Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mumbai 1st may

Hi all,

Following are my observations for races to be held on Friday.

Race1:Doi moi(3)-win

Doi moi:Vanquisher of Ares which went on to win very easily beating Psychic Power,is fit as evident by impressive track work and swimming exercise,should run a good race and return as winner.
Psychic Power:Not better than Doi moi and in all probability should follow him home.
Western Challenge:Failed to live upto expectations too many times,cannot be backed confidently even though it ran with relatively better horses.
Frenchkiss:Winner of lower class in unimpressive timings,is keeping fit,but will not be able to make any impact here.
Flonightangle:Out of form,failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,can be ignored.

Race2:Saddlers rule(1)-Win

Saddlers rule: Is in forward condition running good races,now with aid of "blks" will extend its best and if weight is a not a burden then can return as winner.
Saarah:Long in tooth,never won a race in Mumbai,is best suited for this distance,can be season end surprise.
Desert dynamite:So many gate practise creates doubt,still has good chance over this distance.
The giant:Will not be able to sustain itself carrying this weight,ignore.
Whitehartlane:Not prepared for this race,can be ignored.
Chieftan:Failed as hot favourite with jockey M cullagh astride,finished second to Firevault in uninterested company,trainer is big put off,can be ignored.
Desert fire:Nothing impressive in first run,not race fit.
Highland quest:Non impressive runs so far.


Seasparrow could have won juvenile colts championship trophy if ridden properly,here it has nothing to beat,in all probability will run at cramped odds.Si como no can finish second if race fit.

Race4:Dancing Glory(5)-Win

Dancing Glory:Twice unlucky in lower class as it cud not carry top weight,now at feather weight can make an impact even in this higher class.
Chios:Is in great form this season,impressed most in final track wrk,will be there at busy end.
Feet Of Flames:Ignore last two runs as it was made to run in shorter distance,working very well and should run a bold race.
Rococo:Out of form,failed in its own age group in Pune,will not be able to carry this weight,ignore.
Arkhos:Has been languishing in this class for too long,in all probability looking for class down and Pune,can be ignored.
The Rising,Siroco:Failed in its own age group,not race fit,ignore.


Race for horses which have run during the current Mumbai Meeting and not won.
Cameo:Ran along good horses,tracking well with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,should run a good race.
Red Chili:Ignore last run where it was drawn in outermost box and hence cud not keep up with the pace,now drawn favourably,will run a good race and if blood vessel does not break can win.
Casual Look:Has been knocking on the door for quite some time and in this set of non winners can make an impact,only worry is short distance as it warms up late,place looks certain.
Blazing speed:Failed in own age group,Weak jockey is put off.
Ring bearer:Failed in own age group,not race fit.
Pacemaker:Endowed with very good speed,but outer box and out of form jockey will not help its cause.
Arabianpride:Failed in own age group.
Hymns to Freedom,Paris Hilton:Failed to impress in lower class,now running at feather weight in higher class,not prepared well,can be ignored.

Race6:River blitz(3)-Win

Their lil sister is full sister to classy juventus and Hotstepper,working very impressively,is it another Antonios in making??? since it has not given any gate practise i would avoid a bet on it.River blitz has ran good races and on that account should be market fancy,can win but has to be careful with Superking who gave good forward run in its debut,working regularly thereafter and now running with "blks",can upset River blitz's chances.Of the remaining, Feona is working very impressively infact best of lot,but first run and no gate practises either.Auraria has given two good gate practises and can place.

Race7:Es Sider(4)-Win

Es Sider:Ran good race with aids of "blks",should improve upon it and ran a good race.
Aristocratical:Was moving very well in final furlong in its last run,will improve further and can win.
Forest Native:Distance is beyond its compass and out of form jockey will not be able to extract best from it.
Gift Of Grace:Always ran in longer odds indicating its worthiness,nothing much has improved to make an imprssion here,ignore.
Hi Dolly:Won well last time but entrusted to rider who has ridden 30 times for this trainer and did not win a race till now.
Yaan:Long lay off and weak jockey are -ves.
Rattle:Running after one month without any track work or swimming exercise,can be ignored.
Yowza:Inspite of whipping is unable to make an impression,now entrusted to whipless,may not be able to put up a good show.


Race for horses which have run during the current Mumbai Meeting and not placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

Suraj:Running in this class after 3 years,has enough class to keep the field at bay.
Game Of Power:Working well and in this set will definetely extend its best,place looks certain.
Gatravat:Was fancied in its last run where it had to be withdrawn due to sore left hind,lacks finishing effort,at best may place.
Tearaway:Jockey is clear -ve indication.
Stud Of Gold:Failed as fav in its own age group and facing enquiry,has tendency of sluggish start.
Raging Star:Blood vessel case,can be ignored.
Grand Stand:Relatively long lay off,-ve change of shoes and jockey are clear indication that it is looking for pune.
Gypsy Queen:Will try to run away with this race,out of form jockey and outer draw will not help her,ignore.
Honeyday,Anamika,Shaktiman:failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outings,can be ignored.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ooty28th April selections by Venkatesh

Hi all,

I do not do Ooty,one of my friend has some knowledge abt this centre and shares his views with me.I will post his selection provided he gives them in time.

Race1:(7)Montesoro/(8)Path of honor

Race2:(5)Magicalwarrior/(3)Be my hero

Race3:(6)Star millionaire/(5)Remarkable stride

Race4:(2)Kingsenvoy/(4)Exotic duke

Race5:(4)Cosmicexplorer/(10)Apple of my eye




Race9:(8)Rock n roll/(9)Spanishparade

Race10:(11)Inheritor/(7)Amasing boy


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mumbai 26th April

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Sunday.

