Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hyderabad 01/09

Hi all,

Following are my views for the races to be held on Monday.

Race1: Rubinstein(3)-win Toledo(5)-place

Rubenstein has better credentials to win this race from Toledo and Olympic kingdom.

Race2: smartchoice(7)-win Moneycare(8)-place

Smartchoice has been brought down and entrusted to his fav jockey and is in best chance to win this race from money care and sugargold.

Race3: Cannoneye(9)-win Pagethree(4)-place

Cannoneye faces mild opposition in this set and can score an easy win from pagethree and bundleof roses.

Race4: Goldensabot(11)-win

Goldensabot can force a win on trio of Mijhinkle,gables and feudal lords.

Race5: Cometogether(10)-win Huntingbay(7)-place

Cometogether will run away with this race in able hands of Srinath.Huntingbay is sysmatically brought down in handicap and can cause a upset here.

Race6: Mr chief(6)-win Tasteofindia(11)-place

Mr chief looks very good in this sprint race and is expected to win from Lady in style and Tasteofindia.

Race7: Redfairy(11)-win Maanush(7)-place

Redfairy has an edge in this tough race and can pull a win.Maanush looks very good and place is certain.

Race8: Iceriver(2)-win

Iceriver, a demotee may try to run away in this set and can win from ocean city and debonair.

Daysbest: Redfairy(7-11)

Goodbets: Smartchoice(2-7),Cannoneye(3-9),Mrchief(6-6),

Have a nice and profitable day


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hyderabad 31/08

Hi all,
chief event of the day wears an open look and there is strong possibililty of an upset.

Race1: Greenhaven(6)-win Lordnelson(3)-place
[Probable odds: Conceptual(5)-80/100,Greenhaven(6)-3/1,Pacific groove(4)-4 1/2]

Lordnelson: +ve change of equipment and jockey,is seen regular in trials and fully extended last track suggests that it will be in contention.
Pacificgrove:-ve change of shoes, does not inspire much trust,better to wait till it enters the winning circle.
Conceptual: Will be strongly fancied as it is ridden by Appu,is from bangalore where it finished second twice.-ve point is that it is straight from bangalore to race with no exercise or feel of conditions given .
Greenhaven: +ve shift of jockey and shoes,was hampered badly in its last run and was seen moving most impressively in final furlong,with this extra 200mts here and Suraj astride it has best chance to win.

[Prob odds: Shakinstevens(3)-90/100,Blastinclass(1)-18/10,commandermoil(4)-5/1]

Blastinclass: Running frequently and top weight over this distance looks very difficult.
Turfraider: Looks difficult here
Shakinstevens: Even though long in tooth he is the only horse in the feild winning over this distance,well rested and fit as evident by track work,will be by default in first two.
Commandermoil:Always finishing on over mile,if it can stay this distance it has an outside chance.
Timeon: Will lead the field till it retires which will help this horse to regain his oldform.

Race3: Blaackmischief(2)-win Standingovation(4)-place
[Prob odds: Blaackmischief(2)-70/100,Encounter(3)-3 1/2,Allegation(1) &Standingovation(4)-5/1]

Allegation: At best may place.
Blaackmischief: Hardridden second to Powerplay(won again) ahead of carteblanche(won in its next outing) and ridden by top jockey makes him natural selection.
Encounter: Ignore last run where it was interfered, is working very well can create a flutter over this distance.
Standingovation:Running in right distance,but only -ve is that trainer declared appu on his other ward in last run indicating that either they are looking for good odds or they have no trust in this horse.
Classicdancer:Habitual slow starter.
Pharlap: Its last run was sham,has the capacity to win but intentions are not as evident by declaration of jockey.

[Prob odds: Powerranger(2)-13/10,Chiefdemission(1)-2 1/4,Vijayam(3)-3 1/2]

Small field but difficult to pick clear winner.I would prefer realtor to powerranger on basis of race no 275 in winter where powerranger won at same handicap over 2200mts whereas realtor finished closed third at weight of 62.Realtor is running in favourable distance ,handicap and should emerge as winner.Chiefdemission and vijayam i feel are best suited for 1600-1800mts.Lalapitus is unknown thing over this distance.

Race5: Luckydamsel(6)-win
[Prob odds: Darkstranger(2)-16/10,Luckydamsel(6)-2/1,Airbender(3)-3 1/2]

Darkstranger :With allowance claiming jockey in this lower category will fight for prime honours.
Cannontreasure:No track after last run.
Luckydamsel:Ignore its third behind Lalapitus and Stratgic partner in 3 yrs group,looks very good in this 5yrs group.
Altai:Cannot be trusted.
Festivals of india:Finished good third in 3 yrs old group but distance is out of its compass.
Vanenberg:Habitual slow starter

Race6:Royalassembly(1)-win Siralmas(10)-place
[Prob odds: Royalassembly(1)-80/100,Canopus(4)-3/1,Chamaatkar(5)-4/1]

Royalassembly was Impressive second on his debut,+ve of shoes,with his fav jockey astride and working well will be strongly fancied,only worry is the top weight but in absence of worthy opponent can win.Note Siralmas whose last three runs were unextended,has impressed in gate practise and with Blk "On" can create a major upset here.

Race7: Reflection of gold(6)-win/shp
[Prob odds: Queenguest(5)-1 3/4,Violethoney(7)-2/1,Dorabella(3)-4/1]

Feature event of the day and as expected local contenders will have to play second fiddle to strong outstation contenders.Reflectionofgold who is advantageously drawn in innermost box has strong chance to win from Inspiring trust and Voilet honey.

Race8: Seeyouthere(5)-win
[Prob odds: seeyouthere(5)-80/100,Justbecool(3)-3/1]

Seeyouthere was hopelessly ridden last time,now has services of top jockey and should easily score from Cannon gain and Just be cool .

