Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review of 24/07 and 25/07

Central command,Girl of love,Lightbrigade,Gables,Vijaysamrat on Thursday and Soundofnature,Colorful on Friday were impressive runners.

Race 19
) Central command won almost start to mission very impressively.Sikander-e-alam tried his level best to collar the winner but cud not match strides.Pacific groove was fully extended and finished a tame third.Dandiya broke blood vessel and stopped galloping 400mts bfr winning post.

Race20) Lightbrigade won unextended,has class,will pick up few more races.One mission started galloping when the race was over.Essence was fully extended and finished third.Hotseat lost distance at start.

Race21) Girl of lovewon very very impressively.Cleverploy was suprised by the superb run of girl of love,is a good horse,ran very nicely and will be a lively force in its next outing.Royalcode led till last 2oomts and ran easy thereafter,Can be followed in its next outing.Southern spice ran uninterested.Weight was stopper for hardcore.

Race22) Gables was the most impressive winner of the day.It made its way and was seen literally flying in final furlong.Drumdancer,inspite of welter weight ran a good race and should be followed.Narwhal was seen finishing very impressively and will be lively force in its next outing.Orange county gave a good forward run.

Race23) Vijaysamrat and Reconnect were equally talented and the race was fiercely fought in between them.Reconnect was unlucky to be get bumped by drifting out Vijaysamrat in last 50 mts.Note trueforce who gave a easy forward runner.Vijayam has come to hand and should be noted.Regentparks run was disappointing.

Race24) Arrow of light was strongly fancied on basis of its impressive third to Khaleelspride,was well beaten by Missionchief who was the picture of perfect fitness in paddock.Arrow of light will shortly enter the winning circle.Lanchashire has come to hand and it was silently backed.Note in its next outing.Rest all uinimpressive.

Race25) Race for lowest rated horses. Lucky damsel was handy third throughout extended well to win from hard ridden golden sabot and cherokee fighter.Note Benazir who was seen very well in final furlong to finish fourth from last position.


Race26) Indian dancer was ridden brilliantly by suraj and won well quickening up in final stages from Fav Golden shadow who throught showed no signs of class which everyone believed he had.It is best left alone,is finishing on everytime but not winning.Star composer ran a good race and this run will benifit him a lot.

Race27) There was a wild guess that Like Laxman,G b Khade will also be "Rewarded" with a win by Prasad Raju and it came true when Unfancied Coolspree won from start to finish.Note Million deal who with some luck and better saddle assistance will be a strong contender over 1100mts.Allegation has improved and looks likewith a better rider the connections will fancy it in its next outing.

Race28) Since won purely on jockey merits.Jugnu tried his level best to catch up with since but could not do so.Ignore the run of Olympic crown who was severly interfered nearing 200mts,almost stopped and gave a rerun to finish a good third.Royal assembly was outclassed.Bundle of roses was second favourite on basis of his impressive workout,ran very poorly and finished in rucks.

Race29) Storm command had benifit of run and ran very strongly to win easily from Hot favourite Stablemate Artistic emperor who ran pathetic through out and showed no signs of form,is best left alone.Cannongain was moving up nicely in the final part of race.

Race30) Soundofnature was handy third till bend and won impressively from Adamant approach and forward runner walkinpark.Adamant approach is the horse to be watched.Flashytrend was unimpressive fifth.

Race31) Colorful hit the front immediately after the jump followed by mizzna and smartyprince and they finished in same ordertill the end..Colorful was too good for mizzna and smartyprince who must be immensely benifitted by this run.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hyderabad 25-07-08

Hi All Following are my views for the races to held on Friday

Race1: Goldenshadow(5)-win
Small field but tough to find a clear cut winner.Golden shadow and starcomposer both are equally toprated in this terms race.Bernado had a benifit of run,but his runs against star composer and indian dancer were poor in monsoon,hence ignored.Star composer is tracking extremely well,ran with best horses.Golden shadow's last run in bangalore where it finished second to starpresentation(placed 3rd in derby) was very impressive.This distance may be a bit sharp for it but it has enough class to handle it.Indian dancer is a good horse but not here.

