Friday, July 31, 2009

Pune 1st August Selections


Following are my views for Pune races.I have shortlisted 4 probables for each races based on my system,will give pointers for each of them and my final pick.

Race1:My Pet Honey(6)/Easter Lily(8)

(6)My Pet Honey:Has good initial speed,will find this feather weight and short straight of Pune to its advantage and winner has to beat her.
(8)Easter Lily:Non winner till date,best performance till date is finishing 3 lengths behind winner in lower class,outermost box hinders its chances further,in this poor set still has chance.
(5)Fascination:Coming from Kolkotta with out any participation,one gets the feeling it needs distance,can place in this poor set.
(2)Lucky honey:Winner of Mockrace,non winner for last three years,difficult to bet on a horse which earlier displayed fractious behaviour,if fancied can be ignored for win.


(5)Estevez:Was in forward condition in both starts,impressed in final track work,will be hard to beat.
(3)Carmen:Offsprings of Ikhtyar have failed to deliver,ran good forward races to superior horses ,prepared systematically,will run at cramped odds,can fail.
(2)Appalina:Good fourth to Amoremia on Debut and then good forward run in Forbes million,emerges as good upset bet,place looks certain.
(7)Perpetuation:Neither last two runs nor preparation impresses at best can place due to jockey.


(2)Triunfo:Has outstanding chance in this set to clear maiden status,good win bet.
(5)Desert Queen:Nothing impressive in last two runs,regular easy track works,at best can place due to jockey merit.
(3) Blumarine:Improving with every run,impressive trackwork,place looks certain.
(8)River Route:If not for Appu had chances.

Race4:Arts(1)/Creme de le creme(3)

(1) Arts:Ran in graded races,looks best of lot,prepared well,but 2 points go against him a)Top weight b)Outer box.Has nothing to beat in this except for Creme de La creme which will set hot pace and try to run away.
(2)Creme de le creme:Won impressively last time,advanegously drawn in innermost box,will run away and can win if Arts fail to catch her.
(4) Check Her Out:Has right credentials to place.
(9) Adams Law:Did all the running before being beaten on post in its last outing in lower class,at best can only place.

Race5: First Empire(5)/Ciambossi(4)

(5) First Empire:Ignore last run,working well with Blks and sporting the same for race,has good chance in this tough set.
(4)Ciambossi:Will try to run away and can hold on to runner up berth.
(3)Imperio:Impressive winner of lower class,can only hope to place in this higher set.
(9)Solskjaer:Good long shot place bet.

Race6:Algorithms(8)/Star attraction(2)

(8) Algorithms:Ignore its run in Kolkotta,prepared very well,loves Pune track and can win.
(2) Star attraction:Has only to beat Algorithims.
(4)Classic Star: Good longshot place bet.
(1)Generalissimo: Running on demotion has good chance to place.

Race7:Casual look(11)/Sepia Tone(8)

(11) Casual look: Ignore last run,has good chance in its same age group,good upset bet.
(8)Sepia Tone: Endowed with good initial speed,prepared well and has good chance to win.
(2)Amberley: Will lead the all way till being caught,place looks certain.
(1) Arabian Pride: Will place,may need longer distance for win.

Race8:Secret agenda(9)/Mrs Jones(1)

(9) Secret agenda:Working very well with Blks and sporting the same for race,runs best till 1000mts,has good chance to win.
(1) Mrs Jones: Has good initial speed,may place.
(3) The First Lady: Non winner till date,can only hope to place.
(6)Chak De: Working well,can upset.


Good bets:
My Pet Honey,First Empire,Secret agenda


1 4 2 8 1
3 5 4 9 9
8 11

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bangalore 31stJuly selections


Following appeals to me for Friday Bangalore races.


Race2:Simply Phenomenal(4)-Win

Race3:Best time(7)-Win

Race4:Palazzio's Sun(4)-Win


Race6:Mighty Monarch(3)-Win



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bangalore 30th July selections


Following are my selections for Thursday bangalore races.

Race1:Excellent ability(3)-Win

Excellent ability warms up late and in this poor set looks home and dry,good win bet.Luminousgold is best suited for 1200mts,will not sustain over this distance.Man united can place.Pleasant Glory can only hope to place.

Race2:New Pastures(1)-Win

Newpastures has best credentials to win this race.Trackwonder and Isinbayeva can fill remaining berths.

Race3:Amazing Ray(6)-Win

On basis of its second to Astral flash at Mumbai and subsequent runs in graded races this season,Well prepared Amazingray looks outstanding and should win this race easily.Leave to me can only finish second.Target Achiever can place at longer odds.


Zaios was impressive winner and can repeat again in this set.Smart N Special comes as next best and will place.Easy is knocking on the door for sometime and can raise winning flag here,place looks certain.


Tightly handicapped race with Firezone having slight advantage over Silken Thomas and Starwave.Starwave is now running with Blks and has good chance to beat Firezone.

Race6:Movie Queen(10)-Win/Shp

Movie Queen has slender advantage over Zafar who looks place certainity.Colonel Duff does not impress and can only place.

Race7:Royal Bank(7)-Win

Royalbank is well prepared and shapes as another good bet of the day.So Much More and Ready To Mingle will follow.

