Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mumbai 1st March

Hi all,

Following are my observations for Mumbai races.

Race1:Desert Dynamite(4)

All are Equals.Equally worst in this case.

Desert Dynamite:Lacks initial speed,but in this very very poor set,has some credentials to go by and should pull it off.
Oriental Jewel:Has good initial speed,will lead the field and may find herself alone at WP if others fail to collar her.
Elegante:Working regularly.Last run finished in rucks,i doubt whether it can improve so much to register a win.
Dutchart:Not seen in track or Swimming after last run,entrusted to very good rider,is unknown commodity over this distance,last run struggled to accelerate,looks very difficult.
Nylaa:Poor runs earlier in Pune,not so impressive trackwork getting beaten by ordinary horses,gets weakened after 1200mts.
Flying Spirit:+Ve change of shoes,but very ordinary in track,never fancied,cannot sustain itself over this distance.
Aristocratical:Tracking very well,failed as fav in Pune,may be fancied but looks very difficult.

Race2:Persian Power(9)

Persian Power:Ran along with very good horses in Pune,has run benifit this season,working well,should be in fighting line,only -ve point is that it is working well with "Blks",but not sporting it for race.
Solid Rock:Stripped fitter after two listless runs,now running without "Blks",earlier in Pune was fancied,can upset.
Step By Step:Just a run,has impressive bloodlines,can be days longest upset.
Lone Trojan:I do not like apprentice jockey over this distance.
Regina:Lone winner in this group,but not sighted in track for last 1 month.
White Hart Lane:On demotion,Ran along with very good horses in Pune,not sighted in track after last run,one gets the feeling that it should win easily,but it is not easy as it appears,coz if it were so good he would have shown some zest or form in 20-46 class,good horses dont look for demotion to register a win.
Falcon Crest,Gift Of Grace,Saddlers Rule:Will need this run.


Flashingflame:Impressive second to Hot market fancy Ikaria,all set to make amends and return as winner.
Mysterious Star:Last run can be ignored as it was running after a gap of 10 months,will lead till being caught.
Balance De Power:Working extremely well,but running after almost one year,will definetely need this run.Will definetely give forward run.
Silent Presence:Company is too tough to handle.can be ignored.
Star Crusader,Mr Greedy:Very impressive winner in last outing in lowerclass,not keeping fit thereafter as evident by lack of trackwork,can be ignored here.
Cosmopolitan:No form to go by,can be safely ignored.
Lahinch:Looks to have suffered a set back after good start of career,will have to watch for few more runs.


Bluemountain:First race of the season,last run in Pune can be ignored as it was bit sluggish,drawn in inner most box,and if not rusty will simply run away with this race.
Got To Go:First race of season,working very well,i get a feeling that it will ran a good race.
Gentleknight:First race of the season,working regularly,ran with very good horses,may be bit rusty.
Desertsky:-ve change of shoes is clear indicator.
Da Vinci,Major Wager:No form to go by,cud not half of the field even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Misschevious Trot,Gatravat,Calling The Shots:Poor performance in same age group,will find this company too tough to handle.
Vantage:Stablemate of bluemountain and we hope that this will not be "Doosra".
Clarioncall:Winner in lower category,not completely fit as evident by only 1 track in one month.
Absolute Reality:Out of form,can be ignored.

Race5:Diego Rivera(1)

Diego Rivera:Always ran good races along with very good horses,won impressively in Pune,last run was bit rustic,working impressively thereafter and should return as winner.
Maseeha:Genuine upset horse,no strong reason to discount his chances,should place.
Hugo:Beaten by Diegoriver giving 10kgs,now just giving 3 kgs it will be a miracle if it can reverse that,can be safely ignored.
Rubenstar:As a fav got beaten by Hugo,i do not fancy its chances.
Spinoza:Working very well but running after almost one year,one cannot expect it to win a graded race immediately,ignore.
Vanquish:Last run was easy but not race fit as evident by only one track in last 1 month.
Cotswold Arms:Last two runs were in very tough company,earlier in Pune was fancied against Hugo,but failed,cud not even do better in hyd against medicore runners like Orochi,no chance here.
Predominant:Age,jockey,first run in mumbai,can it deliver against so many odds,no chance.
Agassiz:Hopelessly outclass,ignore.
Angelique:Got beaten by Orochi in Hyd,no chance whatsoever.
Blue Vision:Lost as fav in handicap race,outclass here.