Race2: Milliondeal(9)-win
Race for maiden horses.Almalawi ridden by Suraj narredu is not seen in the track for last two weeks.Indian brave heart is tracking very well,has change of equipments but its run in monsoon were pathetic.I dont see reversal of form.Satheesh duo Superbrat and Milliondeal both are forward runners.Million deal had good forward run in its last outing,was seen in track after its last run and is my first choice to win from Almalawi.

Race3:Bundle of roses(2)-win
Bundle of roses is regular and shining in track.His final preparatory gallop is very impressive.Even though it does not have impressive record in monsoon but it becomes a natural choice due to fitness as evident by trial work.Royal assembly is running with +ve change of equipments but does not impress me in this set.Jugnu is the one which can run close along with since who does not impress due to lack of regular workouts.

Race4:Artisticemperor(1)-win Kinginthesky(9)-place
Arstistic emperor was strongly fancied in its last outing at bangalore.With positive change of equipments and weak field should be a walkover.It will be at cramped odds.A place bet on kinginthe sky,who was quietly fancied in its last outing,will be a profitable bet.Heleena with +ve change of equipment and jockey will run close to the above duo.

Race5: Pune

Race6: Soundofnature(9)-win Huntingbay(2)-place
It would not be wise to look beyond sound of nature in this race.Impressive second at bangalore,impressive second to Attractress in monsoon,working well,is literally a certainity.Hunting bay will place by default and a place bet can be considered if former is at cramped odds.Flashytrend was seen finishing on impressively on the opening day,with better jockey had a chance but the company is real tough hence may run easy.Adamant approach is tracking well,at best may finish third.


Race8:Colorful(6)-win Championstar(2)-place

Colorful ran with classic horses,is working very well,faces no threat in this set,should easily win from Championstar who will place by default and ice candy.

Days best: Goldenshadow(1-5)
Treble: Goldenshadow/Milliondeal(2-9)/Bundleof roses(3-2)
Have a nice day.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hyderabad 24-07-08

No rains yet,authorities are trying their level best to keep the track in good condition by constantly getting it watered.Going is still "FIRM". Caution remains the keyword.There are many false favourites in todays card,hence it will pay to be wise and keep ears open to silent hushes and sounds which emerges at race time.

Race1: Centralcommand(1)-win

Central command,a returee from bangalore is tracking extremely well beating class 1 horse like goldenshadow(it ran second to derby winner Rubyqueen),should win easily.It will be at cramped odds.sikander-e-alam has always run along with good horses ,this distance suits him ,tracking regular and good will fetch good returns for place.Pacific grove who ran an easy fourth on the second day to silverrose has not done anything worthy in the past to merit attention,at best can come third.Meticulous is regular in trials,but will find this distance behind its compass,also running with -ve change of equipment.Dandiya is tracking well but will need this run.

Race2: Lalapitus(6)-Eachway

Lightbrigade won in banglore over weak company consisting of unintersted hyd horses,is tracking very well,will be market fancy.Its previous runs suggest it gets weakened in 1100mts.Now running in top weight may find it difficult to carry it in 1200mts.It may find himself alone at winning post if other runners decide to sleep.I fancy Lalapitus,a impressive winner in monsoon over 1200mts,is regular in tracks and with allowance jockey is at tidy handicap will definetely give lightbrigade a run for its money.

Race3: Royalcode(5)-Eachway

The duo of cleverploy and girl of love will be market fancy.Cleverploy is better.Southernspice is having a -ve change of equipment indicating that it is on weight reduction process.Harcdcore is tracking very well but may find this weight as a stopper.Note Royal code who is working very well,won in its last outing in monsoon and if the connections decide to go with it, will really give a tough fight to cleverplay, definetely worth a small each way bet.


Drumdance is running in lower set,his final preparatory gallop was given by Harish,if it can carry top weight then it has a good chance.Penumatcha always ran with "A" shoes,now running with "S" shoes does not impress.Narwhal ran some very good races in monsoon,impressed most in its final gallop and is a very good each way bet.Cannon tern will place.