Race8:Brigade's Passion(1)/Goldcrown(3)

Race is restricted to this two.Goldcrown has ran with superior horses and in this set faces threat only from Brigade's passion who won impressively last time and conitinues to be in fine nick.Black Splendour is good long shot place bet.



Place:Target Achiever,Zaios, Zafar,Black Splendour

Have a nice day

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hyderabad 29th July selections

Hi all,

Following are my views for Hyderabad races to be held on Wednesday.Card does not look exciting.Laxman singh will score good double along with Ex cricketer turned trainer Anantvatsalya.Trainer Narayan rao has also chance to open his account for this season in opening event of the day.

Race1:King of court(4)-Win

Ignore last run of King of court in juvenile million,earlier was seen moving impressively in Darley Arabian Millionstakes,has been prepared well and should win this race.Vijayfamme was sacrified for stablemate Vijaysiddantin its last outing,had been off track for too long and looks to be underprepared,hence can be ignored for win.Hide and seek has done nothing worthy in Bangalore,may place only.Kansascitymac if fancied can be ignored for win.Style ikon is lethargic slow starter,hence cannot be trusted.

Race2:Rudolph Valentino-Win/SHP

Elpaso will be hot market fancy on basis of its win in Bangalore.Closer look at that race reveals that except for Alacrity rest all where hopeless non jobbers in that race.Earlier in Winter was winner of Barb stakes beating quality opposition.Can it loose?? The points which goes against it a)Top weight b)lowest Rating of 69 c)Pitched against seasoned and proven opponents d)Struggles to be with pace initially.Let us analyse which horse can beat it.

Lady Escort:Choice of jockey is clear indication.
Copertina:Not in class,but does well at lower weight,can place at best.
Rudolph Valentino:Top rated,Ran good races with superior horses,has chance to beat Elpaso.
Kingsize:Wee bit lethargic slow starter and will not be able to hold on till end with this weight.
Indiandancer:Was unlucky in winter,runs well with fresh legs,likes Monsoon track and can pose serious threat to Elpaso.

All said and done, i strongly believe that Elpaso is not invincible and can be beaten either by Indian dancer or Rudolphvalentino.Elpaso will run at cramped odds hence a win/shp bet on Rudolphvalentino and Indiandancer will reap rich dividends.


Bad race with poor performers.Debonair has best credentials to win this race if it takes level jump.Taste of india is genuine upset horse.Penumatcha is not genuine performer as per his trainer and can be ignored as it is unprepared.Cat Of The Course will need this run.Coolspice will place ahead of Milleniumqueen.

Race4:Madho(9)/Golden Sabot(5)

Choice of jockeys on Ldsilva's horses clearly reveal his intentions.Spectacular hero,Deccanpassion and Scorcher will not be able to sustain this distance.Golden Sabot is eternal failure but in this group has good chance,it only has to overtake Madho who has good initial speed and in this set of Non jobbers will lead all the way.Narwhal finished third on opening day because not many were keen,looks difficult here.


Caligatae looks home and dry in this set of non jobbers.Alukhas had best chances but was winner with A shoes and choice of jockey is puzzling,yet in this set will place for sure.Ivorysnow comes up with a rattle and the hot pace of this race will be disadvantegous.Firebender has good initial speed but not prepared.Chamatkar is ignored due to choice of jockey.

Race6:Bundleofroses(3)/Kohinoor diamond(2)

Race is restricted to Kohinoor diamond,Bentota and Bundleofroses.Kohinoordiamond will lead al the way and if others wake up too late,can win.Bundleofroses runs well with fresh legs,last run can be ignored as it could not position itself properly due to hot pace and wall of horses,has good chances to win this race.Bentota warms up late,if King of court wins in first race then it can be backed confidently or else can be ignored.


Mightyprince faces no threat and should easily win this race.Jia Yoh Jia Yoh may finish second.India gate can place at longer odds.Musicvalley has problem of hanging out.


Mrchief should easily score in this set of non jobbers.Greenvision is the one which has capability to upset even in this sprint.Easy touch will fill remaining berth.

Daysbest:King of court(1-4)

Double:King of court(1-4)/Caliagatae(5-5)

Best 3 bets{Depending upon odds win or E/w}:

Best 3 place bets: Indiandancer,
Golden Sabot,Alukhaas


2 2

5 3 3 1 3
9 5 5

6 7

8 8

Have a nice day

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mysore 28th July selections


Following appeal to me for Mysore races to be held on Tuesday.

Race1:Romantic Design(2)/Mahseer(6)

Race is restricted to top 2 horses.Romantic design is well prepared,with +ve switch of shoes and jockey has decent chance to win.Topweighted Cadre Noir may not be able to carry this weight,but will be involved in final finish.Masurathi is place certainity.Mahseer is genuine upset horse.

Race2:Sign Of Luck(8)/Don'tforgetmaumann(11)

Sign Of Luck stands out in this set and should easily win this race atleast by 3 lengths.Alpha Centauri will extend its best and looks place certainity.Don'tforgetmaumann now runs without "Blks" and will place.Cannon Target with +ve change of shoes may upset in this lower set but has to beat signofluck.Saddlepoint has age in favour but no two runs were same hence ignored.