Race6:Forestflair(3)/Rio Del Ray(4)

Can be upset race.On paper Forestflair looks outstanding after impressive win,but one cannot ignore the fact that there are unknown commodities running in this set and a surprise cannot be ruled out as it is short distance race and there is not much room for error.Forestflair may run at cramped odds and hence i wud look for value bet and i would like to put my money on Rio Del Ray who has impressed most in its final track beating Spinoza(r-110),should be in Top 2.


Feature event of the day.
Setalight:Wonderfilly there is absolutely no reason y it shud loose.
Icebreaker:Vanquisher of Abfabs which won Kol derby,this filly has impressed most lately and is the rightful contender to pose challenge to setalight,if any.
Attractress:Ran once along with Setalight,finished 23 lengths behind,y it is running here will be the first question,ignore even for place.
Aurora Aurealis:Earlier finished second to Setalight conceding 3 at similar weights,will not even try.


Kiara will run at cramped odds.Earlier failed twice as hot market fancy,running after long lay off,past performance cannot be guide to present run.I see many contenders seriously challenging Kiara.
Balthazaar:Gave good Forward run to Juventus,working extremely well and shud be good Each way bet.
Lago Medio:Has electric turn of foot,can seriously challenge.
Englehart:Though long in tooth,has improved a lot as evident by trackwork,should be in fighting line.Good longshot place bet.
Spica:Won effortlessly,not seen in tracks after last run.


Equality:After an easy outing has improved a lot and should return as winner.
Thanda:Running without "CNB",can be hot this time.
Chevron:Nonwinner,top weight in this distance looks difficult.
Indian Summer:Top weight,no track after last run,looks difficult.
Eagle Mountain:Proved stayer but again carrying this weight will be very hard.
Mountain King:Winner in poor set once,thereafter no form.
Sharpmemory:Not racefit.




Have a nice day.

Kolkotta Musings

Hi all,

My knowledge abt racing at Kolkotta is limited.Since it is derby,for the first time i have attempted to handicap kolkotta races,so iam not much sure abt the outcome.


Romanticgateway appeals to me most,this step up distance will be to its liking.Regalconnection earlier failed as hot fav in same category and also getting beaten in its final track work.Perpetuity is running for first time at this centre whereas Badgeof gold is running with -ve change of shoes and failed to deliver on many occasions.Fightingstar is fit for 1400mts.


Summerrose has better credentials than others to pick up this race.Highregard and Eternal spirit can follow.


Exp for 3 runners most of the runners in the race are not seen in tracks after their last run.Royalscandal is running in lower set and can easily handle this set.Powerpunch can deliver that winning punch with jockey B Prakash astride. Asiatique,by racing logic has very good chance and should easily place.Agios Nikolaos,ran along good horses,will be strongly fancied,weight is stopper as evident by its first run this season.

Race4:Going Starry (7)

Going Starry is running on almost same handicap and should be good bet.The Polynesian by virtue of being drawn in innermost box has very good chance to place on this "No false rails" day.Islandwarrior by default has very good chance.Tempatation is tracking very well,but lack of run is very heavy factor going against it.

Race5:Attention Seeker(2)

Attentionseeker has best credentials to win this race.Bestofblues is sure to place.Topweighted Supremeattraction has very good to upset.

Race6:Noble Replica(8)

Noblereplica is keeping fit as evident by tracks,entrusted to Jockey who does well at this handicap and should be a good bet.Certainsmile is certain to bring smiles to its followers who back it for place.Top weighted Acrostic should place by default.


Cascades should not have much difficulty in winning this race and emerges as daysbest betting propostion.Bidforglory can follow.


B prakash was not in Bangalore on Friday.The reason is simple,he was rested for this premier event.MAM is master tactian,delivered the best when least expected.He has always come out in flying colors when facing downtrend.Nobleview is toprated and should win this derby.Abfabs may find this track very tough.Kolkotta track is "destructive", try to remember what happened to "Man of match",wonder horse from horse who broke down after its run in invitation cup in Kolkotta.


Ignore last run of Areology,where it was uneasy as evident by the fact that it was troublesome at time of loading,can extend well and return as winner.Beauty Of Man and Algorithms can place.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bangalore 27th Feb

Hi all,

Following are my observation for Bangalores races to be held on Friday.


