Saturday, October 24, 2009

Invitation day races

Hi guys,

First of all i welcome all invitees,guests who have arrived in hyderabad to witness major racing event of the year.Its indeed a pleasure to witness best of horses from all centres participating.Every one will miss Set alight.HRC has made eloborate arrangements to make this event pleasant and joyful.Most of the races look fav and rails birds who bet on favs can have field day.Major event is match race between Ice breaker and Antonios.Following are my top 4 selected horses.

Race1:Becket(5)/Glory to dancer(7)/Al fatha(4)

The fact that Becket was fav in its debut run against likes of Sansperil,Natouchka,Amazing ray speaks volumes abt its class,won handsomely in its last outing,is rated high by its connection and will be hard to toss.Glory to dancer has been prepared very well,won a mock race and if its last track where it clocked 40sec for 600mts is any indication then Becket has tough fight on hand,anyways race is restricted to this two only.Al fatha by default comes in third spot.If it fails then either Hussler or Menlo park can sneak in for place.

Race2:Palazziosun(4)/Rare and precious(5)/Oasis star(3)/Originality(8)

Oasis star has proved herself every time it ran,in this set has to tackle Palazzios sun who comes as shade better than her and in all probability can upset.Originality is at tidy handicap and emerges as PLACE CERTAINITY of the day.I will lay Oasis star and back Originality in place.

Race3:Talisker(6)/Nox(8)/Classic charge(4)/Scubario(5)

Arts if fancied can be safely ignored even for place.Talisker stands tall in this set,has clear advantage over its rival and should win.Nox is speedy and can hold on to runner berth.Classic charge will place by default.If local horses are tried then scubario has outside chance to place.

Race4:Spot on(6)/Reconnect(2)/Vijay rath(3)

Ignore last run of Spot on under heavy foot conditions,will be hard to toss in No false rails day.Reconnect has bright chance to finish second and can be good place bet.Vijayrath is dark un and can sneak in place if Reconnect fails to deliver again.Elpaso does not impress me.

Race5:Yana(7)/Riyasat(12)/Maximise(2)/Arabian knight(1)

Very difficult to pick a clear cut winner in this race.Iam opting for Top rated Yana and Bottom weighted Riyasat to prevail over others.Maximise is dark un and can upset.Arabian knight has habit of surprising by its speed which it holds on till end over 12 furlongs,but not sure whether Vinod shinde can handle it properly.

Race6:Rhapsidion Snow(5)/Diego Rivera(3)/Juventus(8)/Dancing Dynamite(6)

Yet another close race and above mentioned four horses come very close in final outcome.It can go any way.I would prefer Rhapsidion snow for win.

Race7:Ice breaker(6)/Antonios(1)/Autonomy(2)

Main event of the racing calender.It will be match race between Icebreaker and Antonois.Lets see who prevails in the end.

Race8:Modest bride(6)/Leave it to me(9)/Devil grandma(14)/Royal invader(8)

Something is brewing in Modest bride,looks to be have prepared very well keeping this race in mind,will be involved in final tussle.,emerges as good long shot bet of the day.Leave it to me is next best and eventual winner has to beat her.Devil grandma failed to leave upto expectations in its last run,can resurrect her image.


Double:Talisker(3-6)/Spot on(4-6)

Treble:Talisker(3-6)/Spot on(4-6)/Rhapsidion Snow(6-5)


1 3

2 5 1 8
6 7 6 6 9

12 8

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hyderabad Last day selections

Hi all,

Following are my views for last day of Monsoon season.Even though small card of 6 events is framed yet all races are competitive.Trainer L D Silva has retained his championship title once again.

Race1:Kohinoor mystic(4)-Win

Kohinoor mystic is upswing and will extend its best in this higher set,can do well as it looks fit.Mr chief in this distance and at this handicap will try to run away,can hold on to place berth,place looks certain.Chamatkar is long shot place prospect.If u r looking for Loooooong shot upset then opt for True fashion

Race2:Celtic shot(12)-Win/Place

Yet another close race.I feel this race is in safe keeping of Prasad raju.Arabian dancer comes top in contention but i feel Celtic shot is better placed on handicap and can upset.Ruby crown has peformed below par till now in this season,can do well at this handicap,place looks good option.

Race3:Stormy gladiator(5)-Win

Stormy gladiator has good chance in this set and should win this race.Nandanvana will not be able to carry this weight,at best can finish second.Aenometer will place.Golden sabot is long shot place prospect.

Race4:One in all(5)-Each way

Super tough race.Iam not impressed by chances of Come together.One in all at this handicap is threat to one and all and will be involved in final finish.Fabalous crown will place by default.Indian dancer is rank outsider place prospect.

