Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mumbai 29th March

Hi all,

Following are my views


Belligerent:Working regularly in tracks and pool,In last race finished ahead of Firevault,doubledelight which went to win,earlier in Pune ran close to Brad,and in last mumbai season was seen finishing on well to good horses like Rosebowl and setalight,gave 2 good gatepractises and now running with "Blks',can pull it off.
Beaconlight:Was seen gaining places in final furlong,entrusted to allowance claiming jockey,can extend its best here.
Rattle:Finished ahead of Belligerent in last race,but habitual slow starter,hence avoided.
Solar:Was moving lethargically thru out in its last run,can be ignored for win.
Anemio:Finished 25lenghts behind in its sole run,no track work after that,cannot win.


Anastasia:Was bit slow in start,was last till bend,came with burst of speed,but was running green in its last run where stable prefered other horse,now entrusted to Mcgullah who had the feel of the horse in lone track work,gets the first preference in this set.
Empressofindia:In its last run was handy close 7th till bend,could not accelerate in straight,thereafter systematically prepared,can upset.
Moonflower:Bumped at start in last run,was seen moving well in final stages,working regularly,will not go without fight.
Riverglory:Only track work after last run,last run was prominent till bend,then fizzled out,cannot be trusted for win.
Notability:Was up with front bunch till last 400mts,could not accelerate,has no chance here.

Race3:Premier perception

Premier perception on basis of its impressive second to Monopoly stands out clearly in this junk race where Rococo,Forcado,Strathendrick are running for first time and The Rising,Nativestrategy,Wafadar,Red Dawn are not seen in tracks for long time.Starowar has services of good jockey but distance is sharp,so by default Premier perception has best chances to win in its pet distance.


Arts has threat only in form of Cinquecento but one can safely assume that Banja would not go against Mama.Captainsmart in place looks good option for place.


Catalyst:Never travelled this distance,working well can pull it off in this set.
Chios:Heavily penalised,working very well with good horses,should be in 1-2

Race6:Te Quiero/Ganador

Bad race. Te Quiero and Ganador have some chance as they are running in pet distance and seen in pool.


Snowden should not have much difficulty in winning this race.Grandwarrior is running after long lay off of nearly 1 year.Goldenkingdom and Sirtaj will need this run.


Icebreaker:Best filly of the country after Setalight,should not have much difficulty in winning the race,only thing she has to take care is that she does not get weakened in long straight of mumbai.
Attractress:Wonderfilly from Malakpet,had a feel of Mumbai track in Guineas2000,working very well with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,distance is not a issue,should run a good race.
Phenomenale:Last run was too bad to be true,vanquisher of Dancingdynamite in Pune derby,this filly has good chance to enhance her reputation.
Barbara:Winner of lower class,never travelled beyond mile,can be ignored.
Congrats:Its previous runs suggest it may not be able to sustain itself after 2000mts.
Nora,originality,Riyasat,Veerawang:Never travelled over mile,can be ignored.
Corfu:This Kolkotta horse may not be able to make any impression here.


Daffodils:After clearing maidens last Mumbai season,ran forward races to too good horses like Redromeo,Autonomy,ran unextended races in higher category in Pune,ignore last run in this season where it could not get clear passage in final furlong,if fit can make a race out of it.
Rubidium:Vanquisher of Bluejay in Pune,Finished good second to superior Moonstorm{2nd win}in higher class,has good chance.
Sophie:Eventhough running for first time in this season,its lone Gatepractise was impressive,can upset.
Easter Lily:Still a maiden,failed to carry topweight in lower class,will try to run away at this weight.
Highland Bounty:Needs stronger saddle assistence,ignore for win.
Blue Jay:Needs stronger saddle assistence,cannot be backed for win.


Maseeha has an edge over Silvertern and Nitrous{may not be able to sustain this distance}.



Premier perception/Arts/Snowden/Icebreaker/Maseeha

Placeroll:Beaconlight,Empressofindia,Te Quiero,Attractress,Rubidium

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Bangalore Truncated and final selections

Race1:Let The River Run(1)/Non Stop Cannon(5)

Let The River Run should ran a good race.Nonstopcannon will place ahead of Awesomefighter and prettyfast.

Race2:Rai's Style(1)/Spark Of Solitaire(4)

Rai's Style,Spark Of Solitaire,Appolonaire are capable of extending each other with former holding waferthin advantage.

Race3:One(8)/Raptor Force(3)

one has better credential than others but a surprise cannot be ruled out in form of Raptor force and Enduring star.


Nox should simply canter away.Shotgunn will end up as bridesmaid.Administrator or surefire may grace third spot.


Aristos hardly faces any threat and should return as comfortable winner.Dinesa will be in place along with Riverisland.

Race6:Read My Mind(3)/Lush Foliage(6)

Readmymind has very good chance to win this race from Lushfoliage.Vandestar can place ahead of Afea.

Race7:Refresh(5)/Hawaiian Sunrise(11)

Refresh and Hawaainsurprise should fight it out in final furlong with former holding advantage.Easy may finish third ahead of Awesomebeauty.

Race8:Colonel Duff(10)/Madam Rich(4)

Colonel duff should make up for costly failure last time.Madam rich is genuine upset horse and should easily place along with Cimarron.

Race9:Monarchial(2)/Chilli Chocolate(11)

Monarchial,Chilli Chocolate should fight out in final stages with sheza star filling in remainin berth.


Kainchi:One(3-8)/Read My Mind(6-3)/Refresh(7-5)/Colonel Duff(8-10)

Bangalore Penultimate day

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Friday.

