Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hyderabad 01/10

Hi all,
Following are my views for races to be held on Wednesday.

Race1: Goldenshadow(2)-win
Darkdesire,Smartempire,Powerranger cannot sustain over this distance.Silverbullet is ignored because Stables is going with main jockey on Goldenshadow.Hence Golden shadow is by default only contender for win,should complete the formality easily.

Race2: Dandiya(7)/Huntingboy(2)
Dandiya ran good forward races over long distances to superior horses like carteblanche and central command,will be live threat over this shorter distance,can enforce a win.Hunting boy with strong saddle assistence can be involved in final tussle.Supersense was twice slowly off and if takes level jump will be involved in final fight.Vijaysena is tracking well but has not done anything worthy to merit favouritism.Smartyprince is dark horse and can upset all calculations if the intentions are so.


Auxillary won like a champion at top weight in its last outing,will start as favourite.Doing my best is in rousing form and can reverse tables on Auxillary over this extra 200mts.Rubyqueen will find this distance bit sharp,where as lenavi will find this company too tough to handle.

Firebender was hooked up in its last run,is enquiry case and has troublesome gatemanners,cannot be backed confidently on that sole run.Zorbonaut is improving with every run and can force a win here if jockey rides it properly.Nandanvana at best may finish third.

Starcrush has good advantage over this distance and can win this race.Proudaccolade is working well and can be in strong contention.Rudolphvalentino will be fancied but looks difficult.Chiefdemission and embattled ran on sunday and this run is very early for their comfort.Johngalt will be fancied,can do well.Cannon scot is genuine darkhorse but can be ignored due to jockey.

Greenvision should have no difficulty in winning this race from easytouch and costamesa.

Vijaymarg should win this race easily from Adelaide and Goodspeed.

Badrace.Smartchoice is entrusted to main jockey will be in prime contention but has to beat Benazir and Turning point.

Race9:Kohinoorfairytale(8)/Sikander e alam(9)
Bad race,but it is restricted to above two.

Double: With Greenvision(6-8)
Treble: Vijaymarg/Greenvision/Smartchoice(8-10)
Winroll: Goldenshadow(1-2)/Auxillary(3-2)
Place roll:Smartyprince/Starcrush/Adelaide/turningpoint
Have a nice and wonderful day.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hyderabad 28/09/08

Hi all,

Following r my views for races to be held on Sunday.


[probodds: Dashofclass(1)-13/10,Ninjapower(4)-2/1,Ultravioletrays(2)-3/1]

Ignore last two runs of dashofclass,is working very well,has +ve change of shoes and jockey and has enough class to easily win in this set.

Race2: Yes es yes es(3)-win/shp

[Probodds: Blastinclass(1)-14/10, Shakinstevens(2)-2 1/2,Boldblast(4)-4/1]

Late entry,+ve change of shoes and jockey,and having the advantage of juicy reduction in ratings,Yes es Yes es is all set for a gamble, i believe.Should finish in 1-2.


[Probodds:Soundofnature(1)-Evens,Cometogether(2)-2 1/2,Redfairy(3)-3 1/4]

Dash for cash race,but sound of nature holds distinct advantage over others and should win from Splendidscot and Cometogether.


[Probodds:Flybywire(1)-80/100,Bellaccool(6)-2 1/2,Globalpresence(2)- 2 3/4]

Straight fight between Topweighted Flybywire and bellacool,with latter having handicap advantage and may win.Global presence will finish behind this two.

Race5: Vijayam(5)/Pillantronics(7)
[Probodds: Bernado(3)- evens,Cheifdemission(1)-2 1/2,Vijayam(5)-5/1,Pillantronics(7)-6/1]

Openrace.Bernado on basis of its impressive second behind Powerplay will be fancied but has to beat Vijayam who is running right distance and in pinkcondition.Pillantronics is blazing tracks and will be involved in final tussle.

Race6: Montush(7)/Vijaylakh(10)
[Probodds: Ladyinstyle(3)-2 1/2,Concurwithhonor(1)-3/1,Montush(7)-4/1,Trackrule(5)-6/1]

Montush is working well,entrusted to good jockey and running in optimum distance,can pull it off from much improved Vijaylakh.

Race7: Beequick(2)

Beequick has better credentials than Aura and can win this race.