Daysbest: seeyouthere(8-5)
Place: Lordnelson(1-3),standingovation(2-4),Siralmas(6-10),cannongain(8-9)
My jp: 2,4*2,6*1,10*4,5,6,7*5=32 tickets

Have a nice day

Friday, August 29, 2008

Notable runners hyderabad(24&25th August)

Following horses can strike when they run in favourable distance and handicap.
Spectacularhero: Has regained form,will strike in next race upto mile.
Dashofclass: Jockey Laxman had great difficulty in keeping this horse away from front bunch,was seen running very impressively and should oblige in its next outing.
Truelegend: Inspite of rough passage in final furlong, finished impressive third behind Doingmybest and flying rudolp,will win in next outing upto 1400mts.
Unexpectedtwist: Watch out when in runs in 1400mts, not less or more.
Starcaliber: If shown in track work then should be considered at handicap of 55 and below upto 1600mts in 5 years group.
Chiefdemission: will ran good race in 1800mts
Sironslaught: watchout when it rans in 1800mts and above.
Firebender: Winner in its next outing.
Nanowar: Although penalised 6.5kgs for his effortless win,this horse has genuine chance to score again in cat3(upto 50)
Meticulous: Winner in 1400mts.
Easytouch:Should be a live force in 1100mts with Dsingh astride
Dancingtouch: Caught unwares by Essence, will oblige easily in its next outing over 1400mts.
Flashflares: Note in 4years+ over 1400mts,will definetely be in contention.
Carteblanche: Topweight in cat3,may be difficult,will reduce weight,hence some easy runs.
Powerplay: Will run at lowerhandicap in cat2,will be tough contender,can force a win depending upon the company.
Walkinpark: Inspite of finishing second after shaping like winner,it has been reduced in handicap by 2 kgs, Your guess is as good as mine,should be a walkover in its next outing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Probable odds Hyderabad25/08

Race1: Cherokeefigher(2)-14/10
Turningpoint(8)-2 3/4
Benazir(4)- 5/1

Race2: Carteblanche(1)-11/10
Vijaysena(3)-3 1/4

Race3: Buddybrothers(1)-Evens

Race4: Vijayrath(3)- 16/10
Integar(9)- 2 1/4
Adamanatapproach(1)-3 1/4

Race5: Rubyrouge(2)-8/10
Essence(1)-4 1/2

Race6: Lightbrigade(3)-7/10
Spectacularfalcon(7)-3 1/2

Race7: Powerplay(1)-8/10
Bellacool(2)- 18/10

Race8: Avongorge(2)- 14/10
Millenuimqueen(4)-2 1/2
Changeofloyalty(5)- 4/1

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hyderabad 25/08

Hi all,

Due to paucity of time iam unable to post detailed pointers.Following are my views for the races to be held on Monday.

Race1: Cherokeefighter-win

Inspite of being badly interfered in its last run ,cherokee fighter finished a good third,is working very well and should easily win from habitual slowstarter Benazir and unreliable stable horse Turning point.


Carteblance will be strongly fancied, is working very well,but this distance is beyond his compass,will have to fight with vijaysena who looks very good over this distance.Dont be surprised if Zansaya returns as winner,genuine dark horse.

Race3: Walkinpark-win/Shp

Buddy brothers stands tall in this set,has best chance to win again but will have to thwart the attempts of Walkinpark who will definetely be in First two.

Race4: Vijayrath-win

Vijayrath is cut above the rest in this field and should enforce a win over Unreliable Integar and unknown in this class Bellacool.


Dancingtouch in its last outing won with plenty on hand,will sail away smoothly to win from Rubyrouge.

Race6: Dashonregardless-win

Dashonregardless has been knocking the door for sometime and should win from Spectacularfalcon and Lightbrigade.


Powerplay is CINCH in this set and should easily win from Beathollow.

Race8: Millenuimqueen-win

Millenuim is at tidy handicap and can score a win in this set thus making it enable to proceed ahead in higher category.


Winroll: Cherokeefighter/Vijayrath/Dancingtouch/Dashonregardless/Powerplay
Places: Flashflares,Easytouch,Greatballofchina,Anguna [*edited at 12.15]
Jp: 3/2,3/6,7/1/4=8Tickets

Probable odds Hyderabad24/08

Race1: Enforcement(1)-40/100
Dashofclass(2) -5/1

Race2: Jazzman(5)-2 1/2
Easymover(1)-2 1/2

Race3: Flyingrudolph(1)-90/100
Rajveer(5)- 5/1

Race4: Sironslught(1)-11/10
Goodspeed(3)-3 1/2

Race5: Nanowar(7)- 16/10
Armstrong(2)-2 1/4
Olympiccrown(3)-4 1/2
Bonfire(6) -6/1

Race6: Baywatchbabe(2)-90/100
Aljameel(1)- 3 1/2

Race7: Arabianknight(1)-80/100

Race8: Chinapearl(6)-90/100
Calliagatae(1)-3 1/2
Rest -8/1

Pls scroll down for pointers and selections.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hyderabad 24/08

Hi all,
Cards look good,main event is expected to be fiercely fought with 4 contenders vying for prime honours.In the supporting event Flyingrudolph looks outstanding and is my days best.Trainers Vatsalya,Habeebullah,Prasadraju and jockeys Abhinay,Gnaneshwar,Surajnarredu have good chance to score a double.

Race1: Enforcement-win Dashofclass-Shp/place
Enforcement:Impressive final preparatory gallop, in which it is beating Cat 1 Friendly fire ,indicates that it is ready to strike in this weak bunch,will be available at cramped odds.
Dash of class: Better than enforcement,only -ve is that in its last run it trailed through out,is tracking very well and can pose serious threat to enforcement if given green signal.
Spectacularhero:Failed as favourite in its last outing,was running after a gap of 9 months,met interference at start and didnot raise gallop thru out,no impressive track work indicates it is not fit.
Montush: In all probability will lead the field till last 200mts and then weaken.
Altai: Has the history of troublesome start,cannot be trusted.