Race5:Rainbow fog(2)-Win

Rainbow fog is clear atleast by 5 lengths in this set and should not have much difficulty in winning this race.Accordion is strongly fancied by handicapper and steadily getting benifit,will place for sure.Classic one has chance to place.Greetwell is longshot place prospect.

Race6:Al jabal(4)-Win

Al jabal has good chance over this step up distance and can end season on upset note.Manythanks comes as next best and will place by default.Man of the moment is long shot place prospect.

Daysbest:Rainbow fog(5-2)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mysore Masala

Hi guys,

Following are my short selections for first few races of Mysore.Take small chance as per odds.

Race1:Wellington(4)-Each way

Race2:Mauritus star(12)-Eachway

Race3:Always for u (1)-Each way

Race4:Handsome falcon(2)-Win

Race5:Best time(11)-Win

Race6:Liberty (5)-Win

Race7:Artistic way(11)-Daysbest


Race9:Sterling speed(7)-Win

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wish u Happy and Prosperous Diwali.May Goddess Lakshmi shower her blessings on you thru out the year.

Hyderabad Friday soothsayers


**Updates** I have been told that Jockey N M Sequeria is out of danger and has been discharged from hospital,was sighted today morning at race track**

Season is drawing to an end.This is last but one day of Monsoon season.Mood here is not encouraging due to nasty fall of Sequeria,I Sincerely pray for his recovery.Form takes back seat in final days and there will be some surprises stored.Its time for payback for favours shown earlier.Trainer L D Silva has never been unseated from his championship seat in Monsoon till now,looks like this time has strong challenge from Deshmukh.


Even though Bold brigade has done nothing worthy till now it has been on handicapper's choice list as it is significantly kept at same rating.Its last run can be ignored as there was big gamble on Sparkling saphire in that race.If there is will then it has good chance as earlier it showed good initial speed.

Kohinoor Aditi managed to finished on board in uninterested company,looks difficult here.

Practical physics has slow initial speed and thus fails regularly.

A fire work rapidly falls back after 5 furlongs.

Storm force is running after long lay off,but looks to be prepared very well with benifit of mock race.Only point which i fail to understand is that y there is no XNB on it when it was made to run with it in preparation.

Sweety star is making its debut,looks well prepared.This run will be preparatory run for upcoming winter season where Trainer Prasad Raju usually does well.

Tristar is way bit unsound horse displaying odds behaviours in all its run till now.

Except for +ve change of shoes and jockey nothing is note worthy in Welcome baby.Belongs to small time owner so one should take note of the fact that he has agreed to shell out extra bucks to make his ward run with A Shoes,Watch for market trends,even if there is slight southward movement then its clear it will be extended fully.


Khaleels pride is running last run of his career at Hyd and will definetely try to end it on winning streak.Weight is not an issue but jockey indeed is big worry whose finishing abilities are no upto mark.

Hurricane bay comes as next best but running with -ve shoes and jockey,in probability looking for winter compaign.

Champforever has hoodwinked enough in this season and has mighty chance in this set.

Pleasing display was penalised more than winner in its last outing,needs 8 furlongs,but in this set can upset.

Finally i would suggest LAY bet on Khaleelspride if it is below 60 and Win/Shp bet on Pleasing display.


Tillcowcomeshome has displayed contradictory runs,i do not fancy its chances as it is a filly and carrying top weight.

Hundred flowers has been eternal failure,its chances gets further diminished by the fact it is getting beaten in final track work.

Mr don has been knocking door for sometime but outer box and weight will not help its cause.

Royal degree has been showing plenty of speed,belongs to Start to finish specalist Trainer Laxman singh,has mighty chance in this set.

Bold parking is making a debut,no other pointer to its class or form except for an easy track and mock race where it finished way behind.Never forget it belongs to sporting owners who have invested heavily in costly blood stock and the fact that there are multiple new entries from Deshmukh's stable makes it even more interesting.

I do not fancy Strategic command as i feel Prasad raju will fire all guns in winter and all his charges in last 3 meetings will be given preparatory runs.


Inspite of Top weight Scamper stands decent chance in this very very poor set.

Manduro does well at bottom handicap only.

Break point will be made to run in A shoes if on job.

Garrison chief is best suited for 7 furlongs.

Zulima was easy winner in lower class,not sure whether it has any chance in this higher set even though it is running in poor company.

Young star has lost form completely,can be ignored.


Global emperor is endowed with good initial speed,will again try to run away,but weight will be stopper.

Ruby rouge impressed in its final preparatory gallop,will be hard to toss.

Red river rebel was made to run in wrong distance in this season,has good chance to win,place looks certain.

Heyden is hiding true form but still one gets the feeling it is best suited for 1100mts,hence can only place even if fully extended.

Bakersfield of late has developed tendency of slow start,in my view it is looking for class down.

Light brigade will made to run in A shoes if on job,is being prepared for winter.