Maidens race.Nothing much to read in.Sarogota with run benifit and +ve change of shoes and jockey shud have been natural choice,but iam prefering Native talent which has impressed most in final track work easily beating horses rated above 55,so is the case with Glorisca .The fact that Native talent in its lone gatepractise has beaten Eacuador by 6 lengths puts him above all.

Race2:Social Climber(8)

Social Climber:Gave an easy and very good run to likes of Rule of attraction and Cayenne{won by distance in its next outing},working very well beating Horse rated 45 by 5 lengths , should win this race with ease.
Kingdomofdreams:Working very regularly,but along with maiden horses and not much impressive.
Noble Breeze:Very impressive Gate practise and final trackwork,can place at longer odds.
Enduring Speed:Change of stables,last run was in
very tough company,seen in track only once from Jan1,not fully prepared.
Ruby Legend:Inspite of relentless whipping and pushing in its last outing,could not do much,now ridden by Vinodshinde who is yet to register a win for this trainer,i do not fancy her chances.
Classic Charge:Working regularly for last 10days,not so impressive bloodlines and owners,first run,can be ignored.
Misty Moonlight:Failed as hot fav with BP astride,now with Rajarao,no chance whatsoever.

Race3:Orange Orchard(3)

Orange Orchard:Ignore its last run where it was continously bumped,warmed up late and finished an eye catching close third over 1400mts,with extra 200mts has good chance to win at lucrative odds.
Let The River Run:Maiden,On demotion,+ve change of shoes and jockey,but two things go against it,one is no trackwork or swimming record after last run..i e for 20days and other is it always ran in higher odds,so in my view it can only expect to place.
Track Wonder:Tracking and Swimming exercise regularly,earlier record unimpressive,can place.
Daringinstinct,Hurricane Spirit,.Awesome Fighter,Money Mantra:Could not beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings,ignore.
Sensationalbay:May not be able to sustain itself over this distance.

Race4:Raptor Force(3)

Raptor Force:Full brother of Star Of Excellence,has bloodlines to travel this distance,impressed mightily in its last run,jockey D seousa himself is working on him in trackwork,has very good chance.
The Last Samurai:Won comfortably in lower class,there is no strong reason to discount his chances over this distance.
Saptashwa:Demotee,no track after last run,top weight and 2200mts,iam not impressed by its chances.
Shoot A Rainbow:Its previous runs clearly suggest that it gets weakened after mile,so carrying this top weight over 2200mts looks herculean task even for Harish.
Sunny Colours:Distance is out of compass.its run in Race no 22 and 58 are testimony to this fact,last run was seen finishing on well over 2000mts but other runners in that race were tiring.
Sarmaidar:Never travelled over mile,so not sure abt its chances in this distance.
Spark Of Elegance:Not so impressive record,cleared maiden status and registered a win in 20-45 class over weak company,iam not impressed by its winning chances.
Win Prettybaby:Distance is not his her forte.


Very tough race.Straight between Progenies of Burdenofproof and China visit to stamp their superiority.
Vivacity:Won like queen,working extremely well beating likes of Logansrun,cannavora,winner has to beat her.
Hatsuhaana:Extended well in final furlong to win easily,should follow winner home.
Classerville:Won under heavy whipping in slow pace race beating poor field consisting of Mysticquest which earlier failed 2 times as favourite.Tracking extremely well.Hot pace of the race will mar its chances.
Cayenne:Won well but not sighted in track for last 15days.
Rule Of Attraction,Tanzanite:Winner of weak company,no chance.
Mystic Quest:Jockey is yet to register a win for this trainer.

Race6:El Gordo(4)-Eachway

A real bad race
El Gordo:Cherisher of long odds,very sparingly seen in track,yet has good chance to score in this very poor set.
Crackerjack:Fully stretched final trackwork suggest it will be tried,if it can hold on till end has good chance.
Afghan:Last trackwork noted almost one month back,but regular in swimming,can place at longer odds.
India Shining:Tracking well,but all his previous runs were contradictory sometimes getting beaten over 1400mts and some times seen finishing on over 1200mts.
South ParadiseShowhorse,:Could not beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings,ignore.
Cimarron,Easy,Hidalgo,Major AssetBorn Beauty,:Not race fit as evident by lack of trackwork,ignore
Mac:Last run was seen tiring,no chance here,at best may only place.

Race7:Worth A Million(10)

Yet another bad race.Worth a million can score in this very poor bunch.Paintmered can go on start to finish mission.Aspiring Seven can again force a win here in this poor bunch.