Race1:Molto Bella(2)-Eachway

Molto Bella:Running after long lay off,slow starter in Pune in 2 out of 3 runs,working regularly and impressed in Gate practise,will run a good race with help of "A" shoes,good each way bet.
Above All:Is in forward condition,keep an eye,can surprise.
Solid Rock:Is in forward condition,but iam not confident of riding capabilities of P S chauhan on top weights,at best can place.
Sparrow Hawk:Can make use of bottom weight,will try to run away with this race,place looks good.
Grey Island:Running after long lay off,not well prepared,looking for Pune.
Eternal Flight:Long in tooth,very very poor form this season,running in wrong distance,ignore.
Secret Agenda:Non winner till date,last run was bumped at start,not prepared,can be ignored.
Lady Trooper:Entrusted to its fav jockey,but not sighted in track for almost 10 months,ignore.
Khubsoorat:Non winner even after 22 runs,is sighted regularly in pool,may be fancied but looks difficult.
Love Forty:Non winner for 27 runs,hopelessly out of form,ignore.

Race2:Thundering Hero-Eachway

Thundering Hero:Can upset as it will love this extended distance and can surprise,genuine upset horse.
Can Can:Finishing on well in all its three runs this season,now running with Ts on,not seen in track or pools for long time except for some exercise over threadmill,still can be in Top2.
Brezhnev:Appeared in mock race,whipless jockey and outer draw will not be helpful,can place.
Sudden Impact:Last run was in tough company,now entrusted to mediocore jockey,can be ignored.
Pacific Zone:Ignore as it cannot improve within 9 days thereby breaching Calender Notification regarding Comparitive performance of a horse within short span of time.
Elementto Trance:Winner over poor set of horses,can be ignored here.
Golden Orra:Not race fit,ignore.
Charlie Parker:Long in tooth,blood vessel case,ignore.
Arabian Guest:Blood vessel case,runs well with "A" shoes, can be ignored here.
Nara:Did not even place till now,ignore.
Varun: Steel shoes and jockey are negative indication,ignore.

Race3:Si Como No(6)-Win

Si Como No:Prepared very well,can surprise.
Sea Queen:All its run were in superior company,is fit and will run bold race.
Baskerville:Ignore last run where it was slow in start,now entrusted to better rider but has tough job on hand.
Deep Purple:First run,has benifit of mock race,working regularly will need this run.
Star Alliance:Half brother to Bangalore derby winner Set aside and full brother to Noble opinion,has not been prepared well without any GP or mock race,so this run can be ignored.
Tudor Regent:Avergely bred,may place.

Race4:Marine Zone(7)-Win

Marine Zone:In its last run Inspite of slow start finished impressive second in lower class,now running with aid of "Blks" and better saddle assistence,will run a good race.
Golden Kingdom:Lost as fav to superior to Slickit,is race fit and winner has to catch him.
Ran Banka:Advantegously placed in innermost box,will try to run away at this handicap,place looks certain.
Siooux Chief:Winner of lower class,not race fit,ignore.
Amadomio:Jockey declared is clear -ve.
Chieftain:Poor jockey and not race fit,failed as fav with jockey M Cullagh astride.
Mercedes:Long lay off,mediocore jockey are -ve .
Refuse To Bend:Failed to beat half field of same class even once in its last 3 outings.
Enlightenment:Full brother to Amoremia,has benifit of 2 mock races,working regularly,jockey is -ve ,will need this run.
In Flight:Jockey has not won a race for this trainer till now.

Race5:Kai-Win Yourethetouch(11)-Place/shp

Kai:Ignore last failure as it was running within short span,now well rested and well prepared,will run a bold race.
Yourethetouch:Ignore last run,now entrusted to stronger rider,will be in thick of action,place looks certain.
Gatravat:well rested,working well,was treated for joint ailments last week,genuine upset horse
Strathendrick:In this lower class Can do well over this suitable long trip.
Catalyst:Needs hard riding,not race fit,ignore.
Fired Up:Failed to deliver with top jockeys astride,at best can place.
Wahy:Last run was in shorter distance,now running in favourable distance,only worry is lack of proper preparation,definetly not winning track pattern.
Encouragement:Is in great form but travelling this distance for first time,may not be able to sustain till end.
Solid Black:Failed to beat half field of same class even once in its last 3 outings.
Wild Vegas:Not prepared well,distance will be short for its comfort.
Hitz:Entrusted to mediocore jockey,ignore.
Medtias Pride:Will not be able to last this distance.


Slickkit should win again easily,only threat may come in form of Theodoros and Snowden.


3 horses but all are winners and in fine nick.Smokingace's winning timing stands out best out of three,impressed most in final track work,winner has to beat him.


Native Strategy:Jockey merits attention,gamble cannot be ruled out.
Beau Monde:Ignore its all runs in this season has enough class to upset,do not ignore.
Zarzaitine:Ignore last run where it ran in strong company,is advantegously placed in innermost box,will surely be in 1-2.
Star O'war:Winner,will not be able to carry top weight,not completely race fit.
Amberogio:Ignored due to jockey.
The Rising:Will not be able to sustain till end,ignore.
Premier Queen:Ignore last failure as it was running within short span,not prepared as the way it was prepared for win earlier,ignore.
Wild Temper:Long lay off,tracking regular,running in shorter distance, will need this run.
Born To Lead:Did well only when with N Lagad,has failed to show any impressive form this season,ignore.
Elementto Angel:Not seen in tracks after last run,ignore.
Generalissimo:Failed in same age group,can be ignored.
Three Of Arts,Red Dawn,Siroco:Failed to beat half field of same class even once in its last 3 outings.

Race9:Force Of Law(6)-Win

Tough race with many contenders.

