Monday, July 26, 2010

No posting

Hi all.

Iam medically indisposed for last 2 days and hence may not be able to update this site for todays races.Inconvenience is regretted.

It has been drizzling continously for last 48 hours with occasional heavy down pour.In my view front runners will have better chance.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hyderabad AND Pune 22nd july


Short Selections for Pune

Race2:Absolute Reality(3)
Race3:Little Warrior(4)
Race4:Oh Calcutta(3)
Race6:Our Fortune(3)
Race7:The First Lady(10)

Following are my choices for second of Hyd Monsoon season.

Race1:Airborne Magic(1)/My Tyson(3)

Race is restricted to this two only.Airborne Magic has good lung openers in Bangalore,looks very fit and shud run a good race.My Tyson was hanging in badly in its last two runs,now running with Blks to rectify that defect,will fight every inch of ground,shud be in 1-2.Dixie Bell will require more ground,hence can only hope to place.

Race2:Guiding Light(3)/Power Colors(5)

Race is restricted to this two even though there are other pretenders.Power Colors is winner of this distance and had good lung opener in Bangalore,shud run a prominent race.Guiding Light has run very good races in strong company,has very good chance to register a win here.Da Xia may be fancied due to forward runs of Bangalore but here in this set will not be able to make any strong impression.

Race3:Star Experience(4)/Retaliate(3)

 Star Experience is facing lot easy set ,should be prime contender based on its forward run to Hillary at Bangalore.Retaliate is now running with +Ve change of shoes,has good forward runs in Bangalore,working well,has only Star Experience as worthy opponent.Striking Gold may place ahead of April Showers.
Race4:Jewel In The Crown(11)/Walnut Creek(8)

Walnut Creek will be strongly fancied based on its superb win at Bangalore,is at tidy handicap but has to beat Jewel In The Crown who has shown tremendous turn of foot in winter beating superior horses.Disco Flash will place for sure.

Race5:Alpine Girl(1)/Meta Force(2)

Meta Force loves monsoon tracks,likes to run in front,has won in 1000mts,will it be able carry this weight over 1100mts is unknown.Alpine Girl has good initial speed and can kick on gamely in this set where almost all runners are running for just airing.Cicila is not sighted in tracks,hence ignored.Sparkling Saphire can place.

Race6:Vijay Damini(4)/Winning Strides(3)

Vijay Damini is better than Winning Strides and should win this race easily.Moheena will place.Flash Flares is long shot place prospect.

Race7:Hundred Flowers(6)/Southern Spice(5)

Hundred Flowers is returning to track after long lay off,is reportedly very fit and can kick on gamely.Southern Spice is working very well,will be in thick of action.Surya Putra has to carry top weight.

Race8:Star Composer(9)/Greek Fire(7)

Spot On will be fancied but it is drawn in outer box and the jockey is not competent enough.Star Composer is working very well and if given green signal ahead of stable mate Come Together can make a race out of it.Greek Fire is working very well and should place.

Race9:Orient Glory(1)/Commading Heights(4)

Orient Glory if handled properly has good chance to run away to victory in this set.Commanding Heights won with A shoes,now running with S shoes,may run second to Orient Glory.Rose Queen may place.

Daysbest:Vijay Damini(6-4)







Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hyderabad Opening day selections

Hi all,


First day of Monsoon season.City witnessed ample rains in last few weeks.Track looks very good.Horses returning from Bangalore sojourn will be fancied.Trainer L D Silva will have good season.Laxman Singh is the one who will fire all guns this season and should be followed.Vatsalya does well in initial period and will have say in maidens races.Prasad Raju's Stable fire all cylinders in Winter,will not be in limelight thru out this season,however Prasad Raju consider a win on opening day as good omen and hence all his charges irrespective of jockey are live forces.Trainer Srinivas has prepared his wards very well,all his horses will run prominently.Monsoon track is different from winter track.Monsoon track consists of  heavy sand  to absorb rain waters  and hence timings are slow,horses coming from behind will have better chance than frontrunners.I follow trackwork published in The Indian Express and for other information i look for Original Vel and Bol.Hope to have good season.

Coming to first day card looks mixed.Trainer Satyanarayana will hog limelight.

Race1:Craven Cottage(6)

Aficinado had good forward runs in Bangalore and on that count will be fancied,subsequent trackworks are not impressive and hence cannot be recommended for win.
On Previous form Young Sapper comes on top but this horse does not like to run with Blks,y trainer is persisting with that equipment is mystery.
Craven Cottage failed as hot fav due to stumbling,looks vastly improved as evident by pleasing track works,Jky Aadesh kumar is  testing it in trials for last 2 weeks,has good chance to run away to victory.
Splendid Knock will need more ground.
Pluto Queen has ability to upset.


