Friday, October 31, 2008

Horses to be followed this winter season

Hi all,

As winter season of Hyderabad races is all set to begin on Sunday i,e 2nd November, i would like to post here some of the horses which can do well early.

6 Year old horses which are rated below 76 and who have not won a race in monsoon will become uneligible to run after 31st December.Hence one can expect that such horses will be in winning contention because a win will ensure a chance to run in 16 meetings of jan and feb.There are nearly 25 horses which are 6 years old and non winner in monsoon,out of which i like 10 to earn winning bracket in their first two runs provided they run in suitable distance and company.

Horsename: Suitable distance

1) Armstrong : 1400-1800mts
2) Grandact : 1200-1400mts
3) Highlands : 1400-1600mts
4) Kohinoorprince: 1200-1400mts
5) Maanush : 1200-1400mts
6) Lucrative : 1200mts
7) Royalbond : 1200mts
8) Shikra : 1200-1600mts
9) Silverbullet : 1600+
10)Unexpectedtwist: 1400mts

Other horses which can strike early are :

1)Champforeever :1200 -1600mts
2)Starcomposer : 1200-1400mts
3)Classicart : 1400-1600mts
4)Bellacool :1200-1600mts
5)Bernado :1400-1600mts
6)Boldblast :1400-1800mts
7)Cefiro :1600-1800mts
8)Glaringgodzilla :1400-1600mts
9)Khaleelspride :1400-1800mts
10)Lanchashire :1200-1600mts
11)Maximise :1600-2400mts
12)Powerplay :1200-1400mts
13)Realtor :1800-2200mts {cat3}
14)Prohibition :1400mts
15)Reconnect : 1400-1800mts
16)Darkdesire :1200-1400mts
17)Sparsh : 1200-1600mts{cat2 not cat1}
18)Spymate :1200-1400mts
19)Walkinpark :1200mts
20)Yesesyeses :1400-1600mts {Walkover when runs in cat2}

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mysore selections 27/10


Following appeals to me for todays races.

Race1:Wonder Splendour(9)/Magical Ecstasy(10)

Wondersplendour looks good in this weak set and to me looks best of the lot.Magicalecstasy will relish this step up distance and should finish in top3.

Race2:Kandiate(2)/Aaj Tak(11)

Kandiate is working very well,should be involved in final tussle.Aajtak with +ve change of shoes and strong saddle assistence is the only threat.

Race3:Son Of Fortune(11)/Anoosheek(8)

Race is restricted to this two with former holding advantage,is very good each way bet.

Race4:Kalpavruksha(3)/Faction Leader(7)

Kalpavrukhsha can do well in this shorter distance.Beauty dancer does not appeal to me over this distance.Factionleader's last run was unextended,has good chance to place here.

Race5:Glory Bound(1)/Perfect Analysis(12)

Both r equally matched and a fierce battle is expected for supremacy.Sheer Gold looks for place.

Race6:Thunder On(4)/Little Splendour(8)

Thunderon is my first pick to win this race and is worth a eachway bet.Littlesplendour is working well after its last run and is expected to do well.Not sure Whether this distance suits Mystified,may be too sharp for his comfort.

Race7:Double Elite(10)/Al Qamar(4)

Doubleelite looks very good in this set and distance,shud not have much trouble in winning.Alqamar looks good for place.Southernchieftan at best may finish second.

Race8:Read My Mind(9)/On Call(11)

Readmymind looks outstanding at this handicap and shud win with measure of comfort.Potential star at best can finish second.Oncall has very good chance to place.

Race9:Deltic Star(10)/Masurathi(3)

Delticstar should not have much trouble in winning this race.Masurathi looks good for place.

Race10:True Confidence(12)/Bliss(1)/I Wanna Fly(8)

True confidence is at tidy handicap,should do well in this set.Bliss, a fluent winner last time can again repeat as it running with +ve change of shoes.I wannafly has very good chance to place.

Daysbest:Read My Mind(8-9)

Double:Read My Mind(8-9)/Deltic Star(9-10)

Treble:Double Elite(7-10)/Read My Mind(8-9)/Deltic Star(9-10)


Mysore derby day selections

Hi all,

Following looks good to me in Mysore derby day races.

Race1: Rainman(11)/Vedapriya(10)

Rainman looks good in this set and is worth each waybet. Desire to dazzle has run along with very good horses but i feel it needs mile.Daring instinct does not impress much.Princessemily a forward runner now running with +ve change of shoes has very good chance to place in this conditions.Vedaapriya is another horse which looks good for place.Finally i wud prefer a bet on Rainman.


I expect Specialforce to do well based on previous run,+change of shoes and impressive trackwork.Placeherwell is advantegously placed in innermost box and can run away with this race,place looks certain.Ballerina girl has very good chance to cause to a upset but will have to beat specialforce and placeherwell.


Race is restricted to this two with former holding slight advantage as it has been consistent and ran along good horses.


Salsera looks best of lot and can win easily but has to beat Markofgibraltar who will relish this underfoot conditions.Royalamber has to beat them to justify the favouristism bestowed upon him.

Race5:Enchanting Girl(3)/Regal Music(12)

Enchanting girl ran impressively along with good horses,now running with +ve change of shoes,drawn in favourable box has very good chance to win.Regalmusic figures late on the board,with better jockey astride and +ve change of shoes has very good chance to place.Ansonia will lead the field closely followed by enchanting girl in straight,has good chance to finish on board in the end.

