Monday, August 27, 2012

Apologies for No Postings

Due to extended tour program this blog could not be updated for last 10 days.Sorry for disappointing viewers who logged in this site.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

No posting for 21st August

Since Iam travelling,i will not be able to update blog for next 5 days

Inconvenience caused is seriously regretted

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hyderabad 19th August-->Pointers,Selections

R1:Flying Spur(1)-Win

Flying Spur,Nano Desire and Laurel Canyon are main contenders.Flying spur won clocking handsome timing,continous to be in good nick and can repeat over this extended distance.Nano Desire will finish second ahead of Laurel who may not sustain this distance.

R2:August Kranthi(8)-Win

August Kranthi ran a suggestive fourth in its last run in winter,well prepared and final trackwork given by trainer himself,has good chance to win..Bigboss was never fully extended till now,will try all out now.Laughing eyes may not sustain till end.Supercool ran a good forward run last time,will extend its best here.Finally August Kranthi gets final nod due to superior runs in Winter and preparation.

R3:Don Valentino(3)-Win

Don Valentino finished good third beyond too good Vijay'sPride and Kohinoor Wish,tracking  very well and has very good chance to win.Malabar Prince planted and lost distance in its final run in winter,will need this run.Vijay Monarch has stripped fiiter after easy run last time,will go all out but has to beat DV.Golden Queen will need more ground.Melody Queen will find this set hard to handle.

R4:Robust(6)-Each Way

Tough race with great possibility of an Upset.Sheer Genuis like its name suggest won like a champion in its very first run,well prepared but long lay off may have its toll in its chances,Stablemate Hero'sChoice can upset if allowed to run on its merit.Star Saloni just lost to Vijays Jet in its last run will try to make amends.Robust finished eye catching 2nd to Lumerie Blanche,tracking very well and has good chance to upset over this extended trip.

R5:Citi Supreme(8)-Win

Audicous will find this top weight difficult to carry.Lake King at best may only place.Melody King can hope to place.Citi Supreme now runs at feather weight with multiple change of equipments and strong saddle support,can win.

R6:Caladium(1)/Valley crossing(10)

Caladuim lost distance at start in its last run,impressed in gate practise thereafter,has finished good third behind Arabian Dancer in higher class,can do well if takes level jump.Valley crossing can stage pillar to post victory,cannot be ignored.Star Exp at best can place.

R7:Optimus Prime(1)-Win

Limited options.

R8:Chayanandan(7)/RoseQueen(3)/Queen Of Habashe(8)

Truly a bad race.One of them can win....Chayanandan can upset at longer odds.

R9:Golden Jewel(8)-Win

Golden Jewel was seen finishing on very impressively in final furlongs in last race,will win now over this extended trip.Kohinoor Revanta will finish second.

Days Best:Don Valentino(3-3)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hyderabad 15th August-->Pointers,Selections

Looks like L D Silva will be in lime light.

Race1:Classsic Emerald(9)-Win

Dakshayani is underprepared,will run easy.

Young Power will recieve support due to age factor,both runs of winter were very poor,trackwork looks pretty ordinary.

Lioness Heart is underprepared,will need more ground.

Classic Emerald displayed forward form in both runs of this season,is well poised to score here.

Race2:Sun Strikes(2)-Win

Kuchipudi now runs with +ve change of shoes in same age group,will be fancied,has top weight to carry,hence an element of doubt exists over its chances.

SunStrikes:Won in same class this year at R69,now runs with R73 in same class...Handicapper liberally reduced 3 kgs for just one unplaced run!!!! Tracking well,should be an ideal choice

Fearless Mission always run well but just managed to win once in its entire career and that too was very close one..May place here.

Dream Deal gave good forward run in first run of season,working very well thereafter,ideal distance is 1400mts,hence at best can place.

Rich And Famous is looking for class down.

Winning Strides is working well but long lay off will have its toll on its chances.

Race3:Bound For Glory(2)-Win   Upset:-Mukhtar(8)

Bound for Glory:Impressive winner in its very first run after being gelded,tracking well thereafter,has incurred a penalty of 3 kgs which is not so difficult to be defied.

Pointe Verdi:Won just once as maiden,thereafter suffer setback.Runs of last monsoon suggests it needs more ground.

Royal Sword:Working well but will do well in same age group,not here

Play The Music:Winner of 1400mts once in same class,may find this distance sharp.

