain
Manofmoment:Fully extended third in Non winners group,if installed as fav will be good -ve bet.

Ignore:Enforcement{Does well with A},Nandanavana{Distance is against},Acciaccatura{Winner of non winners group},Classicdancer{Lethargic slowstarter,no track for last 20 days},Easyflash{Distance against},Maximumcity{I dont prefer upto 25 Winners in upto 50 cat,Eat}




After seeing the odds My money would on


Have a nice day

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hyderabad 24th jan

Hi all,

Derby weekend races.Feature event of the day Qutub shahi Cup wears an open look.Coralgables on basis of his impressive fourth behind stable mate Khaleelspride and and low weight is prefered over others.Carried over amount of Rs 3,06,996 will be added to todays net jackpot pool,hence iam giving 4 selections for all races.First two r the horses which i feel have best chances to win,third one is good for place and fourth one is upset,if any.

{***Kindly compare Racetime odds with Likely odds to determine JOBBERS**}


Royalembassy:Ignore its last run where it was bit slow in start,came up impressively to finish good second behind Lalapitus.Has very good chance to reverse that as it is running at same weight where as lalapitus is carrying additional burden of 2.5kgs.
Lalapitus:Twice winner,first in poor set and the last one was laboured,has to beat Royal embassy.
Commandermoil:Its last win was very impressive over strong company,can upset.
Starsenora:Highest rated in this terms race,twice winner in poor bunch,no track for last 18 days,its chances r not fancied.Good negative bet


Risingrays:Change of ownership and stables,in its last run was easy unextended second to superior Greenhaven which went on to beat superior horses,well rested,tracking well,with taskmaster astride and lighter shoes,has very good chance,should win.
Kohinoorfairytale:Ignore its last two runs in higher category,earlier in same category finished second to hot market fancy Lavendermist,working well,is next best horse in this set.
Vijaylakh:As T S Jodha is medically unfit to ride,M F Alikhan by default becomes first jockey of Laxman singh,now running with +ve change of shoes and in pet distance,will be extended fully and place looks certain.
Debonaire:At this weight can floor them all,genuine upset horse.

Ignore:Spectacular Hero,Freak Fantasy,Bon Fire,Ripples,Corsica,Avon Gorge


Lucrative:Is in form of his life and in this distance has very good chance.
Bentota:+ve change of jockey merits attention,but not shown in tracks after last run,will be involved in final finish,next best.
Royallight:Ignore last run as due to outermost box it cud not go in front as required,will be a different customer in this set and is good place bet.
Impact:Something is brewing in it,genuine upset,do not ignore atleast for minor combinations.

Ignore:Barkha Rani,Cannon View,Classy Act,Super Brat,Blue Magic,Stylish LadyAutumn Gold,Autumn Gold


Vendetta:Impressed most in both runs,working well ,should again do well.
Albarodo:Last run was slowly off,now working well with "Blks" clocking winner timings in track,should be in fighting line along with vendetta.
Suchiman:Impressive winner on debut,working well,should place.
Proviso:A long shot winner in its last outing,cannot be ignored,genuine upset horse.

Ignore:Grand Rapids,Fire Blaze,Alberton Star,Zulima

Race5:Lady Patricia(9)/Essence(4)/Green Vision(6)/Southern Spice(5)
Ladypatricia:Ignore last run,should improve here and return winner.
Greenvision:Performs very well over this distance,is next best in this set.
Essence:Ignore its last 3 runs where it cud not find enough space in final furlong,is knocking door for quite sometime,place looks good.
Southernspice:Genuine upset horse,cannot be ignored for minor combinations.
Toofanexpress:Cannot be ignored for JP.

Ignore:Dashonregardless{Due to only 1 track in last one month},Artistic emperor,Bakersfield


Smartyprince:Impressive winner,can repeat with +ve change of shoes.
Canadiangirl:Ignore last run{First run of season} where it was prominent till bend,gave up thereafter.working very well,has very good chance to fight it out with Smartyprince for prime slot.
Speedmotive:On demotion,working well,jockey is medicore,place looks good.
Tiara:Is in forward condition,but drawn outermost, Sequeria is yet to register a win for Netto this season,may be this will mark the begining,genuine upset horse.

Ignore:Mijhinkle,Starworld,Sprintchamp,Costamesa,Retromagic,Hunting Boy,Set Me Free,World Wide,Blendofbeauty

Pharlap:Ignore its last run where it veered out immediately after start,has vert rosy chances in this shorter distance.
Ivorysnow:Improved a lot,will be involved in final finish.
Baywatchbabe:+ve change of shoes will enable it to be in first 3.
Justbecool:Sreekanth is exercise jockey,but still it emerges out as very good upset horse.

Ignore:Runawaymodel,Globalemperor,Strokeofluck,Fairtouch,Deccanpassion, Garrisonchief,Amazingact,Hospitality

Very tough race,All r equals and it wud be difficult task to pick up a clear winner.

Coralgables:Even though long in tooth,has electrifying turn of foot,has regained form as evident by its impressive run in last race,at this weight can floor them all.
Champforever:Next best horse in this set,ignore its run in top weights,is strong contender,should be in 1-2.
Rubyqueen:Donkey licked the opposition in last race,distance is bit sharp for her comfort i feel as it warms up late after mile.
:Start to finish specialist,last run can be ignored,genuine upset horse.