Hypothicalview:Finally, Montush leading the field till last 200mts closely followed by Altai,Enforcement and Dash of class.In the final furlong Enforcement breezes past the front runner and wins comfortably from Dashofclass.

Race2: Trackrule/Jazzman

Easymover: Run forward till 800mts over mile in its last outing after demotion,it may be fancied due to reduced distance but i feel it cannot carry this weight.
Trackrule:As a favourite finished in rucks in its first run,subsequent run was in tough company where it recieved interference at start and ran easy thru out.If extended,has the best chance to win.
Jazzman: On board in both starts,tracking very well, will be fancied,can win if track rule fails.
Freakfantasy:Impressive forward runs,now entrusted to better jockey,drawn in advantegous draw, will try to ran away with this race ,but may find winning post far from his reach before others.

Hypothicalview:Finally,Freakfantasy and Easymover brings the field in straight followed by Trackrule and Jazzman.In the final furlong dingdong dual between Trackrule and Jazzman with former emerging as winner.

Race3: Flyingrudolph-win Rajveer-Shp/place

Flyingrudolph: Won beating the likes of Auxillary and Crocodilehunter not to forget most of the other runners in this field,even at this weight is cut above the rest,should win.
Rajveer: Will lead the feild till beaten by Flyingrudolph.
Vinaleo: May find this company tough,will be prominent till bend anyhow.
Aljouf: Impressive winner in Winter but here sporting Steel shoes,no chance.
Doingmy best:It is indeed a good horse but one cannot expect her to beat Flyingrudolph,at best can pip Rajveer for secondspot.

Hypothical view: Rajveer,vinaleo brings the field in straight closely followed by Flyingrudolph and Doingmy best.In the final furlong Flying rudolph sails away followed either by Rajveer or Doing my best.

Race4: Starcaliber/Favourable terms
Sironslaught: Running in wrong distance.
Silverbullet:Ignored due to incompetence riding of Jockey on top weights,running in wrong distance.
Goodspeed:Will try to run away with race but will weaken near 200mts.
Chiefdemission: Finishes on board but lacks the punch to win,will again place in top three.
Adelaide: Will find this company tough,last run was suggestive.
Starcaliber: Best horse in this set,only -ve is that it was not seen in tracks after its last run,if extended the race is over.In its last run it was leading the field till beaten over 1800mts,with 200 mts less here has very good chance.
Unexpected twist: Was seen finishing very impressively over 1200mts in its last run.Its previous run suggests that it is best suited for 1400mts and will find this distance beyond his compass.
Favourableterms:Working well,winner in lowercategory but will find this set tough.
Secretsilence:Not here,will run easy.
Kudos: Impressive two runs,will run easy in this higher category.
Starcrush: Distance is beyond his compass.

Hypothical view: A very tough race,much will depend on the running.Goodspeed,starcaliber,starcrush followed by Jazzman will bring the field in straight.Star caliber will breeze past thru front runner and will try to run away thwarting the attempts of Favourable terms,Chiefdemission and Unexpected twist.

Race5: Nanowar-win

Armstrong:Running in lowercategory, at best can place.
Olympic crown: Was seen finishing on impressively in its last runs,lacks the punch to deliver(fails to quicken up),will place.
Nanowar: Best horse of the field,is at tidy handicap and should easily win.
Cannonlad:+ve change of shoes,some equipment changes,runs lethargically,best left alone.

Hypothecal view: Nano war should have no trouble to register a win here over Olympiccrown and Armstrong.

Aljameel: Seen finishing on very nicely in its last run,will definetely place.
Baywatchbabe:+ve change of shoes,will be straight down to business and will win if other runner fail to collar it.
Superbrat:Distance is against it.
Stylishlady:Last two runs were hopeless,trainer advised to ensure better performance,is tracking well,has some change of equipment,good longshot place bet.
Fusionmusic: Ignore last run where it ran easy in tough company ,in this set of nonperformers can run away to victory.

Hypothicalview:Finally,Baywatchbabe and superbrat brings the field in the straight closely followed by Fusionmusic.In final furlong a tussle between Fusionmusic and Baywatch babe with former emerging as winner followed by Aljameel.


Arabianknight: Impressive winner over 2800mts beating good company,has the feel of hyderabad as it won stayers cup here.One thing must be remembered that it won over long distances easily because others runners in the field sleeped and anticipated it to retire,in this distance it cannot expect that comfort,should be tough to win.
Diabolical: Working very well,something is terribly wrong with this wonder horse who earlier won derby at this centre,should be ignored until he regains the old form.
Cotsworld: Winner over identical distance at bangalore,working well,impressed most in mockrace finishing second to classy juventus ahead of other classic horses ,should be a prime contender.
Friendlyfire: Was easily beaten by cotsworld(giving 7 kgs),here at same handicap stands nowhere near to cotsworld.
Missionchief:-ve change of shoes,no chance here.
Orochi: Has run benifit,working well,has the history of springing surprises when expected least,is second top rated and should be in contention.
Angelique:Top rated horse in this bunch,wil try to run away with race.

Hypothicalview:Finally much will depend on the running of race,the duo of vijaymallya willsurely set a hot pace.The best ridden horse will win.Arabiankinight,cotsworld,Angelique,Orochi are expected to involve in final tussle.

Race8: Calliagatae/Smartyprince
Calliagate: Ran prominent till bend over 1400mts in its last two runs,working very well,entrusted to top jockey,has run with top horses in winter,he is the horse to be beaten in this set.
Ninjapower:Working well but will need this run.
Smartyprince:Darkhorse, has the capacity to win.
Chinapearl:Always on board,by default will be contender for prime spot.
Retromagic:At best can finish third.
Supersense:Will need this run.

Hypothical view: Finally a close fight between Calligatae,chinapearl and Smartyprince.