Race8: Gables(1)-win
[Probodds:Gables(1)-1 3/4,Shesgotthelook(2)-4/1,Penumatcha(5)-4/1,Starkid(10)-5/1,Madho(11)-6/1]

Gables has only one threat in form of Manythanks in this set,should easily hoist winning flag.

Daysbest: Dashofclass(1-1)

Winroll: Dashofclass(1-1)/Soundofnature(3-1)/Gables(8-1)

Upset: Yes es yes es(2-3)

Jp : 1/1,6/3,5,7/2,7,10/1= 18 tickets.

Have a nice and wonderful day.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hyderabad 22/09 Probable odds

Hi all,
Due to work related commitments iam unable to devout enough time, hence iam taking a 2 week off.However i will continue to post Probable odds.Following look good to me for tomorrow.

(1-9) Pharlap
(2-2) Sparsh


Encounter(3)-4 1/2




Cogent(1)- 18/10
Concurwithhonor(3)- 4 1/2

Rest all above 5/1



Have a nice and wonderful day

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hyderabad selections 17th september

Hi all,
Card looks very tough.Picking clear winner is very tough.Feature event of the day wears an openlook and local contender Maximise can prevail and upset all calculations.Alekhona has better credentials than other outstation runners.

Race1: Spymate(4)/Glaringgoszilla(1) Upset: Birdie(7)
[Probodds: Spymate(4)-1.25,Buddybrothers(2)-1.5,Glaringgodzilla(1)-5/1]

Very tough where all horses have performed well and are capable of extending each other.Glaringgodzilla won very impressively,but it needs mile,there are very good sprinters in this race which will not suit the running of glaring godzilla.Buddybrothers won very well over weak company subsequently lost to spymate,will try to run away with race.Indian archer even though running for first time cannot be ignored as Prasad raju is famous for surprises.Spymate won very impressively has very good chance to repeat.Birdie is at feather weight and whoever catches her is the winner.

Race2: Drumdance(3)/Iceman(7) Upset: Regentspark(2)
Drumdance on basis of impressive second twice over 1400mts where it was seen finishing on well is first pick to win in this extended trip.Iceman has +ve change of shoes and ridden by Top jockey will run close to drumdancer.Silverrose surprisingly is not seen in the track for last 2 weeks,hence ignored.Rubenstein will go on a start to finish mission and if it can sustain itself has good chance.Something is brewing in Regents park whose last two runs were unextended,now running with T.S "ON" can cause major upset.Cannonscot is ignored due to jockey merit.

Race3: Goldensabot(7)/Goldenflame(6) Upset: Adorna(9)

Spectacular hero will not be able to carry this weight over this distance.Toledo has tendency of drifting under pressure,very unreliable.Goldenflame if ridden properly has very good chance over this distance.Ignore last run of Goldensabot ,where it finished uninterested fourth thru the rails,can easily win here .Vanenberg is habitual slowstart ,hence cannot be trusted eventhough it can travel this distance.Bottomweight Adorna is dark horse and run away with this race if other fail to collar her.

Race4: Flyingrudolph(3)/Champforever(9) Upset Lenavi(6)
Champforever,no doubt is very good horse,but here running in shorter distance with classy sprinters will make her task very difficult.Flying rudolph has done nothing wrong so far,is well set to win from Champforever and Doingmybest.Lenavi may cause a upset here.Auxillary looks difficult in this shorter distance.

Race5: Alekhona(1)/Maximise(4) Upset: Diabolical(2)
Alekhona won very impressively in its last outing in Bangalore beating Friendlyfire,Azureus,Angelique,is working well,can win.Diabolical cud not be ridden to full advantage in its last outing where Jockey Imran khan was suffering from fracture of shoulder,is working very well,can redeem his past glory in the hands of Jockey Srinath.Freindlyfire is seen tiring over this distance.Maximise won very impressively,working well,is in pink condition and is expected to lead the local challenge,very good chance to win.Arabianknight is working well,will go on start to finish mission and if all other runners sleep, can win(which is highly unlikely).Orochi even though won very well does not appeal in this set.Retribution, a forward runner,distance is beyond his compass.Angelique with strong saddle assistance can make an impact.Classicsky not in form.

Race6: Integar(11)/Powerplay(7) Upset: Bernado(5)

Integar is knocking door for sometime,with Blk"on" has very good chance to register a win.Powerplay is cut above and will definetely fight for supremacy.Bellacool has not done anything wrong,can chalk out another win.Dashonregardless,Royalembassy and Girl of love won over weak company.Bernado has run with superior horses,is at tidy handicap,with T S " on" will try for changed tactics,if succeeds it is a big upset.Colorful has tendency of lethargic start needs slowpace to settle,may not be able to make an impact here.