Race6:Red Mustang(3)/Bee For You(7)

Redmustang has best credentials to win this race.Beeforyou will relish this underfoot conditions and should definetely be in top3.

Race7:Fantabulous Prince (11)/Lava(7)

Fantabalousprince is in favourable handicap to win this race from Lava and secretsong.

Race8:Star Presentation(3)/Palazzio's Sun(4)
Derby wears an open look.Conventional racing wisdom says it is better to choose performers than expectors.Starpresentation,winner of Deccan derby is in excellent condition and there is no reason y itcannot win this race.Archipenko has been fancied all the time but never
delivered as per expectations,can do well.Last run of Palazzios sun was very impressive even in hands of Rookie Waynesmith, has very goodchance here.Attractress is indeed very good filly but here may not be able to make any major impact.Inspiring trust is genuine dark horse and
i would be having a place bet on it if odds r good.

Race9:Pat On The Back(11)/Flip Your Destiny(7)/Paint Me Red(9)

Badrace,but restricted to this three,former having slight advantage and looks very good each way bet.A place bet on Paintmered can fetch good returns.Millionwords does not impress and is not worthy fav.


Dhanush can do well over this distance and is better than xian.Worth A Gold looks good for place.

Daysbest:Fantabulous Prince (7-11)

Eachwaybets:Rainman(1-11),Red Mustang(6-3),Pat On The Back(9-11)
Place:Placeherwell(2-7),Regal Music(5-12),Bee For You(6-7),Inspiring trust(8-6),Paint Me Red(9-9)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Massive withdrawls

1strace: 2

2nd race: 4

4thrace: 9

5thrace: 1,2,4,5,6,9,10,11

6thrace: 10

7thrace: 1,3,4

8th race:2,6,9

9 th race: 3,5,10,12

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pune selections 25/10

**[Edited after withdrawals 12.10pm]**

Hi all,

Following appeal to me in todays races.

Race1:The Right Man(4)/Musical Rhythm(5)

Bad race to begin with.The rightman has best chance to earn his cornbill in this weak set.Musical rhythm at best can place.

Race2:Rohansglory(6)/Firewithin(3)**{Edited at 12.10pm}**

Rohansglory has good chance in this set and should win easily.Firewithin looks good for place.

Race3:Solid Rock(3)/Mubarras(6)

Solidrock has best credentials to win this distance and company.Mubaras looks very good for place.

Race4:Clarion Call(7)/Indian Summer(1)

Clarion has run along with superior horses like Kiara,Redromeo,is working very well,impressed most in Mockrace should be a force to reckon with.Indiansummer is next best and if Clarioncall fails due to long lay off factor indian summer shud emerge as winner.

Race5:River Blossom(12)/Sea Of Kisses(3)**{Edited at 12.10pm}**

All runners running for first time,very hard to guess the outcome of race as no knows which horse will be tried and which will be given educational run for upcoming Mumbai season.I like Seaofkisses and river blossom to do well based on their blood lines.

Race6:Beau Monde(9)/Call To Arms(7)

Beaumonde is in rousing form and one more win cannot be ruled out.Call to arms has best credentials to finish in place.Runningbull is very good horse but looks like this run will be an easy run to help her for upcoming mumbai season.


If yana has any threat it is only in form of Hugo.

Race8:Calling The Shots(14)/Ishtar(5)

Callingshots and ishtar are expected to finish ahead of others,place or eachway looks good.

Race9:Rave On(6)/Pacificzone(4)**{Edited at 12.10pm}**

Looks like this race is restricted to this two.

Daysbest:Beau Monde(6-9)

Double:The Right Man(4)/Beau Monde(6-9)

The Right Man(4)/Beau Monde(6-9)/Calling The Shots(8-14)


Pune selections 24/10

Hi all,

Following appeals to me in todays races.

Race1: Adjustment(9)/Borzuagain(2)

Adjustment looks best of lot and should not have much difficulty in picking up this race.Borzuagain is live threat over this extended distance and place looks safe.


Race is restricted to this two,if former takes level jump and ridden judicously has good chance to score in this weak set.Elementocode is working well and should be first 3.


Topaction can do well in this set and this distance.Blazing speed is expected to finish behind topaction.Xiamen is entrusted to his fav jockey,can do well but has to beat above said duo.

Race4:Secret Pilgrim(1)

All the way secret pilgrim,only threat comes from Tigressnoire.

Race5:Stellaraffair(9)/The braveheart(4)

Stellaraffair holds distinct advantage in this set and should emerge as winner.The braveheart in this class has very good chance,place looks certain.


This two appeals me most in this set.Gypsy queen's earlier runs were dismayal,hence only on account of one good run, it cannot be backed confidently.


Almohora will be strongly fancied as it is running in shorter distance, but that factor alone does not guarantee a winning berth, other runners will also be alert.Elbunduq appeals to me most and if Almohara has to win it has to beat it.

Race8:Black Sapphire(8)/Amberogio(1)

Ignore last run of Blacksaphire, has best credentials to win this race from Amberogio and sweptaway.

Race9:Classic Star(4)/Mister Fixit(8)

Classicstar is entrusted to stronger rider,working very well should be able to collar Misterfixit who looks certainity in place.


Firecracker hs bright chance to score in this weak set.Modesty should end up in first 3.





Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hyderabad selections 23/10

Hi all,

Following are my selections FINAL DAY of monsoon races to be held on Thursday.Out of 6 4 races for non winners,hence expect some unexpected .To be frank this is the worst card of entire season.


[Probodds: Flashflares(1)-18/10, Corpscommand(2)- 2 1/2, Madho(5)-3/1, Grandact(6)-6/1, Bonfire(7)-7/1]

Flashflares ran along with very good horses,comes off the pace,here if takes a level jump can beat them all.Corpscommand leads the field till being beaten,weight will prove to be a stopper.Madho lost to superior gables in its last outing,working very well,has best credentials to win.Grandact may fill up the third slot.

Race2: Embattled(6)/Concurwithhonor(9)

[Probodds:Vijaymarg(1)-50/100, Dreamcounsel(5)-5/1, Cannonscot(4)-5 1/2, Embattled(6)-6/1,Bossiegirl(7)-7/1]

Vijaymarg won twice but over weak company, will be fancied but will have to beat Embattled who comes into reckoning on basis of earlier good second to Bernado and can hoist winning flag today.Concurwithhonor has very good chance to place.Dreamcounsel a winner in its last outing can be live threat if it reproduces that run which is highly unlikely on this extra day.


[Probodds:Navija(1)-90/100, Hospitality(5)- 18/10, Royalassembly(6)-6/1]

Royalassembly is at tidy handicap and well at scales to score in this set.Navijas first two runs were along with very good horses in this category,subsequent runs in higher category were unextended,has very good chance to score in this weak set.Hospitality and royal assembly r expected to lead the field closely followed by Navija,Royal assembly can hold on.

Race4: Vijaylakh(2)/Greatballofchina(5)

[Probodds:Timesqaure(3)- 1 1/2, Vijaylakh(2)-4/1 Greatballofchina(5)-4/1 Parineeta(7)- 4 3/4 ]

Race is restricted to this two with former holding slight advantage due to good track work and benefit in ratings awarded by handicapper.


[Probodds:Dancingtouch(10)-2 1/2, Splendidscot(9)-4/1, Mrchief(11)- 4 3/4, Fabolouscrown(1)-5 1/2, Cogent(4)- 5 1/2, Shikra(3)-7/1

Shikra is my first pick to win either from Splendidscot or Prohibition.


[Probodds:Nandanavana(1)-90/100,Huntingboy(3)-5/1, Rest all above 6/1]

Very very bad race.Sprintchamp and bhardvaj are working well and are expected to do well.

Daysbest: Embattled(2-6)

Double: Embattled(2-6)/Vijaylakh(4-2)

Good Bets







Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hyderabad 22/10

Hi all,

Extra day of races,big trainers and owners will take back seat.Small owners and trainers will be prominent.Card looks very tricky and caution will be the key word.

Race1: Zorbonaut(2)/Aljameel(3)

[Probodds: Ninjapower(1)-9/10 Vijaysena(4)-1 3/4 Garrsionchief(5) -4/1 Zorbonaut(2)-5 1/2]

Ninjapower gave an impressive rerun to finish second in its last outing over mile,but previous runs suggest it fades out after 1200mts,hence a bet at this weight is totally avoidable.Ignore last run of Zorbanaut,earlier finished good second to Classicdancer 5 lengths ahead of Ninjapower,is working very well and has best credentials to win in this set.Aljameel is at tidy handicap,can do well over this distance,genuine dark horse on this extra day.Vijaysena always works well and fails to live upto expectations in race,is atleast 1.5 lengths behind Zorbanaut if we compare their runs on 1st oct.Garrison chief is running after long off,can be safely ignored.Shivaji was made to run in wrong distance,but overall performance is so poor that we have no choice but to ignore it.

Race2: Rajveer(4)-win

[Probodds:Arrowoflight(1)-evens Rajveer(4)-3/1 Vinaleo(5) - 3/1 Buddybrothes(6)- 4 1/2]

Interesting race,4 out of 6 are very well poised to score.Rajveer,vinaleo,Buddybrothers are all genuine sprinters.Buddybrothers is the best of lot but running within short time and disadvantegously drawn in outer box.Iam opting for Rajveer which has been well rested,working well,favourably drawn in inner box,will lead the field along with Vinaleo followed by buddy brothers and arrow of light.Vinaleo,in my view will be prominent till last 100mts before giving up to Rajveer.Arrowoflight will find very hard to make an impact here.Rajveer has best chance to score an encore.

Race3: Worldwide(7)/Goldensabot(5)

[Probodds:Shesgothtelooks(2)- 1 3/4 Cherokeefighter(8)-4/1 Toledo(4)-5/1 Goldensabot(5)-6/1]

Worldwide has won last time beating a field of winners,is all set to repeat in this weak set.Goldensabot is lot better than what it is showing in its runs,is like a blank cheque which can be encashed anytine by their connections,i expect it to do well here and if worldwide fades out it will grab the initiative and win.Cherokee fighter is coming from lower class and hardly impress in this set.Shesgot the look can be safely ignored as it has failed to show any improvement.Cannontreasure does well in his age group and at this weight cannot do much if it wants to.Spectacular hero will lead the field before retiring.Montush is working well, entrusted to good jockey but has no credible form to go by.

