Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bangalore 31st May

Hi all,

Had terrible day on sat,hope to break even on Sunday.

Race1:Attaturk(7)/Orange orchid(5)/Let the river run(6)

Bad race to start with where most of the runners are out of form and failed to deliver when expected.My instinct says an upset is store in this race and it may emerge in form of Attaturk who will relish this step up distance and can win,good each way bet.Orange orchid has been finishing on well in lower class over 1400mts,can place in absence of genuine opposition in this weak set.Let the river run failed miserably in lower class,can only hope to place.Jersey rock does not inspire confidence.

Race2:Sipah salar(1)/Brigade's passion(5)/Grand Topaz(6)

Sipah salar is sired by Exceed and Excel who was one of Australia’s premier sprinters,, as an autumn 3year old, he beat the best Australia had to offer in the VRC Newmarket Handicap down the testing Flemington straight over 1200m, a remarkable feat.Sipah salar is drawn favourably,working very well and should rum away with this race.Brigade's passion is speedy type and should follow sipah salar home.Goldentopaz can hope to place.

Race3:Draupadi(9)/Splendidglory(10)/La corana(2)

Yet another bad race.La corana has been prepared well,can upset in its first run.Freedom fighter is fit but ridden by unknown jockey.Sun device has failed to deliver on too many occasions,now running with -ve change of shoes.Fantasy knot was fancied in its last 2 runs,failed miserably,now ridden by unknown jockey.Draupadi is forward runner and drawn favourably in innermost box,will run away to victory if others fail to collar it.Splendidglory has some form and can upset in this set of non performers.

Race4:Alacrity (1)/Special charm(2)/Rule of attraction(3)

Alacrity has beaten Mystic quest which won easily last week,is tracking very impressively beating Rimpuche{R 82},looks home and dry.Special charm will lead all the way till being beaten near 200mts mark.Rule of attraction can place as other runners does not inspire any confidence.


One and Acridian are equally poised,i would like to opt for Acridian who after effortless win in lower class is working well and can win from One who might find this distance bit sharp .Enduring star is one of the few horses who win in 40-65 class after clearing maidens,may find weight as stopper.Out of Rest Mac comes into contention and can place if one of the above three falters at all important end.

Race6: Southern Empire(2)/Splendidsurprise(1)/Lionheart(5)

Feature event of the day has attracted quality field and picking winner is tough job.Icebreaker on basis of its run in Mumbai against likes of Setalight will make her hot market rage,she has oodles of class to win but has to toil hard to earn a win.Diegoriver has been prepared well,has benifit of mock race but iam not sure whether it will like short straight of bangalore.My first pick is Southern Empire who i believe will run a good race and should revive its pastglory.Splendidsurprise continues to be in fine nick and winner has to beat him.Lionheart is live threat over this distance.

Race7:Kajuraho(3)/Ready to mingle(4)/Win pretty baby(8)

Ignore last of Kajuraho where it did all the running before being petered out,will run a bold race.Ready to mingle can upset if given green signal.Win pretty baby at best can place.

Race8:Orientation(3)/Tina's Triumph(2)/Jersey Power(11)

Orientation in this distance has best chance to win.Tina's triumph's last run was suggestive and in her same age group has upper hand over her rivals.Jersey power can place.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bangalore 30th May selections

Hi all,

Following are my views for saturday races.

Race1:I Fancy You(10)/Mr Ambassador(3)/Gurujosh(1)

I Fancy You:Poor debut and lone track work are indeed strong -ve indications but i would opt it as my first choice on two points,first is inform jockey and other is reputation of trainer who seldom reveals whats upto his sleeves.
Mr Ambassador:Failed to impress in its last two runs,working very very well,should run a good race,place looks certain.
Gurujosh:Bred out of Minnekonda whose another Progeny Bold reply ran very good races at Kolkotta ,is working well,impressed in gate practise,should run a decent race and can win if takes a level jump.
Coorg Honey:Was fancied in first run,working well and with better saddle assistence this time will extend its best.
Spark Of Salerno:Damside suggests speedy display,now running with +ve change of shoes and drawn favourably in innermost box,but lack of track for last 15 days is dampener.
Royal Glint:Unimpressive in all its previous run in strong company,lack of trackwork and weak jockey is clear -ve indication,can be ignored.
Lampon:Poor runs in winter,working regularly but getting beaten by same class horse in final track,can be ignored.
Simply Phenomenal:Poor runs in winter,tracking sparingly,now being tested with "Blks",can be ignored.
Prashastha:Poor runs and under preparation are strong reasons to discounts its chances even for place.
Shubha:Will need this run.

