Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prosperous New year Wishes

Hi all,

I would like to wish all visitors of this blog A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.Thanks for ur kind patronage.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Opening odds 29/12

1- 2 1/4
7- 1 1/2

1 - 2 1/2
3-4 1/2
4-1 1/2



7-4 1/2

1-2 1/4

Pls scroll down for selections

Hi all,

Following are my views for the races to held on Monday.


Small field but 4 equal contenders.My final selection is Elpaso who clocked smart timings.Fireblaze comes next best.Alabarodo and chestnut charmer will finish behind them.


Powerplay has beaten Bernado at level weights and now running with 3.5 kgs benifit.Bernado in turn was shade better than green haven on same day.Powerplay should return as winner.


Cherokeefigher has best credentials to win this race,but not sighted in tracks after vaccination.Jaanbaaz may not be able to carry this weight.Bottom weighted shivaji and goldenflame have good chance in this set.


Habituated ran well along with good horses,can pull it off inspite of top weight.Cogent's first run can be ignored as it took fly jump,and in second run was drawn in outermost box,here in innermost box will be different customer and should place.Jetexpress took lot of public money to drain in its last outing in lower class,again in this higher class can try to make amends,place looks good.


Royalbond is not shown in tracks after vaccination,but is running with positive change of shoes,has lot of initial speed,will be hard to toss.Bonfire is running in right distance and in right company,will be involved in final finish.Grandact is consistent,by default will place.Sugarlady iam ignoring because it bolted in its last run and gave a reverse cantering,will wait for this race and see its performance.Alzahara has problem of slow starts.Royal assembly is ignored due to jockey merit.

Race6:Bharadvij(3)/Isnt She Something(2)/Azzax(9)

Bhardvij was in striking position in its last run,lost chances after drifting out,can do well.Isntshesomething was badly off in its last run ,if takes a level jump will try to run away with this race.Azzax in this distance is live threat.


Birdie should not much trouble in winning this race.Indianarcher is not seen in tracks after vaccination,but still may finish behind birdie.Truefashion is place certainity.




Good luck

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hyderabad 28/12

Hi all,

Feature event of the day Golcanda 2000 guineas has attracted just 7 runners.Reconnect is blazing track,has class will be strongly fancied but its job is not easy as it looks,it will face threat from unexpected quarters in form of Iaepetus.Carteblanche can improve and surprise.Card looks good.


Menlopark: Speedy,drawn advantegously in innermost box should not have much trouble over this shorter distance.
Cassablanca:Working very well,should finish second to Menlopark.
Mr Don: Lethargic starter in its last outing,only +ve thing is switch of jky,no impressive track but given by Christopher,should place.


Ruffiano:Met one better in both starts,last track was given by Trainer which is a positive sign,should be hard nut to be cracked.
Scubario:Lacks initial speed,will warm up late and save place money.
Aphrodisiac:Place prospect.


Royalcode:Was in striking position in last race on a day which saw many upsets,can do well over this distance.
Aljameel:Speedy,should be involved with royal code in final tussle.
Chamatkar:Last run came from outermost draw to lead till beaten,here with 2o0mts less to travel may be fancied,but i dont fancy its chances much.

Race4:Ripples(8)/High Lands(3)

Ripples:Something is brewing in it,cannot be ignored at this time of year.
Highlands:Ignore last two runs,if given green signal should be there at all important end.
Favourableterms:At best can place.

Race5:Armstrong(6)/Unexpected Twist(8)

Armstrong:Entrusted to its fav jockey,should do well and win.
Unexpectedtwist:With some luck and "friendly assistence" may win,watch out for market trends.
Realtor:Running in same category at same weight despite being winner clearly indicates it won due to huge handicap advantage in its last outing.
Nanowar:Weight and distance will go against it.

Race6:Auxillary(3)/Glaring Godzilla(11)/Flying Rudolph(6)

Auxillary:In rousing form,will loose only it wishes to,on handicapping reason there is hardly any strong reason against it.
Glaringgodzilla:Ignore its last run,capable of doing better,should place.
Flyingrudolph:Consistent,by default shud place.


Badrace.Restricted to this two.Greyshot may place.


Iaepetus:Ignore its last run(running first time after getting for homoclot),will be different customer here,,i fancy her chances.
Reconnect:By default public choice.
Carteblanche:Definetely lot better than what it displayed in its last outing,should place.

