Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mysore 1st October selections

Hi guys,

Following are my views for Mysore races to be held on Thursday.


4 .Mexikan Wave

7 .Char Chand

8 .Stillato

11.Smile Again

Mexican is running over apt distance entrusted to stronger rider,will be hot market fancy,can win.Charchand has impressed in mock race and will lead all the way till being caught.Stillato merits attention due to +ve change of shoes,will place.Smile again is long shot place prospect.


9 .Full Steele

2 .Nano Blue


7 .Mahseer

Badrace.I prefer Full steele who looks to be prepared well and can do well without blks in this run.Nano blue does well in same age group but in this set has good chance.Analika is endowed with good speed,can hold on to place berth.Mahseer is good place prospect.


4 .Free Glider

3 .Queen Of Destiny

6 .She's Big

1 .Great Chieftan

Ignore last run of Free glider,has improved a lot and will be a live force over this distance.Queen of destiny was winner of open age group,has mighty chance in her same age group.She'sbig is place certainity of the day.Greatchieftan if not taken to front will find it difficult to make an impact in this set.


1 .Kajuraho

12.Kaliyug Raja

7 .Raging Star

5 .Little Splendour

Kajuraho won impressively in its last outing,continues to be in fine nick and should win this race.Kaliyugraja has been prepared well and will place.Raging raja will place by default.Little splendour is long shot place prospect.Pleasuring does not impress.



6 .Imperial Gate

4 .Magical Spirit

3 .Cafe Coffee

Lava won last time when smart money was on it,looks difficult here.Ignore last two runs of Asiaticus,has been prepared well and has mighty chance to win.Imperial gate can do well over this extended distance also.Magical spirit looks good for place.Cafe coffee is long shot place prospect.


4 .Rare And Precious

1 .Palazzio's Sun

5 .Aquitaine

2 .Diamond Hunter

Rare and Precious once failed to collar Palazzio's sun at identical handicap,now with is at 2.5kgs advantage vis-a-vis at run,will fight it out.Aquantine is good place bet.Diamond hunter is loong shot place prospect.


5 .Needofthehour

11.India Shining

1 .Noble Guest

2 .Mill Fontaine

Ignore last run of Needofthehour,will be live force over this distance.India shining is hiding true form and can upset.Noble guest will extend its best over this step up distance and will place by default.Mill fontaine can be ignored for win.


1 .Champions League

4 .Definite Believe

6 .Rule The Fashion

7 .Stampede

Champions League is working very impressively and looks outstanding in this set.Rule the fashion is place prospect.


(3-4)Free Glider

Good bets

(1-4)Mexikan Wave (5-10) Asiaticus (6-4)Rare precious

Have a nice day

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mysore 30th September selections

Hi all,

Following are my selections for Wednesday Mysore races.


5 .Killer Foot

3 .Ziggy Stardust

9 .Sunlaa

11.Pancho Pete

Cute angel comes top in contention but not seen in tracks,belongs to gambling stables,if in odds can win.Iam opting for Killer foot who looks good in this poor set.Ziggy stardust is from bangalore circuit,ran good second in its last race,prepared well,may find distance sharp.Sunlaa is good place prospect over this distance.Pancho pete is well prepared,now running with TS,can run away to major upset.


9 .Sunday Best

1 .Buck Passer Junior

4 .Way To Wealth

2 .Estrella

Ignore last two runs of Sundaysbest where it ran unextended in strong company will be different customer in this set and can win.Buck pass junior is non winner for long time,can place in this poor set.Way to wealth has improved,can place at longer odds.Estrella is loooong shot place prospect.


3 .Veda Priya

4 .Star Blue

7 .Mister Trooper

6 .Voodoo Moon

Celtic heroine looks difficult in this higher set.Iam opting for Veda priya who has failed to deliver on many occasions but looks good in this set.Star blue is altogether from different set and can easily place here.Mister trooper is entrusted to inform jockey and if right money comes thru will be a winner.Voodoo moon has mighty chance to upset over this extended distance.