Race7: Icecandy(2)/Strokeofluck(1) Upset: Huntingboy(10)
Icecandy won hands down in its last outing,but the company was weak.Stroke of luck is habitual slowstart,has impressed in mockrace and gate practises,can chalk out a win if it can carry this welter weight.Narwhal won over maidens group.Hunting boy finished good second to see u there,has good chance over this extended trip.

Daysbest: Drumdance(2-3)
6,7/3,9/1,2,4/2,7,11/2=36 tickets.
Have a nice and wonderful day
With regards

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hyderabad selections 16/09

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Tuesday.

Race1: Flybywire(2)/Cefiro(3)
[Probodds: Flybywire(2)-80/100,Globalpresence(1)-1.5,Cefir0(3)-6/1]

Global presence may not be able to carry this weight.Flybywire's last run was very impressive where it finished shorthead second to inform and superior Champforever,should be in fighting line even though i feel it may find this distance a bit sharp for his comfort.Cefiro won impressively last time,is working well running in ideal distance and is expected to finish in 1-2.

Race2: Meticulous(2)/Siralmas(4)
[Probodds: Vijaydhanush(6)-80/100,Meticulous(2)-13/10,Dandiya(7)-6/1]

Meticulous now running with XNB "off" with Top Jockey B Prakash astride has very good chance to win if it can sustain itself over this distance.Vijaydhanush last two runs were not impressive,may do well over this extended trip.Dandiya broke blood vessel in its first run,subsequently finished far away third in its next outing,will try to be in contention.Siralmas with Blk "on" finished good second to inform Royal embassy,can do well over this extended trip,place looks certain.

Race3: Moneycare(4)/Zagreb(9)
[Probodds: Moneycare(4)-1.5,Royallight(2)-3/1,Emeraldbeauty(7)-4/1,Heleena(1)-6/1]

Moneycare has services of top jockey,working very well should win easily.Heleena has been brought down in class and will finish on board by default.Zagreb with jockey umesh astride who is riding vigourously after gaining whip,if takes a level jump can be live threat .Emerald beauty may not be able to carry this weight.Millenuimqueen is running in tough company.Royallight,a demotee, with positive change of shoes and Blks "on" is dark horse.

Race4: Classicruby(1)/Championstar(5)
[Prob odds: Lavendermist(4)-90/100,Seeyouthere(3)-2/1,Accordion(2)-5/1,Classicruby(1)-5/1]

Classic ruby ran along with good horses which subsequently win,has very good chance to win.See you there and Lavendermist won over maidens group.Championstar's last two runs were unextended,is working very well,should be in contention,place looks very good.

Race5: Walkinpark(1)/Cometogether(3)

Walkinpark has run with very good horses,is advantageusly drawn in stall no 1,will run away with this race.Cometogether won impressively in its first outing,subsequently finished fully extended second,if walkinparks tires out will grab the opportunity.Essence who won very well in its last outing will finish ahead of Aljaded.Prohibition is genuine dark horse and upset all calculations,place looks very good.


Babyohbaby finished second in its last run inspite of slowstart,has given a gate practise,may win in this weak set.Kohinooreye is best suited for 1100mts,so is the case with Bundleofroses and Royalassembly.Ujjaini is genuine dark horse and if the intentions are there can cause a major upset,place will be safe and good bet.

[Probodds: Onemission(5)-50/100,Restall above 6/1]

Onemission is hardly facing any threat in this set,should win easily,will be available at cramp odds..Topact may finish ahead of Redcarpet.

[Probodds: Mijhinkle(2)-90/100,Hospitality(5)-1.75,Ladyinstyle(3)-5/1]
Ignore the last run of Ladyinstyle,can do well over this trip and is my first pick to win.Amazingconquest if takes a level jump is threat to all,place looks certain.Mijhinkle won impressively this season,will finish on board by default.Hospitality finished a good second to Powerplay but is not seen in tracks thereafter.Altai is ridden by its fav jockey and can place.