Race9:Kohinoor Diamond(1)/Ocean City(7)/Turning Point(5)

Bad race.Kohinoor diamond a demotee can do well.Ocean city and turning point are in forward condition and may oblige.

Daysbest(valuebet):Iaepetus(8-4)** {Win/Shp/Place}**

Treble(small odds win roll):Menlopark(1-3)/Ruffiano(2-5)/Auxillary(6-3)


JP:6,8/3/1,3/4,5/1,5,7=24 TICKETS

Good luck

Glimpses of Bangalore 27/12

Hi all,

Following appeals to me in todays races to be held at Bangalore.


Trillion win with run benifit and positive change of shoes has good chance to win.Rule of attraction is tracking very well and should follow winner home.One cannot ignore MAM maidens horses when they run with A plate,should be involved in final finish.


Most of the runners in this race have not given track after vaccination.Sensational bay can be a live force over this distance and looks GOOD each way.Westernplace had easy lung opener in its last outing,showing lot of initial speed in tracks,drawn advanteglously in innermost box will be there in 1-2.


Bourbonbay has nothing to beat in this set and looks home and dry.Dreampark and gypsywish look good for place.


Giftofachievement finished good fourth in its last outing and can do well over this step up distance.Leadinglady with help of "Blks" will run a bold race.Royalchief is tracking extremely well and will be involved in final tussle.Sweetvengence is tracking very well but one gets the feeling it will go on Start to finish mission and may find this distance beyond its compass.


Thelast samurai is running in right distance,tracking well should win.Sparkofgold with +ve change of shoes and jockey looks certain for place.Starspeed ran along with good horses,not fully prepared,may place.


Sarmaidar is tracking very well and can pull it off in this weak set.Flip ur destiny has given fully extended track which indicates it will be on job and should be involved in final finish with former.


Motherspride should win this race,has run along superior horses.Guidedmissile looks very good for place.Jetfire if on job will be right there at busy end.


Doublemerge was fancied in its last outing,can do well in this very poor set and should hardly face any trouble in winning.Sunnyland is tracking very well and may place ahead of Dock of bay.


Race is restricted to this three.Buckpassjunior has improved a lot and can win from Star blue and starnews.



Have a nice day

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hyderabad 25/12

Hi all,

Following are my views for the races to be held on Christmas day.


Lalapitus won impressively last week,will be strongly fancied ,can win again but has to beat Royalembassy who after very easy won, is well rested,tracking well and looks better.Rudolphvalentino may fill third slot.


Youngsters race,nothing can be said very confidently.Davenport after good second behind Ramasse is working well along with superior horses,can win.Rubycrown was bit slow in start in its last run,was seen finishing on well in the end over 1200mts,now running with +ve change of shoes,can do well over this step up distance.Modestbride is working very well,her last run can be ignored as it did not like hot pace set by Chimelique and Chestnutcharmer,can be different customer in this distance and field.Payday showed some speed at fag end of race in its last run,can place at longer odds.


This race will be keenly watched.Sparks,who was in news for wrong news is running again.Disappearance of D R Fox mysteriously left a trail of suspicion.Daniel grant has been flown in to ride it.Looks like Ex Golf champion turned Trainer Shehzad Abbas is keen to come clean out of that episode,however iam not going to fancy its chances for the simple reason that it is beaten by a maiden horse in its final track work.Kohinoor delight may be fancied on basis of its impressive second in last run,but no track post vaccination,hence ignored.Above the line has failed to impress in its last outing,getting beaten in final stages.Admire aura,half sister to Refresh and Adamantapproach,was flying in its final furlong in its last outing,Should return as Winner baring unforeseen circumstances.

Race4:Sikander e alam(2)-win

Greatball of china and Renukaspride are winners in lower class and repeat of tht feat cannot be expected in this higher set.Lucky damsel is tracking well but cannot sustain itself over this distance.Cannon hunt is regular in trials,facing an enquiry for improved performance earlier,has tendency of slow start,can do well here in this poor set,place looks good.Sikander e alam is running in right distance and with help of "Blks" can win.


Earthbender cleared maiden status in Monsoon in great style,ran unextended in higher category,now running with +ve change of shoes,with jockey Danielgrant astride looks home and dry.Globalstar will relish this step up distance and should follow winner home.Goldensabot and Jaanbaaz may fill remaining slot.