Race4: Oneinall(2)/Exclusivemonarch(3)

[Probbodds:Oneinall(2)-14/10 Winningrays(9)-4/1 Habituated(5)-4/1 Exclusive monarch(3)-5/1]

Race exclusively for horses which have run this season and not won. Oneinall has shown lot of potential as youngster,was seen moving up very well in its last outing has very good chance to win,however he will have to collar Exclusive monarch who if fit can make them all run.Lack of trackwork after its last run,long lay off are -ve points against this horse which has run well in longer distances.Winning rays may be fancied but entrusted to jockey who is still to register a win in this season,looks very difficult.


[Probodds:Milliondeal(5)-2 1/2,Cygnet(2)- 3/1 Hariharpriya(1)-5/1]

Race is restricted to this two. Cygnet won very impressively inspite of being slowly off,has very good chance to repeat.Hariharpriya now running with Blks"off" in this sprint race is threat to one and all.Prettyfit,,changeofloyalty milliondeal have won in lower category whereas Cygnet is a winner in same category and hariharpriya is coming fronm higher class.

Race6: Royalguard(2)/Darkdesire(7)

[Probodds:Topact(4)-2 1/2 Royalguard(2)- 3 1/2 Drumdance(8)-4 3/4 Superbrand(5)- 4 3/4]

Race exclusively for horses which have run this season and not won.Royalgaurd is my first choice as it has run along with very good horses,but long lay off is the only -ve point,tracking very well,if on job should reduce this race to mere formality.Darkdesire is knocking the door for some time and is next best.Drumdance showed some form initially,but last few runs were dismayal,has to beat the above said duo.


[probodds:Justbecool(1)- 2 1/4, Lucrative(8)-4/1 Kohinoorstar(2)-4/1 Sahebzadi(5)- 5/1]

Badrace.Lucrative has good chance to score in this poor bunch.


Double: Rajveer(2-4)/Royalguard(6-2)

Treble: Rajveer(2-4)/Worldwide(3-7)/Royalguard(6-2)

My jp:5,7/2/2,5/2,7/2,8=16 tickets


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hyderabad 20/10

Hi all,

Small card with small field and delayed declaration of acceptance all point towards one single thing that there was paucity of acceptances due to presence of strong contenders and there was strong possibility of races becoming null and void,some last minute efforts by authorities might have saved this race day from being cancelled.Todays card is for people who love to bet on hot favs,personally iam going to skip this races completely or may bet very little.

Race1: Globlalpresence(2)-shp/place

[Probodds: Dorabella(4)-80/100,Globlalpresence(2)-2 1/2,Commandermoil(3)-4/1]

Dorabella ran unextended in fillies stakes,earlier earned a laboured win over Bourbonking which has not done anything worthy later on inspite of strong support.Dorabella will run at cramped odds,is indeed a classy type filly but will have to be alert as Globlal presence is in very rousing form and will surely set a very hotpace.Chiefdemission,Cefiro and commandermoil all r late finishers and hence i expect globlal presence to be involved in final tussle with dorabella,can win also if dorabella fails to collar it,place or shp looks very good.



Darkstranger and realtor cannot carry this weight,thats for sure.Strategicpartner who started monsoon campaign on very strong note,subsequently failed to live up to the expectations,is unknown commodity over this distance.Meticulous will lead the fail and will not the last this distance.Canopus even though coming from lower class, won very impressively and should repeat.



Boldblast will be fancied on basis of his win over coral gables,but lets not forget his bloodlines suggest that he is best suited for mile and not for 2400mts.Blastinclass and shakinstevens have raced in very ordinary bunch and can safely be ignored here.Maximise is looking very good and should hardly have any trouble in winning.


[Probodds:Fearlessflame(4)-13/10,Titleshot(1)- 3 1/2,Benazir(4)-5/1,Torestrella(6)-6/1]

Badrace.Benazir has won very well in lower category,can win again in this higher set.Title shot is running in lower category,but does not guarantee a win,will definetely try his best and should save place money.Olympiccrown is one paced horse,has shown some form in the early part of season,may try to do well on the last day of season,i have no faith in its winning ability.Fearlessflame will lead the fail and should definetely be in final 3.


[Probodds:Greenvision(5)-11/10,Alukhas(1)- 18/10,Bakersfield(2)- 4 3/4]

Greenvision should have no difficulty in winning again in this very poor set.Alukhas won by 8 lengths in its last outing but no chance here.Bakersfield has won impressively in its last outing which also included greenvision,but greenvision has regained form after that race.Chamatkar has very good chance to place in this set.


[Probodds:Cannonvision(2)-80/100,Elbrus(3)-2/1,Rest all above 6/1]

Cannonvision is my first pick to win from Azzax and Napavalley

Daysbest: Cannonvision(6-2)

Double: Greenvision(5-5)/Cannonvision(6-2)

Treble: Canopus(2-5)/Greenvision(5-5)/Cannonvision(6-2)

Have a nice day,Good luck

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hyderabad 19/10

Hi all,

Card looks good.Ldsilva is expected to score a double.


[Probodds: Adorna(5)-evens,Youngstar(3)-2/1,Toledo(2)-4/1]

Adorna has beaten very good opposition on derby day,can definetely do well again in this set.Toledo has tendency of shifting out under pressure.Youngstar and Armstrong will not be able to last this distance.Vanenberg has earlier beaten Adorna, is habitual slowstarter cannot be trusted.Siralmas is always seen finishing on.