Force Of Law:Well rested and well prepared,is the best of lot and should return as winner.
Grand Warrior:Winner of lower category in good timings,cannot be ignored.
Forever Amber:Twice unlucky over this distance,has chance to upset.
Tsesebe:Impressive second to superior Buster in higher category,top weight and filly are -ve
Share My Dreams:Can make an impact as it is running in favourable distance.
Arbudh:Has very good chance to register a win provided jockey can handle it properly.
Born Special:Has credentials to make an impact.
Alexus:Winner of lower class in not so impressive timings
Lightning Cavalry:Jockey has been out of form lately,needs hard riding.
Tommy Carmichael,Uruj:Failed to beat half field of same class even once in its last 3 outings.
Chandelier:Ignored due to jockey.


Safe double:Slickkit/Smokingace

Kainchi:Marinezone,Kai,Slickitt,Force Of Law

Placeroll:Molto Bella/Thundering Hero/Ran Banka/Yourethetouch/Force Of Law

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mumbai 25th April

Hi all,

Race1:Highland Glory(5)-Win

Highland Glory:Ignore its last run where it was badly bumped at start,well rested and tactically prepared,earlier ran good third to Exuberance in Pune,should win this race with ease.
Saba:Was fancied in Swahili's{easy winner this season over strong company} race in Pune,ran very good races in strong company,running after long lay off,may be fancied,appeared in one gate practise and regular in tracks,if race fit will run a bold race.
Young Offender:Is in great form,is fit but entrusted very medicore jockey.
Solor:Won effortlessly in lower class beating non winners bunch cutting smart timings,is fit,but its ability to make an impact over this distance in higher category looks difficult.
Chamberlain:Winner of lower class,failed in present class in last run,well rested and over worked,one cannot guage his potential over this distance,cannot be backed with confidence.
Warcraft:+ve change of shoes and jockey merits attention,was fancied twice in Pune,but whenever it raced it was shown alteast 3 times in track but now it is not sighted in tracks for almost 2 months,not my type of bet.
Adamslaw:Not race fit,can be ignpored.


1800mts race for youngsters.Snowqueen's last run was impressive and has stripped fitter as evident by impressive final preparatory gallop where it was seen beating Mile and mores {r83},is expected to run a good race and should return as winner.Lonetrojan may finish second ahead of Tara.

Race3:Mr Greedy(3)-win

Mr Greedy:Travelling this distance for first time,is in great form this season,has very good chance provided M Narredu does not ride it like a juvenile.
Fiery Fortune:Genuine dark horse,has good chance at this weight.
Mile and mores:Has tendency to run in forward,will run away with this race if others fail to collar it.
Cosmopolitan:Looks difficult even though at this feather weight can try to run away.
Skywards:Not prepared for this race,can be ignored.


Race for youngster where exp for Dancingmoney and Perigrine falcon rest all are running for first time.Choteebegum impressed in gate practise,blazing tracks thereafter,will be market fancy,can win but that cannpt be said confidently.My first pick is Violleta which impressed most in gate practise of April 23,should run a bold race and can upset.Opportunity has chance to place.


Rubiduim's first race this season was very good and should run a very good race at this handicap.War of attrition has failed to live upto expectations and it would not be wise to back it.Goldenspurs can place.

Race6:The rebel(6)-win

The rebel,mythical and Amaranza emerge as front line contender.The rebel is entrusted to its fav jockey,seen regular in pools,will run a bold race.Mythical is blazing track and if race fit can make a race of it.Amaranza is knocking door for quite some time and will surely place.


Race where except for Blau Himmel and aged Diplomatic Licence rest all are non winners.Diplomatic Licence is out of form and non winner for last 3 years.Es sider is now running with "Blks",may be fancied but looks difficult for win.Musical rythm may be fancied due to jockey but its previos run suggests it gets weakened over this distance.Forestnative's last was run was suggestive and even though one gets the feeling that it may not be able to sustain itself till end but in this weak set can kick on gamely till end.



Treble:Snowqueen(2-4)/Mr Greedy(3-3)/Rubidium(5-11)

Have a nice day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ooty 21st April selections By Venkatesh



Race3:(2)Bureacrat/(8)Key to my heart


Race5:(7)Spanish parade /(5)Seacrest








Monday, April 20, 2009

Ooty selections by Venkatesh


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mumbai 19th April

Hi all,

Following are my observations for sunday races.


Solskjaer is ridden by jockey who earlier has ridden him to victory twice.Fireyfortune if handled properly can make an impact.Clas is non winner for last 4 years,at best can place.Amaranza is good place bet.

Race2:Stud Of Gold(4)-Win

Studofgold is the only horse in this set which has won a race in 40-66 class,+ve switch of jockey and shoes merits strong attention,only –ve point is questionable riding of P S Chouhan on top weights.Gameof power is hiding true form,won two races in same class last year,cannot be ignored,very good each way bet.Misterfixit and Caramel will place..

Race3:Lago Medio(1)-Win

Lago Medio picks up race every season,non winner till now this season,as class,cannot be ignored.Czar Alexander:Failed narrowly twice,M Narredu will put strong effort for obivous reason.Call To Arms:Ridden by inform jockey,short of class when compared to other runners,at best can place due to jockey merit.Hugo Boss:Last run was suggestive,blood vessel case,will run easy in this hot conditions


Race for maidens horses which have not even placed.

Greatwhite is working impressively with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,will run a bold race and should win this race.Captain smart and Trigance are in forward condition and will fill remaining berth.

Race5:Princess ruby(1)-win

Princess ruby is in great form and should win this race.Recardo was disadvantegously placed in innermost box in big field,had great difficulty to find open place in final furlong,running too often.Ignore last run of La Joie De Vie,will place in this set.Dancing glory at best can place only.


Sunburst is half sister to Covenant,debut run was easy,working very well thereafter and should ran a good race.Surmount merits attention due to jockey factor.Mysterious star failed to liveupto expectations,prepared well,will have to carry top weight.


