Sunday, September 29, 2013

HYDERABAD 1ST OCTOBER--Pre Derby day analysis

A cursory glance on the card reveals that D Netto will have a busy day,unfortunately none of his horses come into my reckoning.

{A race for maidens where only Deal Maker,Star Wings and True Haven have managed to finish second as their best,rest all not even placed}

Deal Maker,Machintosh,The Da Vinci Code and True Haven may be targeting for lowest class race

Field Commander after good easy run now runs with +ve change of shoes and rider,working well,will run a good race this time

Musk Mellon is working well after an easy unextended last run{whip loss}

Golden Missile was up with front bunch till bend before easing off on False Rails day,has advantage on this No False Rails Day but jockey is horrible

Star Wings advocated its fitness in first two runs of the season where it gave good forwards runs,was fancied in subsequent runs.In race no 125 due to very hot pace it could not settle well and made its move very late yet was seen devouring ground.In last race it could not hit front due to outermost box and had to be content with second spot.There is a saying in racing that it is better to choose a horse which has been showing good form in more than 3 runs over horses who have  showed form just in one run

Selections:  6.Star Wings                2.Field Marshall          3.Musk Mellon

Without any doubt one can safely conclude that bottom 4 horses have no chance whatsoever

Ein Ein Ein may not sustain this distance,last run was dismayal inspite of being a winner due to drifting out very badly when urged,even the final fast trackwork is shown as under whip

River Dale is running on No False Rails day for the first time,one gets the feeling it will not be able to hold on till end with this weight astride

Ancillary may be market fancy but can be ignored due to top weight and unimpressive final trackwork

Staminoizd has not been extended this season,last winter was impressive winner,with this rider astride one gets the feeling it will be fully tried and can swoop down on tiring front runners in final furlong

Selections:  4.Staminoizd                   2.River Dale                1.Ancillary

When a trainer regularly change equipments it sends a signal that horse is not responding as desired,Military Belle in its last run was hanging,now gets rid of DRB which was put on it in last run,with pace of race bound to be very hot,it will really require a very good effort from it to win

Winds And Waves returns after being disqualified in last run for dangerous riding,distance will be short for its comfort

Fair And Square runs for first time on No False Rails Day in this season,should be able to kick on gamely till end

Rock Heights is due for a win but for jockey one has to ignore it

Selections: 2.Fair And Square           3.Winds And Waves       7.Rock Heights

Looks like a gift race to Vijays Pride who is multi classic winner including 1000G at Mumbai and its parent centre

Silken Touch is expected to provide some threat to Vijays Pride

Selections: 1.Vijays Pride                   2.Silken Touch

Golden Palace and Young Sapper can be ignored for -ve shoes and jockeys

Power Planet was winner of same class but at weight of carrying 6.5kgs more,no trackwork

San Ramon is rapidly coming down in scales,something wrong with horse

Prince Of Arabia is doing front running this season contrary to its winter style of running,may go all out to win

Aarohan will run for handicap reduction as evident by jockey declared

Best Pal is rapidly coming down in scales,looks like it will target class 3

Dazzling Empress won lot easy than it appeared,has age in favor,lightly penalised which is put off by allowance jockey,one gets the feeling it will  try to show its presence in this higher class also

Selections:8.Dazzling Empress              2.Power Planet            5.Prince Of Arabia

Kohinoor Punch was a winner this season but conceding 6.5 kgs to its nearest rival,not an easy task

Novaya Zemla was winner of same age group,can be ignored here

Big Move failed as fav in winter,in this open race with this rider,will be hotly fancied

Golden Flash's last two runs were eye washers,earlier finished a good second,getting preferrential handicap reduction,should be on job

Rest of the horses have no form to be mentioned

Selections: 5.Golden Flash                      3.Big Move                   1.Kohinoor Punch

Anacostia unlikes others in fray here is winner of class1,but choice of rider and top weight is -ve

Always Bullish is not sighted in tracks,will be hotly fancied but will find this distance sharp

Win and Joy in last Monsoon season after winning in lower class lost suspicously in this class,subsequent run was slowly away,In Winter ran good third in 1000G and subsequent runs were in wrong distance,has stripped fitter after good easy run this season,Trainer has put only two horses for the day,one being Vijays Pride who has good chance to win so on that count there is possibility of double with this horse

Hidden Power clocked handsome finishing timing when it won Race no 89,last run was interferred,has very good chance to repeat

Our Mascot finished good second to too good Aventus,in this shorter distance will be a live threat

Any Given Time and Prince Prashant are looking for class down

Selections: 5.Hidden Power                        3.Win And Joy                  6.Our Mascot  


Big Boss with this weight looks very difficult

Mr Glorious is back to its fav class after running listless in higher class,weight will be an issue as it is a gelding

