Monday, June 23, 2008


Hi,Iam Vinod vyas based at hyderabad.I have been in racing for last 12 years.I have been exclusively following Hyderabad races for last decade.
I would like to mention here that Some very good tipsters are doing a great service to punters by regularly tipping in their blogs.I Consider Shyambhai,Tiger,Swamy,Abel d raj,Rahool and all other Tipsters as ELITES OF INDIANRACING.They put in so much of hardwork.Shyambhai's consistency in picking up long shot place prospects amazes me.Tiger has a knack of picking up longshots and iam in complete awe of him.Swamybabu's rating and selections r wonderful.Abel d Raj's rating indicates the true standing vis-a-vis.Rahool(Madhu) tips confidently.Rajgopal nair's DFR is like a readymade tool to judge the flow of money,trend.This guys collectively have made horseracing a interesting sport rather than just a gambling spree.But most of the above one dont tip for hyderabad races regularly.

Unfortunately,Hyderabad races does not fall in same league as that of Mumbai and Bangalore.My aim here is to give selections only for hyderabad races.I stand no where near the above gentlemen.I have learnt or say rather observed the basics of hyderabad races very keenly and feel that i have some understanding of races held here.Lets hope that i deliver to the expectations of people who have visited this site.Thanks

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