Aristocratic has ran along good horses,working well but running after gap of 2 months,will be market fancy.Riverblitz ran good race on debut will do well over this extended distance.Of the first time runners Prince Brijendra looks to have been prepared well and can hope to place.

Race8:Diego Rivera(1)-Win

Diego Rivera has enough class to carry this weight over this distance,only Yana can hope to pose some threat.Bottomweight Maseeha can place.

Race9:Hisham(8)/Resilience(3)/Midnight Club(9)

Bad race.Hisham can upset if tried.Resilience with better saddle assistence will run a good race.Midnight club had good forward run,tracking well,will extend its best over this shorter distance.

Valuebet:Princess ruby(5-1)

Double:(1-3) Solskjaer/(6-6)Sunburst

Have a nice day

Mumbai 18th April

Hi all,

Lacklustre card.Post derby the scenario changes dramatically as season is nearing its end.Small time owners and trainers will try to get their share of pie.


Desdemona:Last two runs were in superior company,was fancied in Shiekha's race,working well with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,should run a good race.
Paninaro:First run,regular in trials with 2 GP,can place at good odds.
Lusty:Has run benifit,tracked regularly for last week,will place.
Lothario:Has run benifit,averagely bred,final track was good,but only one track does not inspire confidence.
Sunny Island:First run,regular in trials but no gatepractises.
Ibis:First run,regular in trials,non impressive in gate practise.
Poundfoolish:Not prepared well,will need this run.Sire ,kainisi ,a property of Aghakhan had great career and was best suited for 1400-1600.

Race2:Balance De Power(2)-Win

Balance De Power:Working impressively with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,failed as fav in same age group to Raquel which won again,was unlucky twice in last mumbai season,is all set to register its first win in Mumbai.
Fiery Fortune:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings,can surprise as we cannot take lack of adequate track work in consideration because earlier it won with out showing out in tracks,has won three races in this distance.
Desert Dust
:Failed to impress in higher class,winner of non intersted company in lower class,will find this weight hard to carry.
Rococo: Hopelessly out of form,last won a race 2 1/2 years back,ignore.
Arkhos:Not seen in track nor pool after feb 12,languishing in this class for last thirteen runs after a win in lower class,may be looking for class down and Pune,never won a race without 2 track works within a week bfr race.


Seatreasure:Endowed with good initial speed,Ignore its failure to superior Forestflair,working well thereafter,will lead all the way till being caught.
Blue Danube:Won easily with plenty in hand,only one track after last run in entire month with 3 days of exercise on threadmill,previosuly it was shown atleast twice in week before race,looks to be unprepared for this event.
Irishqueen:Abroad filly,has been prepared systematically,can run a good race.
Checkherout:Won on debut in race where majority of runners were withdrawn due to fever,last run was easy due to long lay off,working well with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,will run a good race.

Race4:Tora Bora(4)-Win

Tora Bora:Has run benifit,working impressively beating two time winner Raquel{r 85} by distance,will return as winner.
Moonstorm:In its last run was shaping like a winner before being beaten by superior Riding fantasy and Anastasia,worked well thereafter,winner has to beat her.
Riding Fantasy:Beaten on post by superbly ridden Anastasia,not seen in track after that run,but regular in pools for last week,will be in contention.
Claim To Fame:Ignore last run as it was slow in start and badly held up in last 100mts,working regularly for last week,should do well over this extended trip.
Guns n roses:In its last run was moving best of lot,if it can reproduce that form then it has good chance to place in this extended distance.
Oriental Magic:Half brother to ordinary Hyderabad horse, Ivory snow,will need lot of polishing before making an impression.
Vincero:First run,prepared well but not better than Stable mate Torabora in track as latter is easily beating it by distance.
Critical Acclaim:First run regular in tracks but without any Gatepractise,will need this run.
La Calisto:First run,half sister to Noble eagle,will need this run.


Theodoros:Non winner,is in forward condition,impressed in final preparatory gallop where it has beaten Yana{r 110} should return as winner in this poor set.
Bold Act:Can place in this set and in this extended distance.
Statjford:Was favourite last week on derby day,odds moved up North very fast,can be ignored as we cannot expect it to improve within a week .
Black Partridge:Non winner,not in track for last 45 days,will not be able to sustain itself till end.
Marine Zone:Running after gap of 2 months,nothing much to fancy its chances.
Salawati:Not in track for last 45 days,ignore.
The First Lady:Both runs were very very poor,only seen sparingly in pools.
Solid Rock:Poor runs so far,running after 45 days without adequate preparation,can be ignored.

Race6:Highland Bounty(2)-Eachway

Highland Bounty:Won impressively showing clean pair of heels in lower class,not seen in tracks after last run but regular in pools,can upset in this higher set.
Ekhabinskya:Ignore its last run,can be different customer in this set,genuine upset horse.
Incredible Beauty:Always runs without showing in tracks,running in shorter distance,but still can make an impact,good long shot place bet.
Red Chili:Burst its blood vessel in last race,looks to be fit as evident by impressive track work,will be in thick of action,can place.
Hefitiz:Winner of same age group in very poor set,can be ignored due to top weight and jockey.
Here Comes The Don,Tearaway:Failed in his own age thrice,failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings,running in shorter distance without adequate preparation,can be ignored.
Moonstorm:Winner of 2 races in row,is in great form,initial fast pace of the race and outermost box will not help it.
Pacemaker:Does all the run before fizzling out,can be ignored.
Master Craft:Running after long lay,needs longer distance,can be ignored.
Solid Black:Not the winning pattern of track work,earlier whenever it won races it was shown in track for atleast 3 times within fortnght before race,can be ignored here.
Casual Look:Running in shorter distance,probably going for class down.
Clarion Call:Found weight as stopper in lower class,may not be able to make any impression in this shorter distance due to initial fast pace.