Race9:Classic One(5)/Arsham(8)/Armstrong(1)/Madho(7)

Classicone:Hiding his form for too long,can do well over this distance.
Arsham:Has very good season so far,will extend its best and shud be involved in final finish.
Armstrong:Brought down in class,place looks certain.
Madho:Genuine upset horse,cannot be ignored.

Ignore:Young Star,Altai,Fusionmusic,Mysticimpact,Montush,Jayjay






CDQT Bangalore 23/01

Hi all,

Following is my CDQT for bangalore races to be held on Friday


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hyderabad 19/01:Pointers

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Monday.

Race1:Adamsaura(5)/Mr Don(3) Upset:Colette(7)

Adamsaura:Well bred,was seen moving well in first two run,last run was hanging out badly,only one track in last 3 weeks signifies that it is not fully prepared,still can pull it off in this very poor bunch.
Mrdon:Endowed with good initial speed,working very well,inspite of medicore jockey looks good.

Colette:In its last run was badly bumped at start by veering out Casablanca,moved up well in final stages,working well,but only worry is that Sequeria has not scored any win for Netto this season.
Acehigh:Last two runs were very poor,now running with +ve change of shoes and jockey,TS,working well,may be fancied can finish on board due to jockey merit.
Greekfire:In its last run, was badly squeezed at start,moved up to be close fifth till bend,badly hung out in straight and cud not ride to full potential,finished close fourth to Alfatha who went on to win Million stakes,is working very well,but entrusted to R B shinde whose riding capability is not upto mark.
Royalscotsman:First run,will need this run.

Race2:Ridetoglory(7)/Alzeezan(4) Upset:Queenofhabashe(6)

Ridetoglory:In its last run was hanging out under pressure,now with "Blks" can be different customer here.
Alzeezan:Good second in its first run,can raise winning gallop over this shorter distance.
Queenofhabashe:Was seen moving very well in its final outing,now running with +ve change of shoes,will place.
Vijayteja:Gave a forward run till last 300mts over 1400mts,will be in strong contention.
Afirework:Was prominent till bend in its last run,can be ignored due to jockey merit.
Pythagorus:Getting beaten over this distance as favourite,will have to improve a lot to win.

Race3:Citidancer(4)/Spinethemall(7) upset:Firstsolar(5)

Citidancer:Ignore its last 4 runs as it was ridden by exercise jockey,working very well and can strike .
Spinethemall:Moving well in final stages ofraces,place looks certain.
Avongorge:A start to finish specialist,iam not impressed by his chances over this distance.
Thescot:Ran strongly leading all the way till being beaten by ordinary Bhardvij,ridden by Grant who had 4 winners on sunday,will run easy,ignore.
Firstsolar:Has tendency of drifting out in straight,now running with +ve change of shoes,and with "Blks and TS",will have to improve a lot,cannot be trusted.

Race4:Walkinpark(8)/Spymate(3) Upset:Globalpresence(1)

Walkinpark:Ignore its last run last week,has run very good races in Monsoon,compare it with other two hopefuls Spymate and Globalpresence,it comes out better,will run away at this weight.
Spymate:Closely matched with walk in park,has to beat Walk in park.
Globalpresence:Will lead and should place in this set.
Onemission:Cannot beat spymate and Walkinpark,if fancied will be good negative bet.

Race5:Pacificgroove(10)/Oceanofpearls(11) Upset:Greatballofchina(9)

An upset is in store.

Pacificgroove:Something is brewing in it,genuine upset horse.
Oceanofpearls:Has very good chance over this extended distance.
Greatballofchina:Lastrun was impressive in good company,cannot be ignored atleast for minor combinations.
Vanenberg:Made his move very late in its last run,if alert can upset.
Royaldignitary:May be fancied on basis of second to Ultraviolet rays and positive switch of shoes,will have to work hard to justify it.
Cannontreasure:Lacks initial speed and at this weight can be ignored.
Localikon:Won in one of those dubious run which eventually might have led to suspension of two jockeys.good negative bet.

Race6:Lenavi(1)/Rostock(6) Upset Superbrand(9)

Lenavi:Brought down in this class after sustained compaign,will be different customer in this distace.
Rostock:Form of a horse is good as its last run,vijayveer after change of stables,ownership and named impressed most while finishing a very good second along the rails,will make amends and should be there at busy end.
Superbrand:All its previous runs were in 4years group,now running in his age group,ignore last run as he was forced out by Leodvij at bend,can extend its best here.
Danzsingh:Was seen moving well at fag end of race,well rested,tracking extremely well,,only -ve point is over weight of 3 kgs,can be ignored.
Eliteprince:Easy winner in lower category,may run easy.
Proudaccolade:Impressive winner and good third thereafter ,continues to shine in trials but may find this distance sharp.
Shikra:In his age group had chance but jockey is medicore.
Adelaide:Runs in and out of form,cannot be trusted.
Unexpectedtwist:Inspite of good third,does not impress.