Daysbest: Flyingrudolph(3-1)
Win kainchi: Trackrule(2-3)/starcaliber(4-6)/Fusionmusic(6-10)/Caligatae(8-1)
JP: 6/7/10/1,2,3,6,7/1,4,5,6=20Tickets.
Have a nice day

Goodbets for Pune(23/08)

Hi all,

After going through the comments and selections of tipsters,following look good.



Jp: 1/1,4,6/5/2,7,15/2,4= 18tickets

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Bets for Mysore(21/08)

Win kainchi: Sunzone(3-4)/Asserttheright(7-1)/Nobleguest(8-2)

Places: Mrsunrise(1-2),Swiftsword(4-4),royalhawk(5-8),sparkofelegance(7-8)

Have a nice day

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Review of Monday(18/08) Race 73-81

Following is the review of races held on 18th August,Monday.Horses which need to be followed are:Icecandy,Kingsize,colorful,Prohibition,Coralgables,Cannonscot,Pharlap

Icecandy was strongly backed in the ring closing at 7/10 from 1.5.Icecandy was handy second till bend,stormed ahead and won untroubled with jockey looking over his shoulder.Standingovation who was third till bend, moved up to finish second,will do well over 7 furlongs.Classicaldancer again missed the jump,quickly brushed up with front runners till last 100mts, but was denied third spot by late warming Pacific groove.

2ndrace(74): Bossiegirl,running in lowercategory won from start tofinish mission with Favourite Realtor trying hard to catch with her in final stages.Toledo was in striking position in final stages but drifted under pressure and lost all chances.Note Cannontreasure over 1800mts.

3rdrace(75): Market fancy Kingsize chose to grace wrong end of the field till bend,slipped along rails,almost stumbled near 200mts from WP,made his way cutting across horses,surged ahead only to be beaten on post byColorful.Colorful too was bit lethargic at start and even in striaght met interference.Colorful and Kingsize both are equally good horses and should be followed.Note Ravileena and Splendid scot who gave forward run till bend,will run prominently in their next outing in favourable distance and class.Hurricane bay tried his best and could only finish third.Note Easy touch who will be winner shortly.Hardcore in relatively weaker set can do well.

4thrace(76): Favourite Indian dancer was third till bend,surged ahead and won comfortably.Prohibition moved up well to finish a notable second.Pillantronics fully extended and finished a poor fourth.Star crush finished third.Bernado who recieved some support initially in betting ,suprisingly chose to go on start to finish mission.

5thrace(77): Maximise who was prepared very well won leading the field all the way till WP.Coralgables who graced the wrong end of the field till the bend rallied along the rails to finish a notable second.Jockey forgot that Coral gables is the horse which likes to come from outside and taking it inside was a bad judgement.Blastinclass was simply outplaced by Maximise and coralgables.

6thrace(78): Topweighted Glaringgodzilla won very beautifully.Bottom weight Drumdancer finished a very good second and should be followed.Both Danzsingh and Winning rays exhausted all their reserves near 200mts from WP.Note Cannonscot who ran a very good forward race after some easy runs in this lower catgory, will surely be a winner in its next outing.

7thrace(79): Man on fire won from Milliondeal.Milliondeal who was handy second till bend,surged ahead,was shaping like a winner,but drifted out and lost all chances.Sugargold lost a certain race due to severe interference from drifting out Milliondeal.

8thrace(80): Oasisstar was too good for Auxillary and lenavi.Auxillary will win in its next outing.

9thrace(81): Pharlap was strongly supported at 60/100.Led the field till last 200mts before being over taken by Accordion and Smartyprince.Accordion won well in the end from Fullyextended Smartyprince.Pharlap tried to give a rerun,but was stuck along the rails.Nandavana came up well to finish third pipping Pharlap.Pharlaps run was not upto the mark,ignore this run.

Review of Friday(15/08) Race 65-72

Following is the review of races held on 15 August,Friday.Horses which can do well in their next outing are:Bourbonstar,Corpscommand,Blazingbounty,Indrashanush

Bourbonstar recieved strong support in betting. The initial pace of the race was so slow that inspite of rearing up and loosing a length at start, ladyescort immediately gained a lead of 3 lengths within 50mts.Bourbon star ran very nicely but was unable to collar ladyescort.Timeon was slowlyoff.Vijaysamrat struggled hard to make a impact but failed.

2ndrace(66): Almalawi brought the field into straight followed by hot favourite Chamatkar.Dingdong battle between this two upto winning post,chamatkar had to struggle hard to impose a win.Almalawi raised an unsuccesful objection against winner for bumping him at 400mts.Rest all also ran.

3rdrace(67):Goldenshadow who in its last outing as a favourite lost to Indiandancer was handy fifth till bend and sailed away smoothly to win easily.Powerranger led till bend and gave a rerun to finish second ahead of Chiefdemission.Hot favourite Hyperkinetic ran hopelessly thru out and showed no signs of any fight or urgency.Silver rose found this distance beyond its compass.Note powerranger and chiefdemission over mile in suitable company.Goldenshadow will again pick a race.

4thrace(68):Hot favourite Blazingbounty was prominent third till bend,accelerated well to surge ahead and win easily from Corpscommand,it is sure to pick up a race in cat3.Corpscommand will be a winner in its next outing.Siralmas who was not ridden vigorously by its rider,yet dragged the rider to finish good fourth.Festivals of india was prominent in front bunch thru out and finished third.Ivorysnow was in striking position in final stages but driftedout and lost all chances.

5thrace(69): Mizzna justified the hot favouritism after a short fight with Penumatcha.Altai rearedup, lost a few lengths at start and in process forced Jaanbaaz to stop momentarily.Altai who was second last till bend moved up well along the rails to finish a good third.Ignore the run of Jaanbaaz.

6thrace(70): Main event of the day,Independence cup.Market fancy Vijayraaj was sporting bandage legs,ran poorly and finished in rucks.Globalpresence and Lancashire both Ldsilva's ward dominated the final proceedings with Lanchashire finishing ahead due to powerful riding of Christopher.Note Classic art who ran a very good race.