Sheerlack of company can ensure Voiceofindia a win even in this higher category.Both scramjet and crownsceptre does not impress me.Redford with Suraj astride is expected to fight for prime honors.


Double:Raptor Force(4-3)/Vivacity(5-2)

Treble:Social Climber(2-8)/Raptor Force(4-3)/Vivacity(5-2)

Winroll:Nativetalent(1-3)/Social Climber(2-8)/Raptor Force(4-3)/Vivacity(5-2)

Kainchi/Placeroll{chance bet}:Orange Orchard(3-3)/El Gordo(6-4)/Worth A Million(7-10)/Voiceofindia(8-7)

Have a nice day

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mumbai 25/02

Hi all,

Following are my observation for Mumbai races.


In my view, a horse which has not beaten half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings has no chance,by that logic we can ignore Morpheus,Pacific Zone,Shaktiman,Arabian Emperor.Ratnavali can be ignored as it running after almost 10 months.Therebel is not seen either in tracks or swimming,hence can be ignored.We are left only with Classicspirit and Stefano.I dont like a horse which gets beaten by same class horse in track,hence classicspirit too can be ignored for win.Stefano likes to run in front and in this very poor set should kick away till wire.


Cavaradosi cleared maiden status on objection,failed to clear 20-46 barrier,so in my view it will not be able to make an impact in this 40-66 class.Salveregina cleared maiden status in great style in last Mumbai season,now running after lay off of nearly 10months,working very well,will need this run.Veerawang found distance a bit short for his comfort in his last outing,can do well over this mile.Go guzzi go has ran along very good horses in Pune,but its last run in current season was not impressive where it was seen tiring out in final stages.

Race3: Cambiasso(2)

Picking winner in this race is akin to predicting outcome of a blind lottery draw where any number can come out of the box.I prefer to go with Cambiasso on two counts, run benifit and Foreign jockey.

Race4:Premier Queen(1)

Premier queen in its last outing showed lot of improvement,extended very well in final furlong,should be a strong contender here.Hiddendragon is ignored as it always ran in higher odds indicating his worthiness.Meditaspride failed to justify trust shown in him in its last outing,may try start to finish tactics but longer straight of Mumbai may not be to its liking.Polariser is still a Non winner,last run was seen tiring.Expensive affair failed to show any form even in hands of strong riders.Lovelyfeelings is not seen in track and swimming after its last run.Paris hilton can place due to jockey merit.Nuncio is regular in swimming,can place at longer odds.


Nitrous ran along with very good horses,but it is at weight of 62 and next is 8kgs less,seen in track only twice clearly indicating the fact that it is not completely prepared.Call to arms has services of very good jockey,but it won only once in his same age group in last 3 season.Secretpilgrimage found weight as stopper in its last run,here in this higher group,should easily win.Tigressnoire will breathe fire on neck of Secretpilgrimage in final furlong.


I prefer only winners of 20-46 in this higher class of 40-66.By that logic Princess Ruby,El Bunduq and Daffodils can be ignored.Of the rest Fantasy lake Fantasy Lake,Suraj,Mantovani can be ignored due to long lay off,inadequate track work and jockey merit.Sepiatone won in his own age group,sharply penalised for its win,can be ruled out for win.Dont be silly is working well,has run benifit,will try to run away.My choice would be Causal look who after an easy run last time,has stripped fitter as evident by track work,should win this race.

Race7: Desdemona(6)

Picking winner in this race is akin to predicting outcome of a blind lottery draw where any number can come out of the box.I prefer to go with Desdemona who impressed most in his final trackwork.Progenies of Chinavisit are relatively doing well when compared to others.


Competitive race.My pick is Successor who as a maiden defeated Kiara,lost to Autonomy,again entrusted to his fav jockey.Almarina is working very impressively and should be involved in final finish along with Ildivo.

Race9:Courage Under Fire(2)

Courageunderfire ,a maiden,should not have much difficulty in handling this lowest category horses.Firequeen and Ganador may fill in the remaining berth.


Very bad race.The giant was fancied in both its start and in this lower set,can extend best.Larose has impressed in GP,can make a race of it.


Double:Stefano(1-7)/Premier Queen(4-1)

Treble:Stefano(1-7)/Premier Queen(4-1)/Successor(8-3)

Kainchi:Stefano(1-7)/Premier Queen(4-1)/Causallook(6-2)/Successor(8-3)

Have a niceday

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hyderabad 23/02

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Monday.