Race2: Bernado(1)/Icecandy(4)


Bernado is in rousing form,lightly penalised for his win,should win again easily.Dashofclass inspite of -ve change of shoes has oodles of class,will definetely be in first 3.Icecandy is coming up very well,tracking extremely well,in all probability finished second to bernado.Olympickingdom has beaten some pretty ordinary horses,does not impress me much.Toofan express is running after longlay off,made to run in this adverse distance to make this horse regain zest,preparing for winter season.


[Probodds:Greenhaven(2)-8/10,Baywatchbabe(1)-2 1/2,Huntingboy(5)-6/1]

Baywatchbabe, a forward runner has very good chance to win here.Greenhaven has bad gate manners,earlier finished third over weak company.Indrashanush,inspite of strong saddle assistence in its last run finished in rucks,something is wrong with it.Hunting boy is running in right company and place looks certain.Dandiya has run along with very good races,will be strongly fancied,returned lame in its first run,suffered from colic last week,cannot be backed confidently.

Race4: Champforever(3)/Classicart(1)


Classicart won impressively in its last outing inspite of rough passage,in present form another win cannot be ruled out.Flyingrudolph is partnered with Suraj who is back in Prasad raju camp,will try his best,but i feel is best suited for 1200-1400.Champforever lost only to Superior Auxillary,has very good chance to win but has to thwart challenge of classicart.Missionchief will set up hotpace along with Lenavi and retire.Lanchashire is ignored because of -ve change of shoes.Yesesyeses is generously brought down in ratings,working extremely well,something is brewing in it,keep an eye,if is in odds like say between 4 to 8 should NOT be ignored.

Race5: Cleverploy(1)/Royalbond(7)

[Probodds:Cleverploy(1)-12/10,Manduro(5)-2 1/2,Seeyouthere(2)-3 1/2]

Cleverploy is cut above the rest and should easily win.Royalbond a forward runner, is well poised to finish in first three.Classicone was seen moving up very well in its last outing,at best can place.

Race6: Orochi(2)/Arabianknight(1)


Lady escort and Goldenshadow can be ignored due to obivous reasons which leaves us with 5 runners out of which 3 belong to MAM and other two are Arabianknight,orochi.Arabian knight has already beaten both Classicsky and sweepingsuccess both at bangalore and hyderabad,so reversable of form does not look possible.Arabianknight won very impressively last time,but no two runs were same of this filly,which leaves us only with Orochi who earlier has beaten arabian knight,working very well and should be involved in final tussle .



Orange county, a demotee is live force over this shorter distance,looks very good and should be in 1-2.Indianbraveheart is working well and can do well.Out of 5 horses of N Rao none impress.

Daysbest: Bernado(2-1)

Treble: Adorna(1-5)/Bernado(2-1)/Cleverploy(5-1)

Kainchi: Baywatchbabe(3-1)/Orochi(6-2)/Orangecounty(7-2)

Good luck

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pune selections 18/10

Hi all,

Race1: Latestnews(8)/Chopsani

Firecracker is obivously better than rest,but running in sprint race with top weight is big disadvantage.Latestnews is running in poor company,can hoist winning flag.Chopsani is genuine dark horse and if latest news weakens will be right there at WP.Jodi of firecracker and mypethoney looks -ve.

Race2:Nuncio(6)/Expensive Affair(1)

Nuncio won very well last time, drawn in innermost box should be the prime contender along with expensive affair.Tapis will be market fancy due to jockey factor but no track work or swimming record after last run.


Aristocratical is running in very poor set but Forestnative from same stables looks better than it and going by the record of narenderlagad....there is every possibility of longer shot being prefered over fav.


Race is restricted to jodi, i prefer former.Bourbonqueen will be strongly fancied as it has run with superior horses,will have to beat statjford.


Redromeo has beaten the likes of kiara,starpresentation,it is not wise to assume that it will loose in this poor poor bunch,will be at cramped odds,hence unplayable.I would prefer generalissimo to follow redromeo and will fetch good returns.

Race6:Rising Princess(9)/Red Dawn(1)

Rising princess has slight advantage over reddawn.


Nitrous is ignored for two reason,one is top weight and second is jockey.Nitrous will in all probability lead the field till being overtaken by flashingflame who is carrying feather weight and can do well over this distance.



Treble:Nuncio(3-6)/Statjford(4-8)/Rising Princess(6-9)

Good luck

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mysore selections 17/10

Hi all,

Race1: Applique(1)-win Winning Attitude(8)-Place

Applique is well bred,half sister to Jerseypower,working extremely well along with superior horses,shud complete the formality of winning in this weak set.Prettyyashyashvini is running with -ve change of shoes,hence ignored.Winning attitude has +ve change of shoes,impressive in mockrace,should easily place.

Race2:Little Premium(6)-win Strong Contender(10)-place

Badrace,best left alone.Littlepremuim had good forward run last time,can do well this time.Strongcontender now running with +ve change of shoes looks very good for place.

Race3:Event Horizon(2) Scintillatingstyle(10)-place

Newoptions with B prakash astride is working very well,running with +ve change of equipments,can win,may one can predict confidently as it has not done anything impressive in past.Eventhorizon inspite of -ve change of shoes looks very very good and should win,my money will be on it.Breedapart is tracking well,but best can finish on board.Scintillatingstyle has good credentials to place.