Openrace.Alchology no doubt is best of lot,only worry is distance,iam emboldened to select it as first choice due to declaration of Umesh,who i feel is better than Abhinay.Johngalt is in fine nick,continues to shine in trails,can chalk out a win if Alchology alerts late.Corpscommand in this shorter distance is sure to place.Colorful lacks initial speed,hence ignored.Shikra probably is running for last time at Malakpet,i do not fancy her chances as she is one paced.Truefashion finished eyecatching second in its last run,but weight is bit bother over this distance,ideal for 1100mts.Kingofhabashe cannot be ignored,atleast for minor placings.Sugargold is not shown in tracks after vaccination,hence ignored.


Intersting race.Hypnotiq even though short in class is running with huge weight advantage when compared to fancied runners.Won a race this season,earlier in Monsoon won very impressively cutting smart timings under testing conditions.My bet wud be on it.Champforever managed to get better of Adamantapproach twice in identical handicap differnce,hence a reversal of that trend looks difficult.Classicart in monsoon had beaten Champforever giving 1 kg,now running at identical handicap,looks better and should follow winner home.Missionchief can place at longer odds if any of above three falters at all important end.


Girl of love is no doubt best of lot,but no trackwork post vaccination leaves doubt and on that count cannot be backed confidently.Sixthelement is tracking well,but choice of jockey is deterrent,hence ignored.Essence has regained its old form and can win in this set.Accordion should place.Habituated may find this weight and distance as hindrance,at best can finish on board.Southernempire,a winner in lower category cannot make any impression on duo of Essence and Girloflove.


Race for lowest rated animals.Debonair looks very good in this lower category,can win.Mystic impact warmed up late to finish impressive third,with strong saddle assistence will be involved in final finish.Azzax at can place at longer odds.





Place:Rudolphvalentino,Payday,Cannon hunt,Corpscommand,Missionchief ,Sixthelement,Azzax

Good luck

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hyderabad 21/12

Hi all,

First race day post vaccination.Hope nothing much has changed.Feature event of the day should witness a match race between Orochi and Maximise.Orochi won impressively carrying crushing weight,earlier in Monsoon always ran in Grade races beating superior horses like Arabianknight,Diabolical.Maximise won effortlessly in monsoon over 2400mts,well rested ,working well,has good initial speed but has to beat Orochi.In youngsters race Queensfortune looks very good, should win easily and is my days best bet.Zorbanaut is certain to place.Among professionals Prasadraju and Sateesh are expected to be in lime light.Following are my views for other races.

Belledancer:Has good initial speed,drawn advantegously in innermost box,working well,will be hardnut to be cracked.
Pampering:In its last run it was leading till last 100mts over a distance of 1100mts,is working well and in this shorter will lead till beaten by Belledancer.
Sparklingsaphire:Halfsister to Standing ovation,working regularly can place at longer odds.

Queensfortune:If it can reproduce even half of what it displayed in its last run,should win easily.+ve change of shoes and jockey r added advantage.
Indiagate:In its last run was prominent with front runners till bend and eased up in straight,is drawn advantegously in inner most box,should place.
Gloriousbay:Looks to have improved after last run as evident by trackwork, can place at longer odds.
Ridetoglory:Working well,met one better in both starts,may find this distance sharp.

Orochi:Won impressively carrying crushing weight,always ran in graded races in monsoon beating quality opposition,looks very good at this weight.
Maximise:Won easily in its last outing in monsoon but over weak company.Well rested since,working well, is endowed with good initial speed,may try to take early advantage,will have to beat Orochi who will be breathing fire on his neck all thru.
Cefiro:May surprise,should not be ignored for minor combination bets.

Sugarlady:Ignore its last run,working very well,looks fit and should do well in this poor set.
Bonfire:Ignore its all runs this season due to interferance and wrong distance.Is working very well and by default shud be in 1-2.
Changeof loyalty:Can place in this poor set.
Fusionmusic:Looks difficult, at best can finish on board.