Race3:Father's Glory(10)/Prettyyashyashvini(2)

Nothing seperates Son Of Fortune and Father's Glory.I opted for Fathersglory as it showed good improvement in last race,now with "Bllks" will surely extend its best lest his trainer may again be in soup for giving contradicting runs.Son Of Fortune displayed plenty of initial speed in its trackwork and should be involved in final finish with Fathersglory.Pocket Dynamite at best can place due to jockey merit.Prettyyashyashvini has good chance to upset,place looks certain.

Race4:Green Passion(9)/Azazel(8)

Green Passion has very good chance to win this race and emerges as another good bet of the day.Stornway with +ve switch of jockey will extend its best in this lower class,has to beat greenpassion.Golden Kiss is working well and should place.Azazel is genuine upset horse.Kaliyug Raja has been brought down in class after long compaign,looks fit but will not be able to carry this weight.Southleo is the another one which has been prepared very well and with +Ve switch of jockey and shoes may be fancied but looks difficult.

Race5:Always For You(10)/The gain(5)
Always For You is at tidy handicap,well prepared and has slender advantage over The gain who is rousing form and will extend its best for Hatrick.Windsor Square will place ahead of Sandokan.

Race6:Pal Joey(5)/Forever grande(12)

Paljoey runs unopposed and should easily win this race.Bottom weighted Forever grande may try to pose some threat but at best can finish second.Stampede has been prepared well and can place.

Race7:Raider's Sun(1)/Time To Celebrate

Raider's Sun displayed devastating turn of foot in its last run and there is should not be any doubt why it will not do here,good win bet.Time To Celebrate will extend its best and looks good for place only.Lyra may not be able to beat above said duo,only place.Of the rest none impress.

Race8:Roto Rooa(12)/Karumba(2)

Ignore last run of Roto Rooa,has outstanding chance to win this race.Karumba will place.Show N Tell is good longshot place bet.Brave Arjun will extend its best but has to beat Rotorooa.Suleman Pasha has been prepared very well,will try to run away,lacks punch,can be ignored.Janasheen never won a race over this distance and is best suited for 1200mts.Kar O Bar is failed fav in lower category and does not impress here.

Race9:I Wanna Fly(10)/Charing Cross(8)

I Wanna Fly is in rousing form and can complete hatrick,very few horses win immediately in shorter distance.Ignore last run of Charing Cross,has very good chance in same age group and if I wanna fly decides not "fly" this time then Charingcross will be winner.Turbo babe will place.Time is life will not sustain till end.Chocolate Brownie is bad carrier of Top weight,all its win were in optimum handicaps.If fancied Pennytweedy can be ignored for win.

Race10:Royal Hawk(3)/Cruise Control(12)

The Force won well but in same age group,hence Royalhawk gets first preference.Cruisecontrol is at tidy handicap to make an impression and place looks certain.Mr Sunrise with +ve change of shoes and good preparation has a chance to upset,place looks certain..Missiszippy is in rousing form but A MILE RACE is alltogether different ball game,hence it would be wise to watch it run over this distance once.Goldenflowers is winner of lower class and looks difficult for win.

Daysbest:Sign Of Luck(2-8)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bangalore 26th July selections


Following are my views for sunday's bangalore races.

Race1:Great Chieftan(2)/Mexikan Wave(10)

Greatchieftan has displayed good finishin over 7 furlongs,now running in lower class with +ve change of shoes,will fight it out and emerges as good bet.Mexicanwave will place for sure and can win also.Victoria does not impress inspite of strong rider astride.Attaturk has failed to show any form.

Race2:Devil Grandma(4)/Mojo(1)

Devil Grandma ran good race on debut to Alaric which went on to win again,is fit and should easily win this race.Mojo is working well and with +ve change of shoes merits strong attention but will have to catch Devilgrandma.One trackminded can place due to jockey merit.

Race3:Voodoo Moon(5)/Nearco Master(11)

Voodoo moon ran well with better horses,is working well and stands good chance to win this set.Nearcomaster is in forward condition and will place for sure.Pinaaki looks good for negative bet.

Race4:Lush Lashes(6)/Step In Style(3)

Alcestis merits attention on its impressive second to Lone ranger,its owner Abdul Azeez who is from hyd had good win on Alaric on Saturday,if it is backed in ring then one can have a confident bet or else just forget it.Lush Lashes has improved a lot as evident by good initial speed displayed in final track and will run a good race.Amazingqueen's forward is puzzle as its bloodlines suggests it needs longer distance,may be this are preparatory runs for mysore.Step In Style's trackwork of July 21 where it is beating Bourbonbay{r71} by 3 lengths merits strong attention and has good chance to win this race.

Race5:Your Destiny(5)/Vayuputra(2)

Yourdestiny was seen finishing on well in its last run,+ve change of shoes are indication that it will be tried and should be involved in finish with Vayuputra.Monarchial will place for sure.


Leonardo missed out derby run due to non winner status,has good chance to win this race.Corbett is good longshot place bet.Gyspy magic should improve a lot.Bourbon Bay looks to have improved and can upset,do not ignore for JP.

Race7:Gift A Diamond(10)/Undue(11)

Gift A Diamond is prepared very well,ran good races last season,last run was forward,+ve change of shoes and jockey reveals its connections intention to strike,hence good win bet.Undue is long due for win,do not get mislead by choice of jockey,will be there at busy end,good place bet.