4 .Superlativo

7 .Super Spear

2 .Royal Liason

1 .All Round

Last run of Superlativo was eye catching,should capitilise on that form,has very good chance to win.Super spear is running in apt distance and will place for sure.Royal liason has been prepared well and will place by default.All round is running in this lower class after long time and can upset.


5 .Tanzanite

4 .Youre A Legend

3 .Duckworth

8 .Lotus Pond

Tanzanite is too good in this set,will run at cramped odds,not worth a bet.Youre a legend won impressively in lower class and can place.Duckworth is running over apt distance and will place.

8 .High Gleam
3 .Mighty Monarch
11.Black Beauty
7 .Real Magic

High gleam has clear advantage over its rival and should easily win.Black beauty is place certainity.Real magic is genuine upset horse over this distance.


4 .Danger Diabolic

8 .Hawaiian Sunrise

1 .Valiant Bay

5 .Sword Of Power

Very tough race.Iam opting for Danger diabolic who has slender advantage over its rival and is worth each way bet.Valiant bay will have to fight it out.


4 .Noname

3 .Demanding

1 .Mr Bureaucrat

8 .Casino Royal

No name and Demanding won impressively in lower class and are expected to do well in this higher set.Mr bureaucrat though long in tooth has good chance to place.Casino royal is long shot place prospect.


(6-8)High Gleam

Good bets

(1-5)Killer Foot (29)Sundaysbest (4-4) Superlativo

Monday, September 28, 2009

Posting resumes

Hi guys

Iam free now and will start posting regularly from Wednesday 3oth.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hyderabad 20th September

Hi all,

Race1:Silver sputnik(1)-Win

Silver sputnik does not belong to this set and should easily win this race.Collette will breathe fire on its neck thru out and can finish second.Russian dancer at can place at longer odds.

Race2:Kohinoor Aditi(7)-Win/Shp

Its time Kohinoor Aditi enters winning circle,has good chance in this weak set.Boyance will place by default.Sparkling flame can only hope to place.Royal Bay is good long shot place bet.

Race3:Hari Har Priya(5)-Win/Shp

Strangely Hari Hari priya comes top in contention ahead of other worthy contenders.Green haven will keep everyone honest and will place.Global presence is endowed with good speed and jockey merit can see it thru out,but not an easy task.

Race4:Prince Of Habashe(3)-Win

Prince Of Habashe lacks initial speed but moves well in end,has good chance in this very very poor set.Leading light and Bold brigade can place.Al jabal is long shot place prospect.


Ruffiano looks good over this distance and in this set has good chance.Easy pride is live force this distance and emerges as good long shot place prospect.Proviso ran like a dud in its last outing.Secret assest can place by default.

Race6:Stormy Gladiator(9)-Win

Stormy gladiator has clear advantage over its rival and should easily win atleast by 3 lengths.Celtic shot is hiding true form and will place.Dancing harbour and Elite prince will fill in remaining berth.

Race7:Royal Embassy(2)/Bernado(1)

Tough race.Iam opting for Royal Embassy who will be different customer in this set,worthy each way bet.Bernardo does not belong to this set and if ridden properly has mighty chance to win.Golden tricks is long shot place prospect.


Iaepetus emerges top in my way of handicapping and will be in top2.Old man of HRC coral gables is impressive winner in its last two outings this season and will try to annex another cup.Both outstation horses does not impress.Aquilo it looks like may not even place.

Race9:Practical physics(10)-Win

Its time Practical physics deserves a win for its consistency,now running with XNB can tackle this set.The one which deserves strong attention is Debonaire who inspite of -ve change of shoes has very good chance in this set.Ivory Snow does not belong to this set and should place at longer odds.Tiara is one eyed horse.

Daysbest:Silver sputnik(1-1)


1 4 1
4 9 2 5 10


Friday, September 18, 2009

Mysore Bet planner 18th September

Hi guys,

Iam really short of time and hence unable to post,but some of visitors wanted me to post atleast short selections.


Type of bet



(1-8)Silver paris



(2-10)Son fortune



(3-1)Royal hawk



(4-7)Time for all




















(8-2)Jersey Pride



(9-1)Rich rouge



(1-10)Splendid glory

Place roll



(6-7)Boston ranger




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