Race for horses which have run this season but not won.

Daffodils:Slowly off in its last run,very sparingly seen in tracks,can upset.
Onus Probandi:Ignore its last run where whipless rider could not ride properly,will place at longer odds.
Pomme De Terre:Can place in this favourable distance.
Hidden Danger:M Narredu has lot to prove to his detractors,will fully extend this horse.
Paris Hilton:Cannot discount its chances on lack of track work as it has always ran without being shown in track much,failed in its own age group,can be ignored.
Polariser:Non winner,will find this distance sharp for his comfort.
Global Spirit:Will find this distance wee bit sharp for its comfort.
Honeyday,Anamika:failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings
Naseebdar:Failing in his own age group,can be ignored.
The Right Man:Out of form,can be ignored.


(4-2) Guns n roses
(5-7)Bold Act
(6-12)Incredible Beauty
(7-5)Onus Probandi

Have a nice day

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ooty Selections by Venkatesh

Race1: Polar Circle(5)
Race2: Secret Romeo(6)
Race3: King Crimson(2)
Race4: Autumn Pearl(2), Cobra King(6)
Race5: Resounding Glory(6)
Race6: Heroic Epic(3), College Scholar(5)
Race7: Storm Regent(8)
Race8: The Chieftain(4), Royal Heir(7)
Race9: Quadrigar(5)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Congrats Antonios

Hearty congralutations to Antonios winner of Indian dery which won superbly breaking previous record.It was moving best of lot,was badly checked near 800mts,yet accelerated very well when asked for.Full credit must be given to Jockey D Seousa for his brilliant riding.

Setalights defeat has marred reputation of Mallesh narredu beyond repair.Showing wind early was too silly mistake to be expected from jockey of his calibre.There were rumours afloat that he might have done willingly,i do not agree with it.He has been here for too long,must have made enough money,one cannot expect him to barter his prestige for money at this point of his career.

Setalights defeat drowned sea of hopes.There was hush of silence for few seconds in HRC.Iam sure this must have been the scene in all race clubs.Who is to be blamed for her defeat?

  • Jockey: For showing wind too early?
  • Trainer:For not stretching his horse completely in all earlier races,today when it required she simply could not.Why did he over work his horse?
  • Heat:Heat affects uniformly to all horses,when other fancied runners obliged,infact many of them breaking course records,y cannot setalight perform?
  • Jinx:Jinx of favourites not winning in indian derby,winners of Ruia gold cup not winning Derby.
  • There was huge betting on Setalight,roughly 300 crores which means a payout of 150 crores in this time of recession,did something happened backstage to ensure that existence of bookies is not threatened?

Lastly it was indeed heartening to see our beloved Shyam and Tiger tipping Antonios.Full credit must be given to them and i express my gratitude towards them on behalf of all visitors.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Autonomy or Riyasat:Who will prove to Nemesis of Riyasat?

Hi all,

Premier event of Indian racing calender Indian derby has generated lot of curiosity and will be keenly watched by entire racing fraternity.Setalight will leave no stone unturned to make a history of remaining unbeaten till all prestigous Indianderby.Nearest rival is Autonomy who won 2000 guineas and usually winners of that race win Indian derby.Next comes Riyasat who clocked better timings than Indianderby record holder Velvetrope's timings.Having said that in the end they all have to beat Setalight.


Totally avoidable race.

Brezhnev:Long in tooth,Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in last 3 outings,best suited for 2000mts as it has won three races in that distance.
Lone Trojan:Can upset,do not ignore.
Aristocratical: Only notable thing of his career is finishing second in its last run,at best can again place.
Elementto Code:Bit slow in both starts,whipless jockey could not mount to full extent,now entrusted to same jockey,has best chance in this very very poor set.
Eternal Flight: Neither in track nor pool after last run,cannot sustain this distance,ignore.
Quand Meme:
Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in last 3 outings,ignore.
Statjford:Reading of its previous running suggest it is best suited for 1400mts.
Musical Rhythm:Non winner till to date,will not be able to last this distance.
Forest Native: No two runs are same,cannot be trusted.
Yowza:Very poor performance all thru.

Race2:Cotswold Arms(1)

Cotswold Arms: Ran with better horses,well rested and prepared,should easily win.
Secret Pilgrim:
Not fully prepared,only one track after last run,not better than cotsworldarms.

Race3:Flaming Ace(1)

One horse race

Flaming Ace:Won impressively inspite of rough passage thru out,is heads and shoulders above the rest should win as it like.
Carlos: Has good initial speed and will lead all the way till being caught.
Rococo: Hopelessly out of for,last won a race 2 1/2 years back,ignore.
Cosmopolitan: Working very well,but it is problematic horse,does not like to get crowded,has short dash,short of class when compared to flamingace.
Prince Lochinva:
Failed twice in his own age group,no chance here.
Corfu:Can do well only in its parent centre,ignore.

Race4:Cabriolet(2)/Salute The Star(6)

Uncertain race

Cabriolet: Must have benifitted by its last run,regular in trials,can make an impact.
Salute The Star: Improving with every run,can trouble the eventual winner.
Desert Queen:Regularly tracked by Rajender himself,nothing much to write against or in favour as it ran only once unextended.
Snow Queen:Improving with every run,can win here over this longer distance.
Bemisaal: Averagely bred,not so impressive track works.
Itsallaboutracing: Not prepared for this run,ignore.
Prince Of Troy:
Neither in track nor pool for last one month,but based on its previous runs has an outside chance to place in this distance
Red Dragon: Suffered from respiratory infection after last run,tested with "Blks" in final gallop but not sporting the same for race,will run easy.
Caustic Finale: Regular in trials,with same jockey astride gave one good forward run,not impressive bloodlines,may place only.
Divine Majesty:Need lot of polishing before entering winners cirle.