Interesting race.Youngsters have upper hand.
Armador is very good horse and will travel upto Cat1,Won very impressively and in subsequent ran easy in grade 3 race,should easily win this race,good bet of the day.
Art Connoisseur may be fancied due to Bangalore runs,i always believed that this horse is best for 1000mts,is not better than Pathfinder and Armador,has very very tough task,can be ignored for win.
Pathfinder should be strongly handled at bend or else this horses drifts out badly,will not like hot pace of the race,can only hope to place.
Flowers Of Music looks very well prepared and as such is moral for place.


Upset is in store.
Ignore winter runs of Ziglar,looks vastly improved and can deliver in this set.
Key Note may recieve some support due to +ve switch of shoes and rider,looks well prepared,finished behind  Petradura in debut run,,may only place
Petradura could not capiltilise even in very very weak company,looks difficult.
Theatre Of Dreams will follow fate of Craven Cottage,looks well prepared,can kick on  gamely till end.
Sorbitrate comes on top based on its winter runs,has failed too many times,difficult to fancy a horse who could not gallop well on fast  track.
Fine Racer is hiding true form,can upset in this set.

Race4:Al Jameel(4)/Fusion Music(7)/Amontillado(9)

Race for non performers of winter season.Horses who have won more than once in Winter are not eligible in this race.

Kohinoor Diamond can be ignored as trainer usually opts for A shoes if on job.
Power Play won 4 races two years back,suffered set back and is non winner from then,has given good forward runs in winter,one cannot recommend a horse which is on down slide.
Tiara is one eyed horse,jockey has to concentrate on keeping his horse straight or else it would fall on to other horses during race,extremely difficult to recommend this horse for win.
Al Jameel is running in opt distance,tracking well but jockey is incompetent,still has upset chance in this weak set.
Cygnet is suited for 1100mts,will not sustain till end.
Cannon Hunt ran in all distances obivously aiming for weight reduction but now with scrapping for races of lowest class,it may now try to go all out,keep an eye for gamble.
Fusion Music needs hard riding,if apprentice boy is able to keep his ward with front runners then has chance to finish on board.
Amontillado could not deliver in very very poor set,can place in this set of non performers.
World Wide is struggling to find his  galloping foot even in tracks,can be ignored.

Race5:Lone Ranger(3)

Lone Ranger does not belong this set and can win easily inspite of -ve change of shoes.
Golden Flame has worked up well and will place.
Kohinoor King has good initial speed and can place in this set.Reason for selecting  this horse inspite of apprentice rider is its outermost box which will allow free movement initially and as such can pass other runners easily.

Reasons for ignoring other horses

One In All:Winner with A shoes,apprentice rider will not be able to make any impression in this big set.
Splendid Act:Notwithstanding a win in Monsoon iam compelled to say that this horse does not like Monsoon track and struggles to make an impact even at feather weight.
Jet Express  won a race last monsoon season where all runners were carrying 5kgs extra,will not be able to make any impression in this set.
Navija will do well in same age group,not here.
Green Mist does well on Winter tracks,looks least interested as evident by -ve change of shoes and under preparation.
Menlo Park is bleeder,did not travel to Bangalore with its stablemate,will need this run.
Yippee runs well on Winter tracks only.
Penumatcha needs more ground.
Mighty Prince is unprepared.
Victorous Sally has changed stables,urged in tracks,will need this run
Armada does well on winter tracks only,trainer opts for A shoes if on job.

Race6:Man On Fire(7)

Man On Fire looks well prepared and can win in this very poor set.
Allegation is back to same rating at which it won a race,is facing very medicore opposition but the  fact is  that this horse has not done well on Monsoon track.
Manki's last run can be ignored due to slipping of reins in last 100mts ,should run a bold race.
Indian Army is fully extended in tracks indicating its connections willingness to extend this horse in race,can place at lucrative odds.
Avon Gorge is the only horse in todays card who rated below 25 and as per new notification has to run in cat3 upto50,one can easily note the disadvantage it is having vis-a-vis Cannon Vision.It is entrusted to new trainer,R H Sequiera{brother in law of Netto},will be keen to make his presence feel but looks very difficult.
Golden Tricks,Kohinoor Fairytale:Trainer will opt for A shoes if on job,weak jky will not be able to extract best from this late finishing horses.
Pacific Groove ,Nandanvanaa ,Cannon Vision needs distance.