Race2:Flower Alley(6)/Leonardo(4)/One Track Minded(7)

Flower Alley:Ran good races finishing good second to likes of Regal glory and captivating,has nothing to beat in this set except for a mild resistence from Leonardo.
Leonardo:Found Corbetta too tough to handle in its last outing,working well,has benifit of mock race,now with aids of "TS" should run a decent race,has to beat Flower alley.
One Track Minded:Good forward run in its debut,belongs to sporting owner who will be in limelight as season progress,should place.
Vijaysarathi:Owned by sporting owners of Hyd who off late have been investing in expensive blood stock,prepared well,can upset like Miss everywhere.
Arabian Prince:Debut run,working very well but bloodlines suggest it needs longer distance to prove its mettle.
Frozen Fire:Well bred,Ridden by Mrs Lisa jones who failed to impress earlier in her stint as jockey,not seen in tracks,can be ignored.
Awesome Flight,Northern Splendour:Will need this run.

Race3:Time Flies(2)/Hide And Seek(3)/Six Shooter(4)

Time Flies:Both runs of winter were good forward ones ,working well,can handle this set.
Hide And Seek:Tested in Gate practise by Imran chisty who is now declared to ride,should be in fighting line.
Six Shooter:Bred out of Six speed who won many classics which included Fillies trial stakes,1000 Guineas,Multi Million stakes and Second slot in derby,best suited for 1200-1600mts,working very well but not given any gate practise,on class alone it can show clean pair of heals to rest of the runners,but not my type of bet.
Cash Is King:Finished third in unintersting company,not seen in track or pool thereafter,can be ignored.
Brigade's Pride:Jockey Appu returns to racing with this horse,first run with no gate practise,averagely bred,can be ignored.
Moon Memories:Ran easy race in debut,working well and seen regularly in pool,choice of jockey is deterrent.
Sachin,Spark Of Joy:Will need this run.

Race4:Regal Glory(4)/Corbett(3)/Spark Of Jewel(7)

Regal Glory:On debut showed clean pair of heels to rest of runners,in subsequent run was badly squeezed,hence cud not ride to full potential,lack of track work should be ignored as it has been shown in track only twice till date,infact won on debut without any preparation.Its my first choice to win this race.
Corbett:Failed miserably as fav in last outing,now entrusted to its fav jockey who rode him to his sole victory of his carrier,one paced horse,at best can place.
Spark Of Jewel:Cleared maidens easily,not prepared the way it was prepared for last victory,will find this set very hot to handle
Davenport:Winner at parent centre sporting A shoes,now running with steel plates,will not be able to carry this weight.
Desert Realm:Will run easy,ignore.
Duke Of Windsor:Poor last run where it failed to accelerate,now running with -ve change of shoes,can be ignored.
Hidalgo:Looking for class down,ignore.


Chintz:Impressive winner on debut,subsequently ran easy to too good Aboline,working well and should easily win this race.
Rashida:Won well last time,working well,but one cannot trust a filly to carry top weight to victory,at best can play role of bridesmaid.
Pinaakini:Ran consistently in Winter,is fit as evident by track works,place looks certain.
Royal Bank:Ignore -ve change of shoes as its sole win was with "S" shoes,but failed to make any impact in its winter campaign,at best can place in this shorter distance.
Mudeer Power:After clearing maidens with "A" shoes 2 years back,ran listless thru out thereafter,seen regular in pool,can place at longer odds.
Quiet Achiever:Winner with "A" shoes,now running with "S" shoes,can be ignored.
Different Opinion,Master Strategist,Brave And Bold:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,can be ignored.
Desert Image,Yes I Can,Cute Angel:Can be ignored even for place.


Classerville:Impressed most in Mumbai where it lost on post in Juvenile colts stake,has handicap in its favour,will strongly challenge supremacy of Aboline and if does not drift then can surely run away with this race.
Aboline:Winner of juvenile Million,touted as classic type horse,will have to beat classerville who has handicap advantage.
Sparks:Controversial horse,has improved a lot as evident by its last victory,at this feather weight can place.
Undue:Working well and entrusted to apprentice who impressed with his riding skills at Kolkotta,can place as other runners may easy.
In The Zone:Will not be able to carry this weight,ignore.
Super Speed:Hopelessly out of form,not prepared,can be ignored.
Own Voice,Van De Star,Awesome Beauty :Winner with "A" shoes,can be ignored as it looks to have lost form.
India Shining:Not prepared,will run easy in this very tough set.
Spiritofexcellence:-ve change of shoes and absence from track work is clear indication that it is looking for class down.
Raptor Force:Needs hard riding and jockey is medicore,hence may not be able to grace board.

