Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Prejudice and False Notions

Hi All!! Maybe A Story But Very True.............

In The Diwali Vacation, My Friend And Couple Of His Friends Had Gone To Delhi .

They Rented A Taxi For Local Sight-Seeing. The Driver Was An Old Sardar, And Boys Being Boys, Sudhanshu And His Pals Began Cracking Sardarji Jokes, Just To Instigate The Old Man. But To Their Surprise, The Fellow Remained Unperturbed.

At The End Of The Sight-Seeing, They Paid Up The Hire-Charges. The Sardar Returned The Change. Moreover, He Gave Each One Of Them One Rupee Extra And Said, (In Hindi, Of Course),
''Son, Since Morning You Have Been Telling Sardarji Jokes. I Listened To Them All And Let Me Tell You, Some Of Them Were In A Very Bad Taste. Still, I Don't Mind Coz I Know That You Are Young Blood And Are Yet To See The World. But I Have Just One Request. Here I Am Giving You One Rupee Each. Give It To The First Sardar Beggar That You Come Across In This City."

Sudhanshu Continued," That One Rupee Coin Is Still With Me. I Couldn't Find A Single Sardar Begging On The Streets Of Delhi ."

Friends, We All Love Sardar Jokes. But The Fact Of Matter Is That Sikhs Are One Of The Most Prosperous And Diversified Communities In The World.

The Secret Behind Their Universal Success, According To Me, Is Their Willingness To Do Any Job With Utmost Dedication. A Sardar Will Drive A Truck Or Set Up A Roadside Garage Or A Dhaba, But He Will Never Beg On The Streets

PS: Found this on net,found very interesting so shared here

We all suffer from prejudices and pre notions about everything we come across in our life. Swamy Vivekananda said a man who cannot think is a slave who cannot prosper or be happy

Finally never forget the adage

The Day we stop asking Why
We Die!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Racing----Loosing its sheen

Indian racing i feel is loosing its sheen

Poor fields, unplayable odds and out of doldrums winner have become norm

When was the last time we picked a card and said yes this is good card, even if we pinpoint  a winner bookies offer so low odds that we are forced to look for other options

Hyd card has 50%  entries which run within week,half of the field is clear non jobber,where is the competition factor.Most of the stables play musical chair game, one week one,next week other one

Bangalore racing is going downwards, big owners have backed out,poor quality of new crop,plus the rumour that a certain Mafia controls outcome of races here

Mumbai racing still holds some hope and value

Many of my friends have shifted their focus to international racing due to shitty odds our races offer.It is laughable that we have races with money back favs

On the positive side it is good because it will put off many hardcore racing buffs,they can return to their normal life

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dark is beautiful

On 10th December which was my wedding anniversary i along with my wife and children went to Inorbit mall situated in Hitech city,Hyderabad

In that mall there is a unique theme park called Dialogue with the darkness.Our first impression about it was that it may be a scary house like thing.We were relieved of all our belongings and taken into a place which was absolutely dark,we just could not see anything, even color of my shirt.A voice from inside addressed us saying he will be our tour guide and will be taking us along thru that place.We were given sticks which would aid us to walk

I have morbid fear of darkness,i was breathing heavily and sweating profusely, tour guide came near me,put his hand on my shoulders and said,"Don't worry,nothing will happen, this is absolutely safe, just follow my voice"

We reached  kitchen, could identify spices, vegetables from its smell.We were now excited and enjoying the new experience. Further reached a small store where we bought biscuits and soft drinks,  were handed back the change which we later found was exactly correct

We walked thru garden, my son played cricket,  had coffee in the restaurant, my daughter and son had a dance in Disco---all in complete darkness.

 After 45 mins tour ended .We were astonished to know that our tour guide was actually a blind person .What he said that moment changed our way of thinking forever.He said," in last 45 mins you have experienced what i feel forever, u have lived my life"

We were speechless,saw him smiling and walking into oblivion into the busy mall towards the exit gate It seems his job for the day ended and was heading home, all alone without any help!!!

In the car we all were silent and just thinking .My otherwise bubbly and talkative daughter was silent,after sometime broke the silence saying," Papa,blind people are great".I nodded head affirmatively

We hardly value what we have. We always rue for what we don't have.Just relax and think we are blessed with so many things.Let's celebrate what we have!!!