Race7:Rainbow Fog(8)

Rainbow Fog has shown tremendous turn of foot on both tracks,is blazing track,has very good chance to start this season on winning note.
Acciaccatura loves Monsoon track,is at tidy handicap,should place in this set.
Mayfair Girl looks well prepared and can place.
Aphrodisiac started his career with bang,won a race in Bangalore in 40-65 class,surprisingly struggled a lot in Winter,top weight will mar its chances.
One Mission is now running without Blks,is regular in tracks,can place at longer odds.

Other Horses who were ignored

Chestnut Charmer runs well in winter{all its 4 win in winter} with A shoes,will run easy.
Chesapeake, Reality Show,Suchiman needs distance,exercise jky astride.
Kohinoor Mystic,Zambo Anga will run in  A shoes if on job.
Hari Har Priya will not sustain over this distance.


Superfluous has ran very good races along better horses,is regular in pool,can upset at
Caligatae is running in most apt distance,was surprised by Yipee in its last run,will lead all the way and can kick on till end,place looks certain.
Ruby Crown ran good forward races in strong company,can upset if given green signal,should be included in JP.
Danzsingh is running with -ve change of shoes,hence ignored.
Splendid Scot, Accordion,Standing Ovation looks underprepared,running with -ve change of shoes.
Fabulous Crown is bad carrier of top weight.
Al Jadeed is not responding in tracks,will need this run.


Ignore winter runs of Collette,looks very good in this set and has good chance to win.
Currency Chest is regular in tracks,now runs with aid of Blks,can place.
Divine Ganges will run a prominent race,top weight will hinder its chances.
Vigoroso is running almost after 8 months,will need this run.
Anguna failed in its own age group,cannot make any impression here.
Sugar Baby is running with -ve change of shoes in hands of whipless rider,may not be able to make any impact.
Sparkling Flame failed as fav in lower class,has not even placed till now in this class.


Double:Armador(2-4)-Rainbow Fog(7-8)

Monday, July 19, 2010

On Eve of Monsoon races


Hyderabad Monsoon Season is set to start from Wednesday.There has been substantial increase of 39% in stake money.One more interesting development is squashing of races for  horses rated below 25.There are approximately 45 horses whose official rating is below 25.Most of them are aged horses.It is very good move by HRC as the connections were entering this wards every week and thereby all race days had two races for lowest rated animals.Whats the fate of this 45 horses? Well they can run in Cat3 (upto50 )class but they will be at huge disadvantage because lowest weight being 49 they will be at par with lowest rated horses of cat3,that is in simple words..Horse rated 25 and rated 8 will be at same weight of 49.So this horses have to show real improvement or else they will find their way out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

See you on 21st


See you all on 21st July..Wednesday.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pune 16th July


Following appeal to me for second day of Pune races.

Race1:Pound Foolish(1)/Bemisaal(3)/Blush(5)

THE WIGGLES PLATE is divided in two races,,,Division2 being first race of card and Division 1 second race.Out of 17 horses accepted to run in this two races 5 are from stables of H J Antia,3 from Stables of N Lagad and 2 from M K Jadhav.

In first race H J Antia seems disnterested as obivous by declaration of jockey on Asclepieion and Brave Gun.His third entry Lady Black Star has failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three runs and hence cannot improve suddenly,can be ignored for win.

Houdini can be ignored as it is not in tracks,failed to impress in same age group.

Ijal is non winner even after 17 runs,falls back rapidly after 5 furlongs,looks underprepared and can be safely ignored.

This leaves us with Pound Foolish and 2 horses of N Lagad Bemisaal and Blush.

Pound Foolish has ran good forward races along with better horses,this race was target for it evident by the fact that higher rated horse from this stable was purposely entered to get this horse in this division which by default will contain all second rung horses from other stables.good chance to win.

Out of 2 horses from N Lagad stable Blush seems to be choice of Stable but it has failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 races,hence cannot improve,can be ignored for win.This leaves us with Bemisaal who after winning a race in same class run listless and has significantly reduced handicap,should give good fight to Pound Foolish,place is certain.

Race2:Secret Talk(5)/Calypso Star(3)/Untouched(8)

Drama Queen,The Right Man can be ignored as former was here to help Pound Foolish and latter was winner with A shoes,now running in S shoes.
Fluent Victory failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outing,not in tracks.
Tintisa for work jky and Tomorrows Dreams for steel shoes{Antia never tries his horses with S shoes} can be ignored.