Race7:Mother's Pride(6)/Salsera(11)/Fantabulous Prince(12)

Mother's Pride:Has best credentials to win this race,warms up late but jockey astride is better judge of pace and will extract the best from it.
Salsera:Ignore last failure,working well and can run away to victory if not collared by Mothers pride at post.
Fantabulous Prince:Impressed in its last outing,genuine upset horse.
Milford:Inspite of rough passage finished an impressive third to Reflection of gold,working well,best suited for this distance,should run a good race on hands of Appu.
Green Bax:Front runner drawn in outer box with whipless jockey astride,can place at longer odds.
Southern Charge:Vanquiser of Splendid surprise as 3 year old,chose to ran sparingly picking up races at regular intervals beating quality opposition,top weight and sharp distance may mar its chances.
Dare Don:Does well at Mysore only as evident by all its wins which were recorded at mysore.
Noble Guest:Was my fav horse once,lost form completely,just managed to record two wins in mysore a year back,now with whipless jockey and steel shoes can be ignored.
Flaming Lamborgini:Winner of same age group in lower class,will not be able to make any impact here,at best can place.
Stone Of Destiny:Winner of same age group in lower class,under prepared,can be ignored.
Sugar Ray:May not be able to sustain this distance.
Soberano:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,can be ignored.

Race8:Bocconcino(4)/Social Climber(1)/Gentlemansdeal(11)

Social Climber stands tall in this very very poor set,but there are 5 -ve points against it.First is bad riding of jockey,second is inability of fillies to carry top weights ,third is division 2 which generally is won by lower handicap horses,fourth is under preparation and fifth is giving 7.5kgs of weight to rest of the runners.So if it has to loose which horse has chance to beat it?.Following horses have some credibility.
Bocconcino:Easy runs in winter,can extend its best here in this very very poor set.
Garafluid:Ridden by start to finish specialist,will try to run away.
Gentlemansdeal:Running with +ve change of shoes,regular in pool,likes to run in front,may hold in till end.

Shortlisted Betting pattern.

Daysbest value bet:Motherspride(7-6)

Treble:Flower Alley(2-6)/Chintz(5-2)/Classerville(6-11)

Win kainchi/Place roll:Time Flies(3-2)/Regal Glory(4-4)/Mother's Pride(7-6)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Congrats Team Hyderabad

Hearty congralutations to Deccan Chargers for pulling Victory from jaws of Defeat.Entire city instantly went bersek with escasty and for once it looked like another Diwali which came on Amavasya.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bangalore 24th May

Hi all,

Following are my views for Races to be held on Sunday.MAM's horses will dominate todays proceedings.Good competitive card with genuine favourites.

Race1:Hatsuhaana(2)/Duke of windsor(6)/Tanzanite(3)

Very good race with 4 genuine contenders fighting for prime honour.My first pick is Hatsuhaana whose last run in strong company need to be ignored,earlier was seen moving very well to Classerville,is fit and should run a good race.Duke of windsor won almost unextended in Mumbai and has best credentials to challenge Hatsuhaana.Tanzanite and Gloriosa can only hope to place.


Megajoy holds slender advantage over first time runner Mariecurlie. Messalina is full sister to Palazzios sun,not fully prepared,may place.Brunette's last two runs suggest it needs distance.

Race3:Captivating(2)/Flair Queen(5)/Blushing Beam(1)

Captivating stands tall in this set and should win this race easily.Flair queen has very good chance to place.Blushing beam is ignored due to -ve change of shoes other wise it would have been my first choice as it cleared 40-65 class after winning maidens,can upset if given green signal.

Race4:Mysticquest(7)/Smart Fresh(2)/Snow Peaks(6)

Mystic quest stands tall on basis of its close runs to superior horses,has stripped fitter as evident by impressive track work,has only to beat well prepared Smart fresh who can upset.Snowpeaks has right credentials to place.

Race5:Forest Flair(1)/Miss Everywhere(3)/Cielo Rey(8)

Forestflair looks outstanding in this main event of the day and shapes as good bet of the day.Ignore last run of Misseverywhere at hyd,can upset the applecart.Cieloray should place.

Race6:The pearl(9)/Spring A Surprise(1)/Amar Prem(4)

The pearls eyecatching close third in Juvenile Millions stakes is too good to be ignored,stands tall in this set and should win this race easily.Spring A Surprise is a good place bet.Amarprem ran forward races,is fit and can place at longer odds.Becket is tracking well but will need this run.Natouchka will not be able to sustain itself till end.

Race7:Newpastures(6)/Trackwonder(10)/Lady Of Light(9)

Bad race to end the day.New pastures, inspite of weak jockey and -ve change of shoes appeals most in this very poor set. Trackwonder ran forward races over longer distance and can run away at feather weight in this shorter distance.Xel is ignored due to jockeys incompetence of riding top weights.Lady of light can place.


Double:Forestflair(5-1)/The pearl(6-9)

Treble:Mysticquest(4-7)/Forestflair(5-1)/The pearl(6-9)

Kainchi:Hatsuhaana(1-2)/Mysticquest(4-7)/Forestflair(5-1)/The pearl(6-9)

Have a nice day

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bangalore 23rd May

Hi all,

Iam unable to write detailed comments for all races due to prolonged power cut.