Race1:Let The River Run(1)/Non Stop Cannon(5)

Let The River Run:A nonwinner till to date,was slowly off in its last run,gave a good gate practise thereafter,all its previous run baring last one were in higher category,can extend its best here in this lowest set.
Non Stop Cannon:Hiding form,will extend its best here,good eachway bet.
Awesome Fighter:Surprised winner last time,continues to be in fine nick,can repeat.
Pretty N Fast:One eyed mare,showed some form earlier,very poor record,cannot be backed for win.
Firey Business:Running first time in this distance,very poor record,cannot be backed for win.
Sensational Bay:Poor form,no chance.
Lady Of Light:A nonwinner,slowly off in its last run,no GP,seen sparingly in Swimming,earlier sustained cut injuries twice,looks very difficult. Silver Paris:Working well,but distance looks beyond its compass,at best can place.
Fantabulous Hero:Habitual slow starter,Non winner even after 28 runs,cannot be trusted.

FinallyLet The River Run should ran a good race.Nonstopcannon will place ahead of Awesomefighter and prettyfast.

Race2:Rai's Style(1)/Spark Of Solitaire(4)

Rai's Style:Working very well,now running with "Ts" and Blks",can win.
Spark Of Solitaire:Good forward runs in both start,now running with "TS" ,will extend its best here.
Appolonaire:Bloodlines suggest it is best suited for this distance,last was in forward condition till last 200mts,with 100mts less to travel has good chance.
Youre Magnifique:Slowly off in its lone start,can be ignored.
Winged Light:Slowstart in last race,no chance here.
Saratoga:Troublesome gatemanners,will need lot of polishing,can be ignored here.
Trillion Win:Only one track after last run,will run easy.
Isinbayeva:4th in first start,easy track thereafter,looks difficult for win.
Game Dancer:Tracking well,will need this run.

FinallyRai's Style,Spark Of Solitaire,Appolonaire are capable of extending each other with former holding waferthin advantage.

Race3:One(8)/Raptor Force(3)

One:Shocked by Sarmaidar on post,running at very good handicap,should win this race easily.
Raptor Force:Was fancied by its connections in its last run over wrong distance,not much activity seen in track or swimming after race,going by reputation of Byramjis,will be in 1-2.
The Last Samurai:After impressive victory in lower class,was shaping like a winner in its last run before being beaten by Sarmaidar{won again} ,will extend its best,but at best can only hope to place.
Enduring Star:Impressive winner last time,earlier ran along very good horses,won in 40-65 class after clearin maidens,tracking well,,,but the million dollar question is y such a long break after its last run?
Saptashwa:-ve change of shoes and weak jockey is clear -ve indication,can be ignored.
Kajuraho:Running for the first time over,was seen warming up late over 1400mts,can extend its best over this distance,lacks class to make an impression.
Sunny Colours:Distance may be sharp for his comfort.
Royal Player:Beaten by ordinary horse in its last run,can be ignored.

Finally One has better credential than others but a surprise cannot be ruled out in form of Raptor force and Enduring star.


Nox:Half brother to Bourbonstar,Showed good initial speed in its last run and was always prominent close 4th till bend,had to ride in check in straight,now running in shorter distance,tracking very very well,should simply canter away.
Shotgunn:Impressive preparation,good GP beating Valid expectation{R60},will follow Nox home.
Administrator:Full brother to Ikaria,tracking easy,is it season end gift, to M Ravi??good long shot place bet.
Surefire:Exp for first run,no other reason to discount its chances,belongs to stable which periodically springs surprises.
Real Magic:Well bred,ran good forward races to superior horses,just one track after last run,belongs to unreliable stable.
Cash Is King:Just one GP,will need this run,ignore.
Spade Ace:Regular in trials,2 GP,modestly bred.
Amar Prem:No track after last run,ignore.
Spark Of Hanover:No Gatepractises in preparation,will need this run.
Chaitanya Jyothi:Gave three good Gate practises,but still will need this run.
Youre So Beautiful:Neils darasah's horses with "S" shoes does not inspire confidence,can be ignored.
Lady Duff:Tracking well but with Riderboy,can be ignored.

Finally Nox should simply canter away.Shotgunn will end up as bridesmaid.Administrator or surefire may grace third spot.


Aristos:Impressive winner over strong field,continues to be in fine nick,will set his own pace,can do well in this higher set also.
Dinesa:Has very good chance here as it has beaten most of the runners here,good eachwaybet.
Lionheart:Has electric turn of foot,has proved his mettle again and again,but not seen in tracks after Feb12 and entrusted to relatively weaker jockey,looks difficult.
Cartwheel:Won impressively in lower class,working well but looks difficult here.
Riverisland:From lower class,tracking very well,but short of class.
Nobleguest:Didnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Jerseypride:Beaten by Lionheart,only one track after last run,cannot make an impression in this set.
Flaminglamborgini:Winner of same age group in lower class,stands no chance here.
Mercurial,Logansrun:Not better than Dinesa,has no chance whatsoever.
Firestone:Running after loong lay off,ignore.

Finally Aristos hardly faces any threat and should return as comfortable winner.Dinesa will be in place along with Riverisland.

Race6:Read My Mind(3)/Lush Foliage(6)

Read My Mind:Ignore last run where it finished third to too good aristos,can definetely do well and make his presence felt.
Lush Foliage:Impressive winner,continues to be in fine condition,can win again.
Super Speed:Managed to finish third in disturbed race,can be safely ignored.
Fantabulous Prince,Cannavaro:Failed in same class thrice,can be ignored,
Afea:Tracking very well,won impressively earlier,but distance is worry.
Lava,Game Fighter:Didnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore
Stone Of Destiny:Failed in same class twice,can be ignored.
Van De Star:In this shorter distance has good chance to upset,not seen in track or swimming after last run,hence ignored.
Ever So Clever,Ciboney:Winner of same age group in lower class in not so impressive timings,at best can place.

Finally Readmymind has very good chance to win this race from Lushfoliage.Vandestar can place ahead of Afea.