Race is restricted to this two with former holding clear advantage due to impressive last run and good preparation.Nox will fight till end and can hold to runner berth.Six shooter blotted his image by loosing pretty ordinarily,will have to put up a bold fight to restamp his class.Desdemona is the one which one can upset all calculations.If u r looking for huge pay out place bet then opt for Marianella.

Race9:Phoenix Reach(7)/The contender(2)

Flaming Lamborgini has won over weak opposition earlier,looks very difficult here.Phoenix Reach won impressively last time,continues to be in fine nick and can win again.The contender is running in apt distance and should be there at busy end.Sun Zone is rank outsider place bet.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Bangalore 25th July selections


Following appeal to me for Bangalore races.

Race1:Showhorse(2)/Worth a million(5)

Bad race.Real gladiator and Spark of Salerno have not done anything worthy to merit a upper hand.I first pick is Showhorse who showed good movement in first run of this race,subsequent runs were unextended,will run a good horse and worth each way bet.Worth a million has good chance to place.


Icemint is tracking very well and should not much difficulty in picking this race.I do not prefer youngster of MAM with steel shoes,at best can place.Gordian Knot will fill remaining berth.

Race3:Flashing Crown(4)

Flashing Crown is beating Luminousgold{r53} in track by 5 lengths,should find this shorter distance suitable,good win bet.Admiranda will place purely because small trainers try all out at fag end of season.Persian rock at best can place.Stormchaser is tracking well and now running with "blks" but P S Chouhan and top weight does not inspire confidence.

Race4:Rugged beauty(4)

Rugged beauty is all set to register a well deserved victory in this set.Noblesacrifice won well but now running with -ve change of shoes,can be ignored.Cayenne wil not be able to carry this weight.Ticket To Ride will place.


Tomsk runs literally unopposed and should easily win.Western Command is the only entry of this trainer clearly indicating they r not on Job.Afea is long shot place bet.

Race6:Henry's Secret(3)

Conventional racing wisdom says "Never touch a horse which wins in longer distance and runs in shorter distance in next race",it is bound to fail,its not like that it will never win in shorter distance but will not be able to perform in immediate run.On that count iam ignoring Spandauballet.Henry's Secret is my first pick to win this race.If u r looking for long shot place bet then opt for Duckworth.

Race7:Hurricane Bolt(3)

Hurricane Bolt with +ve change of shoes and Jockey appeals most and will win this race.Senora Encima is entrusted to weak jockey without any prepartion,expecting a un prepared filly to carry top weight is wishful thinking.Alaric was well prepared last time,smart money was on it,now running without preparation,much will depend upon movement of its odds.

Race8:Spring A Surprise(1)

Spring A Surprise ran unextended in strong company of Frozenfire and Sansperil,in this set looks very good and should win this race.Flower Alley,unprepared and with V R Jagdeesh looks very difficult.Criminal Lawyer is improving with very run and make Spring a surprise "earn" his win.Spark of joy will fill remaining berth.

Daysbest:Flashing Crown(3-4)

Pune 24th July selections



Following appeals to me for Pune races.


Suddenimpact's lone win was in Pune,will do well again here,good upset bet.Expensive Affair has won a race two years back in same class beating all non jobbers,was seen struggling to be with pace in its last run,may "blks" will help him this time.Can can needs more ground.


Lack of any worthy opponent makes Astral's job lot easy.Golden Kingdom is endowed with good initial speed and will hold on to runner up berth,good SHP and place bet.


Riyasat no doubt is cut above the rest if we take Oaks win in consideration but here at weight of 64 looks difficult to me and emerges as good lay bet.Do not forget before winning Oaks it could not beat Chios due to top weight.Ming emerges as front line contender to upset Riyasat's chances.

Race4:Highlandglory(9)/Absolutely reality(5)

Highland glory stands clear in this set and should not have much difficulty in tackling Absolutely reality who will do all the running and can hope to place.Patekphillepes is tracking with "Blks",but not sporting the same for race,can be ignored.Forbeslist is genuine performer,last run was dismayal raising doubts over his capability over 7 furlongs.Catayst is best suited for mumbai.Saltoro running after long layoff of 9 months.Telstar may find this distance bit sharp.

Race5:Prime Time(3)-Win

Ignore debut run of Prime time against Versaki,has been prepared very well and should win this race.Of all the first time runners only Aesthetics has been decently prepared.Our fortune merits attention due to pleasing trackwork but riding of B prakash has been below par for last few months,hence ignored.

Race6:Highland Warrior(5)/Redchilli(1)

Tattenhoe comes top in contention but i do not prefer horses which get beaten in final track hence iam opting for Highlandwarrior who will lead all the way and can hold till end.Red Chilli is the one which can upset,do not ignore.Redcloud is ignored due to lack of preparation which i feel is not the winning pattern of N Lagad.



Have a niceday

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

23rd July Hyderabad and Pune selections

Hi all,

Following are my views for second day of Hyderabad Monsoon season.Card looks decent and follwers of favourites can reap rich dividends.

Race1:Siphsalar(4)-win Chemeli(5)-Upset

Sipah salar is best of lot on paper and appears to be clear winner but has to be careful with Chemeli who displayed good turn of foot in winter and is fit as evident by impressive trackwork,can upset.Meritous has good initial speed and will place for sure.