Race1:Spark Of Reverence(9)/Just great(2)/Sun Classique(12)

Spark Of Reverence:Impressed in its debut where it finished eye catching fifth to likes of Bourban bay and Gyspymagic{both went on to win again},subsequent runs were in very tough company,has nothing to beat in this very poor bunch,should run a good race and return winner.
Just great:After clearing maidens,failed to impress in subsequent runs,warms up late and in this distance is a live threat to one and all,good place bet.
Sun Classique:Poor runs in maidens,but working well and at this handicap can upset.
Mightyprince:Ran good races at Hyd,has good initial speed,has best timings in this set,but only worry is that he is travelling this distance for first time,will not be able sustain till end.
Sugriv: Running after long lay off without any adequate preparation and -ve change of shoes,can be ignored.
Attaturk:Winner when ran with "A" shoes in Vijaymallays stable,not in form,can be ignored.
Princely gesture,Tactical Game :Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings,ignore.
Comanche War Paint:Blood vessel case,will run a forward race to open up lungs.
Flashing Crown:Poor performance in maidens races,averagely bred horse,no chance whatsoever.
Mercutio:Lone runner of the trainer for day with irregular jockey astride,will run easy.

Race2:Lush Lashes(7)/Soundofthewind(6)/Yes We Can(4)

Lush Lashes:Was shaping like a winner before being beaten by superior horse in its debut run,now has stripped fitter as evident by impressive preparatory gallops,winner has to beat her.
Soundofthewind:Systematically prepared,will be there at busy end,good each way bet.
Yes We Can:First run,good blood lines,impressed in tracks,good place bet.
Ticket To Ride:First run,displayed impressive gate manners,connections must be fancying its chances in its debut as evident by declaration of stronger jockey.
Appolonaire:Failed as fav,avergely bred,now entrusted to new jockey,cannot be backed.
Magnifique,Admiranda,Star Bright,Carnival Of Joy,Harini:Will need this run,ignore.
Talisker:Working very well,but y -ve change of shoes??? definetely not my type of bet.
Reaping Reward:Not so impressive blood lines,first run without any gate practise and entrusted to proven bad rider,ignore.


Royal hero is advantegously placed in innermost box and should run a strong race,can kick away till end in this poor set.Your destiny has best credentials in this set and if race fit,will be there at busy end.Kemrock has stripped fitter and can place.

Race4:Flyforsure(7)/Kripa(9)/Jia Yoh Jia Yoh(4)

Flyforsure can win if given a green signal.Kripa is working very well and if MAM camp goes easy on their wards then it can win.Jia Yoh Jia Yoh ran good races at her parent centre,can place here.


Angelfire won authoratively in maidens,working very well and can win in this higher set.Goodcompanion has good chance to place in this shorter distance.Easy can surprise them all,is genuine upset horse.

Race6:Conceptual(1)/The Last Samurai(2)/El Gordo(6)

This three have best chance in this set,much will depend on betting pattern,look for trends during race time and decide,i would like to go with first one as it impressed most by winning a race in this category after clearing maidens.

Race7:Worth A Million(2)/Sheer Gold(1)/Yamaguchi(4)

Above mentioned 3 have some credentials and one of them can score.Worth a million has performed well over this distance and should do well again.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My selections for Mysore 21st May


Following are my selections for todays mysore races.

Race1:Sunlaa(12)/Prince of Argyle(5)

Sunlaa has best credentials in this set and should be a good each way bet.Prince of Argyle is sure to place.

Race2:World is too much(5)/Timespeed(7)

World is too much merits strong attention due to +change of shoes and impressive track works,should be a good win bet.Timespeed is certain to place.


Khoka if handled properly has good chance to register a win.Stickiewicketdotcom should place.


Brownsugar looks fit as evident by impressive track works,has advantage of handicap and should win this race.Goldgrid can hope to play the role of bridesmaid.Raiderssun does not appeal due to lack of preparation.


Prettyyashyashvini can run away with this race at this handicap,good each way bet.Greenvision has all credentials to place.

Race6:Lapis Lazuli(1)/Hi Hennessy(3)

Ignore last run of Lapis lazuli,can run away in this very very poor set.Hi hennessy after clearing maidens failed to impress in its subsequent runs,looks good for place in this weak set.


Ignore last run of Thunderon,has very good to register a win here,good each way bet.Golden kiss is sure to place.

Daysbest:World is too much(2-5)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bangalore 17/05/09

Hi all,

Race1:Seven Star(1)/Mister Trooper(5)

Seven Star:Ran suggestive runs last season,a non winner till date,now running with "TS" and ridden by in form jockey,only -ve point is BADLUCK of Vijaymallya's horses especially when they are hot market fancy,corbett on first day carried out this trend started by Setalight.
Mister Trooper:Won only once in its career in Mysore 2 Years back,seen regularly in pool,can place.
Dazzling Honour:Was fancied in this class in its first run,failed miserably,except for jockey nothing much to fancy its chances.
Shot Of Gold:Hopeless runs in higher class,just one track,can be ignored.
Savannah Pride:No chance whatsoever even for place.
Aaj Tak:Failed too many times when fancied,non winner even after 22 runs,not seen in track but seen regularly in pool,can be ignored.
Western Palace:No chance even for place as it gets weakens very fast after 1200mts.
Fantabulous Hero:Non winner even after 29 runs in his career,lacks winning punch,runs one pace thru out,ignore.