Race7:Refresh(5)/Hawaiian Sunrise(11)

Refresh:Won in same class,in last run recieved severe interference near 600mts,now carrying heavy impost,tracking very well, will extend its best.
Hawaiian Sunrise:Entrusted to his Fav jockey,will be right there.
Easy:Forward runner,had good chance over 1200mts,but outermost box is huge deterent,at best can place.
Smart N Special:In forward condition,will kick away till end if other fancy or eligible contenders choose to "gift" away this race.
Awesome Beauty:Getting beaten in last track by lesser mortal,at best can place due to jockey merit.
Raider's Sun:After clearing maiden status last summer has been struggling,once ran close second to Sweepingsuccess,"S" shoes and Jockey are clear -ve indication.
Southerner,Showhorse,Zaios:Didnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Tina's Triumph:Won a race at identical handicap and distance,its quota is over for this season,can be safely ignored.
Panchakshari:Will not be able to carry this weight till end,ignore.
Enforcer:Winner of poor bunch,heavily penalised,can be ignored.

Finally Refresh and Hawaainsurprise should fight it out in final furlong with former holding advantage.Easy may finish third ahead of Awesomebeauty.

Race8:Colonel Duff(10)/Madam Rich(4)

Colonel Duff:Was unable to carry weight in lower class and failed as hot fav,should easily win this race at this handicap.
Madam Rich:Running in ideal distance,weak jockey is for odds,should be right there.
Cimarron:On basis of good second to superior Aristos should place in this set.
Chilly Wind:Other than jockey,not much impressive,distance is sharp.
Blink:Troublesome horse,suffering from ailments,iam not impressed by its winning chances.
Snob Value,Strong Minded:Didnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Carabinieri:Will not be able to sustain itself till end.
India Shining:Winner of lower class over poor bunch,cannot make an impact here.
Mucho:Just one track in last 45 days with no swimming exercise,ignore.
Royal Treasure:No track after last run,Didnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Milagro:Struggling in same category with top jockey astride,at best can place due to jockey merit.
Finally Colonel duff should make up for costly failure last time.Madam rich is genuine upset horse and should easily place along with Cimarron.

Race9:Monarchial(2)/Chilli Chocolate(11)

Monarchial:Trainer earlier stated he will switch to shorter distance,can make a race out of it here.
Chilli Chocolate:Ignore last run where it was ridden by whipless jockey,now with stronger rider astride and in inner box holds advantage.
Sheza Star:Still a non winner,has age on her side,can win.
Royal Hero:Jockey is -ve,no track after last run,ignore.
Worth A Million:Had a win this season,will run easy,ignore.
Nearco Master,Fly For Sure:No worthy performance to merit attention.
Royal Flynn:Cannot make an impression in this distance and in this higher class.
Simply Dangerous:Didnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Gara Fluid:Failed even in his own age group,can be ignored.
Way To Fantasy:I do not back Puttana's horses if they r not shown in track,-ve change of shoes,can be ignored.
Unique Star:No track after last run,but seen regularly in swimming,now running with change of equipments,non winner,outer box is disadvantegous to this forward runner.

FinallyMonarchial,Chilli Chocolate should fight out in final stages with sheza star filling in remainin berth.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mumbai 26th March

Hi all,

After windfall of favourites on Sunday one can expect Outsiders to dominate the proceedings on this special day.


Bad race to begin with where except for Diplomatic license rest all are non winners.

Firevault:Finished on well over mile in last race,working well and looks very good over this extended distance.
Diplomaticlicense:Only winner of this set,running in lower set,swimming regularly,loves this distance,allowance claiming jockey is positive sign,can upset.
Elementocode:Last run was slowly off,bad last till bend but moved impressively in final furlong to finish good third over 1400mts,now in 1800mts had very good chance but whipless jockey is deterrent.
Desertdynamite:Still a nonwinner,Its previous runs suggest it warms up late,tracking well,will not go down without fight.
Chieftan:Twice failed as favourite in same class,working almost daily for last 10 days, now running with "Cnb",travelling over extended distance,looks very difficult with whipless jockey astride.
Goldengrace:Only one track,regular in swimming,ran good races in Pune,last run was seen moving well in final furlong,can be ignored due to relative jockey merit.
Essider,Magicalmantra:Not seen in tracks or swimming after last run,can be ignored.


Bluevision:Ignore last run,earlier failed as hot fav in wrong distance,is one of the few horses which cleared 40-66 class after clearing maidens,now running in pet distance,working well and with aid of "Ts""Cnb",can force a win in this very poor set.
Taanush:Running in pet distance,lone track after its last run was good,can win.
Carlos:Ignore its last run and 2 runs in Pune,performed well in last mum season,working well,only worry is can he stay this distance.
Divine:One does not know if it was "entered" for this race before sunday or after,if entered before then it can be ignored.Running within just 4 days,had very tough run on Sunday under severe conditions ,not sure abt fitness,looks difficult in this higher class.
Arkhos:Never travelled beyond 1400mts,not seen in track after Fef22,can be ignored.
Desertdust:Cudnot perform even his own age group in Pune,looks very difficult.


Young Offender:In form,in last run it was badly hampered in last 400mts,finished impressive second to Flaringsun{Won again},winner has to beat him.
Weizhou:Fit as evident by impressive final track where it is easily beating Majortoberts(R92),won impressively last time,can make an impact in higher class.
Argentina:Winner in lower category,ran in wrong distance in higher class,can make an impact in this distance if jockey can extend best{whipless jockey}.
Caramel:Last track seen on Feb2,no swimming record either,can be ignored.
Mountainking:After a win in lower category in Pune,seems to have lost form,this type of horses cannot be trusted.
Gyspyqueen:Not in tracks for long time.,out of form.
Share My Dreams:Broke bloodvessel in last run,not seen in tracks or swimming after that,looks very difficult in this hot conditions.
Red Cloud:First run of season,earlier failed in his own age group in Pune,ignore.
Black Phantom:Winner of lower class over 2400mts,now runnin in mile in higher class,earlier record not much impressive,looks difficult.