Race2:Vijaysarthi(5)-Win Kohinoordelight(10)-Upset

Vijaysarthi has advantage of run benifit at bangalore,will be hot market fancy,can win.Kohinoor delight gave good runs in winter and has best chance to upset.Kansas citymac is place certainity.

Race3:Southern Queen(9)-Win Kohinoormagic(8)-Upset

Southernqueen is hiding true form and in this set looks good.Kohinoor magic has changed stables,working well now running with +ve change of shoes,can upset.Execute can place.The scot gave forward run over longer distance,may be fancied here but can be ignored for win.

Race4:Lone Ranger(4)-Win

Loneranger is cut above the rest and will win this race without much difficulty.Grandrapids may hope to pose some threat,but can only finish second.Secretassest is good place bet.

Race5:Zycon(11)-Win Suchiman(8)-Upset

Bangalore returned horses will previal in this race.Suchiman has beaten Vendetta and El paso which went on to win in 60-85 class at bangalore.Vendetta ran good races in winter beating Scubario which finished second behind Forestflair ahead of classy Six shooter in Juveniles millionstakes at bangalore.Both are prepared well but they have to beat the duo of Zycon and Above the line which will set up hot pace.I expect Zycon to set up a hot pace and can hold on till end.

Race6:Grey Shot(3)-Win Stormy Gladiator(13)-Upset

Greyshot appeals most inspite of -ve change of shoes.Stormy Gladiator is the one which can upset.If fancied Bakersfield can be ignored as earlier it failed to win even in Non winners group.Kohinoor magic has tendency of hugging rails,hence will not be able to do well.Stormcommand and Allegation have changed stables and hence it would not be wise to consider a win bet on them.Rubyrouge does not impress.


On basis of its win in bangalore and subsquent trackwork Aphrodisiac has outstanding chances to win this race.Scubarioo has earlier beaten Aphrodisiac but will have to show lot of improvement to beat him now.Chestnut Charmer has good chance to place.


Race is restricted to Vijayraaj,Coralgables and Champforever.My final vote goes to Vijayraaj who has slender advantage due to handicap advantage.

Race9:Bundleofroses(5)-Eachway Englishindian(13)-Upset

Upset race.Dating won twice in winter but over weak company.Bundle of roses runs well with fresh legs and has good chance to upset.ujjaini will lead all the way till being petered out,ignore for win.Tiara is one eyed horse and runs erratically falling on other horses during race,if Jockey John can handle it then it may win.If u r looking for rank outsider then opt for English indian.



Best three Eachwaybets:Zycon,Vijayraaj,Bundleofroses

Best three place bets:
Kansas citymac,Secretassest,Chestnut Charmer

3 1
1 2
8 3 6 3 3
11 13
7 4




Following appeals to me for Pune races to be held on Thursday.

Race1:Almohara(11)/Royal Hunter(6)

Ignore Mumbai runs of Almohara,should run a good race and deserves each way bet.Royal Hunter will do all the running,place looks certain.Morpheus comes top in contention but can be ignored due to no track work and unsuitability of this short distance.Mypethoney has good initial speed and will relish Pune track,but i do not prefer horses which get beaten by same class horse in final trackwork.For rank outsider dont look beyond Starglaze.

Race2:The giant(4)/Thanda(2)

The giant is entrusted to STF specialist and should lead all the way till being caught which is unlikely.Thanda can upset.Foreveramber lacks winnin punch,hence ignored.

Race3:Palme Dor(3)/Hymns To Freedom(2)

Dash for cash race.Palme Dor is my first pick to win this race fromHymns To Freedom.Secret Admirer will not relish short straight of Pune.

Race4:Confiserie(7)/River Pride(5)

Youngsters race,can go anyway.First name ran suggestively in its debut,working well thereafter and can win from Riverpride.

Race5:Palermo(9)/Talk Of The Town(5)

Palermo looks to be prepared well and should be in fighting along with Talk Of The Town who inspite of weak jockey merits attention.River Blitz can only hope to place.

Spitz looks clear winner,good win bet.Generalissimo is place certainity along with Amberogio.

Race7:White Hart Lane(3)/Shodaan(7)
Whitehartlane is non winner till date and can hope to clear maiden status in this race,however it will have to ward off challenge of Shodaan who has been prepared very well and will fight every inch of ground.Musical rthym will place.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hyderabad opening day selections

Hi all,

Large number of horses have accepted to run on opening event.It would be really impossibe to pick up a clear winner.I have followed this rules for elimination.

  1. MAM camp dont do well on Amavasya,hence all his horses are not considered.
  2. Trainer Narayan Rao does not try his horses without adequate preparation.
  3. Prasad raju usually throws one big upset on opening day,so watch out all his mounts irrespective of jockey astride.
  4. Trainer K Srinivas has prepared his wards very well and can be backed irrespective of jockey astride.

Race1:Pythagoras(3)-Win Partydoll(9)-Place

Pythagoras ran good forward races to superior horses which went on to win again and one of them even ran in Bangalore derby,monsoon track will be favourable and should return as winner.The Beatles Angel warms up wee bit late,is keeping fit,should run a good race and if Pythagoras peters out,then it can grab winning berth.Party Doll is hiding true form,is fit and can upset,place looks certain.Auburn Star is well bred,regular in tracks for last 4 days,but will find this distance sharp.