7thrace(71): Starworld was handy fourth along railside till bend, won easily after a short battle with musicexpress.Torrestrella was badly interfered by Royalflyer at the start.Freakfantasy led the field till last 100mts and finished third. Jugnu was drifting in and struggled a bit.Royalassembly failed to quicken up in straight,was badly squeezed by shifting in Jugnu and Freakfantasy.Royalflyer inspite of lethargic start finished well at the end.

8thrace(72): Baywatchbabe was handy third second till bend,surged ahead and shaped like a winner before being beaten by Alawal who came up from no where to pip him on the post.Favourite Indradhanush met interfernce thrice,was stuck in the rail sides and the rider could not ride it properly,ignore this run.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review of Wednesday(13/08) Race 56-64

Following is the review of races held on August 13th,Wednesday.Horses which have chance to win when they ran in next outing are:Amstel,Spectacularfalcon,Redfairy,Toofanexpress

1st race(56):
A race where except for eventual winner olympic kingdom, all other runners gave hard time to handlers to be loaded.Olympic kingdom was bloodvessel case,but it was the most impressive runner.Vijaydhanush recieved strongsupport,was prominent second till bend,accelerated well to go ahead but olympickingdom travelled better of him.Metaculious showed some sign of fight at one stage but was no match to front runners.Meticulous will be a live force over 7 furlongs and vijaydhanush will be a winner soon.Encounter recieved interference near 300mts.

2ndrace(57): Cheetahhejeetah won very easily from Enforcement.Shivaji led till last400 mts,cheetahhejeetah stormed ahead from 400mts and looked home and dry without any trouble.Shes got the look met interfernce at start and ran unextended and unimpressive through out.Enforcement chose to travel at the wrong end of field till bend,looks to have met slight interference in the straight from the winner,but was no match.

3rd race(58): Market fancyNanowar at one stage looked like it will loose to Benazir,jockey had to apply all his power to win.Benazir was unlucky to be sharply interfered by Nanowar near 200mts from Winning post.Note Man on fire in 6 furlongs race.Turning point came very late to finish a very good second.But the most impressive was Greatballofchina who inspite of loosing 2 lengths at start finished a notable fourth.

4thrace(59): Amstel ran very very nicely and shaped like a winner before being beaten by Adamant approach whose rider had put everything in it to force a win.Amstel has gained form and will pick up few races.Maanush was seen moving the best of all,finished a credible third inspite of marginal slow start.It was almost last till bend but travelled very beautifully from the railing side ,had jockey not decided to take it out(thereby veering out a little bit) and instead tried it from inside the result would have different.Ignore the run of Spectacularfalcon who was surprised by hot pace of Habituated and Amstel,was badly squeezed near 400mts and ran unextended,will be live force in its next outing.Habituated in weaker company will be a good horse to be noted.Trueforce was slowly off and extended his best to finish fifth ahead of spectacular falcon.

5thrace(60): Stroke of luck again lost few lengths at start and by rule it has show himself to the satisfaction of starter before accepting again to run.Redfairy won start to finish,will again win as the jockey was medicore and it is the horse which won inspite of incompetence of rider.Hurricanebay put up a very hard fight to collar redfairy but was no match,rest all unimpressive.Essence finish third by default.

6thrace(61): Champforever was bit eratic at beginning but won fighting hard with Flybywire who needs a mile.Doing my best finished third as it was outpaced by the two.Rest all ran uninterested and unextended.

7thrace(62): Flashytrend just managed to win from globalpresence who was heavily backed.Note Toofan express who was bit lethargic at start and was shabbily ridden by jockey,should be a winner in its next outing.Prohibition has regained form and will be a winner shortly.Fabalous crown finished third,with some reduction in weight will be a live force.

8thrace(63): Onemission was handy third in frontbunch till bend accelerated very well to win easily.Note Amazing conquest who reared up and lost few lengths at start,was seen running the best.Royalassembly needed this run and showed sign of form,will be the horse to be followed in its next outing.Cleverploy is proving out to be an ordinary horse.Forget Greyshot for next few races.

9thrace(64): Goldensabot decimated the oppostion sparing 7lengths.Millenuimqueen will be the horse to be followed,will definetely be in contention over 1200mts.Oceancity ran a good forward race.

Review of Tuesday(12/08) Raceno 47 -55

Following is the review of races held on 12th August. Horses which are expected to win when they run are:Hypnotiq,Vijaysena,Manythanks,Fuedallords and redriverrebel.

1STRace(47): Marketfancy Vijayrath ledtill beaten by Iapetus near post.Hypnotiq had rough passage near 800mts and lost whip at 400mts.Finished impressive second and should be followed.Vijayrath will run prominently in its next outing with check.Adelaide is ready to strike in 5 years group.

2ndRace(48):Artistic emperor was ignored due to -ve change of shoes and jockey,was prominent third till last 400 mts,accelerated well to held on from fast finishing Vijaysena and greenhaven.Greenhaven was the most impressive,was travelling along the rails till last 200mts and switched outside to finish a flying third, will run prominently in its next outing as in this race it was forced in by shifting in Superflous.Vijaysena,running for first time ran very good race and will be a winner in its next outing.Superflous was ridden badly and with strong saddle assistence will be the horse to be followed over 7 furlongs.

3rdRace(49):Lalapitus won very impressively inspite of being interfered at start.Favourite Strategic partner was no match to Lalapitus,weight seems to be a stopper.Bentota veered at the start forcing Luckydamsel to check.Luckydamsel will run a good race over 1400mts.Bentota should be watched over7 furlongs in 5 yrs group.Track rule ran easy.

4thrace(50):Narwhal won very easily.Note Allegation ,who was forced in by narwhal, in its next outing.Garrisoncheif was running for the first time,this run might have helped him as here it looked a bit rustic.