Race4:Kissaway(4)/Misschevious Trot(1)

Kissaway:Except for last run,always ran in 1000mts,now running without "Blks".genuine upset horse.
Misschevious Trot:Twice failed in his own age group,last track noted on Feb16,seen in Swimming,last run was up with front bunch till last 200mts,beaten in end,its chances cannot be ruled out entirely.
Encouragement:Working well,at this weight can pull it off in its pet distance.
Pontya,Star Legend:Cudnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,not in tracks after last run,ignore.
Warofattrition:Cudnot beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Walkingtall:In same class always ran in higher odds clearly indicating its worthiness,no significant improvement thereafter,can be ignored.
Thunderingstar:All its previous run this season and in Pune were in wrong distance,now running in pet distance,but one gets the feeling that it is looking for class down and hence may run easy here.
Medtias Pride:Had very good chance in its own age group,but surprisingly last track was noted on 31st Jan.


Claimtofame:Impressive in 2 gatepractises,will be right there.
Strauss:Gave 2 good gatepractises,can make an impact.
Mariposa:2 good gate practises,can surprise.
Star Blaze:Has run benifit,working nicely,can be involved in final finish.
Bluethunder:Working regularly,will need this run.
Dancing Shadow:No track after feb 12.
Guns N Roses:Was slow in start in final gatepractise,hence cannot be trusted.
Starfall:Well bred,gave one unimpressive gatepractise,final track work was very impressive,yet cannot be backed confidently.
Triunfo:Working regular,only one gatepractise in feb.
Creme De La Creme:Couple of runs would have brought him on,now running with "Blks",no track after last run.
Sea Angel:Has run benifit,but no track after last run,ignore.


Spirituall:Almost unextended win in lower class,should not have much difficulty in tackling this weak set of higher class.
Escravos:Always ran with very good horses,except for first race of the race of the season all its runs were in Terms graded race,last year finished close fourth to Oasisstar,is genuine upset horse.
Schnell:Easy winner of lower class,poor timings when compared to other winners of same distance in this set,at best can place.
Monopoly:Won with plently in hand in lower class,continues to be in fine nick as evident by track work,beaten by Schnell at identical handicap diff,can only finish on board.
Riverdancer:Running in ideal distance,surprisingly neither seen in tracks or swimming after its last run,can be ignored.
Covenant:Neither in track or in swimming for last one month.
Major Roberts:Beaten by Weizhou(R 40) in final track,nothing impressive in this class,looks difficult,may be heading for class down.
Encledus,Engleheart:Out of form,Looks difficult in this set.

Race7:Premier Queen(2)/Here Comes The Don(3)

Premier Queen:Winner of lower class,working well,can make an impact in this higher class.
Here Comes The Don:Genuine upset horse,cannot be ignored.
Golden Spurs:First run of the season,had good Pune campaign,generally runs well with fresh legs,can upset.
Crespo:Endowed with good initial speed,Can place in this poor set.
Elementto Angel:Best suited for 1000mts,may not be able to sustain itself.
Fantasy Lake:Neither tracks nor swimming exercise,jockey is clear -ve indication,ignore.
Ka Ching:Twice failed with better jockeys,now entrusted to relatively weaker jockey,can be ignored.
Cosmic Flower,Mantovani:Cud not beat half of the field of same class in its last 3 outings,ignore.
Tearaway:Last 2 runs were hopless ,last track noted on Feb2,can be ignored.


Theodoros:Running in very weak set,working impressively,should pull it off.
Surmount:Not in track for long time,but seen in swimming,only horse to have run in 20-46 class more than 3 times in this set,endowed with good initial speed,can upset.
Double Delite:Entrusted to good jockey,now running with "Blks",working well,will extend its best.
Phosphor:Working well,now running with "Blks",can pull it off.
Chak De:Still a maiden,but its last track was very good to be ignored,regular in swimming,ran in higher class in Pune and in this very poor set,can upset.
Winning Treat,Dangerous Belle,Statjford,Yowza:Maiden,running after long lay off,will need this run.
La rose:No track after last run,can be ignored.
Kimaya,Constantia,Strike It Rich:Out of form
Uber alles:Can place in this poor set.




Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mumbai 22nd March: PBM MILLION Sheika vs Versaki

Hi all,

Following are my views for Mumbai races to be held on Sunday.


Frenchkiss:Last run was bit slow in start,in straight was struggling for room thru out,earlier finished eye catching second over 1200mts,looks very good here in this poor set.
Dutchart:Could not ride to full extent due to saddle slipping in its last run,seen regular in swimming,now running with "Ts" and "Blks",may win.
Illusionist:Failed as hot market fancy,nothing much exp for impressive track works.
Persianpower:Regular in swimming and tracking well with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,will be involved in final finish,place is sure.
Chopsani:Is in forward condition,may kick till the end,genuine upset horse.
Highlandquest:Started his career with "Dispute",nothing impressive.
Nonios:Last run after long lay off was easy thru out,last seen in track on Feb 02,can be ignored.
Supremo:Regular in swimming,earlier record is very very poor.
Tribalwarrior:Long in tooth,is not race fit,ignore.


Forestflair may be installed as favourite on basis of his performance in Graded races,its win were highly laboured as evident by relentlessly whipping by jockey,in this sprint race may find it difficult.Seatreasure's win was very very impressive beating Astral comprehensively,its final track is winners track,should win this race.Stablemate Seaofkisses may finish ahead of Forestflair.

Race3:Cheveron(1)/ Flaringsun(3)

Only Rageofangels has travelled this distance and won,but is out of form and can be ignored.Flaringsun has not travelled beyond Mile,but impressive winner twice in as much starts,has bloodlines to stay this distance.Indiansummer has not won a race over 2000mts or travelled 2400mts ever,so ignored.Matatapride at best can sustain itself over 2000mts.We are left only with Cheveron who won impressively in lower category,can extend its best over this distance,but has to be careful with unknown Flaringsun.