Rubyqueen:Winner of 1000 guineas,Oaks and good third to Sweeping success in invitation cup in last winter,its two runs in Monsoon were in wrong distance,and in current season after an easy initial run ,inspite of lethargic start finished very impressive second to Dorabella attesting the fact that this filly has return to form and should win this race.
Hypnotiq:Will play the role of bridesmaid.
Vijaymarg:Good place bet.

Race8:Alchology(4)/Airbender(10) Upset Kingofhabashe(9)

Alchology:Ran along with superior horses in 3 years group,now running in his age group,working very impressively,can raise winning flag today.
Airbender:Won effortlessly in lower category,tracking extremely well beating Millionstake winner Alfatha by distance,will fight for every inch of ground,dont be misled by Jcky Satish as he is made to ride this instead of Grant due to low handicap weight.
Kingofhabashe:Genuine dark horse,ignore its last run where it was slow in start,earlier finished good fourth over 12oomts,gave an impressive mockrace,place looks certain.
Highlands:Lately has developed tendency of slow start,all wins were in poor bunch.
Trueforce:On promotion, if Rubyqueen is the first win of Trainer then its chance becomes rosy.




Have a nice day

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hyderabad 18/01 Pointers

**** I Owe a certain kind of responsibility to visitors of this blog and since it is open, iam bound to oblige***

Hi all,

Posted here are pointers for all runners.Feature event of the day looks in safe kitty of wonder filly Misseverywhere.Card looks punter friendly.

Race1: Aphrodisiac(4)/Mightyprince(1)

Aphrodisiac:Ignore last run where it was forced out by Yanamaria at start,will make amends and can return as winner.

Mightyprince:Beaten to superior suchiman,will make amends,can win.

Princeofhabashe:Full brother to ordinary King of habashe,first run,working well,may need this run.

Radicalplayer:Last two runs were very poor,only one track after last run,can be ignored.

Chemeli:Last two runs were very poor,no track after last run,can be safely ignored even for place.

Fleeting wish:First run,Twice slowly off in GP,will need this run.

Imaan:No show at any stage in its last run,may wud have benifitted by that run,only one easy track after last run,not fully prepared,can place at longer odds.

Realityshow:Ordinarily bred,first run,impressed in final track work.

Victoroussally:Well bred,first run,tracking regular.May need this run.

Race2: Monochrome(3)/ Colorsergant(8)

Monochrome:With help of TS and HB won effortlessly last time,continues to be in good shape,can repeat.

Colorsergant:Has problem of hanging in,will lead initially.can win.

Trackrule:On demotion,lacks initial speed,may be difficult for win,at best can place.

Corsica:First run with no track,can be ignored.

Timesquare:No track after last run,lacks initial speed.

Lucrative:Won earlier at feather weight,at this weight looks very difficult.

Millenuimqueen:Failed to impress in its last two runs,in first run was seen moving well,at best can place.

Parineeta:Habitual slow starter,no track after last run,can be ignored safely.


Rubyrouge:Running after 4 months,-ve change of shoes from A-S,ridden by R B Shinde who is yet to register a win,its chances r very bleak.

Championstar:Hard ridden winner in Non winners group,drawn in outer box,its chances here r very bleak.

Chinapearl:Habitual front runner,with help of "Blks"in last run led all the way till beaten near post in slow pace race,will be involved in final finish.

Almalawi:Hopelessly out of form,can be safely ignored.

Huntingboy:Distance is sharp,no track after last run,entrusted to medicore jockey,can be safely ignored.

Baywatchbabe:Ignore its run this season where in first run it was made to run in wrong distance,in second run it almost dislodged rider and in last run jockey chose to run easy,gave good Gatepractise with "Blks",by default is prime contender.

Worldwide:Something is wrong with this horse,unable to show the initial speed which it displayed in Monsoon,no track after last run,better to be ignored.

Playzone:Something is brewing in it,good long shot place bet.

Aryawat:Slow starter in last run,not shown in tracks thereafter,can be ignored.

Blendofbeauty:Long lay off,-ve change of shoes from A-S but tracking regularly,advantegously drawn in innermost box,has good initial speed,can upset.


Vijaysena:Shaped like a winner before being beaten on post over 2400mts,has good chances in this shorter distance.

Iceman:Won impressively in its first run,second run was seen moving well at fag end of race over mile,and in last run chose to run unextended thru out,looks very good in this set and distance.

Vijayam:Will lead initially and retire near bend,can be ignored even for place.

Strategicpartner:Ignore its run in Fillies stake and Oaks,earlier in Monsoon won impressively,weight will be a bother for this start to finish specialist.

Goldentricks:Never travelled this distance,but was seen finishing well over mile races,can upset, only worry is lack of track work after last run.

Earthbender:Winner in lower category,working regularly,may not be able to make any impact in this higher category.

Manduro:Has devastating final speed,cannot be ignored.

Cannonhunt:Winner in lower category,looks difficult in higher set.

Jaanbaaz:Winner in lower category in poor bunch,looks difficult.


Greyshot:Without TS was seen moving very well in its last outing with Jockey Laxman,working regularly,with +ve switch of shoes and jockey should be a good bet.