Calypso Star,Secret Talk,Untouched and Brilliant Moon are by default main contenders.

Calypso Star has problem of lugging in under pressure,has failed to deliver many times in higher class,can place in this set.

Secret Talk has displayed consistent patter of running except for last 2 runs,has good chance to win.

Untouched will strongly fancied by its connections,may not sustain till end.

Brillant Moon has never been tried seriously till now,With Suraj Astride will be fancied but has to improve a lot.

Race3:Tequilla(3)/Roman Legion(2)/Ariane(5)

Blue Bird not in tracks or pool,won on special sponsored day race,can be ignored.

Roman Legion is winner of maidens class and as such its rating should have been 30{default rating of colts}+8{4kgs penalty for one win}=38 not in my view it is running at disadvantage of 2kgs and will run easy to get back to that rating.

Tequilla is full sister to Ballibay,she too was steeply penalised for maidens victory,has struggled a lot to reduce rating,and now is at right handicap to win,can be good bet of the day..

Araine requires distance,short straight of Pune is not its liking.

Wilna travels well in slow pace race,will not be able to do well in this set,can be ignored for win.

Race4:Serenity(6)/Sun Elegance(4)/Sun Light(5)

Match race between Serenity and Sun Elegance.Both r winners of maidens class and placed in graded races.Sun Elegance attracted harsher penalty due to good third in GR1 race,running in shorter distance now and may not be able to win.Serenity has won well and has good chance to win.Sun Light  can place at longer odds.

Race5:Sea Value(1)/Illuminate(7)/Swept Away(8)

Sea Value always runs without preparation and as such as good chance to win inspite of no track and pool exercise.
Illuminate runs well at Pune track and will give tough fight to eventual winner.

Swept Away won both races of his career at this centre,will be in fighting line.

Always Smile can creep in place if any of the above falter.

Race6:Lyrical Lass(6)/Demonstrator(3)/Mischievous Trot(4)

Lyrical Lass is better placed on scales and has good chance to win from Demonstrator.Mischeivous requires more ground but can place in this set.Rose Bowl can place at longer odds.

Race7:Titleist(10)/Lunar Quest(12)/Star Of Zoltan(8)/.Legionnaire(3)

Titleist gave good forward runs in strong company and should be main contender to lift this race.Lunar Quest can pose some challenge to former.Note Star Of Zoltan for huge priced place prospect.Legionnaire is not sighted in tracks,hence there is an element of doubt over its complete fitness.

Race8:Forward Charge(1)/Up North(10)/Secret Magic(2)/Admirals Quest(6)

Forward Charge is facing lot easy opposition and can win easily.Note Up North for huge place prospect.Secret Magic will not relish short straigt of Pune.Admiral Quest is still a maiden and needs lot of improvement.

Race9:Hammerhead(3)/Sepia Tone(2)/Marine Zone(8)

Highland Bounty indeed has seen better horses but top weight will mar chances of this front runner.Hammer head is running in apt distance and if handled properly has good chance to win.Sepia Tone will place by default.Note Marine Zone for huge place prospect.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pune Opening day


Much awaited Pune season begins today.Not in same league that of Mumbai and Bangalore but still provides quality racing.Pune has been kind to small time trainers.Bringing their wards to Pune to reduce handicap is common practise among big trainers and owners.Springing surprises has been the salient feature of Pune Races.One can witness many neglected,undeserving horses winning in first 2 weeks.The reason is simple.They escape penalty under Breaching of Calender Notification regarding Improved performance.One cannot assume or guess prehand which horse will upset.Caution will be keyword.

1 .Candy Floss :Win -Looks fit and can win in this set
8 .Dancing Money :Place -Won a race in this centre,reduced handicap,will do well
6 .Ashwa Prahar :Place- Well in weight,regular in pools,can place

2 .Musical Rhythm :Win -Back to where it belonged,shud be a strong contender
3 .Flying Spirit :Place -Will need more ground,can place in this poor set
7 .Roses All The Way :Place -Maiden,regular in pools and tracks,will place
5 .Golden Orra :Upset -Maiden,regular in pools and tracks,ran good races in Mumbai,can upset

6 .C'est La Vie Win -Ran good on debut,can raise winnng gallop
9 .Showstopper Shp- Well prepared,ran well in debut
7 .Midday Lady Place- Ran unextended on debut,can do well over extended trip

2 .Highland Flame :Win -Shud easily win
5 .Generalissimo :Place -Does well at Pune ,can place at longer odds
9 .Highland Music: Place- Winner of lower class,can only place