Race4:Flaming Ace(4)/Athena(6)

Flaming Ace:Vanquisher of Autonomy in Pune,ran poorly in Pune Derby,and unextended to Setalight this season,is endowed with good initial speed,winner has to beat him.
Athena:Not seen in tracks,but lot of activity in last week in swimming and over threadmill,loves mumbai track as evident by 3 victories last season,has very good chance.
Beau Monde:Hatrick winner in Pune,all 3 runs in Mumbai were in higher category,now running in lower category,can upset.
Red Indian,Born To Lead,Generalissimo:Failed in their own age group,sparingly seen in tracks and Swimming,can be ignored.
Amberogio:Yet another Hattrick winner in Pune,long straight of Mumbai is not to the liking of this forward runner,not seen in tracks,can be ignored.
Romantic Impact:After clearing maiden status,did not win in 20-46 or 40-66 class,i do not fancy its chances in this class2.


Divine:Always ran with superior horses,last run was seen moving well in final furlong over 1000mts,now running in 1400mts,tracking well,should win this race.
Bella:impressive winner,continues to be in fine nick,can trouble winner
Kai:Winner of his age group,running within short span of time,may find difficult to carry top weight.
Forbes List:Shocked everyone last time,cannot travel this distance.
Giannatassio:Not seen in tracks after last run.
Pacemaker:Will not be able to last this distance,ignore.
Major Wager:No chance of win as it could not even beat half of the field even once in its last three outings.
Pathekphilips:First run in Mumbai,winner of lower category in Pune,surprisingly running at same handicap in this higher category,gave a good mock race,but still i do not fancy its winning chances,at best can place.


Czaralexender:Last run could not accelerate and overtake Seastorm,needs hard riding.Regularly seen on threadmills, now entrusted to M Cullagh who is better judge of pace,should win this race over this extended distance.
Secretpilgrimage:Impressive winner last time,well rested,working very well,but has to beat Czar
Ming:Was moving well in its last run,could have done better if not lugging in ,can create a flutter and upset.
Agha:Not in form,can be ignored.
Seastorm:Biggest upset of this season,keeping fit,may not be able to sustain itself over this distance.


Sheikha:Most impressive winner without even extending,entrusted to Taskmaster,should be one the prime contender.
Versaki: Last victory was too good,should be one of the front line contender.
Bourbanbay:Fourth to stablemate Forestflair,earlier failed as hot fav in bangalore,tracking well,but stands no chance here.
Jaqueline:It won wonderfully weaving its way thru the centre,should be there at busy end.
Classerville:Won very impressively in bangalore beating quality field,long stretch of Mumbai may not be to its liking
Mightyprince:Winner of mockrace,but in final track struggled to beat Shangaigirl(R15),cannot be expected to do well here.
Desmenoda:Was fancied a bit in its last run,but its final track where it is getting easily beaten By Forestnative(R10) is clear indication that it has no chance.
Gypsiewish:Another bng circuit horse,was beaten by Bourbonbay,stables may prefer classerville as it is showing better in tracks.
Riverblossom:Impressive winner over weakcompany,earlier failed as fav in pune,can only hope to place.
Sansperil:Struggled to beat Forestflair who was comprehensively beaten by Versaki,only bravehearts can fancy its chances.

Race8:Got to go(1)/La Joie De Vie(2)

Got to go:Running in lower class,her final track on 19th March where she clocked 1200-1.21(-9) in outersand track is winners timing,earlier in pune finished second to Eventual derby winner Phenomenale,there is common perception that fillies cannot carry top weight,but i do feel winner has to beat her.
La Joie De Vie:Knocking door,itching for that coveted win,i do get the feeling that it is running in right distance and may hold on till end.
Adamspleasure:Conventional racing wisdom says "Respect winners".Eventhough winner of same age group,is working well to merit attention.
Bourbonqueen:Best bred filly in this set,running after long lay off,could not clear maidens when strongly fancied,iam not much impressed by her winning chances.
Centreofattention:Winner,not sighted in track after its last run.
Itsracingafterall:Whiplessjockey over this distance is strict no-no.
Tyumen:Running after long lay off,will need this run,not fully prepared as evident by only 2 track works.
Roaming Fame:Will be prominent till last 200mts before being faded out.
Globalspirit:Running too early for comfort,last run was one paced,did not show the required acceleration,may place.
Highlandwarrior:Winner of lower category in his own age group,looks difficult here.
Sharp Memory,Tommy Carmichael,.Flo Nightingale,King's Troop,Solskjaer,Morality:Cud not beat half of the field even once in its last 3 outings.No chance whatsoever.


Ares:Itching for coveted win,may oblige here as it is working very well.
Secrettalk:Still a maiden,can surprise at this weight as it loves to be up with front bunch and in this poor set can Kick away till end.
Paperking:Now running with "Cnb",seen regular in swimming,can upset.
Cancan:As required now entrusted to strong jockey,i have not seen any track work,swimming record or threadmill exercise after 19th feb,so how to guage fitness??
Absolute Reality:Distance and weight will be adverse.
Eagle Mountain,Born Destiny,Anamika,Hisham,Cloud Cover:Cud not beat half of the field even once in its last 3 outings.No chance whatsoever.
Wellsfargo:Winner of same age group in lower class,no chance here.
Exoticstar:Failed as hot fav,can be ignored.
Knightofwindsor:Not seen in tracks for last 45 days,running after long lay off.
Suddenimpact:Even in its age group could not impress,can be ignored.
Physicpower:Will need this run.