Thescot ran good forward races over longer distances,now in this shorter distance and very weak company has good chance.Cannon view may flash on scene to finish second.


Greenhaven is in rousy form,no point in assigning some filmsy reason for its defeat,should again win this race.Spymate should follow winner home ahead of one in all.

Race3:Cannon Hawk(2)/Recast(3)

Cannonhawk was seen in forward condition in higher category,can do well in this lower set.Recast if takes level jump should be in contention.Trackrule will fill in third slot.

Race4:Classic0ne(8)/Shes Got The Look(2)

Classicone over this distance can upset,good longshot eachway bet.Shesgothelooks has bright chance over this distance in this lower set.Both Celticshot and Regentspark ran on Sunday,no idea abt their race fitness.

Race5:Lady In Limelight(9)/Indianstorm(5)

Ladyinlimelight finished second to Indianstorm in its last outing,can reverse the verdict over thid distance.Zorbonaut can figure on board over this distance.Maximumcity struggled a lot to win over weak company.cannot beat above mentioned duo.

Race6:Green Vision(11)/Lenavi(1)

Greenvision has very good chance to register a win here.Lenavi can be live threat over this distance.Risingrays after two consecutive wins in lower category looks difficult in this higher category.

Race7:La Lapitus(11)/Rudolph Valentino(8)

Lalapitus clearly stands apart in this set and should win easily,only threat comes from Rudolphvalentino.Shakinstevens will lead all the way till being caught,can finish on board.


Ignore last two runs of Proviso in tougher company,can handle this set easily.Sparks has improved after initial bad phase and should be involved in final finish.Paymaster won very impressively in its last outing,should place.


Essence is long due for a win,now running with "T S",should be in contention for winner berth.Danzsingh was impressive winner,should be involved in final tussle along with Aljaded and Southernspice.


Double:Lady In Limelight(5-9)/Lalapitus(7-11)

Treble:Lady In Limelight(5-9)/Green Vision(11)/Lalapitus(7-11)

Winkainchi/Placeroll:Lady In Limelight(5-9)/Green Vision(11)/Lalapitus(7-11)/Essence(10)


Have a nice day

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hyderabad 22/02

Hi all,

Season is drawing to an end with only 4 meetings left.Trainer L D silva is all set to score grand treble.


Rainbow fog ran a good forward race to Hotmarket fancy Rubycrown,Improved a lot after that run as evident by very pleasing trackwork,with help of "TS" should win this race.
Chemeli:A good place prospect.
Indiagate:May be fancied but does not appeal to me,at best can finish on board.
Emeraldbay:Change of jockey but y no track after last run.
Secretasset:Lethargic and problematic horse,cannot be trusted.


Kohinoorking:Undoubtedly the best of lot,but entrusted to entirely New jockey,if he can handle it properly then it will reduce this race to one horse affair.
Strategiccommand:Working regularly,can upset the applecart,keep an eye on odds,place looks very good.
Thebeatlesangel:Jockey suspended for Corrupt practise,has good chance to win.
Admireaura:Talented of lot,but needs distance,lacks winning punch.
Fabalousgal:Half sister to Dantespeak,will need distance.


Prestonbailey:Finishing on well over 1100mts,working very well and should win this race.
Archon:Ignore last run,has very good chance to upset,place looks very good.
Pavaroti:Has stripped fitter after its debut run,working regular,can upset,place looks good.
Modestbride:Ignored due to -ve change of shoes.
Yanamaria,Pygmalion&Lalaczar:Cannot sustain itself over this distance.


This race is in safe keeping of Ldsilvas ward with former holding advantage due to age.Champforever may fill up the third slot.


Starsenora:Ignore its last run,now running with +ve change of shoes and fav jky astride,should be a good bet.
Strategicpartner:Always ran in superior company,but returned lame after last race,sparingly tracked,hence one cannot be sure of its fitness.
Sikanderealam:Place bet for jockey.
Vijayam:Tends to get weakened,looks difficult with this weight.
Silverbullet:Allowance claiming jockey indicates the stables intention,should be included in JP.
Vijaysena:Ran well in poor company,no chance here.
Manduro:Winner over weak company,lack of will in last two races.
Dashoflcass,Cannonhunt,Cannontreasure,Armstrong:Short in class,can be ignored


Oneraoneraonera was very impressive in its last run,well rested,working well,should win this race.
Regentspark:Ran with superior horses,stronger jockey astride improves its chances,showing lot of initial speed in track,should place.
Celticshot:Impressive winner in its last outing,may finish on board.