Race5:Rage Of Angels(2)/Matata Pride(1)

Rage Of Angels: Finished impressive second to Matatapride in a race where none of the runners won a race over 2400mts,can win here as it has handicap advantage over Matatapride.
Matata Pride:Won under heavy whipping last time,now carrying top weight would be difficult.
Western Challenge:Failed twice as favourite,connections running in different distances but still unable to get desired result,has handicap in favour,tracked with "Blks" but not sporting for race,very difficult to back for win.
Rising Hero: Struggled to accelerate in its last run over mile,won a race in poor timings in Pune,looks difficult.
Indian Summer:
Poor blood lines,Entrusted to better rider,impressive final preparatory gallop,ran for first time over this distance in last run,looks difficult to me.
Cavaradosi: Needs hard riding,ignore.


Recardo:Improving with every run,final track given by Mcullagh himself,can win.
Cameo: Ignore its last run,can make an impact here.
Insite Soul: Fifth entry from Harish Mehta,over worked,used as peddler for other classic hopefuls in track,won two races in row over 1000mts,jockey is strong +ve point,cannot be ignored.
Yankee Lane:First entry from Mansoor shah and Harishmehta camp last run ran easy due to strong company and long lay off,always shows very little work in track before race,jockey baria is -ve still can upset.
Exuberance: Third entry from Mansoor shah and Harishmehta camp,Running after long lay off,will need this run.
Forbes List: Won in same distance clocking gppd timing,outermost box is huge -ve,can be ignored for win.
Star Attraction: Fourth entry from Mansoor shah and Harishmehta camp,failed as fav in last run,well rested,but not seen in track for last 15 days which is not the pattern of preparation of this horse.
Bella: Impressive second behind Divine,now running in most ideal distance,not ideally prepared for this race as we see only one track wrk when compared to regular 3 tracks wrks before its last run,weight will be stopper.
Wild Vegas: Long lay off,will need this run,ideally suited for 1400mts,may find this distance sharp.
Here Comes The Don: Failed thrice in same age group and even Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in last 3 outings,ignore.
Snow Blind: Second entry from Mansoor shah and Harishmehta campJockey is clear -ve indication,best for 1000mts,ignore.
Absolute Reality: Won a race in lower class by inform jockey Parmar,now entrusted to jockey who is yet to register a win for this trainer,looks difficult.
Ponyta,Tearaway: Failed in same age group,not in tracks for last one month,non winner for last 2 years.
Kiss Away: Failed to deliver even its own age group,looks to have lost the zest for racing.
Major Wager:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in last 3 outings,ignore.

Race7:Star Crowned(9)/San Rafael(3)

Star Crowned: Full sister to classy Sixspeeed,Failed as fav to very good horse,has improved a lot,will not go down without fight.
San Rafael: Full brother to Arkhos ,impressive Gate practises and final gallop where it is beating Escavaros{R 102} makes him as one of the contender.
River Route: Improved a lot after good third in debut,will be in thick of action.
Blumarine:Finished good third inspite of lethargic start and interference in straight,must have beniffited by that run,should run a bold race here.
Blumarine:Finished good third inspite of lethargic start and interference in straight,must have beniffited by that run,should run a bold race here.
Triunfo:Failed in last run in weak company majority of which have not been able to make any impression thereafter,was urged in its lone track,may only hope to place.
Baskervile: First run,ridden by Delhi jockey,working well and if not rusty can make an impact.
River Pride:
Has run benifit,entrusted to better rider this time,regular in trials.
Super King: Will need this run,tracking regular but not given any gate practise.
Estevez:Ignored as it is not race fit as evident by lack of track work and swimming exercise.

Set Alight:Must have preserved best for this race,only -ve point one can see is that may be it is over worked,has to be careful with Autonomy and Riyasat.
Autonomy: Usually winner of 2000 guineas wins Derby,he is the only horse to have beaten Set alight,never travelled over mile which does not mean it cannot travel this distance,a big coup is possible.
Riyasat:Won impressively clocking better timing than record holder of Indian derby Velvet hope,her last win was part of grand plan,do not ignore,she can beat Riyasat.
Juventus: Has impressive blood lines,can sustain this distance,will be in top3.
Icebreaker: Do not get carried by its last defeat,it learnt hard lesson abt the long straight of mumbai,will make amends and should place.
Antonios:Failed to beat even Phenomenale who has failed miserably this season,can be ignored even for place.
Dancing Dynamite: Beaten by Poor Phenomenale ,i do not fancy it even for place.
Falcon Crest: Will play the role of pace maker,hope it does not turn out to be another "Noble guest",can be ignored even for place.
Fantastic Quest:
Will not even place,ignore.
Go Guzzi Go:
shud be feeling honoured to share paddock with great horses,just a cosmopolitian put up,nothing else,will not even place.
Star Presentation: Can win only in centres like Hyderabad,ignore even for place.
Will play the role of CATALYST to set alight,ignore even for place.
Abs Fabs:
Won kol derby beating Raghuvansh who could not even beat Aquillo,only brave hearts can fancy its chances,to me it does not even qualify for place berth.
Nora: Running within 15 days, i do not fancy its chances even for place.
Veera Wang:.I do not prefer fillies who ran race of 2400mts just 13 days back.