Treble:Frenchkiss(1-2)/Seatreasure(2-3)/Got to go(8-1)

Frenchkiss(1-2)/Seatreasure(2-3)/Chevron(3-1)/Divine(5-1)/Got to go(8-1)


Have a nice day

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bangalore 21st march

Hi all,

Race1:Vayuputra(6)-win Upset:Sparkofclass

If Vayuputra can reproduce what it displayed in its last outing, it should easily win.Lunarmist is working very well,failed as hot fav in maidens race,cleared maidens and subsequent runs were very poor,can extend best here.Sparkofclass is genuine upset horse and can kick away till the end.

Race2:Spread A Smile(4)/Mexikan Wave(9)

Spreadasmile is my first pick to win this race from Mexicanwave who can upset at this time of season.Retroqueen comes into contention due to jockey merit and +ve change of shoes.

Race3:Valid Expectation(3)/Poetic(2)

Validexpectation is blazing track and is my first pick to win this race from Poetic who will be right there.Perfect Analysis can sneak in place at longer odds.


Diamond hunter has easily beaten Rhapsidionsnow which defeated Bourban king.Diamond hunter looks outstanding in this set as the only threat Bourbon king may find this distance sharp.


Fairoption should easily win this race,Fleetindian can upset if intentions are there.Oban may only place.

Race6:Rare And Precious(2)/Alcmene(7)

Rare And Precious'S last win was too good to be ignored,should again win this race from Ownvision.Make note of Alcmene whose last was not upto the mark,can upset.

Race7:Classic Charge(2)/Spark Of Ilderim(6)

Classic Charge can win in absence of any opposition but it has to be careful with Spark Of Ilderim who is tracking very well and can upset in its very first run.


Double:Valid Expectation(3-3)/Fairoption(5-1)

Treble:Valid Expectation(3-3)/Fairoption(5-1)Rare And Precious(6-2)

Have a nice day

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bangalore 20th March


Following are my views for races to be held on Friday.


It is really frustating to see a vb race in small card of 6 events.Last two runs of Flyingknot were dubious,has been readied for coup and should win this race.Voodomoon was seen moving well but erratically in its last run,tracking very well,but not sure whether whipless jockey can ride it to its potential.Flyingflame may finish third.


This race should see an three way fight between Spicystar,TheSpartan and Noble Kingdom.Spicystar with better saddle assistence and longer distance looks better and should pull it off from Thespartan who after an effortless win in lower category is blazing track,but do not forget it is running first time after being pulled lame.Noble kingdom is over worked,no impressive form to go by.


Elgordo's last run was too good to be ignored,can certainly make his presence felt in his age group.Saptawasha by default will be prime contender.Alcheshye if takes level jump,can pose threat.


Seasonsgreeting has been consistent, finishing on well,can upset here,my money will be on it.Glorybound is tracking well,will try to extend its best.Misshoneydew should place.


Royalbank even though not seen in tracks,looks to be race fit as evident by swimming record,has very good chance to register a win here.Spandau ballet is genuine upset horse and can stun the field.Redford may only place.


Virtuoso even though short in class when compared to Leave it to me , has run benifit,working very well and should be able to pull it off from Bocconcino who seems to have improved a lot showing tremendous turn of foot in tracks and can upset.



Have a nice day

SetAlight: Will she meet her WATERLOO?

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Thursday.


Ratnavalli:After long lay off of nearly 10months, ran a good forward race before being beaten by Hotmarket Fancy Stefano.Now running with +ve change of shoes and in her age group,keeping fit as evident by regular track work,should not have much difficulty in winning this race.
Free Spirit:Second in lower category,now running in higher category with +ve switch of jockey,working regularly,can only hope to place.
Gameoftalent:Was up with front bunch till last 200mts over 1400mts in its last run,whipless jockey could not extract best from it,now with strong saddle assistence,will fully extend and if distance is not sharp,can make an impression on winner,place is certain.
Therebel:Running in ideal distance,but not seen in tracks or Swimming exercise after its last run.
Amadomio:Winner of lower category in not so impressive timings,lack of trackwork and weak jockey are deterrent.
Mrfixit:Longlay off,no track for last one month,always ran in longer odds in Pune,Could not beat half field even once in its last 3 outings,its chances are almost nil.
The Right Man:Ideal distance is 1200mts,may run easy.


Imperio was fancied in its run in Pune,well prepared,entrusted to good jockey,by default can win in this very poor set.Elemento trances last run was suggestive even though it was running in his age group,will be involved in final finish.Rivertern would have benifitted by its last run,can improve.Exp for Brezhnev and Lone trojan,rest all runners are non winners.Brezhnev is out of form as it could not beat half of the field in same class in its last few outings,whereas Lonetrojan is not sighted in track or pool after its last run.t.Ranbanka was lethargic thru out,no significant acceleration in its last outing,now running with -ve change of shoes.Attractive girl may find this distance beyond its compass..Forestnative is working regularly but has very poor record,even jockey is medicore.Orientaljewel was never fancied in its previous runs,last run was improved,can hope to place.

An Upset is in store.

Needforspeed:Lost race to Kai in stewards room, which went to win again easily,has very good chance but only one track in entire month is huge deterrent.
Gameofpower:Ideally suited for 1200mts,but can place in this poor set.
Notablerunner:A forward runner,drawn advantageously in innermost box,should set a hot pace,now running with "Blks",but one -ve point is that it is getting easily beaten by same class horse in final track work.
Hidden Dragon:Was asked to give more gate practise and show to the satisfaction of Starter.We have not seen any gate practise,infact no track work after last run,so how it is accepted to run is Puzzle.
Stud Of Gold,Honeyday,Expensive Affair:Can be ignored as they have not beaten half of the field even once in their last 3 outings.
Parishilton:Running in his age group,may be a gamble is on,i cannot back it coz iam not sure abt its fitness due to lack of track work or swimming after its last run.
Absolut:Not suited for this distance,may be for mile.
Naseebdar:Not fully prepared,only 1 track after Pune campaign.