Desert Bloom has lost form

Arudra will not sustain this distance

Komo Komo Komo won well last time,connections are looking for a repeat as evident by rider

Crimson Look warms up late,off late has developed tendency of drifting out in straight

Mukhtar and Kathakali not in this age group

Deccan Queen was badly boxed up in last 50mts ,had to literally stop to avoid hitting the rails,came up very well in last 25mts,+ve change of shoes indicates that Connections are sweet on its chances

Guiding Spirit is on threshold of a coup

Selections: 9.Deccan Queen                          5.Komo Komo Komo           10.Guiding Spirit

Cannon Ten in this step up distance has chance

Ground Crew in its last run had to stop momentarily in final furling to avoid hitting rails,moved up well again,has good chance to win here

Sweety Girl in its last run failed to accelerate inspite of free ground in front,can be ignored for win

Cheyenne lost in hands of country's best rider

Symbol Of Beauty has tendency of slow start

Stolen Date is running after long lay off,is winner of lower class

Selections: 2:Ground Crew                             1.Cannon Ten                             11.Fashionista      

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pune 29th September

Unlike Saturday this card looks decent


With this strong rider astride can kick on gamely till end here in this set on this No false rails day


Indication with Ts on should run a good race,all its previous runs were impressive against better horses


First timers 4 of which belong to unreliable stables.Romeo on basis of trackwork emerges as main contender

Race4:Mambo Magic(3)-Win

Has numbers in favor,will allowed to run can create a flutter

Race5:Commander(2)-Days Best

Based on its last run in superior company where it inspite of nil efforts of jockey was seen moving very well,earlier a good winner

Race6:Saints N Sinners(2)-Win

Gave good forward runs over 6 furlongs,in this shorter distance has good chance to win

Race7:An Acquired Taste(1)-Win

An Acquired Taste is top rated in this terms race,should win

Race8:Victoria Falls(13)-Win

Is working mighty impressively,can win on debut run as rest of the field is too timid and out of form


In this set up distance can surprise

Friday, September 27, 2013

PUNE 28TH September

Long lengthy and tricky card


[5]Ibis{Win}-Has numbers strongly in favor in this same age group field,should easily win

[4]Adans Prince{Shp/Place}-Merits attention on good second inspite of interference in same age group on 15th August,should be in 1-2

3 yrs old will be market fancy for obivous reasons but they face set of strong contenders

[3]Arabian Lord{Win}-Improving with every run this season,now gets services of better rider,has good chance to win

[4]Gift Wrapped{Next Best}-Runs without CNB this time,final trackwork very impressive,will be in strong contention

[7]Polar Zone{Place}-Consistent,can place


Dash for cash race.Getting a good jump and hitting front will be the key here

[12]Rising Angel{Win}-Blessed with blinding speed,winner of lower class and last run was good forward one in higher class,is very fit as evident by regular pool exercise,drawn in innermost box,can show clean pair of heels to entire field

[2]Strategy{Next Best}-Should stay closed with front bunch and try to overtake tiring runners in final 200mts

[13]Zoe{Place}-A non winner,can hope to place

[11]Captain Smart{Upset/Long shot place prospect}-Entrusted to its fav rider,only worry is outermost draw,if manages to hit front then has good chance to upset


[5]Mighty King{Win}-Running after long lay off,if fit can easily hack this field as it has been ultra consistent and winning very comprehensively

[1]Set To Fly{Next Best}-Ignore its last few runs,will be different customer this time


Though a 5 furlong race,initial pace may not be very hot due to lack of quality sprinters in this set

[4]Mr Morisson{Win}-Ignore last run due to interference,working very well,can swoop down on front runners in final furlong

[8]Holiday Dancer{Next Best}-Ignore first run due to slow start and next run due to weak rider,has good chance to be in 1-2

[9]Mahiki{Only Place}-Has failed too many times when fancied,still a maiden,at best place

[3]Sherlock Homes{Upset/Long shot place }-Merits attention on good second in first run,earlier a good winner,stays close to the pace,there is a possibility of upset


Very very tough race.