Royallight:Has very good initial speed and at this weight can make them all run for their money.

Opulence:Can be ignored even for place.

Hardcore:Positive switch of jockey but drawn in outer most box,huge disadvantage for forward runner,at best can place.

Superflous:-ve change of shoes and jockey,can be safely ignored even for place.

Changeofloyalty:No track after last run,distance is also sharp.

Kohinoor diamond:Winner in lower category,impressive third in higher category in its last run where it cud have done better if not interfered in final furlong,would have been a good bet but lack of track after its last run is deterrent.

Garrisonchief:Not in track for last 18 days,can be ignored.


Citistorm:Suprise winner at feather weight,last run was beaten,looks difficult.
Sparsh:6 wins in a row and 7th is in piping baring mishap.In its last run clocked good timings on slow day,earlier won authoratively over very good company,many of which went on to win impressively,winner has to beat him.
Glaringgodzilla:Genuine upset horse,if Sparsh falters it will grab the winning berth.
Habituated:A impressive close fourth in very strong company,will do well,place looks certain.
Buddybrothers:Will lead till it weakens,ignore.
Lanchashire:Stable mate of sparsh,distance is sharp.
Truelegend:Needs mile,can be safely ignored here.


I believe Misseverywhere is best filly stationed at Malakpet,is another "Attractress" in making,won with ease over strong company of "winners" ,can win provided Deshmukh does not decide to go with Chestnutcharmer who is equally good and will be in Top 2.Fireblazes last run can be ignored as it was badly interfered in final furlong,place looks certain.


Pygamalion:Has very good chance over this extended distance,should not be ignored.
Sparks:Disgraced horse,May be fancied,but i feel for couple of runs it will run unextended,then out of blue will finish good second after that and then will try for win.
Boyance:Will be there at busy end,place looks certain.
Dreamdancer:Problematic horse,trainer trying all kinds of equipment but still unable to deliver that winning spree.
Mandavi:Ignore its last run in tough company,has very good chance in this set.
Mayfairgirl:Unextended close third in its first run,genuine upset horse.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hi all,
Due to Family and Work related issues iam unable to do justice to this blog.Iam not quitting but yes iam taking a break.Hope u will understand.

I extend my hearty gratitude to all visitors who have always showered me with good words of encouragement and showed great degree of patience and resilence even though i failed miserably.Thanks a lot for ur kind patronage.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hyderabad 12/01

Hi all,

A very competitive card.Feature event of the day S M Reddy memorial cup has attracted best horses stationed here and one can expect a exciting finish.Champforever has lived upto her name and emerges as Prime contender.Supporting event of the day,SardarMohansingh Bagga Memorial cup will witness a triparte action between Indian dancer,Nanowar and Carteblance with former holding Wafer thin advantage.

***Selections given here r based on Previous runs.As we all r aware that many factors affect outcome of a race and hence it wud be prudent to compare race time odds with LIKELY ODDS published along side which i feel is perfect tool to judge JOBBERS and NONJOBBERS.****8


Vijayfamme in its last run was bit slow in start,was last till bend,came up very well to finish a good third,working very well along with Cat 1 horse now running with +ve change of shoes,should not have much difficulty in winning this race.Modestbride inpsite of troublesome start,quickened very well in the final furlong to finish good second,always ran along very good type youngsters,will be involved in final finish with Vijayfamme.Lalaczar may place.


On Nov16,Both Copertina and Indradhanush registered win and Indradhanush clocked better timings than Copertina.Copertina fully extended whereas Indradhanush eased up in last part.Mizzna now running with +ve change of shoes and better jockey(Christopher instead of T S Jodha),hs failed on many occasions and it was noted that it was unable to accelerate when asked to,hence avoided.Ripples will place at longer odds.


Race of 2400mts.I prefer horses which have won a race over 2000mts or travelled twice over this distance.Only Canopus has travelled this distance once.Cannonhunt and Canopus has travelled twice over 2200mts and later even winning a race over this distance.Closer look at that win reveals that Canopus won over very weak company and always try to run in front,hence it will be sufficient to say that Canopus will not be able to hold till last.Global star was seen Finishing impressively over 1800mts,there lies an uncertainity abt his capability over this distance,not shown in tracks after last run.Greatballofchina,Turningpoint and Bhardvij are from lower class and equally suspect over this distance.Fantasticboy has not been shown in track after last run,hence ignored.So by process of negative handicapping we are left only with one solution i.e Cannon hunt which is facing an enquiry for its win ealrlier,will make amends and should win.


Champforever met severe interferance at start in its last run,was not vigourous thru out and finished easy second, at this weight has very good chance to win.Khaleels pride and Coralgables may fill remaining slot.


Prohibition has improved a lot as evident by impressive second in its last outing after his unextended monsoon compaign,earlier won a race In winter in same conditions,will be good bet.Amstel and Lightbrigade both r endowed with good initial speed,tracking very well and can provide an upset.Bundleofroses is genuine upset horse and will place at good odds.