Race4:Worth A Gold(11)-win

Mystic Star would have been first choice,but presence of MAM's fav in form of Southern Chieftan hinders the chances of Puttanas wards.Ignore last run of Worth a gold,can do very well.


Lionheart is toprated in this terms race,is a wonderful horse,will be a strong force even over this distance.Splendidsurprise always ran along with superior horse and is the only threat to lionheart.

Race6: Swift Sword(6)-win Indrajit(8)-place

Silkenlines has beaten very poor set in its last two outings,does not appeal in this set at this weight.Eona won with A shoes,here running with S shoes,has no chance.Swiftsword,a forward runner can run away with this race at this weight,will be a good bet.Something is brewing in Indrajit,place looks good.

Race7: Zindabad(4)-win Ametrine(11)-place

Only -ve for zindabad is outermost draw,but still appeals to me most in this set.Bulbasar is running in lower set with TS on but after long lay off.Amertine looks good with strong saddle assistence and should end up in first three.

Race8: Major Asset(9)-win

Royalhost will again find this weight a stopper.Missmarvellous ran good race last and should do well,should be in first three.Outermost draw will again prove to be vital disadvantage for running man.Shes diamond is working well after his last win,but choice of jockey is -ve.Major assest won impressively last time giving re run,is all set to score again even in this higher category.


Double: Lionheart(5-2)/Zindabad(7-4)

Kainchi: Eventhorizon(3-2)/Lionheart(5-2)/Swiftsword(6-6)/Zindabad(7-4)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mysore selections 16/10

Hi all,

Following appeals to me for mysore races to be held on thursday.

Race1: Queenofspeed(9)-E/w Recordtime(7)-place

Queenofspeed is better placed at handicap and loooks a good eachway bet.

Race2: Aritos(6)/Royalbank(2) -jodi Fitforfray(4)-place

Aritos is working extremely well,Royalbank won impressively in its last outing,race is restricted to this two.Fitforfray can do well over this extra 200mts and place looks sure.

Race3: Turbobabe(6)-win Midsummerstar(4),Cruisecontrol(12)-place

Turbobabe is well poised to score in this set.Bottomweighted Cruisecontrol and front runner midsummerstar can place.

Race4: Kalpavruska(8)-win Amatol(6)-place

Failed as fav,now running with +ve change of shoes,Kalpavruska should not have much difficulty in handling the duo of Promotees Humbleguy and Always for u.Amatol appeals for place.

Race5: Matterofopinion(11)-E/W Piedpiper(5)

Milford will be strong market fancy but can face challenge from unexpected quarters in form of matter of opinion who if jockey can handle properly should be able to beat milford.

Race6:.Panchakshari(5)-E/W Alinski(10)-place

Panchakshari has run along good horses in Bangalore,a forward runner appeals to me as good eachway bet.Fearlessflame is blazing track,can do well. Alinski has very good chance to place.

Race7: Victoryverse(1)-win Suryarath(5)-place

Victoryverse ran good races last season,can do well,only threat comes from Madamrich.Suryarath SHOULD place.

Race8: Zangi(9)-win Berkeleysquare(3)-place

Badrace.Zangi holds slight advantage over others.


Double: Turbobabe(3-6)/Kalpavruska(4-8)

Treble: Aritos(2-6)/Turbobabe(3-6)/Kalpavruska(4-8)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hyderabad selections 13/10

Hi all,

As the season is heading towards end,many surprises can spring up.Small trainers can have field day,i expect Narayan rao to boot atleast two winners.

Race1: Silverbullet(1)-win Vijayam(4)-place

[Probodds:Silverbullet(1)-11/10, Darkstranger(3)-13/10,Vijayam(4)-6/1,Realtor(5)-6/1]

Ignore Silverbullets last run where the jockey could not maintain straight course,with strong saddle assistence this time has good chance to win.Darkstranger is in rousing form and by default will be in contention in final finish.Vijayam is genuine darkhorse,place looks very good.

Race2: Vijaydhanush(1)-win Isntshesomething(5)-place

[Probodds: Vijaydhanush(1)-6/10 ,Nandanavana(2)-4 1/2, Valerie(6)-4 1/2, Retromagic(3)-5/1]

Vijaydhanush met one better in its last three outings,now runs in very weak company and has the best chance to win.Shivaji and isntshesomething are for minor placings.

Race3: Cannonhunt(3)-win Oceancity(9)-place

[Probodds: Cannonhunt(3)-14/10,Avongorge(2)- 3 1/2,Lucrative(6)-5/1]

Cannon hunt is working well and in hands of strong jockey should easily win this race.Avongorge does not appeal as it has failed to deliver as per expectations,is forward runner and topweight will go against it.Oceancity,another forward runner will lead the field and may find himself in final three.

Race4: Ivorysnow(1)-win Sugargold(10)-E/W

[Probodds: Ivorysnow(1)-19/10,Stormcommand(6)-19/10,Kohonooreye(3)-4/1 Classicdancer(2)-5/1,Southernspice(5)-6/1]

Even at this weight Ivorysnow is better than rest,only threat comes from Sugargold who if allowed to run will walk away with this race.But the intentions may be lacking as stables have declared main jockey on Kohinoor,is it eyewash? Southernspice with +ve change of shoes can do well but has to beat ivorysnow.