Tough race with as many as 5 horses having equal chances.
Recast:Running at feather weightin higher class.Change of rider is strong positive point and hence is my first pick to win this race.
Highlands:In its last run it was badly bumped at started and taken wide,ignore that run ,earlier won impressively beating Temple bells ,has best credentials to place.
Zorbanaut:Was seen moving very impressively in final stages of races,place looks certain.
Ivorysnow:Working very well,will be involved in final finish.
Globalstar:Its last run was too good to be ignored,may be this race is gift to Sreekanth for his work,must in JP.

Regentspark:In its last run was seen moving prominently till bend and easing up,working very well and now with better saddle assistence will be force to be reckoned.
Lavendermist:Very consistent,should place by default.
Proudaccolade:Won very well cutting smart timings,now running with +ve change of shoes,continues to shine in trials,can win again.
Kingsize:Weight and distance are against,at best can finish on board.

Grandact:Consistent performer.working very well, should do well.
Jetexpress:Brought down in class after 2 seasons of compaign,if weight is not a issue can win.
Spectacularhero:Advantegously drawn in innermost box,if alert at start can finish in 1-2.
Pagethree:Outermost box is -ve,at best at finish on board.

Iceman:Well rested after his impressive win(returned bleeding),is working well and should do well.
Flashflares:Impressive in tracks,looks very good in this extended distance.
Pillantronics:May be fancied on basis of good second,looks difficult ,at best at finish on board.
Caliagate:Loves to run in front,earlier won a race beating poor opposition,regular in trials ,may place.
Penumatcha:Facing enquiry for dubious run,will not make amends immediately.

Race9: Maximumcity(4)-win
Maximumcity: Was seen finishing on well over 1400mts in its last outing,extra 200mts may help to earn winning bracket.
Isntshesomething:Running in lower class,working very well will be in 1-2.
Playitsmart:Good long shot place prospect.


Have a nice and wonderful day

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bangalore 13/12

Hi all,
Only day of racing in 15days.One has to be careful in betting as u have to win or lose on the same day.2weeks off for vaccination means there will be sense of urgency in lesser mortals and one can expect some surprises.Feature event of the day looks to be safe in hands of Fleeting arrow but it has to be careful with Originality and his stable mates which can make his task difficult.Having said that, there is a possibility of Upset in form of Archipenko and Aritos if Fleeting arrow finds himself wanting for room in final stages of race.Following are my views for other races.

4 out of 8 belong to MAM camp.Out of remaining 4 ,three r running for first time.So that leaves us only with Fairoption and Sungold."S" shoes is the only worry for Fairoption.Sungold is ridden by Vivek who is out of form for long long time.So,by default Fairoption has fair chance to win.

Centrum:Wellbred,Firstrun,only one gate practise,in all probability will be an educational run.
Chillichoclate:Failed as fav in its last outing,likes to run in front,outermost box is huge drawback.
Aspiringseven:-Ve change of shoes and weight clearly indicate that it has no chance.
Charchand:Running in lower class,can place.
Adair:Pulled up lame on two occasions,can be safely ignored.
Stagelight:Ignore last two runs,gave nice forward runs in mysore,now running in lower class has good chance to place.
Whispervalley:Has run benifit,working well,has very good chance in this lower class.
Nonstopcannon:Running with +ve change of shoes,but no track work for last one month.

Queenraina:Had good lung opener in its last outing 1400mts,working very well,entrusted to Taskmaster,by default should be in top3.
Silkencare:Drawn advantegously in innerbox,if long lay off factor is not a issue, then can give anxious moments to all.
Milagro:Winner in lowercategory,looks difficult here.
Tinastriumph:Winner in lower category but clocked impressive timings,can do well.
Andronics:Habitual forward runners,failed to impress in gate practise.
Southerner:Runs in and out of form,no track work after last run.
Lushfoliage:Lost as fav in lower class,looks difficult.
Mangalayprarambh:Working well,if distance is not sharp will be right there.

Callista:Was fancied in higher class,now running in lower class has very good chance.Its final track on Dec10 is excellent.
Superiorsurprise:ignore its last run and mysore runs,is working very well and running with +ve change of shoes,should be in top2.
Giftadiamond:If taken to front will be live threat to one and all,but jockey is mediocore.
Eversoclever:-ve change of shoes and jockey r clear indication.
Refresh:Running in right distance after easy run last time,but no track for last 3 weeks is big disadvantage.
Doubleemerge:Running with +ve change of shoes and jockey but again no track work for last 3 weeks.
Crackerjack:May do well with better saddle assistence and change of shoes from S-A,place looks very good bet.
Badarupaiya:Was seen finishing on well under testing conditions,is genuine dark horse and can upset depending on its fitness level which cannot be guaged due to absence of trackwork.
Auchinlech:May not sustain itself over this distance.