Race2:Calypso Star(9)/Chaitanya Jyothi(5)

Calypso Star:Found Regal glory too hot to handle in its debut,improved further and should run a good race.
Chaitanya Jyothi:Impressive final gate practise where it was seen beating Logansrun{R85} ,has good chance to fight it out here.
Bucephalas:Failed as fav to Oban in its debut,looks to have improved,will run a good race.
Lady Duff:+ve change of shoes and good track works warrants attention,can place.
First Of A Legend:First run and drawn in outermost box,can be ignored even though ridden by in form jockey.
Glory To Dancer:Will need this run.
Sweet Timer:Averagely bred,first run without adequate preparation,can be ignored.
Celtic Heroine:After dismayal performace in winter,now made to run with "Blks",can be ignored.
Peacemaker:Asad definetely is not main jockey of Paddy,so it is obivous that it will run easy.

Race3:Stagelight(10)/Brothers In Arms(2)

Stagelight:Winner of lower class in its last run,continues to be in good nick as evident by track work,can pull it off in this higher set.
Brothers In Arms:Just managed to win once in his career cutting average timings,at best can place.
Zaios:Winner with "A" shoes,now running with "S" shoes and weak jockey astride,can be ignored.
Darktan:Endowed with good speed,but all its wins where wth Aluminuim plate,can be ignored.
Black Splendour:Winner of same class cutting poor timings,not seen in tracls neither pool,ignore.
Free Glider:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Miss Marvelous:Except for one run,all its previous in last 2 season have been pathetic.
She's A Diamond,char Chand:Not prepared,ignore even for place.
Damgood:Non winner for long time,not prepared.
Gara Fluid:Can place in this poor set.

Race4:Rugged Beauty(2)/Southern Style

Rugged Beauty:Cleared maiden impressively,working well,should run a good race.
Southern Style:Working well,can upset.
Special Charm:Winning race wth "A" shoes and now sporting "S" shoes,is it to misguide?
Dante's Peak:Running in wrong distance without any preparation.
Baffled:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Southern Gladiator:Hopeless runs in maidens,looks to have improved and can take advantage of lower handicap,can place.
Supreme Arch:Beaten in last track work,ignore.
Sarang:Not prepared,ignore.

Race5:Music Forever(8)/Perfect Analysis(6)

Music Forever:First day of races proved that horses which have been performing well lately are doing well,won two races easily,can make an impact in this higher class also.
Perfect Analysis:Running after long layoff,past performance was very good where it ran good races against quality opposition,but such a long break,any set back,did it recover fully??
Man United:Its winter runs suggests it warms up late,can place in this set.
Smart N Special:Ran suggestive races in winter,is forward runner and here it is drawn in outermost box,may not be able to carry this weight over this distance.
Enforcer:Winner of his own age group in weak company,may only place.
Indian Arcelor:Jockey and "s" shoes are clear -ves.
Gris Rapide:Neil darashah's horses which sport steel shoes does not inspire confidence,can be ignored.
Lunar Lust: clearing maidens,is languishing in this class,must be looking for class down.
Dark Horse:It is clear that it is looking for class down,-ve change of shoes.

Race6:Reflection Of Gold(11)/Rhapsidion Snow(3)

Reflection Of Gold:Has very good chance if jockey can handle it properly.
Rhapsidion Snow:After impressive Mumbai campaign is back to its parent centre,working well and should run a bold race.
Tomsk:Did nothing wrong till date,cannot be ignored,genuine contender for this trophy but has to beat Rhapsidion snow and Reflection of gold.
Southern Empire:Has lost earlier form,will not be able to perform well in this tough set.
Splendid surprise,Spark Of Gold:Distance is bit sharp for comfort.
Lionheart:Won three races last summer clearly establishing the fact that it loves soft underfoot conditions,warms up late,here at best can place.
Spirituall:From Mumbai circuit,will not be able to make any impact as it will need this run to accustom itself to relatively shorter Bng straight.
Aquitaine:Forward runner and drawn in innermost box,will set a hot pace and can win if others fails to collar him which is highly unlikely.
Originality:In my view best suited for 1200mts.

Race7:Enduring star(11)/Lack and load(12)

This race is in within jodi of Enduring star and Lack and load.Latter won impressively but now running on double promotion.Enduring star's last run was easy,has stripped fitter as evident by impressive track works and should win this race.Mucho can place at longer odds along with Hill of grace.


Marcegalia was not disgraced in its defeat to superior Valid expectations,is blazing track and should win this race from Spicystar who will breathe fire on his neck thru out.Supersonic will place at longer odds.