5thrace(51): Babyohbaby inspite of loosing 2 lengths at start ran very nicely and shaped like a winner before being beaten to Classicruby who was ridden beautifully by Harish.Note Aljameel who came up very well in the end to finish third.Cannoneye was prominent till bend and found this company to tough to handle. orange county was slowly off.Ignore the run of temple bells.Pagethree ran forward till last 300mts and gave up.

Race6th(52): Rankoutsider Lavendermist won inspite of drifting badly in final stages.Many thanks who finished second will run a prominent race next time.See you there was not ridden vigorously and dont be surprised if it returns as a winner in its next outing provided the intentions are so.

Race7th(53): Flyingrudolph won over very good company on the day which saw horses coming with second wind winning.Both Crocodile hunter and Auxillary will shortly win.Rajveer is the horse to be watched,will win over this distance in relatively weaker set.Sprucespringstein will be winner over 1400mts,this distance was sharp.Vinaleo was prominent till bend and will extend its best in its next outing.

Race8th(54): Hot favourite Fuedallords lost two lengths at start,met interference at 400mts,ignore this run.Rank outsider Mijhinkle surprised everyone by winning from demotee Iceman.Note Mrchief who shaped like a winner at one stage but was ridden very poorly by MF Alikhan,will a live force in its next outing.

Race9th(55): Redriverrebel won unextendely and will win a race shortly in cat3.Note championstar who willrun prominently in its next outing.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Probable opening odds Hyderabad 18/08


Following are the odds for the races to be held on Monday(postponed from sunday)

Race1: Pacificgrove(3)-16/10
Icecandy(9)- 4 1/2

Race2: Realtor(2)-1 1/2
Bossiegirl(2)-3 1/2
Worldwide(6)-5 1/4
Toledo(3)- 6/1

Race3: Hurricanbay(1)-1 1/4
Kingsize(2)- 2/1
Colorful(5)-3 1/4

Bernado(3)- 4 1/2

Race5:Blastinclass(3)-1 3/4
Coralgables(1)-3 1/4
Maximise(2)- 3 3/4
Arrowoflight(5)-4 1/2

Race6:Danzsingh(4)- 16/10
Flashytrend(9)-2 1/4
Glaringgodzilla(1)-3 1/2

Race7:Prettyfit(3)-2 1/4
Milliondeal(10)-3 1/2

Race8: oasisstar(1)-20/100

Race9: Smartyprince(5)-1 3/4
Pharlap(9) - 3/1
Nandanavana(8)-3 1/2

Pls Scroll down for selections.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hyderabad 18/08


Fourth day of racing within 7 days.The main event of the day will just be a formality for Oasisstar.In other chief event of the day, Blast in class, who had to share honours with Shakinstevens in its last run, looks to have a slender edge over Maximise.Following are my views for the races to be held on Monday(postponed from Sunday).

Race1: Standing ovation(5)/Icecandy(9)

Allegation: -Ve change of shoes and jockey,ignore.
Greenvision: Run benifit, but very poor old record,no chance.
Pacificgroove:Third to Redriverrebel in its last outing,did show some sign of form inwinter,but is one paced,chances of win are not so rosy,at best can place.
Standingovation:Twice failed as favourite,met interference in last run,extra 100mts will be to its advantage,is the only horse with some form in this bunch,definetely worth a bet.
Topshape:Firstrun,tracking very well,but running after a long lay off of 7 months,if on job may at best can place.
Cannonview:No track after last run.
Classicdancer:Impressive final track,has tendency of taking slow start,lacks initial speed,fails to quicken up when alighted by rider,iam not impressed by her winning chances.
Icecandy:Tracking very well,if takes level jump, will be in thick of action.

Finally Standing ovation deserves another chance,is definetely worth a good bet.If it fails then ice candy will emerge as winner.

Race2: Toledo(3)-win/Shp

Bossiegirl: No track after last work,whipless rider over 2200mts,ignore.
Realtor: Will try to win this race but looks doubtful due to jockeys incompetence riding on Topweights(Win on Goldenshadow was the only exception),may be at best, can place.
Toledo: Has run benifit,+ve change of equipment,regular in trial,earlier won races upto 2000mts,will definetely be in First two.
Cannontreasure:One paced horse,no worthy record,does not quicken up,ignore.
Vanenberg:Habitual slow starter,i would give it a skip.
Worldwar:Runs very awkardly,finished on board twice,here it may, at best finish third.
Goldensabot:Impressive winner on Wednesday,can travel this distance,only worry is that will he be fit enough to race within 3 days?.

Finally Toledo can win this race from either goldendsabot or realtor.

Race3: Colorful-win

Hurricanebay:Winner and twice on board,will by default be a prime contender.
Hardcore: Company is too tough for him to handle,ignore.
Kingsize: Shaped like a winner over 1400 mts before being beaten to Superior Bella cool,with 200mts less his chances are really very very nice,is tracking very well.
Ravileena: Bangalore returnee,tracking easily,will need this run.
Colorful:Vanquiser of Mizzna,who won fluently on Independence day,She is the best of lot,tracking very well, will be hardnut to be cracked by anyone in this set.
Splendscot:Another bangalore returnee,working well,will need this run.

Finally Colorful and Kingsize will fight it out till the wire followed by hurricane bay,colorful will emerge as winner.


Indiandancer: Vanquisher of Goldenshadow who subsequently won,working very well, is the horse to be beaten.
Bernado:Outermostbox is _ve,not so impressive record when compared to other horses in this set,at best can place.
Embattle:Not here,should be a winner in 5 yrs group.
Pillantronics:Impressive winner,working very well,very well placed in handicap, will fight every inch of ground.

Finally a dingdong dual between Indiandancer and Pillatronics with latter having slender advantage owing to his handicap.

Race5: Blastinclass-Win/Shp

Coralgables:Weight and distance will go against this classic horse.
Maximise:Working very well,sysmatically prepared,distance is within its compass.
Blastinclass:Ignore its last run where it had to deadheat with Shakinstevens,looks very good in this set,should definetely be in First two.
Arrow of light:Company is too tough.

