Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mysore 30th June


Following are my selected horses for Mysore races to be held on Wednesday.

This three front runners can extend each other and one of them may emerge Victorious.My pick is Splendid Glory.
8  .Splendid Glory
7  .Divine Force
2  .Azazel

5  .Much More
Much More merits attention on close second to Time To Sparkle.Vibuthi will place.Stinger was pulled lamed in last run,hence caution advised.
9  .Looking To Luck
4  .Stinger

3  .Irish Intellect
Irish Intellect if fit can make a race out of it.Yankee lane from Mumbai looks well prepared along with Matter of Opinion and Collateral
2  .Yankee Lane
9  .Matter Of Opinion
7  .Collateral

4  .Secret Fury
Secret Fury  may deliver in this set.BeeForYou has class to place.Arkwright is hiding true form.Masurathi is bloodvessesuspect
5  .Bee For You
6  .Arkwright
7  .Masurathi

2  .Green Vision
Feel My Heart will not be able to continue his winning streak.Green Vision can do well in his own age group.True Force will place.
8  .Satin Slipper
5  .Feel My Heart
4  .True Force

6  .Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby looks outstanding and should easily win this race.Nice Guy will place along with Chamcha In Chief.
2  .Nice Guy
1  .Chamcha In Chief
8  .Heros Dominance

1  .Our Little Savage
Our Little Savage has enough class to carry this weight.Looking to Lead is knocking door.Hitz was impressive winner and shud place.
10.Looking To Lead
5  .Hitz
3  .Dare Don

6  .Behram
Behram is nice type of youngster and may repeat in this higher class also.Hakuna Matata is blazing tracks,shud take level jump.
9  .Final Frontier
8  .Hakuna Matata
5  .Ahira

Monday, June 28, 2010

IVB of other centres at HRC on Race days?

Hi Guys,

There is news from unconfirmed sources that HRC is seriously thinking of allowing IVB of other centres on race days.If that happens punters who always rued that they missed  too many good bets of Pune and Mumbai will be delighted.

Punters,in past, rightfully complained that due to limited days of  IVB on Mumbai they would feel disconnected with ongoings there.One must welcome this decision.There will always be pros and cons of all actions,one must see the picture in larger perception.

Bookies may not be happy.  Punters were forced to bet on Hyd races on measly odds offered by them as they  had no choice, others centres would be busy with Majestic Mumbai races. Bookies ring in Hyd presents sorry picture,almost 2 or 3 bookies stalls are always closed.Is this attempt by authorities to bring back punters who would stay at home and punt on Mumbai races with Private bookies?

In my personal view now it would be be pleasure to attend races at HRC with IVB on my fav Pune and Mumbai.One must admit that HRC is doing commendable job to improve standards of racing.Hope this step further improves it image of "CLEAN,NEAT,INTELLIGENTLY ADMINISTRED" club of country.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bangalore 27th June


Following are my selections for Sunday races.

Avoidable race.Queens Color is full sister of Callista,looks fit as evident by extensive swimming exercise over last fortnight,can do well if given nod.
8.Queens Colors
3.Youre Rocking

1  .Gunpowder
Gunpowder is impressive in tracks and may get better of Hamsafar.
2  .Hamsafar
4  .Powergrid

5  .Sweet Performer
Sweet performer is front runner and can kick on gamely in this set of non performers.Celestina can upset.
1  .Celestina
8  .The Darling Boy

6  .Anna
With benefit of forward run Anna gets first preference over troublesome Bugatti and much improved Mark Of Genuis.
7  .Bugatti
4  .Mark Of Genius

1  .Dramatic Dancer
Dramatic Dancer is mighty impressive in tracks and looks like will be hard to catch.Dolce Vino will place.
9  .Captain's Lover
5  .Dolce Vino

7  .Sirono
Sirono was mighty impressive winner and can upset Carla’s chances.Walnut Creek deserves place berth.
8  .Carla
3  .Walnut Creek

7  .Camelot
Race is restricted to Camelot and Topaki,former with handicap advantage can pull it off.
5  .Topkapi
2  .Flaming Lamborgini

2  .Colonel Duff
Colonel Duff is knocking on door this season and can pull off a upset.Milagro will place.
5  .Milagro
3  .Lads Gladiator

7  .Yas Marina
Yes Marina found Saloni too good to handle and can upset Sunspirt’s chances who is winner of mockrace.
4  .Sunspirit
6  .Aztec Gold

Daysbest:Dramatic Dancer(5-1)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bangalore 26th June


Following are my views for saturday races.