Race2:Smrithiman(10)-Win Currency Chest(2)-Place

Smrithiman is Best of lot,ran good races,only worry is lack of proper preparation,yet looks very good for win bet.Chimney ran poor races in winter,now with aid of "TS" will do well in this monsoon track,Place looks certain.Currency Chest is Working well,will be in thick of action,should place.Atahualpa does not impress here.

Race3:Gallant Prince(2)-Win Indianarmy(15)-Place

Al Malawi comes top in contention but ignored due to weak jockey and nonimpressive track workGallant Prince good forward run to Beequick at Bangalore which went to win again,should easily win this race if the intentions of stables are not otherwise.Victorous Sally is endowed with good initial speed,advantageously drawn in innermost box,will set up a hot pace,may not be able to sustain till end,so can be ignored for win.Pure Magic is working very well but running with -ve change of shoes,will place for sure.Al jeezan is not better than Gallant prince,has good initial speed,will be right there,place looks certain.Indianarmy is good long shot place bet.

Race4:Global Presence(6)-Eachway Cefiro-place

Globalpresence comes top in contention and will be right there,good each way bet.Glaring Godzilla has lost form completely and it would pay to watch its run here.Red Fairy will not be able to make any impression due to outer box.Fabalous crown can be ignored for win.Cefiro can place at longer odds.Iaepetus is tracking well,will not relish hot pace of this race,hence looks difficult.

Race5:Kohinoor Diamond(3)-Eachway Manon fire-place

Poor bunch of runners.My first pick is Kohinoor Diamond who is working well,drawn in innermost box and should make all the running.Jayjay will try to run away at this feather weight,will not go down without fight,hence place is certain.Manon fire will place at nourishing odds ahead of golden flame who may need more ground.

Race6:Cannon Scot(6)-Eachway Star Spellbound-place
Superbrand comes top in contention but drawn in outermost box hence can be ignored for win.Cannon Scot is my first pick to win this race from Walk In The Park who has ran along with superior horses.Star Spellbound is genuine upset horse,do not ignore for JP.

Race7:Hospitality(7)-Eachway King Of Habashe(4)-Place
Sugarlady is best of lot,has changed stables so we cannot take previous form as guiding factor.Hospitality has beaten sugarlady,working well and should be in thick of action and emerges as good each way bet.King Of Habashe will place at longer odds.Jugnu has right credentails to be in top 4.Royal Dignitary warms up late and will need more distance.

Race8:One In All(13)-Eachway Doingmybest-place
Spymate comes top in contention but jockey is medicore hence can be ignored.Lanchashire comes as next best but needs hard riding and that cannot be expected from this rider.One in all is at tidy handicap and is worth each way bet.Proudaccolade won with A shoes and now,hence can be ignored for win.Dancing touch has good races,working well and should be in fighting line.
Doingmybest has ran good races and will place.Power Play ran very good races last monsoon,failed to deliver on winter track,can upset,do not ignore atleast for jp.

Race9:Heyden(8)-Eachway Hari Har Priya(7)-Place

Very tightly handicapped race with nearly 8 horses expected to finish within 1 length.My first pick is Heyden who ran good races in winter,working regularly and merits a each way bet.Watch out for trend,if any of Prasad raju's horse wins earlier then green vision will be on job.Colourful has been prepared well but i do feel it will not be able to make any impression as it is wee bit lethargic.Hariharpriya will lead the all way and can hold on to place berth.Southernspice at best can place.Girl of love warms up late and will find this distance sharp,can be ignored for win



Best three each way bets:Globalpresence,Kohinoordiamond and Heyden

Best three place bets:Partydoll,Currencychest and Doing my best

3 3 1 6 4
5 6 7 7 8

9 14


Hyderabad Monsoon season all set to start on Wednesday

Hi all,

I Welcome u all to Hyd Monsoon season.

Iam back to where i belong after trying my luck in higher class{Mumbai&Bangalore}.Nothing much has changed this season except for nominal increase in stake money.

Very strangely Hyd season starts on unauspicous day of Amavasya and Solar eclipse.Agreed solar eclipse will end by 10am but still it would have been better if they could have delayed it by a day.

Rails seperating sandtrack and main track have been removed,may be to accomodate huge field of runners which have accepted to run on opening day.

Racing at hyd takes a break of nearly 5 months.One cannot entirely depend on form of winter.Track work becomes the main guiding factor.

Monsoon track is slower than winter track.Front runners will be benifited as late warmers will take little bit more time.

Among professionals i except Trainer Narayan rao to be in lime light along with over hyped Deskmukh.Ldsilva has good string of horses and will be consistent as usual,but strangely on opening day he has not engaged any big jockey,instead opted for M F Alikhan for his main horses.MAM camp may be in distress all over india but in Hyd they have decent,well prepared contigent and will be in thick of action.

Unlike last year, very few horses have travelled to Bangalore due to stiff entry conditions and high stable prices.So we may not see many Money return odds horses.

10 apprentices have been trained extensively by training school of HRC and can be seen in action this season,3 of them are reported to be good learner and will blossom into good jockeys.