Nanowar by virtue of continous win has earned top rating and in this terms is higesht rated,all its previous wins were in poor company,this run will test its mettle.Carteblanche blotted his career graph after getting beaten by Stablemate Greenhaven,last run showed lot of potential,by default will be prime contender.Indiandancer has twice won in this category in Monsoon,is best suited in handicap to score an encore.Commandermoil will place at longer odds.Timeon,Kingize,Bernado does not appeal to me.


Walkinpark has run along with superior horses ,working very well,always run after comparitively long breaks,should pull it off in this poor set.Accordion cannot be ignored and if Walk in park weakens in final stages it will grab the opportunity.Aljaded looks certain for place.Colorful won clocking smart timings but iam not sure abt his chances here in this bunch.Greenvision is genuine dark horse,but in the end all have to beat Walkinthe park.






Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hyderabad 11/01

Hi all,

Last week jackpot of rs 11.5 lakhs was carried over,on Sunday again a sum of rs approx 3 lakhs will be added to Jackpot.I feel repeat of last sunday is not possible and in most of the jackpot leg races fancied horses shud pull it off.Card looks very good and competitive.


Race for Maiden(Non winner ) horses.

Stormygladiator:Tracking very well,extra 200mts will be to its advantage,should be in limelight.
Oceanofpearls:Unextended(Jockey not vigorous) fourth to Superior Templebells,working well,has very good chance in this set of non winners.
Cherokeefighter:No track and medicore jockey limits its chances.
Championstar:Change of stables,working very well,but earlier ran in a maiden race and failed as fav,needs to improve a lot ,if installed as fav will be good -ve bet.
Deccanpassion:+Ve change of shoes n jockey,working regular,can place.


Race for youngsters.

Kohinoorking: Has best credentials but this trainer+jockey combo has long list of failed favs(Gentlemandeal,Birdie,Silverrose,Kohinoor delight..).
Partydoll:After easy educational run has stripped fitter and can be involved in finish.
Abovetheline:Has good initial speed,will lead the field and if others fail to catch ,can win.
Hundredflowers:Has good initial speed,ran along good horses,can place in this set.
Queenofsheeba:+Ve change of shoes and jky,working regularly,good long shot place bet,can upset also.
Stormforce:Full sister to Ordinary Stormcommand,will probably need this run.


Race for Maiden(Non winner ) horses.

Zorbonaut has ran along with very good horses and in this set of non winners and long lay off runners,should hardly find any difficulty in winning.
Manofmoment:May place due to jockey merit.
Encounter:One paced horse,may find himself in third slot.


Firebender:Beaten on post by Kingsize in its last outing which saw a riderless horse disturbing the final finishing.Here with 200mts less to travel has rosy chance.Only -ve thing is overweight of nearly 3kg which the horse will carry due to jockeys body weight.
Hurricanebay:Winner and then in subsequent run second to In form Greenhaven,will play the role of bridesmaid.
Vijaysmarat:Change of stables and ownership,impressed most in Monsoon by beating Reconnect(2000guineas winner),failed to live up to the expectations thereafter and the fact that Owners decide to part with him indicates not everything is fine with it and shud be watched for some runs.


Royalbond:Has very good initial speed,can win,only worry is outermost box,place looks certain.
Fusionmusic:Inpsite of slow start finished close third in its last outing,Given a good Gate practise thereafter and in this shorter distance has decent chance.
Cygnet:Ignored purely due to jockey.
Royalassembly:Does well only with A shoes and is definetely better than Zagreb n Cygnet.
Jugnu:Ridden by R B Shinde who is yet to register a win after his return from back injury.
Anguna:Distance is sharp.


Open race
Ladypatricia:Ignore its last run,earlier in Monsoon finished a eyecatching second to Adamant approach,working regularly and should be a good each way bet.
Dashonregardless:Showed good form in Monsoon,in Winter ran good second to Reconnect(2000 guineas winner),in subsequent run was in forward position in strong company of Blaackmishcief and Iapetus.But its last two runs cast shadow over its chances,moresover entrusted to not so good jockey its chances cannot be ruled out entirely but at the same time cannot be backed confidently.
Essence:Better than Dashonregardless at this handicap but no track after last run.
Standingovation:Will lead the field till being caught,at best can finish on board.
Cannonscot:Its last two runs were in wrong distance,place looks certain here.
Vijayrath:Ignore last run,tracking very well,but all it good runs were with A shoes,hence ignored.
Armstrong:No chance here.
Bakersfield:Carrying feather weight with +ve change of shoes but no class.


Toughest race to handicap.

Vinaleo:Has lot of initial speed and should do better.
Buddybrothers:Drawn advantegously in inner box,has very good chance,place looks certain.
Rajveer:Topweight and no track after last run,can be ignored.
Citistorm:Suprised everyone in its last outing,but will find this distance sharp.can be ignored for win.
Habituated:Twice winner in lower category clocking smart timings,but it was beaten by Vinaleo (Race no 64) giving 6kgs,now running with additional 9kgs vis a vis that run,chances of its winning r very low.
Soundofnature:Winner in lower category,will find the pace of race very hot for its comfort.
Truefashion:Not better than Sound of nature,looks very difficult in this higher set.


Race for lowest rated horses.

Bonfire:Running in lower class,earlier in same class and with same weight cud not do much,at best can place.
Debonair:Mockrace and "Blks" might help him to finally earn a much awaited winning bracket.
Floreshien:Genuine dark horse,can upset.