Mister trooper being a Slow and old horse had advantage in its last run in heavy underfoot conditions,here it looks very difficult..Leopaldo falls back rapidly after 6 furlong but in this set can kick on gamely till end,decent each way chance.I Fancy You won purely due to feather weight,can only hope to place in this set.Orange Orchid looks extensively prepared but trainer had good gamble in places last week,will not extend his wards this week.. Magnifique is best suited for 1200mts and cane be ignored for win.

Race2:Sun Salvador(2)

Alisa almost stopped nearing 200mts mark in its last run,seems to morning glory and one cannot expect any improved performance.Matias has not displayed any good momentum or turn of foot in any race,hence cannot be backed for win.This leaves us with first time runners Sun Salvador who seems to be good type as evident by pleasing trials {where it is seen beating Criminal Lawyer} and Cool Mover who is half sister to classy Sea Ruler and will run a bold race provided distance is not sharp for its comfort.

Race3:Lush Lashes(1)

Conventional racing wisdom says for races run over mile prefer horses which have travelled that distance atleast once and placed or horses which are winner of not less than 400mts of distance of race.By that logic

  • Winners of 1400mts have to selected.Paint Me Red twice winner of  1400mts but in same age group and strangely is at same ratings for last 6 runs inspite of finishing in rucks.Camorra was seen tiring in its last run and hence its ability to traverse this distance is doubtful.Rezoom won well over 1400mts and in last run was seen finishing on well but this is higher class and cannot expect same performance.
  • Next comes horses which travelled this distance and place,Only Lush Lashes qualifies.At first glance one may discard this horse as it is shown only in one track and failed repeatedly in winter.But further study shows that this horse does runs well inspite of very less trackwork and all its failure came against superior horses.I would prefer eachway bet on it.
  • Ballibay is vigourously worked out to run over this distance as evident by trackwork,one needs to watch its runs over this distance.
Race4:Smarty Ways(6)
  • Young Sapper is for airing,ignore 
  • Yamas is winner of 1800mts and now running in 1600mts,will fail.
  • Da Xia too is for airing,will do all the running before easing off.
  • Southern King belongs to most ureliable trainer whose wards all of a sudden get flying wings,if backed at race time should not be ignored.
  • Deep Blue Sky ran first time after being gelded in its last run where it was seen hanging out and struggling to beat ordinary Rosemead,now runnning with change of equipments but i dont give it much chance
  • Smarty Ways was seen coming up with second run in its last run against too good Hillary,this full brother of All My colours should not have much difficulty in picking this race.

Race5:Lock And Load(8)

Lock And Load if handled properly has very good chance to win.
  • Atlantus needs hard riding,can be ignored inpsite of good second to Astral flash
  • Highland Crown seems to be here for lung opening
  • Advantage Logan is the only  horse apart from Blink in this race to perform well in this class but jockey is big put off
  • Bid For Gold is from Kol  after winning classics there,may not be able to perform at this centre
  • Blink is most consistent horse of this class,likes to run in front  but jockey B Prakash is not very good at STF tactics,Place looks certain due to the fact that the horse has tracked very well and looks very fit
  • Magnamity is drawn in outermost box,will not be able to sustain this distance.
  • Spot On is blazing tracks but is drawn in outer box,may not be able to grab the initiative.
  • Weight Favours Caprioska and will place.

Race6:Hampton Court(1)

Hampton court has stripped fitter after its last run and stands good chance to win this race.Prashastha if not for jockey would have been my first choice,has chance to finish on board.Cash Is King is now running with +ve change of shoes,trainer Amit Caddy had good winners last week,will take it easy this week.Amazer is showing out in tracks,but long lay off and weight will have its effect.

Race7:Carnival Of Joy(1)

Set of non performers.Carnival Of Joy has won a race over same distance ,same weight and at same rating,can upset.Gara Fluid has good chance to place in this set.Good Gift by default will place.Chronicle is running after 8 months,cannot be trusted to win.

Race8:Count Royal(8)

Count Royal was seen moving very well in its last run,should have improved a lot after that and emerges as good bet.Recharged and  Sky Marshal should fill in remaining berth.

      Sunday, June 20, 2010

      Bangalore 20th June


      Selected options
      One for the Day: Fame For Glory(1-3)
      (5-3)Kingdom Of Heavens-Win
       (7-4)Lady Duff-Place

      Following are my selections for  Sunday races.

      Race1:Fame For Glory(3)-Win

      Fame for Glory was seen finishing on well in its last run in hands of work jockey,now with Suraj astride has very good chance to win.Con Artiste did not impress in its last run and hence may be ignored for win.Skyliner is working very well but needs this run.