Match race between Reconnect and vijaysamrat.Vijaysamrat who had breezing at bangalore,is tracking extremely well and his final preparatory gallop indicates its readyness and fitness.Reconnect won impressively in monsoon,is tracking well but he is giving 6.5kgs to vijaysamrat.Regents park has come to hand and may try to poke its nose in between,is very good place prospect.

Race6: AT PUNE

Race7: Arrow of light(2)-win

Arrow of light was seen finishing on impressively to superior Khaleelspride and flying rudolp.Extra 200mts will suit him,is a very good winning prospect from commander moil and blast inclass who will find weight as a stopper.

Race8: Cherokee figher(4)-Eachway

Race for lowest rated horses.Luckydamsel is running in topweight in same category in which it ran earlier.Golden sabot is tracking very well and can win.I prefer Cherokee figher who had one good workout,has change of equipment and running in distance that suits best .Benazir is good long shot place prospect.

Days best:Vijaysamrat(5-11)

Treble: vijaysamrat/arrow oflight(7-2)/Central command(1-1)

Have a nice day


Monday, July 21, 2008

Impressive runners in first two days .

Race after a long lay off 4 months.Going was FIRM.As expected "bangalore returee" rooled the roost in the opening day.Khaleelspride,Sparsh,Strategicpartneron THURSDAY,Champforever,Attractres,Silverrose on FRIDAY were the most impressive winners.


Race1:Powerplay was very impressive as it was running after a long lay off,will win its next outing.Strategic partner won very impressively and has bright future.Acciccatura was fully extended and did not impress,ordinary horse.Note Calligate,who was prominent till bend,if having +ve change of equipments will be a good horse to watch.

Race2:Sparsh won impressively,will also win in higher category upto 16oomts.Celticshot recieved interference and ignore this run,will run nicely next time.Redfairy,who had beaten Able associate in monsoon,ran forward race and is like CERTAINITY in its next outing.Classic ruby may be fancied in its next outing,is an ordinary horse.Cheetah hi jeetah has also come to hand.Note Madho in 5years group.

Race3:Pillantronics won well,will go to higher category and ran some easy runs.Stablemate to winner Stroke of luck was slowly at start and seen running the best at the end,will win easily in its next outing with some strong saddle assistance.Note Star spellbound,who was prominet till bend and thereafte ran very easy.Note Costamesa over 1200mts.

Race4:Race for maidens.Nothing much to say,even thought it looked like Ivorysnow won impressively,but itwas over weak company.

Race5:Punjab regiment was prepared nicely and won very beautifully,forget it for next few meetings.Winningrays was not prepared fully but still ran a good race,will be in fighting line again.The horse which impressed me most was Unexpected twist,was seen moving very well inside and should be in winning circle in next outing.Spymate and embattled are the other two horses which are sure to pick a race in their next 2 outings.Flashflares needs distance and note it over 1400mts.Prohibition the best horse in the field ran unextended through out.

Race6: Maidens race,nothing much to say except for the fact that Bakersfield won in absence of any good opposition,hence to expect it to repeat this feat again in tough bunch will not be wise.

Race7:Khaleelspride proved that class is permanent.Won very impressively.Flying rudolp ran true to its form.Note Sprucespringstein who was in striking position until last 200mts mysteriously shifted inside.Note Arrow of light over 1600mts.Rajveer is 1200mts horse.Lenavi moved very nicely at the end and is the one to be noted.

Race8: Doing my best won even though its previous runs suggested it needed more than 6 furlongs.Note cefiro over 7 furlongs.The one which impressed most was Flashytrend with laxman astride.He was moving thru rails very very fast in final furlong and is certainity in its next outing.Ignore classic cruise run,it was prominent in front bunch till bend and then mysteriously shifted inside and jockey gave up almost 300 mts before the winning post.Keep a eye on it.

Race9: Race for lowest rated animals .Galloping grocer impressed .Cannon eye won very impressively and can be noted in higher category.


Race1: Standing ovation's run proved that it is overhyped horse and not the worth of a bet in its next outing.Hurricane bay, a forward runner won easily.Superflous was slow at start and was seen finishing on at the end.Note.

Race2:Aljaded won over very weak opposition.Its true class will be tested when it runs along with some good horses,so until then it cannot be treated as good type horse by just this win.All other runners were unimpressive.