Have a nice day

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bangalore 09/01

Hi all,

Following appeals to me for Fridays bangalore races.

Race1:Resounding Glory(2)/Born To Shine(1)

Race for lowest rated horses.Nothing much to read into.Resounding glory and Born to shine appeals to me with latter having slight advantage as it was seen in forward condition in its last two outings.

Race2:Live It Up(5)/Henry's Secret(3)

Liveitup looks best suited for this distance.Henrysecret was easy winner in lower category,can again place here.

Race3:Rugged Beauty(10)/Cayenne(9)

Rugged beauty is working very well beating superior horses and with Appu to guide fortunes of this Dominic ward,chances r bright.Cayenne with run benifit will in thick of action.

Race4:Star Of Washington(3)/Undue(6)

Star of washington is well bred,always ran with superior horses,holds distinct advantage in this set.Undue seems to have improved a lot,will make an impact here.Top weighted Able associate can fill in the third slot.

Race5:Logans Run(8)/Dinesa(5)

Duo of Irfan ghatala holds advantage and former with better saddle assistence shud pull it off.Queen's Guest clocked impressive timings under heavy going,will be different customer in this conditions.

Race6:Supreme Splendour(7)/Dash To Cash(11)

Supremesplendour in this shorter distance holds good advantage over others in this weak company.Dashtocash a promotee can utilize the advantage of low weight and may pull it off .


Hidalgo has been brought down to this class after long compaign,with +ve change of shoes shud win.Opprimo with +ve change of shoes may finish on board.

Race8:Lady Banks(5)/Glorious Princess(1)

Ladybanks after forward run in hands of M Ravi has stripped fitter,now with B.Prakash astride has very good chance.Glorious princess last two runs were in superior company,has good chance in this set.

Daysbest:Rugged Beauty(3-10)

Double:Rugged Beauty(3-10)/Logans Run(5-8)

Rugged Beauty(3-10)/Logans Run(5-8)/Hidalgo(7-1)

Have a nice day

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hyderabad 05/12

Hi all,

Card looks tricky.Feature event of the day wears an open look,Cometogether may be hot market fancy but it has tough job on hand as Redfairy,redriver rebel and Spymate r expected to give tough fight.Spymate on basis of impressive performance in Monsoon in same category gets my final vote.In other Supporting event Silver rose who finished game third behind Classy Reconnect looks outstanding and can be considered as days best bet.


Retromagic:Endowed with initial speed,should be different customer in this distance and should win baring mishap and mal intentions.
Impact:Slowly off in its last start,was seen leading the field in straight,in this shorter distance looks good for place.
Fairtouch:Brought down in this class after long compaigning,earlier won a race in monsoon on start to finish attempt in same category,will be involved in final finish.
Allegation:Habitual slow starter,if takes a level jump can win.
Floreshien:No track after vaccination.


Spymate:Ignore its last run,earlier won impressively in same category,will be different customer here.
Cometogether:Always ran along with superior horses,never met Spymate and ran along on same day,difficult to judge whether is better or not than spymate,i take final finish timings in count and give spymate my final vote.
Redfairy:Impressive winner on Fast timing day,beaten twice by cometogether,will try to stamp his superiority here.


Mightyprince:In its last run was not properly ridden,badly checked near 300mts,yet was seen finishing very well in the end,now running with +ve change of shoes and jockey has good chance to score.
Currencychest:A forward runner,can grace board in this very poor bunch.
Kansascitymac:Slowly off in its last start,working regularly,needs distance.


Southernrose:Ignore last run where it was running green thru out and went wide in straight,is working very well and with help of "Blks" can win.
Chespeake:Inspite of jockeys(Harish) best effort cud not raise proper gallop and fell back in straight,may be fancied but looks difficult.
Pygmalion:Will need distance.
Aljeezan:Working very well,watch out for market trends,if in odds,can surprise.

Penumatcha: Enquiry case.Was seen moving well in higher class,in this class at this higher weight,may be fancied but looks difficult.
Vanenberg:Consistent,should be winner.
Vijaylakh:Earlier won a race over mile in Monsoon but in lower class,may place.
Queenalba:Genuine dark horse.


Silverrose:Impressive third behind Superior Reconnect,earlier won in Monsoon won in same category,working very impressively with "Blks", should win this race.
Gables:Ignore its last run where it was slowly by off 5 lengths,hatrick winner in Monsoon but in lower class,will follow Silver rose .
Spectacularfalcon:Will set hot pace and retire in final furlong.


Regentspark:Doesnot belong to this set,but -ve change of shoes is confusing.
Heyden:Prominent till last 200mts over 7 furlongs will be different customer in this shorter distance,working regular.
Pharlap:If taken on start to finish mission,race is over but choice of jockey is deterent.
Starspellbound:Likes to run in front but outermost box is big disadvantage,no track after vaccination.
Costamesa:Won impressively but again no track for two weeks.
Dancingharbour:Twice slowly off in as many starts,unreliable


Kohinoorstar:Ignore its last two runs,has very good chance,only worry is lack of track work for last 2 weeks.
Tiara:Drawn advantegously in innermost box,can place as it was seen to be up with front runners in its last runs.
Donnasummers:Tracking well,may place.