      Attaturk with Shoban Babu astride merits attention,has been on held for too long and can deliver in this very poor set.My Muskeeter is non winner till date,in form jockey may ensure place berth..Harini has impressed in gate practise and trackworks,jockey is average,may place.

      Race3:African Sky(9)-Win

      If African Sky cannot win in this very very poor set then this costly purchase has no future whatsover and should retire,there  may be gamble on this horse,so watch out for market trend,if right money comes on it then it can turn out to be good bet of the day.Carnival Of Joy will be different customer this time and can grab winning berth if African sky fails to deliver,place looks certain.

      Race4:Diamond Showers(6)-Win

      Truly a bad race.Kickingking has been penalised 9.5kgs for its runaway win in its last win,will have to come down a lot.Bid For Gold has come down to same rating on which it gained winning berth,will try its level best.Diamond Showers had good lung opener,has been consistent and can win.

      Race5:Kingdom Of Heavens(3)-Win

      Kingdom Of Heavens looks cut above the rest and should win easily.Native Talent and Sherdil may fill in remaining berth.

      Race6:Indian Bolt(10)

      Art Connoisuer may be fancied but in my view this horse is best suited for 1100mts and will not be able to sustain itself.Its My Party won due to feather weight,can only hope to place.Indian Bolt is impressive in tracks and can win in this very poor set.

      Race7:Lady Duff(4)-Win

      Tightly handicapped race.Lady Duff if taken to front will be hard to catch.Magnamity is at tidy handicap and should be in contention for top spot,place looks certain.Edmondo or Another Destiny may fill in remaining berth.


      Immense and Sun Kingdom both ran on same day and won their respective races
      • Immense recorded 1.25.88 carrying 57kgs easing off approaching WP,Sun Kingdom recorded 1.25.52 carrying 53.5kgs extending fully
      • Now in this race Immense is running with 1 kg less and Sun Kingdom is running with 2.5kgs more.
      • Immense is  tracking EXTREMELY well,one cannot ignore a horse which gives 1.34 for 1400mts in Outer sand
      In my way there will be fierce battle between Sun Kingdom and Immense..latter can pull a upset.Tempus Fugit should fill in third spot.

       Race9:Spark of Reverence

      Desdemona is not sighted in tracks after its last run,hence ignored.Royal Player will do well only in 5 years group.Rugged Beauty had good lung opener,can try here.Spark of Reverence is running in apt distance and can force a win in this set.


      Truly a bad race.Redshift merits attention due to forward run in its last run and can win.Sunny Connexions and Gampu may fill in remaining berth.

      Saturday, June 19, 2010

      Bangalore 19th June


      Iam petrified to say or predict anything after reading comments in fellow bloggers blogs.Please  note that iam neither expert nor do i have any unique methodology to predict outcome of a race.Whatever iam predicting here is out of limited knowledge i have .Please analyse all aspects,weigh the arguements against or in support and decide.

      Race1:Morova Goodtime(7)

      In absence of any genuine opposition one gets the feeling that Morova Goodtime,who ran forward race in superior bunch,may win.Balmoral Castle is showing out in trials but running after long lay off,weaker jockey astride indicates connections unwillingness to  try all out over this horse which is returning after a setback.Jennifer merits attention due to jockey astride but Neil Darashah seldom wins a race with Steel shoes,moresover gatepractises are not impressive.Good shot is regular and impressive in tracks,can place.

      Race2:Sky Rider(2)

      If my way of handicapping is right then sky Rider looks outstanding and should win atleast by 3 lengths not withstanding long lay off factor.Crown Princess in my view is shying to pass front runners and hence should be made to run with aid of Blks.North Cape was running green in its only run,is fitted with various equipments in this run,cannot be trusted.Ice Bound if fancied can be ignored for win as it lacks finishing punch.Hard To Pin Down looks very difficult even for place.

      Race3:Sky Glider(10)

      Sky Glider finished third to Sweet Caroline and Citrali{won in next outing},gave good forward runs in winter,is in pink condition as evident by pleasing final track,should run a bold race this time and can ward off late challenges of other runners.Swift Star's final track is given by Suraj himself where it is displaying very good initial speed,will run a prominent race and if Sky Glider falters out then can grab winning berth.Foswell may fizzle out in final furlong.One For The Money was seen flying in final 50mts in its last run,its track work {600-47  1200-1.26} suggests that it has poor initial speed and warms up late,can place in this set.