I have compiled track works of all leading dailies i.e Deccanchronicle,Hindu,Times of india and Indian express.I am surprised by the difference of data.Its better we stick to what is published in indian express and Hindu.

Lastly it is better to be cautious in first few meetings.I have not published FOLLOW HORSE list as mentioned earlier because First i wanted to get the feel of proceedings,the mood of stables and nature of track before shooting my mouth off.

I will do my best to ensure decent strike rate.

Thanks for ur kind patronage.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mysore 20th July Selections


Following appeals to me for Mysore races.

Race1:born Purple(11)/San Gimminano(2)

Ignore last few runs of Born purple,has been hiding true form,now with Aids of Blks will run a good race.San gimminano will give some anxious moments,place looks certain.Khushi will place ahead of Ranveer.

Race2:Bulbasaur(2)/Famous For Free(10)

Bulbasaur looks very good in this set and should not have much difficulty in winning this race.Famous for free will place ahead of Ametrine.


Nothing seperates above two,better ridden horse will win.Ryder will follow them,good place bet.

Race4:Black Cat(7)/Zooming(4)

Blackcat looks outstanding in this set and should easily ward off the threat of Zooming.Hi Hennessy will follow them,place looks certain.


Careerist looks better placed in this set and should run a good race.Demanding will be in thick of action,should place.Much More will place at juicy odds.

Race6:Beauty On Duty(9)/Mr Majestic(3)

Very tightly handicapped race.Beauty on duty has slender advantage over Mr majestic and Amazing One,latter is sure to place.

Race7:Theworldismine(4)/Time For All(8)

The worldismine has failed few times,but in this set has only to tackle Time for all who has been well prepared.Bullet Train will place.

Race8:Thunder On(3)/Satin Slipper(8)

Thunderon stands apart in this set,jockey just need to take level jump,rest all horse will do.Satin slipper with +ve switch of shoes merits attention and should pose serious threat to Thunderon.Maratha Conqueror should place ahead of Korporate.

Race9:Faster Than Light(6)/Roto Rooa(11)

Kangaroo Punch comes first in contention but running after 9 months,hence ignored.Faster Than Light looks very good at this handicap in this bunch,will be in fighting line,good upset bet.Stinger will place and with some luck can hope to win.Roto Rooa's track work is too good to be ignored and emerges as strong contender,place looks certain.


Bangalore 19th July selections


Following appeals to me for sunday races.

Race1:Fleet Indian(2)-Win

Fleet Indian is heads and shoulders above the rest and should win this race by atleast 5 lengths.Redstone and shades of white will fill in the remaining berth.


Russian dancer was moving well in its last race,has ran good fourth to Mysticquest,Sparkofbronte and Portbello all of which have registered a win subsequently,should return as winner.Appolonaire lost a certain race due to ill judge riding in its last outing,will surely place.Glitterato and Calyspo star does not impress.Gold crown is prepared well,but may only place.

Race3:Spark of soliataire(3)-Win/shp

Spark of soliataire won well last time,its final track reveals that it was prepared for this distance,hence good win bet.Portbello won impressively last time,but drifted badly giving an impression that its needs hard rider,hence ignored.Frozenfire has won impressively last time,will be there at busy end.


Icebreaker should win it easily as it is the only horse in this field to win a race over 2400mts.Star of presentation will follow.

Race5:Mighty heart(1)-Win/Shp

Mighty heart ran a good race last time,has slender advantage over Beequick.Race is restricted to this two only.Fantabulous Prince can place at juicy odds.

Race6:Sudden Thunder(2)-Win/Place

Tough race.My first pick is Sudden Thunder who will be right there along with Mediaman.Sevenstar can place.Royalartist if tried can place at longer odds.

Race7:Gara Fluid(1)-Win

Gara Fluid is poised to strike in this very poor set.Draupadi is certain to place.Comanche War Paint will be tried,can place.

Daysbest Value bet:Russiandancer(2-10)

Kainchi:Russiandancer,Spark of soliataire,Mighty heart,Sudden Thunder,Gara Fluid

Place roll:shades of white.Appolonaire,Fantabulous Prince,Sevenstar,Draupadi

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bangalore 18th july selections

Hi all,

inspite of my poor understanding of Bangalore races iam still putting up my selections.

Race1:Star Presence(7)/Feelit Enjoyit(6)

Star Presence ran easy in stable mate race,now with +ve switch of shoes merits attention,can raise winning flag.Mercutio will be market fancy but its previous runs suggests it warms up late.Leopoldo is working well but running after a gap of 160 days,it may win,but that thing cannot be said confidently.Incredible is not prepared well,but is well bred,progeny of Burdenofproof have done well when fresh and do like soft going. Feelit Enjoyit ran easy run in its debut,fully extended track wrk suggests it will be tried,hence place is certain. Alluring is working well but again running after long lay off,hence ignored.Moment Of Truth has improved a lot after two easy runs and can place at good odds.