6 .Ocean Star Win -Ran good over 5 furlongs,shaping well in tracks,shud win
2 .Emerald Valley Shp -Ran good over 5 furlongs,shaping well in tracks,Shud run close
8 .Royal Highness Place -Running over apt distance,can place


4 .Double Delite :Win- Can upset
11.Manitou Splendour :Place-Can surprise,good long shot place
7 .National Ikon :Place -Good initial speed,can place


8 .Blue Danube: Win- Last 2 runs can be ignored for fractious behaviour,shaping well in trials can win
11.El Tropico :Shp -Was in rousing form beating very good horses,can upset
5 .Arts :Place -Wrkign very well,but outer draw and top weight will be hindrance in its chances
9 .Scholar :Ignore- Winner of lower class,will run easy here
4 .Sea Star: Ignore -Not in tracks,will vie for graded races later
12.Saltoro :Ignore- Needs more ground
7 .Schnell Ignore -Will not sustain till end
3 .Pepe Junior: Ignore -Bad carrier of top weight
10.Agha :Ignore -Will not sustain till end

1 .Finfoot :Win- If fit shud win easily
3 .Sea Diamond :Shp -Drawn Favourably,shud place
2 .Little Warrior: Place -Weight and outer box will be stopper
8 .Tattenhoe :Place- Can place in this poor set
13.Bonny Light :Ignore -Needs Ground
5 .Game Of Power :Ignore -Needs Ground,not in tracks
6 .Seen It All: Ignore -Short straight of Pune is not to its liking
12.Devilitto: Ignore -Exercise jockey,will run easy
10.Kite Runner: Ignore -Needs hard riding and slow pace

Daysbest::Highland Flame(4-2)
Double:Highland Flame(4-2)-Blue Danube(7-8)
Kainchi:Musical Rhythm ,Highland Flame,Double Delite Blue Danube

Kolkotta 14th July


Following appeal to me for todays first three races of  Kolkotta races,

Race1:Star Infinity(3)-Win

Friendly entries ensured that this race does not get void and it looks like Star Infinity is the benificary,shud easily win.


Iora with run benifit can get better of Torrential who is running after 4 months and has to carry top weight.

Race3:Mystic Force(7)-Win

Mystic Force is well placed on scales vis a vis other runners and can raise winning gallop.Focus will be in 1-2.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bangalore Derby


Iam in bangalore for derby weekend and dont have access to my home pc which stores all  race files,Hence giving short selections.

Race1:Senora Speedy(5)-Win

Senora Speedy found Hillary too good,working very well and should easily win this race.Sky Marshall is not in tracks or pool after its last run,hence an element of doubt over it fitness.Spark Of Saphire will place by default.

Race2:Sun Control(1)-Win

Almost all runners except for Sun Control are in backward form and as such Sun Control should not much dificulty in picking this race.Royal Surprise and Amber Star will place.


Vahalak won well last time inspite of drifting out,well rested and well prepared and can win this race.Sky Driver is running after long lay off ,will not be easy to carry top weight in this conditions.Supremacy is not sighted in tracks or pools after its last run,hence can be ignored.Royal Legend is lethargic,lacks punch to deliver.Foswell ran good forward races in maidens group,will place here.Vernostonus merits attention on third to Arya Veer but is not sighted in tracks or pools after that and hence looks difficult.

Race4:Con Artiste(6)-Win

Magisterial runs first time after being gelded,will need this run.Con Artiste is facing lot more easy set this time and should prevail over other runners.Spark Of Saphire requires more ground but can place in this set.


Gift Of Love won in race where all runners where carrying extra 4.5kgs,has been sharply penalised for its last win,looks difficult in this set.Sky Train was seen finishing on over 7 furlongs,looks very tough in this shorter distance.Indian Bolt won very well last time and as such can place here.Batista has impressed in gate practise,can stage pillar to post victory,good long shot bet of the day.Arya Veer won impressively over weak company,may not be able to make any impression in this set.Vanquisher of Con Artiste Sky Liner is most impressive winner and if not Batista this horse should win.

Race6:Sans Pareil(4)-Win

Youre So Beautiful is running after 5 months,has benifit of mockrace,but in my view it will not be able to carry top weight in this soft underconditions.Sans Pareil is working mighty impressively,merits attention on close fourth to Sprint Star this season,can upset.Topaki has done nothing wrong but this horse drifts in under pressure and hence there is an element of doubt over its winning chances.Lock And Load ran below par in its last run,should easily place here.