      Race4:Magic Million(2)

      Mooves Good Enough has very good inital speed,but will not be able to carry this crushing weight.Saavy Concept needs more ground and hard riding.Mega Joy is running after long lay off and beaten in final track.Gift Of Love struggled to earn a win in poor bunch and faired badly in relatively weaker set,looks difficult for win.Magic Million has match strides with best at its parent centre,ran good forward race in strong company at this centre,with strong rider astride can win in this very poor set.

      Race5:The Last Samurai(8)

      Still will may be fancied for its last effort but this horse has tendency of running out under pressure,needs lot of hard pushing,can be ignored for win.Tanzanite was beaten squarely in its last effort,has ran along superior horses like Jacqueline,Change Of Luck and it looks like it has lost zest for racing.The Last Samurai recieved mild check at start in its last run,was seen moving well inspite of tender handling by its rider,now with +ve switch of rider and shoes should run a good race and should win.Greens can win in its own age group,not here.

      Race6:Raptures Of Victory(2)

      Pace of the race will be very hot due to good initial speed if Flying Tricolor,Rosemead and Braavo.
      Raptures Of Victory is a beautiful horse with large heart,impressed at its parent centre,had run well in mock race,can make a race out of it.Flying Tricolor has  good initial speed but gets weakened in final 100mts,hence can only hope to place.Rosemead surprised in its last run but this is altogether different set and can be ignored.Braavo is working very well,won in its last outing but over weak company,may not sustain till end.


      Beckett was slow in start and eager to run out from last 1600mts due to which it lost and earned disgrace,now looks very fit.It is difficult to look beyond a horse which clocks 1.20 for 1200mts on Outer Sand.Sprint Star won impressively in a race where others runners looked uninterested,can only hope to play role of bridesmaid to Beckett.Onassis was badly interefered in final furlong in its last outing,should have benifitted by that run and can hope to place.

      Race8:Son Of The Soil(4)

      Party Tonite with Khurshad Alam does not impress,moresover it is a filly carrying top weight.Son Of The Soil can win in this very poor set.Persian Princess will place for sure.


      Shotgunn was impressive winner in lower class,is facing weak higher set and can win.Red Renegade is running after long lay off,is blood vessel case and may need this run.The Spartan may place.

       Race10:Gluetues Maximus(9)

      Conventional racing wisdom says in this class{20-45} horses which ran in maidens group should be prefered.By that logic Glueteus Maximus and Golden Quest emerge as better than rest and race should be restricted to this two only.Glueteus Maximus gave good forward in its last run,earlier in winter was seen moving impressively in strong company,working well and should win this race.

      Sunday, June 13, 2010

      Bangalore 13th June


      Overnight rains may cast shadow on todays races.If races are conducted one can expect many upsets.Caution will be key word.

      Race1:Velvet Queen(9)-Win

      Not much to choose .Secret Vision was beaten squarely by Day Trader,looks to have improved a lot and can run better this time.Sun Control is showing out in tracks,but will need this run,can be ignored for win..Spark of Saphire's +ve Change of shoes and jockey reveals its connections willingness to go all out,but iam not confident of youngsters who run with TS or Blks,hence cannot back it.Velvet Queen was rated highly by its trainer and was fancied its debut run,had problems in both runs,impressed in gate practise on 8th June,can raise winning gallop in this set.Cumulus Nimbus is showing out in gate practise,but choice of jockey is clear indication that it will be just on educative run.

      Race2:Mister Trooper(7)-Win

      Set of non Performers.Mister Trooper is long due for a win and can score in this set if not Attaturk.Sharat kumar can decide outcome of this race.Inspired Move is tracking well but long lay off,may need this run.

      Race3:Smart Ways(3)-Win

      Smarty Prince is in pink condition and can force a win over this set.Elusive way even though running after long lay off looks very fit and can place.Senor Speedy is prepared very well and can fight it out.Lad Diva's last run was very poor,hence can be ignored for win.Star Experience lacks class to make impression in this set.

      Race4:Sky Train(6)-Win

      Sky Train impressed in mock race held on 29th May,should run a bold race and can win.The Leader is highly rated at its parent centre,has beaten Vijay Damini which is now running in Fillies Stakes,but finished far behind Sky Train in mockrace,hence may only place.Batista has good forward run in its last outing,regular and impressive in tracks,will fight it out with Sky Train.Kohinoor Wish ran impressively in its last outing,but cannot make any impression in this set.Cavalry Charge disappointed in its last outing,looks difficult in this set.