Race9:Onus Probandi(4)/Highland Flame(15)

Onus Probandi: A Forward runner,advantegously placed in innermost box,should be in 1-2.
Highland Flame: Winner of lower class with relatively better timings,well rested,is race fit,will be right there.
Flaming Arrow: Not seen in track for last one month,but regular in swimming,running after long lay off,can run away with this race.
Fidel Defensor: Genuine upset horse,cannot be ignored and for lack of track work it has not given any track work this season,last was seen in oct in pune.
Hymns To Freedom: Not race fit,cannot carry this weight,ignore.
Stefano: Winner of poor company,not in track or pool for last one month,ignore.
The Tempest:
Winner of lower class in poor timings,can be ignored.
Tattenhoe: Last time won in lower classdue to advantage of innermost box,now in outer box may find difficult to make any impact in higher class,ignore even for place.
Underprepared,looks very difficult even for place.
running after 50 days and without any preparation,ignore.
Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outing,ignore.
Zen: Jockey declared to ride is clear -ve indication.
Amadomio: Winner of lower class of same age group,can be ignored.
Red Cloud: Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last 3 outing,ignore.
Jaanemann: Not so impressive mockraces,can be ignored.
Uproar:Can upset in this shorter distance,good place bet.

Alexus: Working very well,should easily win this race.
Elegante: Has very good chance to earn a victory.
Flying Spirit: Vanquisher of Elegante,working well but is placed disadvantegously vis a vis elegante.
The Giant: Non winner,fails to accelerate when asked for,can only place.
Highland Quest :with help of "Cnb" may try to make an impression,can place.
Saarah: Running in higher category for last 2 1/2 years,won a race in identical distance earlier,can be ignored.
White Hart Lane:Non winner,will not be able to carry this weight,igore for win.
Chandelier: Must be suffering from some problem as it running after gap of 45 days without any preparation.
First run,will need this run.
Dreamride: First run,will needthis run.
Gift Of Grace: Done nothing so far to merit attention.


Flamingace(3-1),Cabriolet(4-2),Rage Of Angels(5-2),Recardo(6-17)

Have a nice day

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mumbai 11th April

Hi all,

Card looks good and competitive.


Nonios:Was fancied last Sunday on basis of impressive final preparatory gallop,failed and facing Enquiry for the same,was badly hampered near 800mts and was not ridden properly in straight,can do well here.
Crescendo:Ignore all its run in higher class this season and of Pune,won a race at identical handicap in same class,looks to be fit,will be involved in final finish.
Solor:Failed as fav in last race,runs wee bit lethargic thru out,one gets the feeling that it does not settle well,cannot be backed with confidence for win,at best can place.
Persian Power:Can place in this shorter distance.
Beacon Light:Does not take proper jump,no consistent form,may place at longer odds.
Devilitto:Neither in track nor pool for long time,can be ignored.
Nymph:In its debut was slowly off and showed some movement at fag end of race,in subsequent run was withdrawn due to stiffening of hindquarters,unimpressive in mock race, lone track and not on Threadmill after that does not inspire much confidence and it would not be wise to back "Unknown and Unproved" horses just on basis of bloodlines or big names attached with it.
Morality:Hopeless performances in higher category,not seen on tracks for last 2 months,sparingly seen in pool,can be safely ignored.
Modesty:Failed in own age group,neither in track nor pool for last one month,a non winner even after 20 runs,can be ignored.

Race2:Slickkit(6)/Golden Kingdom(3)/Shabdeez(5)

Slickkit:Heads and shoulders above the rest on basis of its runs of Pune where it ran very good races along classic horses,suffered from Neurological problems in last run,well rested and if race fit then can keep the field at safe distance.
Golden Kingdom:Gave very good forward run over 1400mts last time,its 4th in race no 210 of Pune merits strong attention as it finished ahead of Centre of attention,Adamslaw and Double delite all of which have won race this season very easily.Working well and should be involved in final finish.
Shabdeez:Working very impressively,last run was seen moving very well inspite of jockey not extending,in Pune finished credible third behind star of attraction,Moonstorm{both winners of 40-66 class this season} ahead of Tattenhoe{winner} merits strong attention,only worry is that it came under Stewards scanner in last run for not running on merits,will it extend its best immediately in next run?
Courage Under Fire:Fluent winner of lower class,last run was very impressive,looks to be race fit,has tough set to handle.
Sudden Impact:Winner of very poor bunch in Pune in same class,all its run this season were unextended in higher category,cannot sustain this distance,can be ignored for win.
Fluent Victory:Neither in track nor pool for long time,can be ignored.
Suavemente:Will need this run,ignore.
Addiction:Very difficult to make an impression in this very set.
Blades Of Glory:Not better than Shabdeez and other runners,looks very difficult,not fully prepared.
Real Dream:Has problem of developing sore legs,cannot be backed,ignore.

Race3:Il Divo(2)/Successor(5)/Zarzaitine(7){Edited at 1 am }

Il Divo:Easy winner over not so impressive company,working well,has good chance
Successor:In last season as Maiden beaten likes of Aurora Aurealis,Kiara,Queensguest and in this season won impressively beating Divine,Hefitiz{both winners},running in most ideal distance,not prepared as it was prepared for its last win.
Zarzaitine:Working impressively,winner of lower class in opening event of season over very weak company,failed in its own age group,failed to ordinary horses in Pune,may be fancied due to feather weight,but has no class to beat Successor and Ildivo.
Aurora Aurealis:Working very impressively,in same class laboured hard to win a race over a not so impressive bunch,endowed with good initial speed and will try to run away,but will find this set very tough to crack.
Premier Queen:Impressive winner in lower class,can place at best in this higher set.
Alvida:Poor performance this season,except for a win in maidens set,did nothing substantial,not race fit,can be ignored.
The Rising:Failed more than twice in same age group,winner 2 years back,will find it difficult to make any impact.