[Probodds: Milliondeal(9)-1.75,Debonair(1)-4/1,Tasteofindia(4)-4.5Romanticflyer(5)-4.75,Sahebzadi(3)-6/1, Changeofloyalty(8)-6/1]

Bad race.Madho is working well,advantegously placed in innermost box can run away with this race.Prettyfit is working well,but drawn in outermost box.Smartchoice is working well but last run was very poor,can do well in this shorter distance.Change of loyalty will find this distance sharp.Milliondeal has good chance to score but jockey needs to ride it strongly.
Days best: Walkinpark(5-1)

Winroll: Classicruby(4-1),Babyohbaby(6-2),Onemission(7-5),Ladyinstyle(8-3)
Eachway or Win/shp: Cefiro(1-3),Siralmas(2-4),Championstar(4-5),Amazingconquest(8-11),Madho(9-2)
Places: Zagreb(3-9),Prohibition(5-2),Ujjaini(6-10),Altai(8-10),Milliondeal(9-4)
JP: 1,3/2/5/2,3,11/2,6,7,9=24 Tickets

Have a nice and wonderful day
With regards

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hyderabad Monday races postponed

Due to underfoot conditions of the race track Hyderabad Races scheduled on 15.09.2008 has been postponed to 17.09.2008.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My CDQT for Mysore 11/09


Following would be my CDQT(kainchi) for todays mysore

Win: Aspiringseven(1-8)/Jerseyrock(3-9)Ballerinagirl(7-4)
Place: Pocketdynamite(2-3)/Turbobabe(5-10)/Swiftfire(6-6)/Cruisecontrol(8-7)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hyderabad 08/09

Hi all,

Card looks good with some genuine long shots in store.

Race1: Carteblanche(1)-win
[Probodds: Carteblanche(1)-40/100,Vijaydhanush(4)-21/2,Montush(2)-7/1]
Carteblanche won effortlessly clocking smart timings,faces no threat in this set except for Vijaydhanush who can run well with help of "Blks".

Race2: Unexpectedtwist(7)-win
[Probodds: Goodspeed(1)-12/10, Starcrush(4)-13/10,Proudaccolade(2),Favourableterms(6),Adelaide(3)-7/1]
Goodspeed: Habitual slow starter,will try to run away with this race,looks difficult for win,
Proudaccolade: +ve change of equipment,last 2 runs were easy but it is best suited for 1200mts.
Starcrush:Impressive winner over mile,with 200mts less has rosy chance.
Titleshot: Working well,can place.
Favourableterms: Winner in lower category, last two runs in this category were unimpressive.
Unexpectedtwist: Ignore last run where it was severly interfered,now running in favourable distance,has very good chance to register a win here.

Race3: Embattled(4)-win
[Probodds: Rudolphvalentino(1)-80/100,Chiefdemission(2)-3/1,Bossiegirl(5)-6/1]
Rudolphovalentino: Tracking very well,+ve change of jockey and shoes,will start as marker fancy but in past has let down quite a few times as favourite,lost form.
Chiefdemission:Always on board,will again be on.
Redcarpet:Very poor and unimpressive show,no chance.
Embattled: Ignore its last run,now running his appropriate age group,entrusted to good jockey,should easily win.
Bossiegirl:Won in lower category over weak company,no chance here in this bunch.
Since: Winner in lower category over weak bunch,looks hopeless in this set.
Secretsilence: Winner in lower category,could not impress in higher set,will again look for class down.
Johngalt: Ran very close in its last outing,will be the best bet for place.
Kudos: Winner in lowercategory,+ve change of shoes sends strong signal but jockey is medicore.

[Probodds:Avongorge(1)-18/10,Lucrative(7)-2 1/2,Greatballofchina(8)-4/1,Execute(6)-6/1]
Avongorge: Forward runner,advantegous draw with whip jockey, should be in first two.
Execute: Won unextended,can easily defy the penalty imposed on it.
Lucrative: Change of name cannot make a "donkey" into Horse.
Greatballofchina:Needs distance.

Race5: Truelegend(4)-win/shp
[Probodds: Indiandancer(6)-13/10,Missionchief(1)-2 1/2,Lanchashire(2)-4 1/2]
Missionchief: Weight will be stopper.
Lanchashire: Distance is out of compass.
Classicart: Distance is out of compass.
Truelegend: Last run was suggestive,running over favourable distance should be in first two.
Boldblast: Has developed bad gate manners,best suited for 1400mts.
Indiandancer: Impressive winner in lower category,can make a impact in higher category also.
Sprucespringstein: Working well,but it is the only horse of deskmukh running in entire day,looks difficult.
Vinaleo: Best suited for 1200mts.
Sircreek:Running after a long lay off,ignore.

