Saturday, December 20, 2014

Racing----Loosing its sheen

Indian racing i feel is loosing its sheen

Poor fields, unplayable odds and out of doldrums winner have become norm

When was the last time we picked a card and said yes this is good card, even if we pinpoint  a winner bookies offer so low odds that we are forced to look for other options

Hyd card has 50%  entries which run within week,half of the field is clear non jobber,where is the competition factor.Most of the stables play musical chair game, one week one,next week other one

Bangalore racing is going downwards, big owners have backed out,poor quality of new crop,plus the rumour that a certain Mafia controls outcome of races here

Mumbai racing still holds some hope and value

Many of my friends have shifted their focus to international racing due to shitty odds our races offer.It is laughable that we have races with money back favs

On the positive side it is good because it will put off many hardcore racing buffs,they can return to their normal life