Race5:Kingsize(11)-win Dashonregardless(3)-SHP/place

[Probodds: Kingsize(11)-6/10,Adelaide(2)-3/1,Dashonregardless(3)-6 Rudolphvalentino(1)-6/1, Darkdesire(8)-7/1, Essence(9)-7/1]

Kingsize has run with likes of colorful,bellacool.Ignore its last run where it was slowly off,impressed in gate practise and tracks,running with Blks"on" should win this race.Only threat comes from Dashonregardless who will definetely finish in FIRST TWO.Adelaide does well in 5 years group.Darkdesire was badly handled last time,even if fully extended may not be able to make an impact on duo of kingsize and dashonregardless.

Race6: Changeofloyalty(10)/Alawal(4) Classicone(11)-place

[Probodds: Alawal(4)-18/10, Fusionmusic(6)-2/1, Ravileena(3)-2 1/2]

Change of loyalty is at tidy handicap after his win in lower category,can tackle this weak set also,only threat comes from Alawal.Race is restricted to this two.Classicone is hiding true form and at fag end of season can spring a surprise,i would personally have a place bet on it.

Race7: Classicart(1) -win Chiefdemission(12)-place

[Probodds: Crocodilehunter(4)-evens, Classicart(1)-3 1/2, Flybywire(7)-4/1,Doingmybest(6)-6/1]

Crocodile hunter will be strong market fancy, is running after 2 months,last run was dismayal,looks difficult in this set.Flybywire has done nothing wrong so far,but this race will be different as there r genuine sprinters in this race which will set a hot pace and flybywire warms up late.Classicart won impressively and in its last run was moving fastest in final furlong,i expect this horse to win easily in able hands of Suraj.Bottomweight Chiefdemission will keep everyone aloof and at this weight place looks very good even though choice of jockey deters a bit.

Race8: Turningpoint(6) -win Goingplaces(5)-place

[probodds: Cabochan(3)- 2 1/2, Turningpoint(6)-5/1,Greatballofchina(7)-5/1,

Cobochon running with +ve change of shoes,but not seen in track for last two weeks.Turning point should finally win.Jayjay will lead the field till being overtaken by Turningpoint and slowstarter Greatballofchina.Goingplace looks good for place.

Daysbest: Classicart(7-1)

Treble: Vijaydhanush(2-1)/Cannonhunt(3-3)/Kingsize(5-11)

Kainchi: Ivorysnow(4-1)/Changeof loyalty(6-10)/Classicart(7-1)/Turningpoint(8-6)


Pune derby

Hi all,

Following look good to me for Pune derby.

Race1: Almohara(6)/sentinel(1)

Ignore Almohara's last run,when compared to other runners has recorded very good timing while placing second to vantage,at this handicap can run away.Sentinel has nice lung opener in its last outing,will be concerned in final finish along with Almohara.Yankee lane was beaten by Incredible beauty which has done nothing impressive subsequently.Blackpatridge is genuine dark horse and can upset all calculations if takes level jump from gates.

Race2: Moonstorm(7)/Starattraction(10)

Moonstorm ran a good fourth to superior Exuberence, has very good chance to win in this race but has to thwart the attempts of starattraction who i feel will be right there and breath fire on neck of moonstorm.Mypethoney looks good for place.

Race3:Ohso romatic(8)/Swahili(4)/Splendidmonarch(9)

Swahili is running after a long lay off of 6 months,is tracking extremely well and if it can reproduce that in race it has good chance to win, but will have to beat ohsoromantic who i feel is best suited in all combinations to win.Splendidmonarchy is impressive in track and cause a major upset.Resilence is running with +ve change of shoes but no track after last run,hence ignored.

Race4:Warcraft(8)/Artisticliason(2) Tyumen(4)-upset

Warcraft stands tall in this set on basis of his impressive and outstanding trackwork,should win with measure of comfort from Artisticliason and Veeravang.Tyumen ran along with superior horses but not given any track work after its last run(sept14=28days),whether it is deliberate attempt for a coup or the horse is not fit is a million dollar question.


This race is in safe keeping of Faisalabbas.Lagomedio has clear advantage over other runners and faces only threat from stablemate escavoros.Rejuvanite at best can finish second.


Even though short in class ,Phenomanale appeals most in this set of 5 equally placed runners and
should salvage the lost reputation of C Rajendra and P s shroff for loss of KIARA.Dancingdynamite has name suggest is dynamite and winner should beat him.


Wahy on basis of his impressive win in its last outing will start as favourite,has clocked very impressive timing,but i generally dont prefer horses which run in higher category at higher weights than the previous winner weight.Staradventure is the next best horse in this set and should win with measure of comfort.Ignore last run of Mishievoustrot has very good chance in this set,only worry is lack of track work.Gatravat can finish on board.


Ignore belligerent last run where it ran easy,working very well and can do well over this distance.Exoticstar failed miserably as favourite but here can do well,dont ignore.Brad failed to response in its last two outing,may do well over this extra 200mts,but cannot be said confidently.




CDQT:above three with lagomedio(5-1)

PlaceCDQT: Splendidmonarchy(3-9)/Gatravat(7-7)/Belligerent(8-5)

Have a nice and wonderfulday.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hyderabad 11/10

Hi all,

Todays card looks very tricky and some nice longer odds winner can be spotted.