Truevalue does not belong to this set and emerges as strong contender.Kohinoor diamond is next best and conflicts of interests may mar its chances.Tigana and hospitality may fill remaining berth.

Smarty Prince(3)/Superfluous(4)/Deccan Passion(6)/Acciaccatura(5)

Open race.Smartyprince may force a win here.Superflous is improving with every run and can upset.Deccanpassion was impressive winner in its last outing and another such show cannot be ruled out.Acciaccatura in this shorter distance is sure to place.Harish earlier partnered Bakersfield to victory but at this weight looks difficult.

Race9:Zambo Anga(4)/Smrithiman(8)

Zamboanga emerges as strong contender over this distance and should win this race.Smrithiman can do well over this distance.Chespeake may be fancied on basis of his second to hussler but that company was weak,earlier was pulled up lame,can only place.




Winkainchi/place roll:
Prestonbailey(3-4)/Khaleelspride(4-3)/Truevalue(7-3)/Zambo Anga(9-4)

Jp:3,5/4,13/3/3,4,5,6/4,8=32 tickets

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My betting options for Mumbai 19/02

After going thru the comments and pointers of my favourite tipsters i have shortlisted this as my final selections.












Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jockey M F Alikhan suspended

One more jockey M F Alikhan has been suspended from 28th feb to 4 March for indulging in "Corrupt" practises,according to press release of HRC.

Few weeks back, two jockeys D Singh and Ravinder singh have been suspended for same reasons,Only difference is the quantum of punishment , 2 years ban in case of D Singh and Lesser period for Ravindersingh.

Actions taken by HRC to make racing more clean and answerable is commendable,but they reveal very little.What actually was the "corrupt" practise,we have the right to know.

Public memory is short and the punters memory is almost nil.Punters deliberately ignore all fraud or glaring hooking,pulling by vested interests.It is upto Stewards of HRC who are custodians of fair racing to save the interests of punters.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hyderabad 16/02

Following are my views for Monday races.


Davenport was seen finishing on well to Suchiman over 1400mts,earlier won effortlessly over same distance,working regularly,can do well over this extended distance.Mayfair girl can create a flutter over this distance.Rubycrown and Above the line r suspect over this distance whereas Ikitomb struggled a lot to register a win as hot market fancy in weak company,hence ignored.


Armstrong can be ignored due to jockey and age whereas Adorna cannot sustain itself over this distance,Canopus is not sighted in track{only 1 track in one month},so fitness is doubtful.Greatball of china has failed miserably in its last few runs and no improvement is expected here.Citidancer,a winner in lower category by default comes into contention due to jockey factor.Indianarmy cannot make impression in this higher category.So by default we are left only with one option i.e Localikon who has registered two impressive wins,well rested,+ve change of shoes and entrusted to jockey A imran khan who is looking for coveted Championship title.


Championstar is short of class,but its last three wins were very impressive,tracking extremely well,one rarely gets to see a horse clocking 39.5 seconds for 600mts in Outersand trackwork,will be a strong contender.Redfairy will not take this lying and will fight every inch of ground.Spymate will be in top3.Globalpresence has disadvantage of outermost box.Fabalouscrown and Powerplay may not be able to match strides with talented Refairy and Championstar.


Carteblanche is overhyped horse,all its win were in weaker company,will find this weight as stopper.Cleverploy after one maiden win has been unable to register a win in handicap race.Adelaide,Kohinoordelight Unexpected twist could not impress even in their age group.Pillantronics won a race in monsoon over very weal company,in subsequent runs thereafter failed to impress.Airbender is not sighted in track for almost one month.Dashofclass is working well but choice of jockey is -ve,earlier won a race in monsoon over poor bunch.So by default we are left only with Alchology who has run along with superior horses and should win this race.

Race5) Bellacool(1)/Rostock(4)

Yesesyeses would have been my first choice if not for "S" shoes and jockey.Bellacool emerges as clear contender after eliminating other horses for various reasons.Integar may not be able to sustain itself over this distance.Rostock should follow winner.Enforcement is good place bet.


Upset race.Both Sugarlady and Kohinoor star gets weakened after 1200mts.Bottom weight Monochrome can force a win here.Narwhal is tracking well and can go on start to finish mission,genuine upset horse.