Race9:Fantabalous prince(3)/Welcomeback(2)

Welcome back is working very well but blood vessel case,so cannot be backed inspite of good preparation.Fantabalous prince has ran along good horses in winter,working well and can pull it off in this poor set.Just in time is disadvategously drawn in outermost box and will not be able to sustain this distance.Kylesofbute has ran very good races in winter but now running with steel shoes which creates doubt.


Kainchi:Reflection of gold,Enduringstar,Marcegalia and Fantabalous prince

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bangalore First day

Hi all,

First days card lacks thrill with many runners not prepared.

Race1:Zambezi Sun(6)/Youre So Beautiful(9)

(Horses who have run at least thrice but not placed second, third or fourth even once ineligible).

Zambezi Sun:Full brother to Hyd derby winner Reconnect,is working well,fully extended final preparatory gallop indicates its connections willingness to go for all out in race,should win this race easily.
Youre So Beautiful:Beating My friendpaul{R77} in final gallop,will fight every inch of ground.
Role Model:Ignore its last run where it was slowly off,now Harish himself is giving practise in tracks,will extend its best here.
Alianz:Ignore its educational run last season,now with aid of additional equipments will run a good race
Classic Commander:First run,impressed in final gate practise,will need this run.
Amber Star:Working regularly,was in forward condition in its last two runs,may run easy here.
Target Achiever:Ran forward races last season,will run easy.
Cash Is King,Prashastha:Not prepared,will run easy.

Race2:All Rise(6)/Fondapproach(7)

All Rise:All its runs where in superior company,can extend its best here.
Fond Approach:Has good chance to register a win in this very poor set.
Chilli Chocolate:Will not be able to carry this weight,not prepared,ignore.
Nearco Master:Failed to impress in this class,not prepared,looking for class down.
Star League:Non winner,running after long lay off,can be ignored.
Communication,Enduring Speed,Walter:Not prepared for this race,can be ignored.
Son Of The Sun:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,can be ignored.

Race3:Gracian(3)/Silver Paris(2)

Gracian:Winner of same class last season,will find this distance bit sharp,but can win as the opposition is very weak.
Silver Paris:Only win of her carrier was in Mysore,failed in her own age group last season,looks to be fit,will be in 1-2
Non Stop Cannon:Non winner till date,always works well but fails to deliver in race.
Spread A Smile:Failed in his own age group,can be ignored.
Hellohappiness:Running after long lay off without adequate preparation,can be ignored.
Lady Of Light,Flower,Classic Movements:Non winner till date,not shown in tracks,can be ignored.
Everything Nice:Failed in its own age group,but may place in this very very poor set.

Race4:Imperial Applause(4)/Oban(5)

Imperial Applause:On demotion,impressed in lone preparatory gallop,regular in swimming,has very good chance to register a win.
Oban:Merits attention due to jockey declared,improving in tracks,will be there at busy end.
Native Talent:Won authoratively in winter,but y only one track,top weight will be added disadvantage.
Amazer:Genuine upset horse,one shud not ignore Puttana's horses which are regular in trials.
Senora Encima:Not race fit,ignore.
Master Strategist:Unprepared,weak jockey,Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,can be ignored.
Royal Zen:Did not clear maidens,unprepared.
Desire To Dazzle:Warms up late,this run may be a lung opener.

Race5:Corbett(10)/Star Speed(5)

Corbett:Autharative winner in maidens,will be market fancy,can win in absence of any opposition.
Star Speed:Ignore its run last winter,will relish this conditions,will be involved in final finish,place looks good.
Hidalgo:Keeping fit as evident by regular pool exercise,will place in this set.
Spirited Angel:If stablemate weakens,can come into contention and upset.
Algiers,Lester:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,can be ignored.
Lady Banks:Its winter runs suggest it gets weakened after 1200mts,hence it would not be prudent to back her inspite of strong rider astride.
Count This:Weak jockey and under preparation are enough deterrents to ignore it,
Royal Player,Fly Free:Winner with "A" shoes,now running with "S" shoes can be ignored.
Affirmed Crown:Under prepared as evident by lack of track work.
Special Gesture:Will run easy.

Race6:Einstein(2)/Rare And Precious(4)

Einstein:Working very well,has very good chance in this shorter distance.
Rare And Precious:Won impressively in lower class,working well but in my view it has to catch Einstein.
Enchanting Girl:Working regularly,even though coming from Mysore,merits attention,can place.
Jersey Pride:Will not be "Doosra" from M Eshwar,can be ignored.
In The Zone:Won all the races with "A" shoes now running with "S" can be ignored.
Sugar Ray:Ran along very good horses but not prepared.
Classical Dancer:Has no class against Rare and precious and Einstein.
Cart Wheel:Warms up wee bit late,will not be able to cope up with hot pace of the race.
Callista:Winner of same group,can be ignored as it looks to be not fully prepared.