Lava:Running in lower class with +ve change of shoes,but no trackwork.Weight will be stopper as it loves to come off pace.
Readmymind:Easy unextended win in mysore,working very very well,its last three spurts are given by Appu himself,will definetely be in 1-2.
Cannavora:Just carrying a penaltly of 2.5 kgs for the win,cut splendid timing in testing conditions,is working very well,everyone has to beat him.
Classicaldancer:Running with change of S-A shoes,finished second in heavy underfoot conditions,cannot repeat in this conditions.
Afea:+ve change of shoes,jockey,fully extended final trackwork suggest he will be tried,by default will be in top 3.

Royalbank:Ignore last run where it ran easy in tough company,can tackle this set if the intentions are so.
Raptorforce:Lost race in ring in its last outing,came up well in heavy underfoot condition to finish good second, will definetely improve on that run.
Sarang:Stablemate of Royalbank,running after long lay off,working impressively,can cause major upset.

Fleetingarrow:Toprated,Winning continously,has done nothing wrong till now,by default will be market fancy.
Undue:No chance against stablemate Fleetingarrow.
Ableassociate:Obivously short of class.
Archipenko:Only horse which ran close to Fleeting arrow,now ridden by very good jockey,winner of mockrace,will be involved in finish.
Aritos:Won very impressively cutting smart timings,drawn in innermost box,if taken on start to finish mission can upset all calculations.
Fantasticquest:Beaten by Archipenko in summer,stands no chance whatsoover but may play role of catalyst.
Markofgibraltar:Beaten by Fleeting arrow at same weight,no chance,may play role of spoilsport.
Starpresentation:Won against poor opposition in summer,proceeded to win Malakpet derby,was shaping like winner before being beaten by Abfabs in mysore derby.Abfabs failed to make any impact in its last outing and finished behind Originality.Its defeat on hands of Succeddingstar which failed to impress subsequently also casts doubt over his ability.
Palazziossun:Was fancied by its connections in Mysore derby,looks very very difficult.
Originality:Late entry,finished impressive second to Icebreaker.4 horses from MAM camp are in fray which itself is clear indication that Originality will be tried and should do well.

Vanquish:64.5 Kgs and in innermost box,there is only one possibility of winning,going start to finish,looks extremely difficult.
Nobleguest:I believe Puttana's ward will be tried only when they r shown regularly in trials,thats the reason inspite of +ve change of shoes and pet distance iam ignoring this good horse.
Perpetuity:Vanquisher of southerncharge which went to win beating quality opposition, in this shorter distance should be in 1-2
Royalambassador:Running after gap of 3 1/2 months,will need this run.
Dancinghighness:May be fancied it loves to run in front,is drawn in outer box,beaten in its final trackwork,i dont fancy her chances.
Soberano:Last two runs were in strong company,earlier a won race over same distance in summer,will place by default.
Fullspeed:Longlay off, and not able to beat half of the field in its last 3 outings in same class are clear indications,ignore.
Milford:Won impressively in Mysore against poor opposition,cannot make any impression here.
Tomsk:Ignore its last run where it slipped thru rails beautifully surged ahead and was beaten by suoerior Icebreaker which went to win again,has nothing to beat in this set and should win with measure of comfort.

Race9:Brothersinarm(8) ** Edited after lagovista was withdrawn**
Masterstrategist:Won a race in Mysore with A shoes,last run was dismayal,no track after that run,can be ignored.
Graphicdesign:Running in lower class with +ve change of shoes should be in top3.
Seasonsgreeting:Prominent second till bend,can do well in this reduced distance and weaker company.
Lagovista:Has very good chance to win,needs to be alert.
Brothersinarm:Had good lung opener,with better saddle assistence and drop in handicap,should finish in 1-2.
Rainman:Lost race in ring in its final outing,at best may finish on board.