After balloting out horses for various reason mentioned in above 3 races we are left only with Snowblind,Recardo and Moonlight.Recardo's bloodline suggest it is not suited for this distance,but the long straight of Mumbai may be to its advantage.Snowblind is endowed with good initial speed,will lead all the way till being caught.My final vote goes to Moonlight who was very impressive in its last victory,has upper hand vis-a-vis Snowblind if Pune runs are compared,has only Recardo to take care of.

Race5:Balance de power (4)/Ishthar(6)

Very interesting race with many interconnected.My first pick is Balance de power to win this race.Make note of Ishthar whose last run was too bad to be believed,has upper hand vis-a- vis all runners on handicap,is genuine upset horse and can stun the field.If fancied both Raquel and Tigressnoire can be eaten.Mr greedy is in great form and by default will be in top3.


Very rarely u find a horse easily winning in 40-66 class after winning maidens.Secretadmirer did so,and by default is prime contender.Sweptaway after an easy run is regular in tracks and final track is given by Rajendra himself,which is clear indication and hence is my first pick to win this race in very suitable distance.Race is restricted to this two.Ildivo can only hope to place as it has failed as hot market fancy earlier on many occasions.


Going by preparation Amore mia looks outstanding,but the puzzling thing is when final 2 track were given by MCullagh,y he was not declared to ride,only valid reason i see is that may be MCullagh is rested for next big race.Herafter is regularly worked out by C Rajender,its final preparatory gallop was very very impressive and can pull it off in its first run.Bluemarina is well prepared and may grace board.Visionary is working well,was lethargic in its last run,can improve.


Will SetAlight Meet her "WATERLOO"? One gets the feeling that its last two wins were not so impressive,may be trainer was testing her holding capacity and her acceleration.This run is extension of that test and this race will decide her staying capacities.Dancingdynamite may be touted as opponent,but after its dismayal failure in Pune derby to Phenomanale who lost here in Mumbai,i do not fancy its chances.Highlandcrown may finished second as the horse is in great form,will fetch good returns for place.Palazios sun was easily beaten by Setalight earlier,tracking with "Blks" but not sporting the same for race.

Race9:Victory Star(5)

Victorystar after an easy run last time,looks very good over this extended trip.Classicstar is working very well,but lack of run is huge deterrent.Nyssa was seen moving very in its last run,now with strong saddle assistence can make an impact here.


If Amaranza is race fit then it is one horse race or else Redmesa stands outstanding and should easily win.Princesssamerah will place at longer odds.




Have a nice day

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mumbai 15th March

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Sunday.

Race1:Ruleoflaw(2)/Easter Lily(7) Upset:Raftar(5)

The Tempset may be fancied on basis of impressive second in mockrace,but will need this run and can only hope to place.Baring Ruleoflaw,Easterlily and Lastnightsonnets rest all are running for first time in this season on this Track.Ruleoflaw has good initial speed,was observed to be bit rustic in its last run due to long lay off,may have benifitted by that run,now running in lower class has good chance.Easterlily ran a good forward race in its last outing,can definetely improve on that run.Of the first timers Anemos is working very well but will need this run.Raftar even though running after long lay off, is seen regular in tracks and pool,and with help of "Blks" can place at longer odds.

Race2:Blue Danube(4)/Creme De La Creme's(5) Upset:Peregrine Falcon(6)

Littlewarrrior is moving impressively in track with "Blks" but not sporting the same for the race,hence it can be ignored for this run.Bluedanube was bit slow in start in its last outing,working very well and should easily account for this set.Battlefury can be ignored due to -ve switch of jockey and Littlewarrior{same owner}..Creme De La Creme's last run can be ignored as it lost ground at start and ran easy thru out,earlier led the field till last 300mts to Versaki,can extend its best here,place looks good.Both Riverroute and Riding fantasy will need this run.Peregrine Falcon was prominent till last 300mts before easing off,will definetely improve upon that run,place looks very good.


Nora :Moves up with Gigantic strides,will relish Mumbai's long course,Winner of mockrace,only worry is weight.
Thunderinghooves:Lost as hot market fancy,will do well in lower category,can be ignored here.
Walkingtall:Could not make impression even in his age group,looks difficult here.
Risinghero,Brad:Only one track after last run and weak jockey,can be ignored.
Trueelegance:+Change of plates and run benifit makes it one of the contender for this race,should be involved in finish.
Indiansummer:Not so impressive record,at best can place.
Falconcrest:Winner of very very poor company,no chance of even place here.

Race4:Harmonic(9)/Reddragon(5) Upset:Natouchka(10)

Very interesting race.P Shroff has 5 runners, 2 belong to Dhunjiboy,one each to Vijayshirke{partly owned with Dhunjiboy},Vijaymallya and Harish N Mehta.Out of 5 ,Astral flash's last run was suggestive of its class,working well and emerges as main contender from his stable.But my first pick is Harmonica who inspite of rough passage finished flying second in Million race,should win this race with plenty in hand.Reddragon's last run was suggestive and should finish in top2.Natouchka's final preparatory gallop is too good to be ignored,can place at longer odds.

Race5:Calypso Dancer(6)/Global Spirit(5)

Ignore last run of Calypso dancer where it ran easy in strong company,will extend its best here and looks good for win.Globalspirit is sighted in tracked only once casting doubts over his fitness.Incredible beauty and fideldifensor emerges as genuine upset horses.Bluejay needs strong saddle assistence and cannot be backed confidently for win


Monopoly faces no threat in this very poor set and should easily pull it off.Amberogio is genuine contender and will definetely be involved in finish with former.Buattifel can only hope to place.


Feature event of the day.Million dollar question is whether Oasis star can be defeated,if so who can?.Rhapsidionsnow emerges out as serious threat to Oasis star.Aurora Aurealis will place at lucrative odds.


Nobleprince's first run this season,has good feel of Mum track,earlier Won St Ledgers cup last year,working very well,but weight is big worry,can win due to poor company.Maseeha may take advantage of feather weight and steal the show,is my first pick to win this race.Yana is working well,may be fancied,but will have to beat above said duo.