Race7:Amazing Flora(1)/Win Prettybaby(4)

Amazing Flora:Ignore its last runs in winter where it was made to run in wrong distance,now in this set and distance has good chance.
Win Prettybaby:After running in wrong distances,now made to run in favourable distance,will be there at busy end.
Redford:Advantegously placed in innermost box,will not be able to carry this weight till end.
Spandau Ballet:Working very well as always,non winner till date,cannot be backed with confidence.
Event Horizon:Sparing seen in swimming but not sighted in tracks which is not the winning pattern of Puttana's horses.
Prayatna:Weak jockey and under preparation are clear -ves.
She's Big:Long in tooth,final track was impressive but entrusted to a jockey whose riding capabilities are unknwn,hence cannot be backed confidently.
Voodoo Moon:Regularly seen in pools,winner of lower class,can place.
Allegro:Out of form and not prepared,can be ignored.
Super Spear:Beaten in last track by same class horse,will find this distance sharp.
Orange Orchard,Cindy Girl:Winner of lower class,weak jockey and lack of track work does not inspire confidence,can be ignored.

Race8:Sherman(2)/Spark Of Jewel(8)

Sherman:Working very well beating Corbett who is fancied in another race of the day,can upset in its very first run.
Spark Of Jewel:Working regularly,+ve change of shoes is strong indication that it will be fully extended,has good chance.
Sensational:Now running with "CNB",last run was suggestive,can upset.
Mighty Monarch:Ran good forward races in strong company in winter,will be there at busy end,place looks certain.
Trillion Win:I do not fancy horses who get beaten by same class horse in final track,did not impress in gate practise either,no doubt it has ran good races last winter but cannot be backed.
Gold Crown:No track,"S" shoes are clear -ve pointers.
Alaric:Will run easy as evident by declaration of jockey.
Greenbo,Bonzini:Underprepared,can be ignored.


Kainchi:Imperial Applause(4-4),Amazing (7-1),Einstein(6-2),SunSherman(8-2)

Have a nice day

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I will put my views on bangalore races starting this week.Wishing all viewers a fruitful season ahead.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dasvidaniya Mumbai

Hi all,

Following are my selections for final day of mumbai racing.


Anytime money is in good form and will be fancied but in this race all horses carry additional 5kgs which may throw some surprise,iam opting for Fascination who after facile win in lower class choose to gave an easy run,well rested and can enforce a win on tiring front runners.Courage under fire is genuine upset and can come into contention if front runners frizzle out.

Race2:Check her out(2)

Seaof kisses is market rage based on his runs to relatively superior horses but my pick is check her out who was seen moving well in Blue danube's race and should breathe fire on neck of hot market fancy all thru.

Race3:Aston martin(1)

Aston martin was not ridden properly yet finished commendable fourth in its last run,well rested,well prepared and with strong saddle assistence should win easily.Sea ruler can only hope to finish second.Its all about racing or jade will fill third spot.

Race4:Got to go(3)

Got to go drifted out badly in its last run,yet managed to win,is working well and should easily win this race.Swahili may find this weight as burden.Tyumen is genuine upset horse.


Class 1 is equal to class 5 simply because both throw suprises.My first pick is Lagomedio who i believe is running in right distance and should easily handle this set.Red indian is advantegously drawn in inner most box and will try to run away with race,genuine upset horse.Star impact will finish in top3.

Race6:Cotswold Arms(4)

There is an old saying at Mahalaxmi that if 6th race of the card is classic then horse no 1 is not winner,will Dancing dynamite fall to that jinx?.I would eat Dancing dynamite and back cotsworldarm.

Race7:Flaming arrow(2)

Flaming arrow won impressively last time and should win easily again from American idol and Onusprobandi.


Devilitto is working well with "Blks" and sporting the same for race and in this shorter distance has good chance to register a win.Up north is genuine upset horse.

Daysbest:Aston marin(3-1)

Double:Aston marin(3-1)/Devillito(8-2)

Kainchi:Aston marin(3-1)/Got to go(4-3)/Devillito(8-2)

Have a nice day

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mumbai 2nd May

Hi all,

Following are my observations for Saturdays races.

Race1:(5)Statjford/(8)King Of The Ring-Jodi

Race for horses which have run during the current Mumbai Meeting and not won

Statjford:Knocking on door this season,now running with "blks"has best chance to register a win in non winners set.
King Of The Ring:Good runs this season where it was seen finishing on well,here in this poor bunch can expect to win.
Nonios:Was ridden badly last time,appeared in mock race after that run,will extend its best here,good place bet.
Rags To Riches:Poor performance this season till date but looks to be prepared well,can upset.
Morality:Endowed with good initial speed,may place in this shorter distance.
Wind Storm:Non winner till date,not seen in track and Pool for last 45 days,ignore.
Aiming High:Poor performance so far,ignore
Last Nights Sonnet:Unable to sustain itself over this distance,but in this very poor set can kick till end,may place.
Bold Act:Always ran in longer odds,no chance.