[Probodds: Hypnotiq(3)-40/100,Commandermoil(4)-2 1/4,Adamantapproach(1)-5/1]

Adamant approch: Its last run can be ignored,earlier won impressively but i feel weight and distance will go against this horse.
Hypnotiq: Very lightly penalised for his win in its last outing,has very good chance to win again.
Commandermoil: Needs more than mile,this distance is bit sharp.
Shesgotthelook: At this weight looks good for place.

Race2: Centralcommand(2)-win

[Probodds:Centralcommand(2)-80/100,Pharlap(3)-3 1/2,Accordion(1)-4/1]

Accordion: Winner and subsequent runs were easy in weak company,hence ignored.
Centralcommand: Impressive winner, has nothing to beat in this set,should complete the formality.
Pharlap: A forward runner, will win if central command fails to accelerate in final stages and collar it.

Race3: Portfolio(2)/Amazingconquest(8)
[Probodds: Luckydamsel(1)-2/1,Portfolio(2)-3/1,Fearlessflame(3)-3/1,Amazingconquest(8)-5/1]

Luckydamsel: Winner in last outing,but distance is sharp for his comfort.
Portfolio: A forward runner,now with +ve change of shoes has very good chance to register a win.
Fearlessflame:Yet another forward runner,but drawn disadvantageously in outer box.
Bundleofroses: Very good chance to place in this set as it is advantageously placed in innermost box,will try to run away with this race at this weight.
Amazingconquest: Winner in its last outing,can repeat again if takes level jump.

Race4: Cannonscot(3)/Birdie(9)

[Probodds:Fabolouscrown(1)- 13/10,Musicexpress(12)-2/1,Birdie(9)-5/1,Drumdance(8)-6/1]

Very tricky race.Cannonscot has ran forward along with good horses,running with +ve change o f shoes can easily win this race.Birdie is at tidy handicap and is live threat,race is restricted to above two.One in all is very good horse but needs distance.Concur with honour will initially lead the field before retiring.



This race is all set for an upset as Ladyinstyle does not impress.Manythanks will also be fancied but really dont like its chances of winning.There r many sleepers in this race.Montush was withdrawn last time, has very good chance to win in this set and distance.Hospitality can win whenever the connections decide.


[Probodds:Milliondeal(4)-80/100,Kohinoorstar(2)-3 1/2,Timesquare(3)-6/1]

Timesquare a demotee is working well and can force a win here .Milliondeal with strong saddle assistence is next best.Smartchoice has been on hold for too long and can create a flutter.Millenuimqueen won very impressively but subsequent runs very poor hence ignored.

Daysbest: Cannonscot(4-3)
Double: Portfolio(3-2)/Cannonscot(4-3)
Places: Bundleofroses(3-5)/Birdie(4-9)/Hospitality(5-10)
Have a nice and wonderful day

Mysore 10/10

Hi all,

Iam trying to reason todays tricky card.Following look good to me .

Race1:Diamondshower(2)/Destinywish(7) Musicalsignature(9)-place

Diamondshower ran on to finish fourth in its only run in this season,Bangalore circuit horse has very good chance in this weak set..Southernmagic was withdrawn last time as it was found to be lame,hence it will be wise to watch him run today.Executive spirit is forward runner and can win if others fail to collar it.Destiny wish won authoratively in summer season and now running with +ve change of shoes,working well, has very good chance to win again if long lay off factor is ignored.

Race2:Sunlaa(11)/Dareudo(12) Kar o bar(7)-place

Articprincess,a forward runner pulled up lame in its last run and no track after that run indicates everything is not fine with it,hence cannot be backed confidently.Kar o bar lost as a favourite,can be a live force in this shorter distance.Sunlaa has best credentials to win in this set.Dare u do is working well and will go on start to finish mission.

Race3:Go go boy(5)/Janasheen(1)/Splendidglory(10)

Gogoboy should not have much trouble in winning this race from janasheen and splendidglory.


Badrace.Millfontaine has better credentials than reflected glory but stables may prefer latter hence spoiling the chance of former.I prefer Saptawasha in this bunch to win from Cassandra.

Race5:Exeptional(3)/Trueconfidence(8) Wordtoword(5)-place

Fit for fray lost a certain race in its last outing in which it drifted out and lost all chances yet finished close second,can do well in this distance but has to beat Exceptional and Trueconfidence.Royalhost does not impress.

Race6: Seasonsgreeting(5)/Satinwood(3)

Seasonsgreeting has given a nice forward run in its last outing and can force a win here over Satinwood who is running in this lower set with bright chance.

Race7:Fanaa(7)/Perfectpromise(1) Smartn special(10)-place

Fanaa was well beaten last time,now running with +ve change of shoes and strong saddle assistence has very good chance to win but has to beat perfect promise who even at this weight is threat to one and all.Zooming and smartnspecial look good for place.


Cartouche has better credentials to win this race from in form choclate brownie.Glint revelation looks very good for place.

Race9:Silkenlines(1)/Doubleemerge(7) Rule the fashion(8)-place.

Double emerge has better credentials to win but the intentions may be lacking as MAM's Silkenlines will be fancied.Rule the fashion has very good chance to cause a upset and is very good each way bet.


Doube: Gogoboy(3-5)/Fanaa(7-7)

Treble: Gogoboy(3-5)/Fanaa(7-7)/Cartouche(8-7)

Have a nice and wonderful day.

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