Race3: Champfor ever won like a champion and is sure to pick up some races this season.Buddy brothers will be a certainity over 1200mts.Fly by wire recieved some interference nearing last 100mts and will be a live force over 1600mts.Timeon was slow at start and ran unectended thru out.Jockey did the right thing by not unneccasarily pushing the horse and thus saving it for the next time.Bernado even though was in prominent position in final stages but was not impressive.

Race4: Attractress lost 2 lengths at start,yet won by 9 lengths in the end,speaks of her class.Will go in class 1 and match strides with the best at the centre.Note Powerranger who gave rerun to pip exclusive monarch for third place.Youngstar ran uxtended.Bourbon star will be a live force in its next outing.

Race5: Silver rose won very impressively,she is a good type filly and is sure to pick some races when placed in favourable bunch.Pacific groove and Nano war,both,had -ve change of equipements ran easy.Dash on regardless will be a live force in weak company.

Race6: Speed hunter,a winner in its last outing in monsoon,was ignored because of jockey Laxman who no one remember when he won last time.Field was so weak and unintersted that it won untroubled from start to finish.No other runners impressed.Note Prettyfit in 5 years group over 1100mts.Royal assembly,if runs with +ve change of shoes will be a live force in 5 years. group.

Race7: Torrestrella, running after a gap of 11months ran forward till last 100mts.It can be backed confidently in its next outing but only in 5 years old group.Note Royal bond who ran unextended forward run.Olympic crown and bonfire was seen finishing on.Since the field was weak,Favourable terms a demotee won a unimpressive win.

Race8: Alcology,a demotee ran a good race and won impressively.Fuedal lord running after a long lay off 11months came very very fast to finish a good notable second.Note fair touch in 5 yrs group.Goldenflame ran unextended,do not ignore if it runs again in same distance of 1200mts.
chief is sure to pick up a race in relatively weaker company in its next three outings.

Race9: Kudos won over a weak opposition.Fearlessflame was ridden badly.Star world was seen finishing on,can do better in same age group.Rest all unimpressive.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hyderabad 18-07-08

Thursday proved that horses returning from bangalore are forward in condition,the same trend is expected to continue on Friday also.

Race1:Standing ovation(5)-win Superflous(11)-place

Standing ovation ran close fourth in its only run in Monsoon,there after went to bangalore and ran very impressively finishing close third to Calming influence .Trackwork indicates it is very fit and ready to strike,should win hands down.Superflous which ran some good races in monsoon and seen regular in tracks will place.Siddipet express as usual tracks very well but fair poorly in the race.

Race2: Aljaded(1)-win Huntingboy(3)-place

Aljaded in bangalore ran third to Musical paradise which went on to win again,has +ve change of equipment,gave easy trackworks,faces no threat in this set and should win easily from forward runner Hunting boy.

Race3: Timeon(5)-win

Timeon has been prepared judicously,is running in its favourite distance and is all set to win this race from Bernado and champ forever. Global presence will find this weight as stopper,Buddy brothers will find this journey beyond her compass.Fly by wire needs mile.

Race4: Powerranger(4)-place

Attractress is cut above the rest and will win very easily,will be available at cramped odds.Power ranger will place by default and hence a place bet on it is safe and profitable.

Race5: Silverrose(4)-win

Silver rose is better than Dash on regardless as it has always run with very good horses and also emerged winner in good company.Dash on regardless is tracking extremely well but it will have to play the role of bridesmaid to Silverrose.


Anguna is facing mild opposition in this bunch and has the best credentials to win from classic one which i feel will definetely place.

Race7: Trackrule(3)-win

Trackrule ,a consistent performer in monsoon has the best credentials to win.Favourable terms,a demotee,is tracking very well but Anant vatsalya's Wards cannot be backed confidently.Torrestrella is working very well but runs after a lay of 11 months hence ignored.Recast is the one which has the best chance to place.


Alchology,a demotee,is unknown quantity over this distance and at this weight.Onc cannot back it confidently just because of jockey.Golden flame ran in wrong distance,is back to its pet distance,working very well and has the best chance to win here.Cygnet,a forward runner will place.