Hospitality was hatrick winner in lower class,failed to deliver in higher class,is probably aiming for class down.

Ninja power may try to start to finish tactics,but looks very difficult in this set.


Clever ploy has been lightly penalised.Its ability to carry this weight over this distance will be tested,looks difficult

Nano war has been knocking door for some time,will extend its best over this step up distance but can only hope to place.

Danzsingh gets keen in early part of race and breaks away from the field taking good lead.To overcome that shortcoming this time it is made to run with Blks which will help him settle well ,should win this race.

Young senor pedigree is best suited for 1400-1800,hence i do not fancy chances of Dash on regardless.

Rudolph valentino is hopelessly out of form,in last run was lethargically behind the field,looks very difficult.

Vijayam has good initial speed and can hold to place berth.


Cannon scot had his share of win this season,will run easy here.

Essence comes top in contention and emerges as good bet of the day.

Page 3 is running after 8 months without preparation,can be safely ignored as this distance is out of compass.

Superflous after earning her corn bill will just give company to other runners.

Superbrand has been giving good runs to superior horses this season,will run close to eventual winner.

Goldenflame is entrusted to rider whose confidence must have been shaken after nasty accident last week,sharp distance will further add woes.

Standing ovation has good initial speed,is drawn favourably and can place at longer odds.

Accicatura has done nothing wrong this season and will place by default.

Cheetah he jeetah is eyeing for class down.


Bad race.I expect Recast to shine in this set.Note Booster who looks to be prepared for coup.Tommy hilfigier can place at longer odds.Blue magic will be fancied but at best can only place.


Yet another bad race.I expect Fair touch to do well in this set.Galloping grocer will place by default.Shivaji is the one which can upset.

Daysbest:Ruby rouge

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Only Hyderabad Postings

Hi guys,

I started this blog mainly to put selections for Hyderabad races.I never imagined it would consu me so much time.

I have reached a point where i have to choose between family or my indulgences.My work does not allow me much free time,even on Sundays we work.

There have been times when i returned late from work,quickly grabbed a bite or two and sat down to post.Blogging absorbed precious time which i used to give to my family.My family is mighty displeased with this.I have to wake up to realities before it is too late.

I have decided to stop as of now.I will put simple write ups for hyd races on race days.Odds may not post as in past i came under Police scanner.That incident has left me badly hurt.

I know there will be lot many people who follow my selections.I have been lucky to be appreicated when my selections clicked and no one complained when i faileds completely.Visitors of this blog have more confidence in me than i have in myself.

Kindly excuse me for disappointing u.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hyderabad Monday blues

Hi all,

Following are my views for Monday hyd races.


Its time for Arya to deliver,showed glimpses of tremendous turn of foot in its first outing,in subsequent runs was not completely fit.Now looks well prepared and with some change of equipments and better saddle assistence merits attention and can be confidently backed.Practical physics is knocking door for some time and has good chance over this extended distance,place looks certain.Greenmist will not be able to carry this weight.Apple valley does not impress inspite of top saddle artist.

Race2:Bold blast(2)-Win

Bernado will be hotly fancied due to runaway victory in its last outing,but that was derby day,no false rails,hence had free run all thru.My first pick is Boldblast which impressed in last but one run,has regained form and is ready to strike.Vijayraaj has failed on too many occasions hence ignored.

Race3:Irish Intellect(2)-Win

There was some talk abt good performance of Irish intellect in its last two runs.It is very clear that it was looking for class down,now entrusted to its fav rider who earlier rode him to victory will be fully extended and can win in this very poor set.I firmy believe that best time of Regent park is over and it may only hope to place here.Kohinoor magic is endowed with good initial speed,can hold on to place berth.


Vijaydhanush was rated hightly in last Monsoon,ran like dud in winter,in first run of the season showed glimpses of old form,is at tidy handicap and can win in this very tricky race.There is an upset stored in this race.Dash of class does not belong to this set but we dont knw whether it will be tried or not.Shes got the look is live danger over this distance.Indian storm showed good burst of speed in its last outing,can do well over this distance even though one gets the feeling that it is best suited for 7 furlongs.

Race5:Leading light(8)-Win

Leading light on basis of its impressive win in its last outing,+ve change of shoes and jockey and good works outs get first preference over Pythagorous.Democracy and paymaster will follow.


Classic one is in rousing form and can annex one race.Narwhal comes as next best and in all probability should follow winner home.Spectacular hero can place.


Upset is in store.My first pick is Daily star which iam told is in good condition and can upset.Fleeting wish will be there and should place.Try me today or turning point can fill in remaining berths.

Daysbest:Leading light(5-8)










Bet type










(2-2)Bold blast





(3-7)Kohinoor magic








(5-8)Leading light



(7-6)Daily star




Place roll





(6-5)Spectacular hero