Race2:Fantabulous Hero(9)/Leading lady(5)

Fantabulous Hero has good chance to win again.Leading lady comes top in contention but is running after 6months,it has been prepared very well but still long lay off factor is too strong to be ignored.Pretty N Fast is non winner till date,lethargic slow starter,at best can place due to jockey merit.Megajoy is carrying top weight,cannot win,at best can place.Isinbayeva lost his way in betting last time,will not make amends immediately,can be ignored for win.Senna is non winner for last 3 years,showed some zest in last run,but not sighted in track after run,can be ignored.

Race3:Bucephalas(2)/Captain's Lover(4)

Captain's Lover final track is too good to be ignored,has been prepared very well,can win in its debut,but i do not prefer first run horses hencewould opt for Bucephalas who is knocking the door and should be in front line contention along with Virtouso whose last run was too bad to be believed and is capable of reversing that.Cinnamon Rose is also well prepared but first run.

Race4:Mark Of Gibraltar(6)/Jerseypride(5)

In my view nothing seperates Mark Of Gibraltar and Jersey pride,i prefer former due to impressive preparation.Jerseypride will be in strong contention,hence good win/shp bet.Rimpuche will place.Sugar ray may be fancied due to advantage in handicap,but looks very difficult on relative merit when compared with above two.


Goodcompanion comes top in contention,now running in demotion,but its sole win has been in 1400mts,will put his best here,should be good each way bet.Ziaos with +ve change of shoes will lead all the way till being caught in final furlong,place looks certain.Whisper valley finished unextended 4th in its last outing,now with better saddle assistence can hope to upset,place looks good.Satinwood may be fancied due to jockey,failed miserably in last few runs,has beaten non jobbers in mysore,cleared maidens beating horses none of which have been able to perform well after that,can be ignored for win.Stagelight has failed twice in same age group,now with +ve change of shoes will be fancied,looks difficult for win.

Race6:Another Destiny(7)/Vayuputra(11)

Vayuputra comes top in contention,steel shoes are -ve indiation,yet looks very good for place.Another destiny displayed amazing turn of foot in last run,has good chance to register another win here.Perfect analysis is sure to place.Poetic if fancied can be ignoredfor win.

Race7:Retro Queen(6)/Worth A Million(3)

Bad race.Much will depend on which trainer is going for double.If Loknath manages to win race either on Leadinglady or Zios then Darktan will be on job,same is the case with Inaytulla who if wins a race on Good companion will put Damgood in front line contention.However going by merit i prefer Retroqueen and Worth a million.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Pune 17th July


Following appeals to me for second day of Pune season.

Race1:Up North(5)/Forest Native(8)/Johnny Bravo(10)/Charlie Parker(7)

Up North has good chance to clear its maiden status in this poor set.Forestnative will lead the all the way till being over taken in final furlong,may place at best.Johnybravo can place in this poor set.Charlie parker,though long in tooth,has outside chance to place.

Race2:Secret Talk(3)/Black Partridge(5)/Paper King(6)/Dangerous Belle(10)

Secrettalk has failed to deliver earlier but in this set,has bright chance to win.Blackpatridge is endowed with good initial speed,can place as Pune track is favourable to front runners.Paperking has change of equipment,can place.Dangerous belle is non winner till date,if fancied can be ignored for win.

Race3:Classic Ruler(4)/Phosphor(8)/Sail Thru(12)/Highland Vision(2)

Classicruler can win if it stays awake to the task or else Phosphor should not have much difficulty in annexing this race.Sailthru has good chance to place.Highland vision if tried can place.

Race4:Shabdeez(4)/Secret Agenda(13)/Hi Dolly(11)/The Right Man(7)

Shabdeez revelaed form in patches,now with help of "Blks",is all set to register an upset win.Secret Agenda is drawn outermost box which i feel is advantegous,working well and should be in fighting line.Hi dolly warms up late,but has chance to place in this poor set.The rightman can upset if the intentions are so.

Race5:Sea Treasure(1)/El Bunduq(2)/Paris Hilton(5)/Game Of Power(9)

Sea treasure stands tall in this set,will run at cramped odds,hence it would pay to look for an place bet option.El Bunduq and Paris Hilton are endowed with good initial speed and can hope to place.Game of power,if handled properly,can be a very good long shot place bet.

Race6:Aurora Aurealis(2)/Ekhabinskya(3)/Enceladus(1)/Successor

Nothing seperates Ekhabinskya and Aurora Aurealis,I Prefer latter due to advantegous innermost box.Enceladus has good chance to place.Successor,if fancied can be ignored for win.

Race7:Feona(7)/River Rule(11)/Sea Angel(12)/Noble Salute(4)

Feona ran suggestively on Debut,working well thereafter,can hope to ward off the threat of River rule which will breathe fire on its neck thru out.Sea angel can place at longer odds.Noble salute can be ignored for win.

Race8:Classic Star(2)/Absolute Reality(11)/Cameo(8)/Yankee Lane(7)

Upset is in store.Classicstar inspite of weak jockey astride has good chance.Absolute Reality will fight it out,place looks certain.Cameo can be ignored for win,at best place only.Yankee lane has good chance to place at luscious odds.

Race9:Chotee Begum(1)/Solor(6)/Tyumen(3)/La Joie De Vie(4)

Chotee Begum won impressively on debut,should run a good race.Solar will pose some challenge,but that may not be sufficient.Tyumen has good chance to place.La Joie De Vie can hope to upset.

Daysbest:Aurora Aurealis(6-2)

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