Race4:Smokin Aces(4)/Lyrical Lass(9)/Whispering Willows(11)

Smokin Aces:First run,well prepared, good gate practise and impressive final gallop makes it one of the contender,can win on debut.
Lyrical Lass:Finished unextended third to stable mate Forestflair in its debut run,has very good chance to register a win.
Whispering Willows:Shaped like a winner before being beaten by hot market fancy Arts,ran very good race in its debut in strong company,can win.
Azul:First run,ran last in mock race,may need this run.
Battle Fury:Good second to superior Blue danube,working regularly,will be involved in final finish.
Forward Charge:Full brother to Spitz,not fully prepared,will need this run.
Tudor Regent:Has run benifit,last run was in tough company where it veered out badly near bend,was moving well in final stages,can only hope to place.
Blessings,Sentiments:Averagely bred,not prepared well for this race,will need this run.
Cinquecento:Nice educative run,needs lot of polishing.
Hickory:Averagely bred, prepared well for this race,can place at longer odds.

Race5:Cest Bon(2)/Ecstatica(9)/Tyumen(3)

Cest Bon:Ignore its last run in 2000Guineas,earlier toyed with opposition winning in very good timings,working regularly,shud win.
Ecstatica:Ignore its last run,earlier won a race on debut itself,working well,will follow Cestbon home.
Tyumen:Failed in not so impressive company,did nothing exp for a win in maidens class,can be ignored for win.
Fire Vault:Winner of lower class in very poor timings,at best can place.
Fire Within:Winner of poor bunch,may not be able to carry this weight over this distance.
Bonny Light:Stablemate of Tyumen,failed in own age group,can be ignored.
Sharp Memory:Not race fit,won a race 2 1/2 years back as maidens,can be ignored.
Eagle Mountain:Stablemate of Tyumen,failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings.
Adam's Pleasure:Winner of same age group in poor timings,can place.
Palermo:Failed twice in its own age group,still a non winner,ignore.
Tommy Carmichael:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three
Morpheus:4th entry of Faisal abbas in this race,Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings.
Blau Himmel:Surprise winner in lower class,its last run in same class was not impressive,can be ignored.


Redromeo:Working regularly for last 7 days with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,has beaten very good horses,only worry is the distance which may be wee bit sharp for its comfort.
Spirituall:Ignore its last run where it ran in shorter distance,has very good chance to score an encore over this favourable distance,has only to take care of Redromeo.
Shyboy:Long in tooth,running good races this season,entrusted to better rider this time,will be involved in final finish.
Call To Arms:All its run in this season where in longer distance in which it was prominent till bend,can place in this shorter distance.
Balthazaar:Tracking well,not so impressive this season,registered wins in poor company in pune,at best can place only.
Avec Plaisir:Never won a race carrying this weight,needs hard riding,whipless jockey will not be able to extract the best.
River Dancer:Best suited for 1000mts,never won a race carrying this weight,not seen in tracks nor pool for long time,ignore.
Escravos:Won races at bottom weight,will not be able to sustain this distance.
Covenant:Best suited for 1000mts,won a race in its own age group cutting poor timings,cannot make any impression in this set.
Major Roberts,Enceladus:Short of class,can be ignored.

Race7:Forest Flair(1)/Topkapi(5)

Forest Flair:Fluent winner last time,beaten only by Versaki which went on to prove her mettle by winning Million race,can sustain this distance.
Topkapi:Yet another Bangalore challenge,won authoratively in Home centre,gave one impressive Mockrace,much will depend on how it adjusts to the prevailing hot climate and long straight of mumbai.
Bourbon Bay:Working very well with "Blks" and sporting the same for race,it can be "Doosra"
Mighty crusader:Good forward runner in Multimillion race,may have benifitted a lot by that outing,can hope to place.
Arts:Failed as fav in first run,last run laboured hard to register a win over weak company,ran green in both starts,cannot be trusted.
Sea Of Kisses:Troublesome manners,needs lot of polishing,ignore.
Amore Mio:Impressive winner last time,but looks to be under prepared for this race,ignore.
River Minstrel:May need this run,prepared well.
Breeze And i :First run,not prepared well.

Race8:Patek Philippe(5)/Catalyst(2)

Patek Philippe:Was seen gaining places in its last run over 1400mts,earlier won a race over 1600mts by distance,working very well and should not have much difficulty in winning this race.
Catalyst:Vanquisher of Chios{won over strong company last week},careful observation reveals in that race all runners carried a over weight of 5 kgs,hence catalyst cud beat tiring horses,here the pace will be hot due to presence of many front runners,looks difficult to make an impression.
Mysterious Star:However good the horse might be,i do not prefer whipless jockey in this distance of 1600mts.
Gentle Knight:Will not be able to carry this weight over this distance.
Pretty Commission:Likes to run in front,may not be able till end.
Buster:Long lay off,will need this run,first run after clearing maidens facing strong opposition,ignore.
True Elegance:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three
Blade Runner:Cannot sustain till end.
Tsesebe:Not so impressive record to merit attention,ignore.

Race9:Flo Nightingale(2)/Tromos(3)

Flo Nightingale
:Won two races in April 2007 in identical distance,subsequent runs were in higher category,now again back to where it belonged,can upset.
Tromos:Running after long lay off,impressed in mock race,working well with Blks and sporting the same for race,will have to sustain itself till end.
Saddlers Rule:Failed to deliver in first outing,now running with aid of "CNB" and "TS",working regularly,still iam not impressed by its winning chances,there may be generally feeling that Vijaymallya may be awarded this race as he is chief sponspor,i do not believe in that logic.
Dutch Art:Non winner till to date,whipless jockey.
Es Sider,Magical Mantra,Oriental Jewel:Non winner till to date,underprepared.
Shanghai Gal:Cannot sustain till end.
Nara:Non winner even after 16 runs,very poor runs,ignore.


Winroll:Slickkit(2-6)/Cest Bon(5-2)/Redromeo(6-7)/Forest Flair(7-1){Edited at 1 am }

Kainchi:Nonios(1-6)/Il Divo(2)/Patek Philippe(8-5)/Flo Nightingale(9-2)
Have a nice day


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