Race9:Lightning Cavalry(5)/Argentina(4)

Race is restricted to this two,with former holding advantage of travelling this distance where as latter one is winner of poor company and in this higher set never travelled this distance.Thanda can hope to fill in the remaining berth.

Race10:Siouxchief (6)/Ladytrooper(9)

All are equally worst and Siouxchief can win simply because no other is worthy.Ladytrooper can fetch good return for place and will finish ahead of Blackpatridge.


Double:Blue Danube(2-4)/Harmonic(4-9)

Treble:Blue Danube(2-4)/Harmonic(4-9)/Monopoly(6-1)

Place:Raftar(1-5)/Peregrine Falcon(2-6)/Natouchka(4-10)/Aurora Aurealis(7-14)/Ladytrooper(10-9)

Have a nice day

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hyderabad Extra day

Hi all,

I was under impression that Extra day races framed will be cancelled owing to Hot temperature but it looks like Welfare of horse is the last thing on minds of trainers and owners who do not want to miss last opportunity to milk out Punters.Since we are habitual punters and will wager irrespective of quality of racing,lets see what is store for us.

School of thoughts:

  • Except for 6th race,rest all races are for Nonwinners,so we are required to look who is best among the worst.
  • Main trainers like Ldsilva,Prasadraju,Netto,Satish ,S A Abbas will take back seat,hence it wud be prudent to back relatively small trainers like Shamshuddin,Srinivas,Silverster,Faisalhassan,Faiyazshiekh.
  • Trainers L D Silva,Prasadraju,Netto take their wards to Bangalore for summer races and hence for most of their runners today,it will be a test of its worthiness to travel to bng.

Race1:Southernqueen(4)/Narwhal(2) Upset:Festivals of india(5)

Southernqueen has shown some form in early part of season,well rested,working well and entrusted to good jockey,will find this distance suitable and can win.Narwhal is hiding true form and can upset in this lower set.Blendofbeauty is still a non winner,at best can place.Festivals of india,if given nod can upset all calculations.

Race2:Secretasset(9)/Afirework(1) Upset:Alpinegirl(3)

Race for youngsters who did not finish even in top3.

Secretasset has run along with very good horses like Chestnutcharmer,Davenport,struggled a bit initially to find the right combination of equipments,has improved in its last 2 runs,can oblige here,only -ve point is lack of track after FEB12.Afirework is forward runner and in this very poor set may find himself kicking till the end if others fail to collar him.Alpinevalley is full sister to Classicart,may need this run before heading towards to Bangalore,but still a upset cannot be ruled out if it displays form true to its bloodlines.

Race3:Royalquest(2)/Southernrose(8) Upset:Fabalous girl(5)

Race for youngsters who did not finish even in top3.

Royalquest has good chance to register a win,its last two runs were suggestive.Southernrose with better saddle assistence,can do well and upset.Firebird is tracking well,but was seen getting weakened in final furlong,can place.Fabalous girl after some listless runs, is tracking well and may extend its best.

Race4:Amontillado(1)/Starfavours(8) Upset:Benazir(5)

Difficult race as we have to pick best among worst.Amontillado was seen moving well in all its runs this season and in this nonwinner set in lower category,has very good chance over this suitable distance.Starfavours last 3 runs can be ignored as it ran along good horses,has very good chance in this weak set.Benazir won two consecutive races in this lower set in Monsoon,subesquent runs were unextended in higher category,can upset.Montush was fancied against Bluemagic in its last run,was winner long back,lacks the winning punch,looks very difficult for win.

Race5:Oceanofpearls(10)/Debonaire(9) Upset:Canadiangirl(8)

Duo of Rubenstein,Regents park may be fancied but i prefer Oceanofpearls who earlier missed a winning berth by whisher,subsequent runs were dismayal,improved a lot as evident by Trackwork,will extend its best here and should be involved in final finish with Debonaire who with help of strong saddle assistence will do well over this extended distance.Canadian girl,if given nod can make all of them run,can upset.

Race6:Hospitality(13)/Hunting Boy(8) Upset:Indian Army(14)

Hospitality is entrusted to very good jockey and can enforce a win here. Oneraoneraonera needs distance,whereas sugarlady was winner in its age group.Indianarmy gave good forward runs over longerdistance,fully extended final trackwork suggest it can do well over this shorter distance.Huntingboy was seen moving very well in final stages,working well,will be involved in final finish.Bundleofroses emerges as genuine upset horse in this set.

Race7:Sixth Element(8)/Punjab Regiment(14) Upset:Adelaide(7)

Sixthelement after change of stables is continously working well,last run was promiment till bend in very tough bunch,can do well in this shorter distance and weak set.Punjabregiment,a habitual front runner can run away at this weight.Adelaide was fancied earlier against good company,may extend its best and return as winner here.

Race8:Classicone(9)/Armstrong(1) Upset:Madho(8)

Classicone was seen quickening well in final stages of races,can strike here.Armstrong in this lower set has very good chance to register a win.Madho's last 2 runs were dismayal but earlier was seen to be prominent till end along with good horses,can chalk out a win.

Race9:Walkinpark(1)/Integar(6) Upset:Smart Empire(4)

Both Walkinpark and Integar does not belong to this set.Its hard for me to believe that Walkinpark has done so badly this season,will do well and should return as winner.Integar will be abreast with Walkinpark all the way and if former weakens will grab the opportunity and win.Smartempire can be reward to Laxman for his hard work for Prasad rajus stable.


Can win:Southernqueen(1-4)/Walkinpark(9-1)/

Goodeachwaybets:Festivals of india(1-5)/Amontillado(4-1)/Oceanofpearls(5-10)/Indian Army(6-14)/Sixth Element(7-8)/Madho(8-8)

jp:8,9.10*1,13,14**8,14**1,8,9*1=54 tickets

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