Lucrative , a start to finish specialist may find himself alone at winning post in this very poor set.Festival of india is very well poised to upset.Keep an eye on Impact,now running with "Blks".Flaming ruby and Debonaire does not impress.


Bad race.Golden sabot may finally win in this poor set.Madho is tracking well and will fight for honours.will finish ahead of Toledo.


Badrace.Isntshesomething has been prepared well,can win.Fairtouch can make an impact in this lower category.Parineeta will finish in top3.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hyderabad 15/02

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held On Sunday.


Full sister of Flaming ace,Avemaria should win this race baring mishap and mal intention,will run at cramped odds.The beatles angel after a good educational run is now running with +ve change of shoes,"Blk",should be a good place bet.Queen of sheeba by default will be in top3.


Sparklingsaphire was moving very well in its last run,now with strong jockey astride can win.
Leadinglight: Jockey may be rewarded at this fag end of season,its last run was suggestive.
Kansascitymac:By default will be in top3.
Alzeejan:Was hanging out in its last run,failed as fav,facing enquiry,looks difficult.


Ignore last two runs of Greyshot,Will run a bold race with help of "Blks and HB",should be a good bet.Dandiya may again go on start to finish mission and may find herself alone at Winning post,if others fail to catch her.Pharlap and Musicexpress are ignored due to outermost box.

Race4:John Galt(6)

Johngalt was very impressive in its last run,has very good chance here,as the hot pace of the race will be to its advantage.Do not ignore Navija,will again cause flutter.Southernspice should Place.

Race5:Commander Moial(1)

Commandermoil has electric turn of foot,can win again.Vijayrath and Royalembassy may finish remaining berth.

Race6:Green Vision(10)

Greenvision was badly checked in final furlong in its last run,now running with +ve change of shoes should be a good bet.Starspellbound was hanging in in its last race,now running with "HB" is next best and will stable mate Greenvision fails to accelerate in this shorter distance will grab the opportunity.Lenavi has best credentials to finish on board.


Crocodilehunter has regained formed and is my first choice to win this race from Vijayraaj and Sparsh.


Suchiman looks good in this chief event,should tackle Chestnutcharmer and Albarodo.Jiahyohjoayoh was sacrificied for her stablemate Misseverywhere in its last run,tracking regular,can upset.

Race9:Ripples or Sweetyboy

Race is in safe keeping of Netto and one of the above may oblige.Recast will relish this longer distance and may finish on board.






Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My betting options for Mumbai 12/02

Race1:Rubayat(3)-Win Varun(8)-place

Rubayat is working well,has services of good jockey,should win this race.Varun will try to run away ,place looks good.


Chamberlain is blazing track,travesing 600mts in 34 seconds ,if it can reproduce that form on track should be a easy winner.


Both of them r too close for comfort with former holding advantage due to relative jockey merit.


Veeravanga has been performing consistently and is on up swing.In its last track work it responded very well in final furlong,should do well.Both Secretadmirer and Raquel have been costly failure.


Both market fancy Highlandcrown and Thanda does not impress.Lightningcavalry has won in pune at identical weight and in identical distance,is working well,should be in top2.


Bluejay will be at cramped odds.Tattenhoe was consistent in Pune,has run benifit this season and should be involve in final finish.

Race7:Mr Greedy(3)-Win

Mr greedy has won twice in Pune with measure of comfort,had good lung opener and with Strong rider astride has very good chance.

Race8:Magical Mantra(4)-Win/shp

Argetina is working well,but running for first time,can win.,Magicalmantra has improved a lot after his good lung opener,can surprise.



Win kainchi and place roll:Lightningcavalry(5-7)/Tattenhoe(6)-Mr Greedy(7-3)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hyderabad 09/02

Hi all,

I had wonderful weekend at Bangalore thanks to warm Hospitality extended by our beloved Shyam and good friends like Vicky,Rohitahuja.It was fun filled weekend with lady luck continously smiling on me.Hope this trend continues today.

Following are my views for races to be held at hyderabad on Monday.


Paymaster would have been my first choice but only one trackwork in last 45 days.Victorous sally is working very very well,but that itself cannot guarantee a win.Zamboanga would be a ideal bet over 1400mts.Archon after some listless runs,has good chance with introduction of "Blks",gave an Impressive gate practise with "Blks",should be a profitable each way bet.