[Probodds: Supersense(10)-11/10,Indradhanush(7)-13/10,Mandura(4)-5/1]
Allegation: Very poor and unimpressive runs this season,no chance.
Earthbender:Needs distance.
Mandura: Finished good fourth on its debut run,has services of top jockey,working well,extra 100mts will be added advantage,has very good chance.
Smartyprince: Genuine dark horse,can floor them all.
Indradhanush: Was badly ridden last time,now entrusted to top jockey with +ve change of shoes will be in contention.
Supersense: Remember that dazzling run of supersense when it switched along the rails side and came flying,will be the horse to be beaten.
Superflous:+ve change of equipment,has tendency of slow start,can place.

Race7: Starkid(3)-win
[Probodds: Starkid(3)-16/10,Kohinoormagic(8)-21/2,Heleena(2)-41/2,Amontillado(1)-6/1]
Amontillado: Running in favourable distance but weight is big ????
Heleena: Weight and distance against.
Starkid:If takes level jump race is over,it is running in favoruable class and distance.
Arsham: A demotee,can place.
Millenuinqueen: Only winner in this set,but tends to get weakened after 1200mts.

Daysbest: Unexpectedtwist(2-7)

Goodbets: Embattled(3-4),Execute(4-6),Truelegend(5-4).

My jp: 1,4/6/4,6/4,5,7,10,11/3,6=40 Tickets.

Have a nice and profitable day

Vinod vyas

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hyderabad 07/09

Hi all,
Card looks tricky.Main event of the day,Colts stake has attracted 9 runners and looks like Starpresentation should not have any trouble in annexing this prestigous cup.

Race1: Flyingrudolph(3)-win
[Probodds: Khaleelspride(1)-80/100,Flyingrudolph(3)-13/10]

Khaleelspride won over identical distance and weight beating flyingrudolph.On that basis it will be market fancy,but one point must be noted that in that race flyingrudolph was hanging out badly and with introduction of "Bit" in its next race won fluently.Moresoover it was the first day of season and many runners were mere runners,khaleelspride had the luxury of slowpace,it cannot expect that here.Flyingrudolph should not have any trouble in winning this race.

Race2: Olympiccrown(2)-win/shp Bonfire(11)-place
[Probodds: Starworld(1)-70/100,Trackrule(5)-4/1,Kohinoorprince(9)-5/1]

Starworld who won twice this season will find this weight as stopper.Olympiccrown has the best credentials to win this race,should definetely be in first two.Trackrule has failed to impress this season loosing against very medicore horses.Freakfantasy will again try to run away this race but may not succeed this time.Kohinoorprince(ex:Jazzman) always finishes on board but lacks the punch to deliver.Bonfire has very good chance to place.

[Probodds: Almalawi(6)-13/10,Baywatchwatchbabe(10)-14/10,Alukhas(7)-4 1/2]

Almalawi has better credentials to win this race from Baywatchbabe and retromagic.Alukhas with +ve change of shoes may be fancied but looks very difficult.

Race4: Strategicpartner(4)-win
[Probodds: Ladyescort(1)-14/10,Cheetahhejeetah(3)-19/10,Strategicpartner(4)-3 1/4,Spectacularfalcon(5)-5/1]
Very interesting race.Ladyescort won impressively over colts stake runner Bourbon star,but can it carry this weight over 1800mts??? Cheetah he jeetah won in lower category over identical distance beating Enforcement who went on to win in its next outing.Strategicpartner in its first run has beaten Powerplay(won twice over good company) and due to hanging out lost narrowly to Lalapitus(won again),is at tidy handicap and will definetely be in first two.Spectacularfalcon never travelled over this distance,but it has +ve change of shoes and jockey,hence cannot be ignored.

[Probodds: Adamantapproach(1)-80/100,Huricanebay(7)-2 1/2, Cleverploy(14)-4/1]
Ignore last run of Ladypatricia,has class,working regularly in tracks and has very good chance to prove himself here.Adamant approach is tracking very well but i dont think he will be able to carry this weight.Vijayveer finished fourth to Champforever,is tracking very well but will do well in his age group.Huricane bay is at tidy handicap but distance is beyond his compass.Winning rays is hiding true form,i have the feeling that it is looking for class down.Cleverploy has been knocking the door for quite sometime and at this weight can pose threat to all.

