Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bangalore 29th Short Tips

Last run was eye catching,has worked well in final preparatory gallop,can place at lucrative odds.

Now runs with Blks and TS on,shows lot of promise on tracks,can deliver inspite of -ve change of shoes.

Race3:Free Law(1)-Win
Freelaw is better than Invincible shot,well rested,can win again.

Race4:Senor Speedy(9)-Win
Working well after impressive win,facing weak opposition,can stage pillar to post victory.

Consistent,blessed with good initial speed,can stay in place.

Race6:Ace Dancer(3)-Win
Ace Dancer moved devastatingly in final 100mts in its debut run,tracked over 1400mts,should run a bold race and can win.

Looks to have improved vastly as evident by pleasing final track.




Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hyderabad 26th July

Second day of the season looks no different from the opening day..For the first few meetings only guiding factor is trackwork...Inspite of large fields sense of competition is lacking in many races.

Race1:Green Bay(2) -Win  [Won]-Laughing Eyes(4)-Place [UP]

Race for maiden{non winner} horses

@Green Bay looks to have vastly improved after Bangalore Campaign where inspite of disturbances in both starts finished on board,will run as fav in this race.

@Kohinoor Revanta now runs without Blks,has great initial speed,can give a scare to fav .

@Laughing Eyes has good credentials to finish in place money.

Race2:Ashwa Shakthi(11)-Win [Won]Melody Queen(4)-Place [UP]

@Golden Rule is highest rated animal in this terms race but looks like it needs more ground to warm up,not active in tracks suggest unwillingness of its connections.

@Ashwa Shakhthi is the lone 3 year old running in this race,even though very low in rating it gets first preference due to Impressive Bangalore runs,Excellent track work and super successful combo of Deshmukh+P.S.Chauhan

@Melody Queen can place due to rating factor.

Race3:Great Warrior(2)-Win [UP] Cannon Law(7)-Place [UP]

Race for maiden{non winner} horses

@Ocean Side has shown good forward form in Bangalore and on that count will be market fancy but has to ward off strong challenge to be imposed by @Great Warrior who will breathe fire on its neck in final furlong.

@Cannon Law has all credentials to finish in place money.

Race4:San Ramon(4)-Win [Won] Power Plant(6)-Place [UP]

Race is restricted to @San Ramon and @Dark Avenger.former won impressively at Bangalore inspite of slow start and has thin edge over later.

@Power plant for chance place bet.

Race5:Garibaldi(11)-Win [UP]  Naughtygal(8)-Place [Won]

@Vijay Kiran is working extremely well but is carrying top weight.

@GariBaldi is at tidy handicap,connections like to reap benifit at nourishing odds,has good chance to score here.

@Grigori has won fluently thrice in lower class,is now at Rating of 53..Much depends on intentions of its connection...will they like this horse to travel upwards upto Cat 1 or be content with another couple of wins in lower class,few unplaced runs in this class will bring its rating below 50.

@Naughty gal can place at longer odds.

Race6:Bribe Madi(1)-Win [LOST]

Looks like only  BribeMadi,Silver Lid and Shiekhs Emperor are interested in this race,former is back to lower class and can win.

Race7:Play The Music(7)-Win [LOST] Geography(8)-Upset [UP]

@Play the Music has won a race in cat 3 whereas @Sea Runner has cleared won in maiden race hence Play the Music gets preference over latter.

@Geography if tried can upset.

Race8:Robust(8)-Win [LOST]   Fine Racer(12)-Place  [UP]
@Robust is well placed to cause a major flutter,good long shot each way betting prospect.

@Fine racer will place.

Race3:Drum Beat(3)-Win  [Won]- Golden Adiogo(9)-Place [2ND]

Tough race with many contenders.
@Drum beat extended well when urged in final trackwork,will have a bold show,can win.

@Star Experience relishes monsoon track,will be in contention.

@Golden Adiago will place.

Days Best:AshwaShakthi(2-11)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hyderabad:Opening days pointers

Not an ideal start of the season.121 runners have accepted to run on first day of season out of which most of them are running in wrong distances or with negative change of shoes under weak rider.Usually trainer K V Srinivas Rao shines on first day with Prasad Raju also pitching in with some upsets and surprises.As expected Deshmukh will remain in limelight thru out season.

Race1:Brahmani(7)-Win [WD]  Attenbough(5)-Place 4TH]

Elegant Approach may be strongly fancied due to Bangalore sojourn and subsequent impressive trackwork but it has tendency of getting weak in final furlong and top weight will only add to its misery.

Brahmani won very very impressively in winter clocking very handsome finishing time,thereafter ran listless in strong company,looks very fit and should not have much difficulty in winning.

Attenbough can sneak in place at longer odds

Race2:Racing Tycoon(7)-Win  [LOSTSupercool(8)-Place [2ND]

Racing Tycoon who stumbled in its last run looks well prepared and can win in this poor set

Super Cool is working impressively and as such should place.

Maharidhi(5) can sneak in place at longer odds.

Race3:Camocho Speed(8)-Win  [LOST Marquise(11)-Place [2ND]

Camocho speed was seen finishing on well over 5 furlongs,now runs in extended distance,well prepared and can cause first upset of the season,place looks certain.

Winjoy has been problematic,now runs with XNB,will be in contention.

Marquise failed when fancied can sneak in place.

Golden Jewel is tracking well but may not sustain.

Race4:Agasthya(5)-Win [LOST  Cannon ace(6)-Place [Third]

Ignore last runs of Agasthya,will be on job and can win

Cannon Ace should place.

Race5:Divine Ganges(8)-Win [LOST   Fearless Mission(5)-Place [UP]

Nano Storm and Vijay Keerthi require more ground to warm up.

Cristiano suffered a big setback in last Monsoon,now runs after long lay off,looks well prepared but may need this run.

Divine Ganges can upset if the jockey can handle properly.

Fearless Mission can sneak in place at longer odds.

Race6:Vijays Jet(9)-Win [WON]  StarSaloni(7)-Place [2ND] 

Vijays  Jets looks outstanding and can be considered as days best.

Star Saloni has good credentials to finish in place money.

Race7:Hawkspring(5)-Win [LOST  Our Mascot(6)-Place [UP]

Hawkspring is well poised to score an encore here.

Our Mascot would have been ideal first choice if not for jockey and -ve change of shoes.Finishing time of last run was too good to be ignored,if tried can upset.

Race8:Pedalo(6)-Win   [LOST Golden Palace(7)-Place [UP]

Pedalo looks outstanding and should win.

Both Golden Palace and Rosemead have good chance to place at longer odds.

Race9:Palace Affairs(7)-Win [LOST   Flowers Of Music(2)-Place [2ND] 

Bad race.

Palace Affairs is tracking well and gets preference over others solely on that count.

Flowers of Music can place at longer odds.

Days Best:Vijays Jet


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