Have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hyderabad weekend races cancelled

Hyd races scheduled on 14th and 15th Dec have been cancelled due to Administrative reasons as per HRC press release.
It has been reliably learnt that Vaccines have arrived and the process will start from Wednesday morning.Horses will be back on track from Friday and we can expect some action on Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hyderabad 08/12

Hi all,
Due to marriage function in my relatives i cud not post on time.Card looks good for followers of form and favs

Youngsters race.I like Radical player who is working very well,his final spurt was note worthy and can win from Dreamdancer.Archon is working well and may place.

Vendetta moved up very fast in final furlong to finish close third in its Firstrun,well rested,regular in tracks and should not have much trouble to win if it can reproduce that form.Menlopark is next best.Mertitous can place.

Vanquisher of Templebells which won on Sunday,Highlands has good chance to repeat.Bonfire for place.

Lalapitus was seen moving very well in final stages of races to finish a notable fourth to Attracttress and should be a live force over this distance and in this weak set.Featherweighted Adorna is live threat,good for place.

Ignore last run of Fantasticboy which was after a long lay off of nearly 10months,was seen moving impressively in final stages,working well and can do well over this extended distance.It may have to thwart challenges of Superflous,Yipee and Stablemate Coolspice.

Dancingtouch is heads and shoulders above the rest and should win this race with measure of comfort.Habituated and Icecandy will place.

Inspite of slowstart,Costamesa was seen moving very well in the end and finished close fifth in its last outing can win but has to beat Kohinoorstar who was bit unlucky in its last run as it was hampered for room in final stages of race.Arsham for place.

Bad race and i expect a upset.Any of the above three can upset with former holding a slight advantage due to impressive track work.

Redfairy and Cogent are equally poised but my final vote goes to Redfairy due to innerbox advantage and impressive track work and gate practise.Truefashion looks good for place.


Good luck

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hyderabad 07/12

Hi all,

Following are my views for extra day meeting to be held on Sunday.Card looks good .


Currenchest:Prominent in front bunch till bend in its last outing ,working very well, but choice of jockey is deterent,should be a good place prospect.
Pythagoras:Met interference at start in its Firstrun,cud not acccelerate in straight,extra 100mts may be to its advantage,working very impressively,shud be in Top2.
Mandavi:Halfsister to Indiansummer,will need this run.
Yanamara:Has run benifit,thereafter seen in track only once,cannot be backed confidently.
Zycon:Did all the running before being beaten to Albarado,regular in tracks,With 100mts less to travel has rosy chances,winner has to beat her.


Elpaso:Full brother to Fantasticfury and Blastinclass,is working very very well along with cat1 horses displaying good initial speed,shud do well.
Ruffiano:Was shocked on post by Jiahyohjiayoh,was seen drifting under pressure,can do well here.
Admireaura: Halfsister to Refresh and Adamantapproach, had an easy lung opener in which it was seen to running prominent till bend,now running with +ve switch of jockey will be the horse to be beaten.
Hundredflowers:Was with front runners till last 200mts,can place at longer odds.
Misseverywhere:Unknown commodity,seen regular in tracks
Pampering:Had a good lung opener,running with +ve switch of jockey and shoes,working well.


Orochi:Won inpressively in Monsoon beating the likes of Arabian knight,diabolical.Will try to run away with this race,weight will be a major hurdle.
Blastinclass:Working well,jockey is medicore,needs hard riding.
Gentlemendeals:Good handy second to Champforever over 1600mts,extra 400mts will be added advantage and should win this race.
Missionchief:May not be able to sustain itself over this distance.
Shakinstevens:Did well in Monsoon but against medicore horses,looks difficult and cannot match strides with youngsters.
Flybywire:Warms up late,but this distance is beyond its compass.


Drumdance:Running in lowerclass,has tendency of drifting out under pressure,now running without "Blks",will try to win, but looks very difficult.
Ninjapower:A forward runners,does well only with "A" shoes,now running with "s",can be ignored.
Classicdancer:Lethargic slow starter ,cannot be trusted.ignore.
Classicone:Jockey fined for not preserving with his mount in its last outing,merits another chance and should win.
Cherokeefighter:Choice of jockey is clear indication ,looks difficult.
Pacific groove:Out of form,will have to wait till it shows some signs of it.
Worldwide:Ignore its last run where it was badly bumped at start,will be live threat to one and all,should be a good place bet.
Asiandelight:Winner in lower category,has tendency of hanging out,no chance here.
Ladyinlimelight:Was seen moving very impressively along the rails in its last outing,can do well over this extended distance,should be in top2.
Debonaire:Was seen gaining places in its last outing in the final parts of race under heavy whipping,long shot place prospect.