Finally Maximise and Blast in class locked together,best ridden horse will win.


Glaringgodzilla:Working well,+ve change of jockey,has run benifit,will be in thick of action as it is running in favourable distance,but the weight is the main worry.
Punjabregiment:Surprise winner last time,workingwell,weight and distance may go against it.
Danzsingh:Prepared very well,running in pet distance,if on job will be the horse to be beaten.
Superbrand:Has run benifit,last run was easy but no trackwork after last run, hence ignored.
Flashytrend: Distance and company will be hindrance for this horse's winning..
Winningrays: Ran very well in its last outing,has the best chance of winning here.

Finally winning rays and danzsingh are expected to finish ahead of others.

Race7: Sugargold/Milliondeal

Man on fire:May try to run away with this race,weight will be the only blocking stone..
Prettyfit:+Ve change of equipment and jockey,running over pet distance but i doubt whether it can carry this weight.
Recast: Has the capacity to suprise.
Sugargold:Did all the running before being beaten to in form Millenuim queen in its last outing,with 100mts less has very good chance to register a win here.
Milliondeal:If not for outermost box this would have been my first choice,anyways will finish in place.

Finally a close finish is in store with sugargold,milliondeal,manonfire,recast and prettyfit expected to involved in that order.


Sitback and enjoy watching Oasis star running.

Race9: Pharlap-win

Accordion:Ordinary horse,ignore
Smartyprince:Always on baord in its last three outings,has services of top jockey,will try to force a win.
Pharlap:Very well prepared,should complete the formality.

Finally well prepared Pharlap should not have any trouble in winning here.



My jp: 1,8*2,3*4,10*2,3,5,8,10,12*9 = total 48 tickets.

Have a nice and wonderful day

Vinod vyas

My bets for Pune 16/08


Following will be my bets based on comments and selections by various tipster.

Win kainchi:Mustangsally(4-1)/Blacksaphire(5-10)/Thunderingtan(8-3)


Have a nice day


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hyderabad Selections 15th August

Hi all,
Card looks tricky.Some bigsuprises may prop up.Small time trainers will have field day with trainer Narayanrao having a decent chance to score a double.

Race1: Bourbonstar(2)-win

[Prob odds: Vijaysamrat-70/100,Bourbonstar-21/4 Lady escort-6/1]

Bourbonstar after his impressive second behind Classic Dorabella looks all set to register a win here.It will have to face a tiff resistence from Vijaysamrat.Timeon after 2 dismsayal performances has won a mockrace,looks to have improved but may not be able to make any major impact on the above said duo.Lady escort is working very well but will need this run.


[Probodds: Chamatkar-80/100,Retromagic-3/1,Almalawi-5/1]
Chamatkar is all set to score an easy win over this weak company.Almalawi looks good for place.



Even though Hyperkinetic won over very weak company it impressed most.Silverrose has services of top jockey but it is doubtful whether it can travel this distance.Goodspeed is habitiual slow starter and at this weight may not be able to make an impact.Powerranger will definetely finish in first three.Goldenshadow is ignored due to top weight.


[probodds: ivorysnow-evens,Blazingbounty-16/10,corpscommander-5 1/2]

My first selection would have been Blazingbounty but lately D Singh has not been riding properly,so ignored.Corpscommand will need this run and this distance also is bit sharp for his comfort.Siralmas is genuine darkhorse,running in favourable distance and will definetely be involved in finish.Ivorysnow at best may place.



Canopus after two easy runs looks to have improved,+ve change of equipment and jockey makes it a prime contender for top honours.Penumatcha is ordinary horse and inspite of services of topjockeyin past cud not win.Mizzna after his last run has stripped fitter but it will have fight with Canopus.Ignore Jaanbaaz at your own risk,is a live threat,place looks sure.


[Probodds:Boldblast-1 1/4,Vijaysamrat-19/10,Globalpresence-5/1]

Vijayraaj is cut above the rest and should easily win this race from Lanchashire and Boldblast. Vijayraaj ran in classic races both at bangalore and hyderabad finishing on board.It can win as it likes.Lanchashire is sure to finish second.


[probodds:Musicexpress-1 1/4,Starworld-1 3/4,Jugnu-3 1/2]

Torrestrella is very well poised to score in this set.Freakfantasy is drawn in innermost box and can run away with this race.In all probability touch and go between Torrestrella and Freakfantasy.Musicexpress is disadvantageously placed in outerbox.Royalassembly not here.Jugnu at best can place.


[Probodds:Baywatch babe-11/10,Indradhanush - 4 1/2,Alawal-5/1]

Race of Genuine class 1 DONKEYS.In absence of any worthy opponent Indradhanush inspite of being running for the first time this season can win.Rest all are unimpressive.Alawal tracks well but races poorly.


Double: Chamatkar(2-1)/Torrestrella(7-2)

Carried over amount of Rs4,63,495 will be added to the net jackpot pool.
My jp: 6,7/2,7/1,6,8/2,7/6,9 = Total 48 tickets

Carried over amount of Rs 26,457 will be added to 7th race Tanala.
7th race tanala:2,7/2,7,8/1,2,3,5,7,8,9 = total 20 tickets

Carriedover amount of Rs 60003 will be added to 5th rce Shp
5the race SHP:Jaanbaaz(8)

My Bets for Mysore(14/08)

Hi all

We are lucky to have access to works of honest,dedicated and very talented tipsters.I Respect everyones work,all are unique in their own style.I shortlist my bets after reading their postings and applying my logic.Following are my bets for todays races

Winkainchi: Winningattitude(1-3)/Sensitiveprince(5-6)/


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jockey Suresh:Obituary

It is very sad that Jockey Suresh whose name was familiar with racelovers here in Hyderabad and at other centres for over decade has passed away.May his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hyderabad 13/08(selections with Probable odds)

Hi all,
Trainer Satish and Vatsalya have a very good chance to score treble,while Jockey A.Imran Khan,Gnaneshwar,M.F.Alikhan have decent chance to score double in todays card.Following are my views for the races to be held here in hyd on Wednesday.