Race6: Dancingtouch(1)-win
Touch and go affair between Dancingtouch and Redriver rebel with former having slight advantage.Easy touch has + change of shoes but will do well in 1100mts.Highlands can place in this set.

Race7: Starpresentation(7)-win

Main event of the day.Starpresentation won impressively twice before finishing third to Setalight in Bng derby,is working very well and should easily win.Succeding star does not impress.Among the local contenders Iapetus looks very good and should run close to winner,place is certain.

Race8: Beathollow(3)-win

Beathollow is facing mild opposition in this set and should easily win from Rubyrouge and classicone.

Days best: Flyingrudolph(1-3)
Place: Bonfire(2-11),Highlands(6-12),Iapetus(7-4),Classicone(8-12)
My JP: 1,4/1,8,14/1,6/7/3=12 TICKETS

Have a nice day and wonderful day


Kainchi for Pune 06/09


This would be my win kainchi for todays races


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good bets for Mysore 04/09

This would be my bets for Mysore to be held on thursday.

Winkainchi:roadromance(1-7),worth a million(4-5),jediknight(7-1) and perfect remembrance(8-10)

Places:Mrgamam(2-3),Swissqueen(3-1),Raiderssun(5-10),Awesomebeauty(6-5),Worth a gold(7-7),Superchieftan(8-11)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Notable runners of 31/08 and 01/09

Greenhaven: Was beaten well by superior Conceptual should be a certainity in its next outings.
Conceptual: Impressive winner in its very first outing,will also win in cat3.
Championstar: With Blk"on" ran good race,can be considered upto 1200mts.
Timeon: Was purposefully made to run in this wrong distance,now should have regained his old zest and can be considered in races upto 1400mts in handicap below 57.
Commandermoil:Best suited for 1600-1800mts.
Blaackmischief: Won very impressively,should repeat in cat3.
Classicone: Ridden very poorly,will place in its next outing.
Ultravioletray:+vechange of shoes can be considered for win.
Huntingboy: Was seen finishing well at the end to See youthere, can make amends in its next outing over same distance of 1200mts.
Olympickingdom: Will proceed to cat2 and will be live force over mile.
Rubenstein: Will run in cat2 at bottom weight.
Goldenflame: Note in 4yrs group over 1800mts at handicap of 56 and below.
Moneycare:Marginal slowstart and severely interfered at start yet finished very good second to Greenvision,will run in top weight in its next outing,make note in 5 years group.
Milliondeal: Should be a winner in 1100mts.
Smartchoice: Marginal slow start and recieved interference by Greenvision at start,failed to quicken up.
Prettyfit: should reduce the weight further,watch it when it runs at handicap below 56 over 1100mts in 5 years group.
Jugnu: Very impressive third,will do well over 1200mts in 4&r5
years group.
Gables:Will run in top weight in same category,can definetely win
Goldensabot: Ignore this run where it was badly ridden by Jockey Shanker,was seen moving very impressively along the rails to finish close fourth,will be prime contender over 1400mts.
Mijhinkle: Will run some unextended runs.
Soundofnature: Will run at top weight in its next outing,can score again.
Cometogether: Was carrying overweight of 1 kg,cannot be ignored.
Mrchief:At top weight,will be made to run in wrong distances.
Musicexpress: Very difficult as it has attracted a penalty of 1 kg,will be at top weight.
Could have won with more on hand if it would not have been interefered by Amstel,can chalk out a win again in this category.
Maanush: Knocking on the door,attracted just 1 kg penalty,will oblige in its next ourting.
Amstel: Did all the running till beaten,will do well with strong saddle assistence in same age group.
Shikra: Impressed finishing flying fifth,note in 5 years group,will be at tidy handicap.

Wish u Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

I Wish all viewers a happy Ganesh Chathurthi.May the lord clear all "vignas" in ur life and bring prosperity and eternal joy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Probable odds 01/09

Race1: Olympic kingdom(2)-80/100

Race2: Greenvision(2)-12/10


Fuedallords(2)-4 1/4


Mrchief(6)-2 3/4
Truefashion(2)-4 1/2

Amstel(1)-2 3/4

Race8:Debonair(1)-2 1/2
Oceancity(12)-4 3/4
Ouropinion(7)- 5 1/4

Pls scroll down for selections

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