      Bhagirathi won lot easily than it appear and can repeat.Cruising may again hold on to runner up  berth ahead of Alaric and Amar Prem.

      Race6:Eagle Claws(11)-Win

      Main event of the day.Moonlight Romance has been prepared for this event,but has done nothing noteworthy except for runaway win over not so impressive bunch at parent centre.Eagle Claw displayed amazing turn of foot in its last run and emerges as main contender.Siachen looks to be first choice of stable,can do well over this extended trip.


      Supremacy maintains winning form and should not have much difficulty in winning in this set.Da Xia may relish this underfoot conditions but may peter out at all important end.Citrali does not impress for win.


      Interesting race.Underfoot conditions will favour front runners.Sweet Caroline has good initial speed,drawn favourably in innermost box but weight will be stopper.Dim Sum is the other front runner but drawn in outer box,will not be able to catch up with pace.Abnoba settles well after jumping out,with ace saddle artist astride will run a good race and can force a win over tiring front runners.

      Daysbest::Sky Train(4-6)



      Wednesday, June 9, 2010

      Mysore 9th June:Few choices


      Following appeals to me for todays Mysore races.

      Race1:Splendid Glory(8)-Win


      Race3:Moonlight Dancer(5)-Win

      Race4:All For Cash(7)-Win

      Race5:Cafe Coffee(8)-Win


      Race7:War Head(1)-Win

      Daysbest:Cafe Coffee(5-8)

      Saturday, June 5, 2010

      Bangalore 6th May

      Hi ,

      Could not post for saturday due to connection problems.Following are my views for Sunday races.

      Race1:Friendly Bond(1)-Win

      Ignore last run of Friendly Bond where it jumped out awkardly and ran green thru out,won very impressively in winter,is facing weak opposition and can win easily.

      Sarotoga is not sighted in tracks after its last run,lacks winning punch,at best can place.

      Rich Radiant gave good forward runs in winter but last run was disappointing,no tracks after that and change rider does not inspire confidence.

      Montedoro is regular in tracks but running after 2 months ,will need this run.

      Youre Magnifique has done nothing note worthy till date but can place in this poor set.


      Anna ran easy in strong company in its debut run,is working very well and can win in this set.

      One Life To Love looks like will need more ground,hence can only hope to place.

      Cherelle gave good forward runs in winter,will have a bold show,can upset.

      Race3: Stormyred(1)-Win

      Winners of maiden group are prefered.Both Stormyred and Portatone have won in maidens.Stormyred has beaten better set many of which returned as winner in thier next few runs,has run benifit.

      Unique star may not sustain till end.

      Sandalwood star can place at longer odds.


      All runners are non performers.Man Down Under has failed to ordinary horses in winter,cannot be trusted for win.I Fancy U has run benifit and is carrying feather weight but has failed on too many occasions,at best can only hope to place.Sugriv's last run was dubious,so is the case with most of the runners from this stable,is regular in tracks,if fancied can win.Yes We Can won on rerun,will place.

      Race5:String Along(4)-Win

      String Along has easily beaten strong field consisting of winners and good performers,looks very fit,will be hard to beat.

      Unleashed is well prepared,may only place.

      Magic Million may place at lucrative odds.

      Make My Day looks underprepared and may need this run.

      Race6: Rare And Precious(8)-Win

      Main event of the day

      Palazzio's Sun is facing very tough set,is disadvantegously placed in relative handicapping.

      Rare And Precious could not carry top weight in its last few runs and ended in rucks,at this weight will be live threat and can upset.

      Originality can place at good odds.

      Kyles Of Bute has chance to finish on board.

      Diamond Hunter is entrusted to low condifent rider,this set is all together different.

      Dartagan gave good forward runs over longer distance,but here it cannot make any impression.Paddy may not adopt DOOSRA tactics for time being.

      Astral flash needs more ground.


      Ignore Camorra's run in strong company,earlier won clocking smart timings, looks outstanding in this set and should win easily.

      Yes Marina was very impressive winner,working well and can pose some threat to Camorra.

      Saloni can only place.

      Jaldi is entrusted to mediocore rider,can be ignored.

      Don Valentino has impressed at its parent centre,but will find this set tough to handle.

      Race8:Spandau Ballet(7)-Win

      Spandau Ballet looks best of this set and can beat fav Criminal Lawyer.

      Duckworth does well with fresh legs,can place.

      Race9:Hampton Court(5)-Win

      Hampton court is in pink condition and can win.

      Sher Dil can only hope to place ahead of Tirolina.

      Daysbest:Hampton Court9-(5)


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