Portfolio:A forward runner and winner over 1200mts,by default shud be a contender in this shorter distance.
Royalassembly:A impressive winner and good forward runner in its last outing,can pull it off again.
Freakfantasy:Endowed with good initial speed,outermost box is -ve,can be ignored.
Gallopinggrocer:Won effortlessly in lower category,no track after that run.
Ujjaini:Gave nice forward run leading till last 300mts over 7 furlongs,now running with +ve change of shoes,drawn in outerbox, should place.
Zagreb:Stable will prefer Royalassembly,shud run easy.


Winningrays:Running in lower category,should place.
Mizzna:Ignore its last run where it was boxed up along rail sides in straightand jockey didnot appeared keen to improve its position at any stage of race,now running with Blks on can do well.
Heyden:Was inconvienced in final stages by eventual winner Indhradhanush in its last outing,merits attention.
Templebells:Beaten on last stride in its last outing,innermost box is disadvantage.
Montush:Slowly off in its last outing,yet managed to finish third,has services of good jockey,should do well.


Carteblance:Easy winner over weak comapany,has tough job at this weight in this set.
Dashonregardless:Veryconsistent,should be in 1-2
Kingsize:Showed good form in monsoon,weight seems to be stopper.
Vijaysamrat:Runs in and out of form,has tendency of hanging out.
Accordion:Showed good form while finishing second to Sparsh,working well,will be involved in final say.
Greenvision:Impressive winner in its last outing but now running with -ve change of shoes.
Hyperkinetic:Was moving very impressively in its last outing,now runnin with +ve change of shoes,but jockey is big put off.
Rubenstein:Failed to live upto expectations too many times.
Lavendermist:After winning a race in lower category finished impressive second,will be involved in final tussle.
Manduro:Winner in lower category,ignore here.
Indhrashanush:W inner in lower category,looks difficult in this set.


Race for lowest rated horses.
Recast:Needs over 1400mts.
Royallight:Led till bend,good place bet in this shorter distance.
Smartchoice:Fails to accelerate,ignore.
Ouropinion:if takes a level jump shud return as winner.
jayjay:In this distance looks very good and everyone has to beat him.
Autumngold:Innermost box advantage will try to run away with this race which looks very difficult.





Have a nice and wonderful day

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bangalore 06/12

Hi all,
Feature event of the day should see a fierce fight between Diamondhunter and Womanontop with latter holding advantage.Card looks very good and rails birds can have field day as most of the races wear open look in terms of odds.

Race1: Targetachiever(7)/Buchepalas(2)
Target achiever has run benifit,services of top jockey and working along with class2 horses,should not disappoint.Buchepalas is working well and should be there along with former.Mighty monarch may fill in third slot.

Race2: Liveitup(2)/Royalconfidence(3)
Liveitup ran well in final stages of race in its last outing,had good mysore runs,should be able to pull it off from Royalconfidence who definetely will be involved in final finish as its final track work was given by B prakash himself.Angelfield has problem of slow start,hence cannot be trusted.Voice of india may do well over this extended distance and looks good place bet.

Shootarainbow, a impressive winner can be persisted with and should be able to tackle this set.Ignore last run of Sunnycolors,is running in optimum distance and is expected to be involved in final tussle along with Allmycolors.

Wilewench looks good in this weak set and is expected to be do well.Mac is entrusted to its fav jockey and that indicates it will be fully extended.

Ignore last run of Blackpassjunior,working very well and should do well over this distance.Girlnext door is expected to do well and should grace board.

This race shoud see a fierce battle between this two with former holding slight advantage.Queensguest is at feather weight and if jockey rides it judicously will be right there.

Open race with former looking good and should be able to pull it off from chillywind and Fantabalousprince.

Sunnybaba, in this lower class looks very good over this distance and should be able to pull it off from Alyscia and different opinion.

Treble:Targetachiever(1-7)/Shootarainbow(3-2)/ womanontop(6-3)

Have a nice day.

Bangalore 5/12

This are my shortlisted selections.

Have a nice day

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