Meticulous:In this distance will try to go on start to finish mission.
Fuedallord:In its last start was bit slow in start,moving very well in final furlong,cud not get room as horses in front were hanging out,should be a good each way bet.
Toofanexpress:I feel it is best suited for 1200-1400mts.
Adorna:Loves to run in front,in this shorter distance is sure to place.





Have a nice day

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hyderabad 04/12

Hi all,

Feature event of the day,Ladies derby Golconda Oaks will be a mere formality with Attractress virtually running unopposed.The supporting event of the day Byerly Turk stakes wears an open look and will test the new crop of youngsters,may go any way.


Belledancer:Ignore last run of Belledancer where it was bit lethargic at start,soon brushed up to take lead only to be beaten in final 50mts,can make amends here and may find himself alone at winning post if others fail to catch it.
Dreamdancer:Had problems in both runs,now running with "Blks",obivously better bred than belledancer,can win.
Afirework:+ve change of jky and run benifit should ensure him a place berth.


Ikitombi:In its first run finished impressive third to on money favourite and far more superior Scamper,has improved a lot after that run,if distance is not sharp,can win.
Pythagorous:In its first run met interferance at start,was second till last 200mts,cud not accelerate and ended third.In subsequent run, was prominent with front runners till last 200mts weakened thereafter,now running with "TS" which,if iam not wrong,helps front runners,tracking well,whoever catches him is winner.
Fabalousgirl:Seen regular in tracks,beating good horses of cat 3,will probably need this run.
Greek Fire:Regular in trials,can upset all calculations and do a "Disco flash"


Hyperkinetic:Won a race over 2000mts in Monsoon,last two runs in Winter were very good,tracking very well,can chalk out a win.
Manduro:Genuine dark horse,can upset all calculations.
Vijaysena:Travelled this distance,will probably lead the field till being caught in straight.
Sikander e alam:Long distance traveller,at this weight is live threat to one and all.
Iceman:Never travelled over mile,cannot be backed for win at this weight.

Race4:Gentlemans Deal(2)/Blast In Class(1)

Gentlemansdeal:Took lot of public money to drain in its last run,should make amends.
Blastinclass:Won in a race where other runners were busy interfering and boxing up public choices,will try to prove its worthiness in this set.
Flybywire:Iam of firm opinion that It is best suited for mile,it may look as if it was badly interfered by gentlemans deal in its last run and can improve here,i take it in other way and feel it just cud not accelerate.
Silverbullet:Running after long lay off,will probably need this run.
Shakin Stevens:Sporting bandage legs in its last run,regular in tracks,distance is not worry,can surprise them all.


Templebells:Clocked smart timings in its last victory,can chalk out a win again easily,only worry is that he has given only one track after vaccination.
Tasteofindia:Genuine upset horse,good E/W
Asiandelight:Winner in poor bunch,definetely not better than templebells.
Irishintellect:Failed as favourite in 5 years group,inspite of better jockey looks difficult in this set.


Attractress even though travelling for first time over this distance should not have much trouble to win as it is has been clearly established by win of Icebreaker in Bangalore oaks that form matters most and distance is secondary.Star senore will probably finish second to Attractress.Cleverploy and cabochan can be ignored.

:Chiquelle(1)/Spot On(5)/Ave Maria(7)/Jia Yoh Jia Yoh(2)
Open race.

Chiquelle:Beaten Chestnut charmer which went on to win twice,its win was not fully extended as it was tending to run a bit green in final furlong,should win this race.
Spoton:Registered a smashing win on debut,subsequent run can be ignored as it was badly interfered in final furlong,winner has to beat her.
Jia yoh jiayoh:Winner on a slow timings day,can be different customer with A shoes and in this conditions,must for jp.
Avemaria:Inspite of bad start,moved impressively to finish close third,now with jockey Suraj astride has better chances over this extended distance.
Scamper:Almost unextended win,its true potential will be tested here.
Puremagic:Won as she liked in its last outing,tracking extremely well.

Race8:Millennium Queen(4)/Mystic Impact(1)/Colour Sergeant(10)/Kohinoor Magic(9)

Race for lowest rated animals ,can go any way.I prefer above horses.

JP:3/2/4,8/1,5,7/1,4,10=18 TICKETS

Have a nice day

Hi all,

Following r my views for races to be held on Saturday.

Race1:Hatsuhaana(7)/Role Model(4)/Touch Of Silk(5)/

Only Realmagic and Smartcooky has run benifit,rest all r running for first time.Realmagic is not shown in tracks after vaccination and smart cooky failed to impress in only mockrace it gave after its last run.Therefor it is inevitable that we select a horse which is regular in tracks.Hatsuhaana becomes natural choice as it is tracking along with superior horses,stronger jky astride.Rolemodel will place.Overall a avoidable race.

Race2:God's Will(1)/Way To Fantasy(5)/Valiant Bid(3)

All r equals,equally worst and Godswill stands "First among equals".Bad race.