Staccato ran good forward run in its first outing this season,not sighted in tracks for last 2 weeks,may be they are not targetting this race.

Mukhtar:Running in apt distance,looks fit and can upset.

Golden Adiago:Last run was too bad to be believed,first run of the season was impressive,can place here at longer odds.


Alexander Square:Ideal for 1200mts.

Genuis Empress:Impressive winner of mockrace,will try its best to upset the applecart.

Garcias Marque:Ignore last two runs where it ran no where in strong company,can be a different customer in this set,place looks  certain.

Machiavellianism:Vanquisher of Shivalik Hero at Bangalore,tracking very well,should win this race.

Race5:Strides Of Glory(1)-Win

Strides Of Glory:Never lost in Winter,ran easy at Bangalore,last run was eye catching third over 1100mts,now looks in pink condition,will take lot of beating over this distance.

San Ramon:Impressive winner at Bangalore and in its first run of this season here at Hyd,working very well,should trouble the eventual winner.

Vijay R unner:Ran green in its only run in winter,looks prepared well but can it beat two in form horses,looks  tough job.

Race6:Jewel In the Crown(3)-Win

Indian Epic:Back to where it belongs,will try all out to win this  race.

Samsonite:Blood vessel case,not looks fit as evident by urged tracks,will run easy.

Jewel In The Crown:Ran well in its first outing of this season,now running in its own age group,should run a bold race only worry is distance which appears to bit sharp for its comfort.

Ruffiano:Working extremely well after its impressive win last week,always struggles in this category,may find this set very hot to handle,can be ignored for win if fancied.

Sun Bird:Positive change of shoes and good track work may be the reasons for some support but again this horse has not perform well in this class.

Combined Force:Will need more ground.

Race7:Green Bay(2)-Win 

Brahmani:Ignore last run,will be a different customer now but has to beat Green Bay

Green bay:Vanquisher of Aruda which won in its next outing,will take lot of beating.

Win Joy:Winner of poor set,will have to play role of bridesmaid to Green Bay.

Days Best:Bound For Glory(3-2)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hyderabad 12th August:Pointers,selections

Interesting race card.Some good competition for honours can be expected in all races.

Race1:Nano Desire(3)-Win

Oasis Vision has impressed in mockrace held on 6th of this month,in winter displayed amazing turn of foot when it just lost to Snow Bird{winner last week},but running after gap of 7 months with just two mockrace as preparation that puts a big question on its chances as it is running for first time on HEAVY monsoon track, will be hot market fancy can loose.

Nano Desire has good forward run,is in pink condition as evident by pleasing trackwork,can win.


Specialist is running for first time but its trackwork on 1st August merits attention,has displayed amazing acceleration when asked,can win.

Racing Tycoon was seen finishing on well over 6 furlongs,has better chance over 8 furlongs,if Specialist fails then it will return as winner.

Race3:Drum Beat(9)-Win

Drum Beat clocked impressive finishing time,can win even in this higher class.

Lumerie Blanche has done nothing wrong till now,if Drum Beat find this higher set tough to handle then it will win.

Race4:Silver Lid(3)-Win

Ignore last  run of Silver Lid due to saddle slip,is well prepared to win.

Kohinoor Angels can finish second ahead of Royal Cruise.


Hawkspring is tracking impressively and can easily win.

Ocean side may not sustain this distance.

Star Sensation can place at longer odds.


Sporting Star has been impressive in mockrace and subsequent trackworks,won impressively  in winter but nows run first time after being gelded,so cannot be backed with confidence.

Vijays Jet won well but in same age group,most of the runners were mere participator.

Montpelier who finished second to Shivalik's Hero in Bang  is in pink condition,should run a good race and should win.

Race7:Southern Bay(2)-Win  Suryalakshmi(6)-----Place

Swiss Don:Warms up bit late,may not be able to do much in this set and in this distance.

Southern Bay:Winter Derby winner at Malakpet,was expected to win Indian derby,ran good third in Invitation,subsequent runs in Bangalore ran uninterested,looks like it has been prepared to win this event.

Ceilo Ray:Looks underprepared,may set hot pace.

Pedalo:Winner of 2000 Guineas in Winter,ran listless in Derby thereafter,last run was costly failure,will run a bold race,will trouble the best.

Kohinoor Wish:Highest rated,always ran well but Will find this set very hot to handle,may run easy.