[Prob Odds: Metaculious(3)-12/10 Olympickingdom(4)-21/2

Vijaydhanush is judicously prepared,belongs to stable which prepares their horses best for first the run,will easily hoist the winning flag in this race.Olympic kingdom broke his blood vessel in its last run and one gets the feeling that it is not perfectly ready for a mile race.Encounter is dark horse in this small field,will love this step up distance and will follow vijaydhanush at the winning post.Meticulous may find this distance beyond his compass.


[Prob odds:Shesgotthelook(2)-12/10 Enforcement(4)-13/4
Cheetah he jeetah(3)-4/1]

Enforcement was quietly backed in its last outing, ran on to finish unextended sixth to Bellacool.This time it is entrusted to better jockey and can win in this poor bunch,only -ve point is that it is running within a shortspan of 9 days.Ignore last run of Montush(saddle slipped),is the best horse over this distance and can pose threat to one and all.Cheetah he jeetah may not be able to sustain itself over this distance.Shesgot the look has no chance .


[Prob odds: Fusionmusic(4)-2/1 Manonfire(2)-3/1 Nanowar(3)-31/4]

Fusionmusic led till beaten to Ivory snow ahead of Stormycommander and Coolspice(bothwinners),entrusted to top jockey here will vie for honours.It has to ward off the challenge of Nanowar who has benifit of run and +ve change of equipment.Nanowar has better credentials to win this race.Benazir is regularly seen in Gatepractises indicating that everything is not right with it,if it takes a level jump will definetely place.

Race4: Spectacularfalcon/Adamantapproach

Prob odds: Adamantapproach(5)-80/100,spectacalurfaclcon(10)-4/1
Restall above 6/1]

There will be a straight fight between Spectacular falcon and Adamant approach with former having clear advantage over latter owing to his superb winter form where it ran along good horses and has also beaten Adamant approach at higher handicap.Keep an eye on Jetexpress.Bottom weighted Truefashion will finish third.

Race5:Redfairy/Stroke of luck

[Prob odds: Redfairy(6)-13/10 Hurricanebay(1)-2/1
Stroleofluck(3)-4 1/2 southernspice(2)-6/1]

Redfairy has stripped fitter after forward run to sparsh,should easily win this race from stroke of luck and Cannontern.Cannontern has the best credentials to cause a major upset here.Stroke of luck with better saddle assistence will be in thick of action.My final selection would be Redfairy.


[Prob odds: Champforever(1)-60/100 Flybywire(2)-3 1/2
Doing my best(3)-41/2]

Smartyprince and Royalguard both are equally toprated in this terms race with Champforever just 1 point i.e 1/2 kg behind.Champforever is in rousing form and it will impossible for anyone to catch it.Flybywire needs mile,this distance is bit sharp for it.Smartyempire ran some good races in winter and by virtue of being toprated should place.

Race7: Toofanexpress/Flashytrend

[Prob odds: Fabalouscrown(3)-12/10 Huntingbay(3)-3 1/2 Globalpresence(1)-5/1 Flashytrend(9)-4 1/2 ]

Most open race of the day with as many as 4 contenders fighting for honours.My choice is Toofan express who is working very very well,had a brezzing at Bangalore,running in favourable distance and is at tidy handicap.Ignore the last run of Flashy trend where it ran unextended in tough company,here it will definetely extend its best.Globalpresence had +ve change of equipment and allowance claiming jockey,is running over his pet distance,is sure to place.If redfairy fails for any reason in race 5 then Fabalous crown will also come into contention.Overall a very competitive race,i will put my money on Toofanexpress Eachway.

Race8: Onemission/Amazingconquest

[Prob odds: Cleverploy(2)-90/1o0 Onemission(1)-2 3/4]

One mission was seen running very well in its last outing,+ve change of equipment indicates that it will be tried here,can win. Bottom weighted Amazing conquest if allowed to run will finish in First two.Royal assembly is the dark horse,was very consistent in winter,fit evident by trialworks can cause a upset here,place looks sure.

Race9: Millenuinqueen/Golden sabot

[prob odds: Goldensbot(1)-13/10 Millenuimqueen(5)- 2 1/2
Private dancer(3)-5/1]

Millenuim queen after his impressive victory last week is now at the rating of 16.A win here can ensure a berth in higher category.Iam confident that in present form and fitness,connections would definetely want her to move upward.Goldensabot will again have to play the role of bridesmaid.Moneycare is for place.

Daysbest:Spectacularfalcon(4-10)/Champforever(6-1) [good double]

Treble: Spectacularfalcon(4-10)/Redfairy(5-6)/Millenuimqueen(9-5)

Eachwaybets: Toofanexpress(7-11)/Amazingconquest(8-10)

Place Roll: Benazir(3-5)/Truefashion(4-12)/Cannontern(5-7)/Globalpresence(7-1)
Royal assembly(8-4)/Moneycare(9-2)

My jackpot would be 6/1,2,3/1,3,9,11/1,4,10/5 = 36 tickets.

Have a nice and profitable day

Vinod vyas

Expected opening odds Hyd 12/08

Race 1: Vijayrath(6)-0.6

Race2: Sprintchamp(10)-21/4
Greenhaven(8) -3/1
Vijaysena(6) -5/1

Race3: Strategicpartner(3)-16/10
Rubenstein(2) -23/4
Lalapitus(5)- 4/1


Race5: Baby oh baby(4)-21/2

Race6: Superbrat(2)-21/4

Race7: Crocodile hunter(7)-17/10

Race8: Fuedallord(4)-17/10
Iceman(1)- 3 1/4
Mrchief(5) -6/1

Race9: Redriverrebel(10)-7/10
Rest all above 6/1

P.S : pls scroll down for comments and selections on todays race.

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