Race7:Eagle Claws(10)-Win

Eagle Claws won very impressively in first run beating Siachen who went on to pick Fillies stakes,shud win this race.Desert Rule is winner of same age group,will not be able to carry top weight.Tanzanite won in weights raised race consisting of poor runners,looks difficult here.Polish Patriot won impressively last time but can it defy sharp penalty imposed on it,may only place.Love Conquers All is not of the same class and hence may not be able to make any impact.Aprilla is running after long lay off,will need this run.

Race8:Sun Kingdom(4)-Win

Sun Kingdon has done nothing wrong till date,is improving by extended distance and emerges as main contender to lift this prestigous trophy.Moon Light Romance is hiding true form,with R Hughes  to guide its fortune,may be fancied but has to beat Sun Kingdom.Immense is late entry and as such will be fully tried,but may not be able to beat fancied duo.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Live @BTC


Following are my views for todays races.Due to time constraint iam posting for first 7 races only.


6  .Methodical
Looks very fit,has good chance to win
1  .Silver Court
First run and not in track for last 20days
2  .Silver Sceptre
Not in tracks or pool,only run was very poor
3  .One Cool Cat
Needs to improve a lot,will run easy
4  .Endurance
Came back after setback,needs to improve a lot
5  .Princess Coup
Is in forward form,winner has to catch her
7  .Love Me Tender
Only pool exercise in last 40days,may be rusty
8  .Better Than Best
Will run easy


1  .Crown Vision
Looks to have improved a lot,can win
6  .Trillion Win
Is at  tidy handicap,should place
7  .Amazing Queen
Long layoff,may only place
2  .Sparkling Cat
Has very good speed,can place at longer odds
10.Fruit King
Best till date Is finishing 18ls behind winner
4  .Kings Admiral
Failed with main jky,will run easy
9  .Jewel Lady
Long layoff,not prepared well
3  .Champs Elysees
If not for jky  this horse had good chance
11.Give Me The Money
Long lay off,failed in own age group
5  .Different Opinion
Long lay off,failed in poor sets
8  .Amazing Performer
Active in pools,Can place at huge odds.


1  .Adonis
Just 1  track in last 45 days,needs more distance
2  .Elite Land
Drawn in inner box,will simply run away.
3  .One For The Money
Needs more distance,can only hope to place
4  .Fame And Glory
Exercise  jockey and –ve changes of shoes
5  .Sky Glider
Needs more ground,can place
6  .Never Say Goodbye
Long lay off and just one track,trainer known for pulling off upsets
7  .Nessie
Needs to improve a lot
8  .La Clique
Will fight it out with Elite Land


3  .Royal Prodigy
Can force a win this poor set
8  .Spark Of Galaxy
Filly may not be able to carry top weight
Can place at longer odds
2  .Black Super Star
Not in tracks or pool,except for jky nothing else
4  .Superlativo
Notorious trainer,cannot be trusted
6  .Star Of Stars
Is fit,ran good races,can place at longer odds
Best in last 15runs is 12ls behind winner
5  .Golden Dixie
S-A,has problem of hanging under pressure
Being ready for coup,keep an eye
1  .Sun Ray
Being prepared for Hyd Monsoon,ignore here


7  .Captain's Lover
Ignore its last 2 runs this season,can win here
6  .Mercutio7  
Not in tracks after last run,can place
8  .Mystere
Winner of lower class,no track after last run
5  .Appolonaire
May not sustain,no tracks
9  .Powerfuldreams
Failed in same age group in lower class,A-S
4  .Brunetta
Failed to ordinary Voice of India,looks difficult


5  .Celestial Way
Never failed to amaze,last win was very impressive,shud win this race
1  .Aboline
Vanquisher of Jacqueline,can pose challenge
11.Astral Flash
Ignore last run in short distance,can swoop over field if pace is hot.
9  .Cielo Rey
Fit as fiddle,can live upto expectations of this stable who off late are upsetting big races
7  .Aristos
Out of league,can be ignored
8  .D'artagnan
Hot pace of this race will be not its liking
6  .Tomsk
Out of league,can be ignored
2  .Sprint Star
Running in sharp distance,can be ignored


4  .Ciel Indienne
Ignore last run in tough company,can win
3  .String Along
Well in weights,will place
2  .Couleur Rouge
In form,may find this set tough,can only place
1  .Kohinoor Wish
Out of league here,not better than String Along
6  .Sun Dancing
Long Lay off,hot pace will mar its chances

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