Race2:Real Dream/Sunburst-Jodi

Race for horses which have run during the current Mumbai Meeting and not won

Real Dream:Ignore last run in superior company,has been showing forward forms in earlier runs and should run a good race.
Sunburst:Last run was suggestive,will not go down without fight.
Highland Vision:Failed inspite of champion jockey astride,can hope to finally earn a winning berth in this set of non winners.
Royal Hunter:Met interference in both starts,is in forward condition,can upset
Black Partridge,The First Lady:Running frequently, not race fit.
Alohamora:Non impressive performance so far,nothing meritous to consider its chances.
Cloud Cover:Forward runs in higher class,gave one impressive track work on 14th april with "blks",seen in pool regularly but only thing which creates doubt is total absence of any preparation work for last 15 days.
Molto Bella:Cannot improve as it will be attracting penalty under Calender notification regarding improved performance within short span of time.

Race3:River Star-win Mohabbi-Shp/Place
Race for horses which have run and not placed 2nd or 3rd.

River Star:Both runs were in superior company,working impressively wth "blks" and sporting the same for race,will run a bold race.
Mohabbi:Impressive last run where it was travelling well all thru,will definetely be in 1-2.
Numismatist:Ignore last run where it was bumped at start and badly interfered near last 400mts,can improve on that run.
Creme De La Creme:Is in forward condition,may place.


Buster:One of the few horses which win in 40-66 class immediately after clearing maidens,is working very very well,can carry this weight over this distance.
Rising Hero:Trainer is firing all cylinders at fag end of season,this horse has won a race over identical distance,but here it has to beat Buster.
Rage Of Angels:Showed some form in midst of season,last run was dampener,not prepared.
Thanda:Not race fit,ignore.
True Elegance:Failed to beat of the field of same class even once in its last three outings,ignore


Amberogio:Last run suggested that it regained its old form,no risk of breaching of Calender notification regarding Improved performance of a horse within short span of time,can be backed confidently
Successor:Ignore last run as it was running after almost 2 months,is working well with "blks" and sporting the same for race,will run a bold race.
Ekhabinskya:Is in great form this season,cannot be ignored.
Chimerique:Running after long lay off and in wrong distance,most probably this run will be a exercise run before heading towards Bangalore.
Premier Perception,Forcado:Running after one month without adequate preparation,beaten in its own age group,cam be ignored.
Wild Temper:Running in wrong distance,ignore.
Elementto Angel:Winner of same group in lower class,has no chance here.


Snowden:Won impressively beating superior Slickkit,should run a good race and may return as winner even in this higher category.
Rubidium:Last run can be ignored as i feel that it was not ridden properly,with better saddle assistence this time can finally earn a win for his luckless trainer.
Daffodils:Ignore its last two runs where it ws drawn disadvantegously in outer box,if jky rides a judicous ride,can place.
Here Comes The Don,Major Wager:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Caramel:Big gamble came thru in last run,now in this higher set will not be able to make any imrpession

Race7:Pure Devotion(8)-Win

Pure Devotion:In its last was denied clear in final furlong,working well,will run a good race and can win.
Asclepieion:Failed as hot fav when ridden by jockey who did not have good season,now running without "Ts",but still has to improve a lot.
Amaranza:Last two runs were suggestive finishing on well over 1200mts and now running over 1400mts,but 3 runs within 12days in this conditions must have sapped his energy.
Gatravat:Won very well on Friday,but will it remain eligible to run in this class after that run??
Thundering Star:Best suited for 1200mts,ignore.
Notable Runner:Distance and weak jockey are against.
Bonny Light:Last run was good and now running over pet distance,not shown in track for over 2 1/2 months.
Destined Prince:Looking for class down and Pune.
Wells Fargo:Jockey declared is clear -ve,will run easy.
Born Destiny:Does well at Pune only,is looking for class down.
Full Throttle:Last was slow in start by one lenght,did not show any acceleration at any stage,unimpressed in mock race.
King's Troop:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings.
Elementto Trance:Winner of lower class,can be ignored here.


Generalissimo:Non winner for last 4 years,now running in this lower class,a surprise cannot be ruled out.
Forbes List:Entrusted again to M Narredu who earlier partnered him to victory,excelled in lone track work,will be in contention.
Moonstorm:Having dream run this season but now entrusted to whipless jockey who has not been able to perform as expected from him.
Mysterious Star:Giving forward runs over longer distance but weak jockey does not inspire confidence.
Strathendrick:Weak jockey and lack of preparation.
War Of Attrition:Failed as fav in last run,will not immediately improve.
Absolute Reality:Outer box will not help this front runner,at best may place.
Master Craft:Weak jockey declared is clear -ve indication.
Clarion Call:Twice failed as fav after registering a win in lower class.


Race for lowest rated horses.Redcloud is my first pick to win this race.The rightman has right crdentials to upset.


Kainchi/Placeroll:Amberogio,Pure Devotion,Generalissimo,Redcloud

Have a niceday

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