Race9: Fearlessflame(6)-win

A touch and go affair between fearlessflame and cannon treasure,former having handicap advantage.Fearlessflame is working well, is all set to win from cannon treasure ,who is a demotee, but will find weight as stopper.Kudos was seen being beaten over this distance,hence ignored.


Treble: Silverrose(5-4)/Trackrule(7-3)/Goldenflame(8-7)

Place: Superflous(1-11)
Cannon treasure(9-1)

Have a nice day.

Vinod vyas

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hyderabad selections 17-07-08

First day of the season after a long lay off of 4 months.Hyderabad has not recieved even a single rain this year.Track looks ready for racing but caution will be the key word for initial few meetings.
Here are my views abt the races to held on Thursday.
Race 1: Acciaccatura(5)-win
Acciccatura is regular in trials, is working well.In race no 268 of monsoon season it ran close to likes of Kyles of bute and Able associates(twice winner in bangalore),it has best chance to win from Powerplay who has +ve change of equipment and working well in trials with main jockey but only draw back is he is running after a lay off of 7 months and also failed as favourite in its last outing.Strategic partner returned from bangalore impressively but she has given only one track and this run may be bit too early for her comfort.Sir almas is a upset commodity and hence has a good chance to place.

Race 2: Celtic shot(2)-win
Sparsh on basis of its impressive win in bangalore ,good track work and +ve change of equipment will be market fancy but she has a tough competitor in form of Celtic shot which won very impressively in its last outing beating sparsh,it hasnot done anything wrong yet and is all set to score from Sparsh and cheetah he jeetah.Red fairy who beat Able associate will need this run.Madho will find this company very tough..

Race3: Stroke of luck(3)-e/w
Stroke of luck baring its last run always prominent in superior company , is regular in track,working well has better credentials to win from Bella cool which i feel is not completely ready evident by lack of trial works(only 1).Pillantronics was winner at identical weight,distance in same category at start of Monsoon season but over weak company,subsequent runs were poor.Costa mesa is a forward runner and this distance is behind her compass.

Race4: Ivorysnow(2)-win
A race for non winners, poor set of runners.Ivory snow should win here in absence of any worthy opponet.Storm command has -ve change of equipment.

Race5: Flashflares(13)-e/w Cannonscot(1)-PLACE
A tough race.My first selection was Prohibition but choice of jockey has put me off as same trainer engaged Ganeshwar in his other charge in other race.Spymate is a good type of horse which picked up two consecutive wins but over weak company,is very fit will run close to winner.Flashflares is regular in tracks,his final spurt was very impressive should win this race from spymate.Winning rays does not impress me as it has no track work.Note true force who is a habitual forward runner and with 200mts less to run will place at longer odds.Cannon scot a demotee will definetely place.

Race6:Jayjay(11)-WIN stylish lady(10)-place
Jay jay ,a forward runner is facing weak opposition and should run away with this race.Forget bakersfield and baywatch babe,no form . Stylish lady is very fit,ran in good company but finishing in ruck,will surely place.

Race7: Khaleels pride(1)-win spurcespringstein(13)- place
Khaleels pride even at this weight is cut above the rest and should easily win from Arrow of light and bottom weighted sprucespringstein who is a place certainity.Flying rudolp and rajveer may not match strides with the above ones.

Race8: Classic cruise(3)-WIN

Classic cruise's third in its last run behind crocodile hunter and Rajveer speaks about its class,has won previously beating some quality opposition,is tracking very well ,is very fit and should win this race from true value.Doing my best,cefiro will find this distance sharp.

Race9: Million deal(8)-win
Race for lowest rated animals.It is good to leave this race.Million deal is regular in trials can win.Millenuim queen is tracking very well but vatsalya's horse never convert track works into winning spree.

Days best: Khaleelspride(7-1)

Treble: Khaleelspride/classiccruise(8-3)/ivorysnow(4-2)

Eachway: Celticshot(2-2),stroke of luck(3-3),Flahflares(5-13)

Good place: sprucespringstein(7-13),Stylish lady(6-10),cannonscot(5-1)

Have a nice day

Vinod vyas