Surya Lakshmi:Winner of 1000guineas in Winter,very well prepared,is place certainity.

Midtown Magic:After Gelding has not displayed good turn of foot.

Race8:Naughty Gal(8)-Win Rohini star(10)-Place

Naughty gal displayed amazing turn of foot in its last run,can repeat.

Rohini star can place at longer odds.

Days Best:Montpelier(6-6)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hyderabad 6th August-->Short Selections

Due to time restraint iam unable to post comments along with my selections.However all selections have been made after going thru complete handicapping process and are best to my knowledge.Will try my best not to post just selections in future.

Card looks very tricky,many upsets are in stored..Caution is advised.

Race1:Always Bullish(1)-Win

Race2:Racing Ruby(2)-Win


Race4:Golden star(4)-Win

Race5:Kohinoor Fighter(3)-Win

Race6:Elegant Approach(6)-Win




Daysbest:Always Bullish(1-1)







Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hyderabad 5th August-->Probable Odds and Selections

Probable Odds


3-4 1/2


1-4 1/2
2- 4 1/2


Race 6:




Looks like Bangalore returned horses will be in limelight even on 3rd day..Most of the races lack competition.

Race1:Golden Rule(9)-Win   Front Line(8)-Place

Truly a very competitive race.L V R Deshmukh's Tintinnabulation may be strongly fancied due to its bangalore runs,but has tough set to handle.

Golden Rule was badly placed in its last run,now well placed in weights and distance to score an encore.

Frontline is tracking well,can place.

Race2:Plenipotent(1)-Win Euphonic(7)-Shp

Plenipotent is tracking very well,has ran great races in Bangalore,will have a bold show  but it has to ward off strong challenge from Euphonic which is well placed in weights to upset the applecart.

Dance Baby Dance can place at longer odds.

Race3:Flying Spur(1)-Win Deccan Queen(8)-Place

Flying Spur is facing set of non performers,should be able to pull it off easily.

Secret Angel will finish second.

Deccan Queen can place at longer odds.

Race4:Armada(5)-Win Palace Affairs(3)-Place

Inspite of whip loss, Armada was full of running in final furlong in its last run,looks like new trainer has improved it very well,has tracked well after that run,can win in this very poor set.

Palace Affairs is tracking well and can place over this distance.

Triple Eight can place at longer odds.

Race5:Kohinoor Wish(2)-Win Golden Palace(8)-Place

Interesting race.Vijay's Pride is at rating of 80 and Top weighted Iapetus is at rating of 120..difference is 40 which means 20 kgs difference in weights but actual difference is just 13kgs so it can be said that Iapetus is running at an advantage of 7 kgs over Vijays Pride...same stands true for Kohinoor Wish,Guiding Light and Vijay Monarch...Guiding Light and Vijay monarch are not interested in this race as evident by choice of Jockeys..So we are left with Iapetus and Kohinoor Wish..former is front runner and will not be able to sustain till end..Kohinoor Wish as impressed most in Mockrace,has proved his class,will run a bold race and can beat Vijays Pride which will be fancied hotly due to classic win at Bangalore.

Golden Palace was seen finishing on well over 7 furlongs in its last outing,now runs in pet distance of 1600mts,has good chance to place.

Race6:Win Of Joy(3)-Win Fortunate(10)-Place

Lack of competition will ensure Win of Joy's victory,however its laboured effort in final trackwork is cause of concern.
Shatahshi may frizzle out due to top weight.
Princess Janu runs well with fresh legs,but just only one trackwork and workjockey astride indicates connections unwillingness.
Comprise showed some spark in its last outing but absence from track is cause of worry.

Fortunate can place at longer odds.

Race7:Rusty Gal(3)-Win  BreakWay(8)-Place

Mr Glorious will be market fancy due to Bangalore fitness but it may falter in final furlong.

Rustic Gal is tuned well and can swoop down on tiring Mr Glorious in final 100 mts,has good chance to upset.

Break Way will place.

Race8:So Super(8)-Win Fine Racer(7)-Place

So Super is in rousing form,facing very weak set and should romp home easily,

Fine Racer is front runner,can take advantage of this weak set and can end up in place money.

Daysbest:Flying Spur(3-1)

Double:So Super(8-8)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kolkotta 1st August

This two horses are outstanding on tracks and can do well

Empress Of Persia(1-2)