Race2:Apple Valley(5)-Eachway

Ruffiano twiced failed as fav,i doubt whether this time it will be able to oblige.Smrithiman was heavily backed last time,was seen moving very well,now running with +ve change of shoes,working well is natural choice but it has to be careful with Applevalley who after one easy run has improved a lot and will be there at busy end.


Very intersting race.Palaceaffairs is classy material but struggled to win in her last run over weak company.Scubario was forced to move along rails and badly interfered near last 100mts in its last run,yet managed to finish close third to Alfatha&Spoton,has improved a lot and can upset,my money will be on it.Chiquella has services of very good jockey,by default will be in top 3.Rubycrown won over weak company,is working very well,this run will test her mettle.Scamper may not be able to match strides with strong contenders here.


Rubycrown has enough class to keep all other runners at safe distance.Gentlemansdeal's dismayal performance is puzzle even to his trainer,so we better leave it.Shakinstevens may finish second and give good returns for place.Maximise at this weight does not appeal to me even though it has won a race in monsoon over identical distance carrying weight of 61.


Stormygladitor was seen finishing well in the end to Championstar which went to win twice again,can extend well over this longer distance.Maximumcity impressed most in its last victory but can it do over this distance? Royaldignitary has failed to justify favourtism bestowed upon him.Cabochan was strongly fancied last time,will be involved in final finish.

Race6:Ladypatricia(3)-Win Essence(7)-Eachway

Sprucesprinstein may find weight as stopper.
Chiefdemission could not win in Nonwinners group,so his chances r negligible here.
Ladypatricia:Inspite of slow start,won impressively with jockey easing his mount in last 100mts,it has very good chance to repeat.
Hyperkinetic:Its run in Derby can be ignored,earlier finished good third to Greenhaven,Carteblanche,now with D Grant astride,will be fully extended,at best may place.
Trueforce:Impressive winner in lower class,in subsequent run led all the way till beaten by Superior Alchology,may not be able to impress here.
Essence:Working very well with "Blks" and running with same now,can upset the applecart here,good each way bet.
Highlands:Habitual slowstarter,but still finishes on strongly,i doubt whether it can show that form in this strong company.

Having said that finally i would prefer a win bet on Lady patricia and eachway bet on Essence.


Renukaspride's last run was suggestive and should be a good bet.Cannontreasure lacks initial speed and at this weight may not be able to make an impression.Goldenflame was good second on Derby day but not on tracks thereafter.Citidancer is winner in lower class,may need this run to prove its worthiness in higher category.Ocean of pearl failed as hot marketfancy in lower class,has problem of hanging out,now running with "HB",can make a difference.In the end i find only three worthy contenders, i.e Renukaspride,goldenflame and Ocean of pearl in that order.


Lavendermist strikes as a good eachway bet over this distance.Spectacularfalcon is ignored due to -ve change of shoes whereas Timeon has lost the thirst for win.Alchology was impressive winner in its last race and should repeat.Caliagatae is not shown in tracks after its last run.Toofanexpress will again play the role of bridesmaid.


Royallight should not have much difficulty in winning this race in this very poor set.Millenuim queen and Festivalsofindia will follow.





Have a nice day

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hyderabad 07/02

Hi all,

Iam off to bangalore today evening.Iam posting here my selections for tomorrows hyderabad races.


Real bad race to start with.The scot will lead all the way till being caught.Topshape is working well and can upset in this poor bunch.


Last run of grandact was suggestive and should be in thick of action.Ignore last run of Speedmotive,is working very well,will be involved in final tussle.


Tiara is one eyed horse,and if goes in front without any hitch,will be hard to be beaten.Ivorysnow is next best and should grab the opportunity if tiara fails.


Goldentricks is knocking door for sometime and should win here.Global star at this handicap is live threat.Realtor by default is prime contender over this distance.


Dash for cash race.Vinaleo,citistorm,habituated and Rajveer r equally matched and former has advantage over others.

(1)/Smarty Prince(3)

Race is restricted to this two horses.

Race7)Risingrays(5)/Sugar Lady(3)

Race is restricted to two with former having very good command over this race and should win.


Alfatha stands tall in this set and shud win with ease.Vendetta and king of court will follow .


Hussler is wellbred,working very well and can pull it off in its very first run.Flyingphoenix with run benifit will extend its best and will be involved in final finish.Chemeli will be good long shot place bet.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Revised list of Follow horses

Following horses are in great shape and form and should oblige very soon.
























25)See youthere:1200-1400













39)Yesesyeses:In cat2






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