Race3:Rashida(8)/Special Charm (6)

Special Charm and Rashida are the only ones who have run benifit,rest all r running for the first time.Rashida is in forward condition and with better saddle assistence can pull it off from Special charm who ran easy in its last run,tracking extremely well .Finally i would like to go with Rashida on this simple point.Rashida has shown forward condition in two races where as special charm has shown form in only one race..obivously Rashida should be trusted.

Race4:Star Of Marmalade(4)/Majestic Strides(2)

StarofMarmalade is well bred,half brother to Mystical,is working very impressively beating class 2 horses like Poetic,Phoenix reach and forever mark,only -ve is first run,still has oodles of class to keep the field at safe distance.Majestic strides impressed in its first run,subsequently was withdrawn due to Colic,only one track after that,looks suspect.Agility will place.

Race5:Pelikano(1)/Tern Me On(4)

Pelikano is wrking impressively,with strong saddle assistence looks good over this extended distance.Ternme on was unextended winner in lower category,continues to shine in trials,should be in top2.Burning ambition is entrusted to Jockey M.Naredu who earlier partnered him to victory ,will surely place.


2400mts race.I prefer horses which have atleast travelled this distance twice or won a race over 2000mts.Abfabs,sunny colors and Cassandra are three such horses.Abfabs is again entrusted to M Narredu who earlier partnered him to victory in Mysore derby,place looks certain.Sunnycolors and Cassandra are short of class,can be ignored.Of the remaining Icebreaker will be hot market fancy,is travelling this distance for the first time,make no mistake this horse is very very good but travelling over a unknwn distance,i would avoid a bet on it.Starwave is pretty ordinarily bred,at best can place.Chimerique again is short of class.In the end i would prefer a place bet on ABFABS.


Zafar lost to Asiaticus which went to win impressively again in higher category,tracking extremely well,should be a easy winner.Astounding blue with better saddle assistence may place.Easy is back to where it belonged,should place.Royaltreasure after long compaign has been brought down to this class,will be different customer in this set.If icebreaker wins Oaks,den it may run easy,watch out for market trends.

Race8:Girl Next Door(9)/.Kemrock(8)

Girlnext door should not have much difficulty to win here in very poor set.Kemrock will place at longer odds.

Race9:Jersey Power(5)/On The Dot(9)

Jerseypower is running in right distance,can pull it off.Onthedot in this higher category stands good chance to place.Suddenthunder can place at longer odds.


Kainchi:Zafar(7-5)/Girlnextdoor(8-9)/Jersey Power(9-5)

Placeroll:Role Model(1-4)/Agility(4-8)/Burning ambition(5-6)/Abfabs(6-2)/Suddenthunder(9-5)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bangalore Passing glimpses 02/12

Hi all,

Following look good for races to be held at Bangalore on Friday.


Bad race to start with.Quietachiever is tracking well and can do well with full jockey.Rayofsunshine is running after long lay off of 4 months,working well,will be right there.Retroqueen may place.

Race2:Silken Thomas(4)/Solitary Champ(3)

Silkens thomas run in 2000Guineas can be ignored,earlier failed as fav to Desertrule which went on to win again,impressive in final track,should be a force to reckon with.Affirmed crown has failed on many occasions.Solitary champ a impressive winner in lower category,continues to shine in trials and should place.Sundevice lacks initial speed,can place.


Ahira can strike again in this very poor set.Clousea failed on two occasions,working regularly may make amends in this poor set.Fantasyknot can place here.

Race4:Axiology(7)/Fantabulous Prince(3)/My Friend Paul(4)

Axiology can repeat in higher set,working impressively.Fantabalous ran easy in its last run after vaccination,now with +ve change of plates should place.My friendpaul by default will be in Top3.

Race5:Bourbon King(1)/Rhapsidion Snow(3)/Lionheart(4)

Bourbonking won convincingly carrying 64kgs,working well,can win again but has to be careful with Rhapsidionsnow who will be different customer in this conditions.Lionheart is consistent and should place.Einstein is genuine dark horse.

Race6:Calming Influence(5)/Man United(7)

Ignore last run of Calming influence in heavy underfoot conditions,working very well,drawn advantegously in innermost box,should win.Manunited is blazing track and should follow winner home.Yourdestiny may place.

Race7:Blink(1)/River Island(9)

Blink is entrusted to jockey S A De Sousa who earlier partnered him to win in last winter season.Back to where it belonged,working regular,with fav jky astride has good chance to score.Riverisland will love this step up distance and should finish behind winner.Milagro looks good for place.

Race8:Sprawling Elegance(9)/Imperial Applause(12) / Kajuraho(5)

Grisrapade is best of lot,but not shown in tracks after vaccination.Lester is running with +ve change of shoes but not in track for last two weeks which is not the winning pattern of Puttana's horses.Take my word won decimating the opposition in lowsest class,but seen in tracks only once.Upset is in the store.Sprawling Elegance,Imperial Applause and Kajuraho are the genuine upset contenders,i expect former to go on start to finish affair.

Daysbest:Bourbon King(5-1)
Double:Bourbon King(5-1)/Calming Influence(6-5)
Bourbon King(5-1)/Calming Influence(6-5)/Blink(7-1)

Have a nice day

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