[8]Star Trainer{Win}-Though long in tooth but at this weight will be a live threat to one and all in this race
[7]Orito{Next Best}-Ignore last run due to interference,earlier good third over this distance,working mighty impressively,should be in 1-2

[2]Ancient Wonder{Only Place}-Will be market fancy on account of good second to Isphingo{Repeat winner} and Final Entry but one gets the feeling it requires lot of urging to extract the best,may falter at all important end

[8]Presidential{Win}-There are two reasons to ignore this horse first being long lay off and second being first run after gelding but for impressive mockrace and very good runs in Mumbai one cannot look beyond it

[2]Carlton House{Next Best}-Now runs with PB in hands of better rider,will run close

[5]Just By Chance{Place}-Pleasing trackwork,now runs with Ts,will be in contention

[3]Good Memory{Long shot place}-Has stripped fitter after debut run,can surprise


Archie may be strongly fancied but first run after gelding without any mockrace hence ignoring it

[3]Mon Ami{Win}-Good second to too good Bombardier,working well,can beat youngsters

[9]Quest For Love{Next Best}-Impressive winner in last run,has age in favor,will be in strong contention

[10]Nush{Place}-Working extremely good,has good initial speed,will place

[3]Cypress Point{Long shot place}-Ignore last run due to poor handling.earlier a winner,can sneak in place at massive odds


[9]Veena's Star{Win}-Has age in favor,,was a good winner of lower class,can repeat here in this higher class as the main contenders are bad carriers of top weight

[4]San Salutation{Next Best}-A maiden,runs close,has stripped fitter,can extend its best here

[2]Desert Wings {Only Place}-Failed as fav,top weight is stopper

[7]Arabian Figher{Long shot place}-Distance sharp but has stripped fitter after couple of easy runs,can sneak in place at longer odds


[2]Nicanaro{Win}-Ignore last few runs,has been a winner in this distance,working well,has good chance to win

[6]Star Builder {next Best}- A recent winner though of lower class,can surprise as rest of the field is poor

[12] Indiscrete{Place}-looks very fit,should place

[9]Speed Up{Long shot place}-Recent winner,can sneak in place at longer odds


Days Best:Mr Morrison(5-4)

Kainchi :Rising Angel,Mr Morrison,Mon Ami,Nicanaro

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mysore 27th September

Extremely dangerous card.Tread with utmost caution
Following are my short selections

Race 1:Mystic Lavender(2)

Race2:Brigade's Paradise(9)

Race3:Bounty Hunter(1)


Race5:Spinning Chakram(7)

Race6:Firelight(6)-Days Best

Race7:Jersey Shore(9)-Good

Race8:Open Page(5)

Race9:Gift of Love(9)

Mysore 26th September

[9] Youre A Star{Win}-Was showing good turn of foot in last Bangalore winter season,failed as hot fav due to blood vessel,ran unextended in Bangalore Summer season,if half fit can easily tackle this very very poor set
[1]Fiorita{Next Best}-Merits attention due to impressive trackwork,can clear maiden status in debut
[2]Super Silver{Place}-Runs with multiple change of equipments,ran close at Bangalore,can finish in place though lack of trackwork is bit concern
[5]Diamond Star{Long shot place}-Working well,can place at longer odds
[3] Speartooth{Win}- In this open class,has good chance to show clean pair of heels to entire field

[4]Jump In The Red{Next Best}-Blazing tracks,has good initial speed,can surprise by posing strong challenge to eventual winner

[9]For Your Eyes only{Place}-Has numbers in favor,should place

[5]Rickety Rock{Upset}-Running in this distance for first time,can upset
[6]Ace Badran{Win}-Merits prime attention due to age,interfered good third in strong company at Bangalore and impressive mockrace with class1 horse

[11]Mannat{shp}-Merits attention on good fourth to Majestic Reward in debut where it was fancied,last run was easy,over this extended trip can pose some threat to Ace Badran

[5]Rebuttal's Hope{Place}-Was a winner at Bangalore,last run was surprisingly vry poor,lots of trackwork indicates its all right now,can place

[2]Persian{Long shot place}-Over this distance,can place at longer odds
[6]Huckleberryfinn{Win}-Consistent,can kick on gamely till end in this set

[3]April Showers{Next best}-Good winner last season but at feather weights,subsequent runs at present weight were disappointing indicating that it is bad carrier of top weights

[2]Cash Is King{Place}-From Bangalore circuit,long off is one reason for its not being in odds,can place

[11]Byzantine{Upset}-Has numbers in favor,one would have discounted its chances due to negative shoes but this being 5 yrs up race it can upset
[2]Red Admiral{Win}-ignore last run in hands of work jky,earlier very good winner,has good chance to win

[1]Haute Cole{Next Best}-Impressive winner,can surprise again
[11]Bella Pinky{Only place}-Is a non winner,can only hope to place
[6]Rising Sun{Long shot place}-Has good initial speed,can place

[1]Jersey Girl{Win}-Ignore last run due to weak rider,can easily win
[3]Raphire{Shp}-Can only hope to finish second
[7]Buchetalis{Place}-Has good chance to place at massive odds

[5]The Jaguar{Win}-Running in apt distance,can win at longer odds
[8]The Senator{Next best}-Blessed with speed,can finish in 1-2
[10]Noble Prince{Place}-Merits attention due to jockey,can place

Wednesday, September 25, 2013