Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mysore 1st July Selections


Following appeals to me for Mysore races to be held on Wednesday.


Richrougue ran good forward races,working well and with strong saddle assistence has good chance to shed its maidens status but has to ward threat of Timespeed who is in forward condition and will not go down without fight.Jockey merit in the end may cruise Rich rouge to victory.Looking to luck has impressed in gate practise after its listless debut run and should place.

Race2:Sunlaa(5)/Roto rooa(4)

Sunlaa has good chance to run away to victory in this set.Rotorooa won in identical distance and class this season,may find weight as stopper,at best can place.Run for fame who likes to run in front can place.Bigbudget,a hyd horse, runs in lower class with +ve change of shoes,not so impressive in tracks,at best can finish on board.

Race3:Bornpurple(8)/Living free(3)

Bornpurple is entrusted to its fav rider who earlier rode him to victory in same distance,should be in thick of action along with Living free who is now running with "blks" and can fight it out.Ranveer has right credentials to place.Winning attitude is non winner for last 3 years and if fancied can be ignored for win.

Race4:Brownsugar(5)/Amazing one(4)

Brownsugar has ran good races in summer,working well and should a run a good race.Warhead requires A shoes.Amazing one has very good chance to win as it now running with whip jockey,wrking well.Goldgrid if able to set his own pace can kick on till end which is not possible.Cafe coffee is certain to place.


Careerist is now running in lower class,working well and has good chance to register a win.Faster than light is place certainity.Vertex cleared maiden in style,continues to be in fine nick and will be involved in final finish.Spark of symphony needs more ground.Boaz is genuine upset horse,can spring a surprise.

Race6:Always for u (2)/Artisticway(3)

Bristana comes first in contention but ignored due to lack of preparation.Looking for lead will not be able to carry this weight over 1400mts.Always for u is running in most suitable distance,declaration of allowance claiming jockey clearly indicates that it will be fully tried in this higher class also,good win bet.Artistic Way's track on june 29 is very excellent and should place.Stampede had good forward run,working well and should place.

Race7:i wanna fly(10)/Forevergrande(2)

Ignore last run of I wanna fly where it was slow in start,has improved gate manners as evident by gate practise and mock race,should run a decent race.Forever grande and Star paradise can place.

Daysbest:I wannafly(7-10)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bangalore 28th june

Hi all,

Following are my views for Sunday races.

Race1:Timeflies(1)-win Sweettimer(4)-Place

(1)Timeflies:Has improved after couple of runs,prepared very well should run a good race and can easily win.
(4)Sweet Timer:Is in forward condition,final track on 26th june was impressive,should place.
(2)Aetius:Forward run in last race must have helped him a lot,working regularly thereafter and can upset.
(6)Besttime:Well bred,was fancied in its last run,much will depend on how it has coped up with injuries it sustained last time while on way to starting gates

Race2:Newpastures(5)-Win Gracian(6)-Place
(5)New pastures:Has won a race over this distance and should win in this very very poor set.
(6)Gracian:Not seen on track but regular in pool,warms up late and has right credentials to be in top 2.
(8)Trackwonder:It is not advisable to back a horse which gives contradictory runs.Trackwonder some times warms up late over mile and in other weakens after mile.
(1)Isinbayeva:Top weight to be carried by filly is always doubtful,hence can be ignored.
(2)Victory In Motion:Best performance till date is finishing 33.6L behind winner,now running with change of equipments,will have to improve massively to make an impression,can be ignored.
(3)Victoria:Getting weakened over 1400mts,how can we fancy its chances over 1800mts.
(4)Haute Appeal:No track or Swimming exercise,can be ignored.

Race3:Virtouso(1)-win Appolonaire(3)-place
(1)Virtouso:Running virtually unopposed and should be sighted as winner from distance post.
(6)Brigade's Passion:Failed to accelerate in company of Son of soil and Sipah salar,at best can only hope to finish second.
(3)Appolonaire:Failed as fav in winter,probably needs more ground,at best can only hope to place.
(2)Mojo:Y rider of caliber of C Alford is declared to ride on a horse which performed badly in its first run,not seen in track thereafter,can be ignored.
(5)Magnifique:Full brother to ordinary non winner till date Zorbonaut,will need lot of polishing,ignore.
(4)My Musketeer:Half brother to Cotsworldarm,this run will be an educational one.
(7)Goodgirlgonebad:Impressive in final gate practise,but one cannot expect a entirely new horse to beat better experienced horses in its very final run.

Race4:Cieloray(1)-Win Spark of Revernce(5)-Place
(1)Cielo Rey:Ignore its last run where it had to be restalled in outer box thereby disturbing its rythm n mood,impressed in mockrace along with Sprintstar,Mr greedy,will run a bold race this time and should easily win .
(5)Spark Of Reverence:Cleared maidens in greatstyle,indeed the company was weak but manner of victory was very impressive,continues to be in great shape,can do well in this higher set also.
(3)Social Climber:No track after last run which is not the winning pattern noted earlier may run easy in this higher set,can place.
(2)Oban:Has best timings in this set,but not sighted in track after its last run which is not the winning pattern noted earlier hence ignored.
(9)Sudden Thunder:Long lay off,winner with "A" Shoes now running with Steel plates,can be ignored.
(4)Royal Player:Winner when saddled with "A" Shoes now running with steel plates,lacks winning punch can be ignored.
(6)Bid For Glory:Vanquisher of Express it which went to win in its next outing,always won a race with A shoes now running with steel shoes and entrusted to rider who gave easy runs on it earlierrun,can be ignored.
(8)Duke Of Windsor:Fails to sustain itself after 1200mts,at best can place.

Race5:Perfect Analysis(7)-Win Tina's truimph(4)-Place
(7)Perfect Analysis:Ignore its last run where it finished second to Spark of isis ahead of Manunited and Lunar lust,will run a good race in hands of its fav rider and should return as winner
(4)Tina's Triumph:Long in tooth but zestful and should place.
(11)Music Forever:Except for win in very poor company in lower class did nothing worthy so far,can only hope to place due to jockey merit
(10)Man united:Sharply penalised for finishing second in lower class,needs hard riding,cannot be backed confidently as this trainer hardly goes against favs of MAM.
(1) Lunar lust:Easy winner last time when all other runners were carrying 3kgs extra,clocked good timings,but one cannot expect repeat of that feat in this set.
(8)Ahira:Twice winner over identical distance in winter in lower class,forward runner,may not be able to make any impression at this weight in this higher class.
(9)Smart N Special:Best suited for 1100mts,ignore as it is drawn in outerbox.
(3)Fanaa:Winner at mysore with A shoes,weak jockey and steel plate are clear -ve.
(6)Join The Party:Surprise winner last time,likes to run in front,blood vessel case,here it cannot have the luxury of setting his own pace,ignore.

Race6:Sixshooter(3)-win Classiccharge(4)-Place
Sixshooter clocked very good timings in its last victory and based on that it would be impossible to look beyond her.Classic charge can place ahead of Reapingreward.

Race7:My friendpaul(3)-win Cassandra(5)-place
(3)My friendpaul: Has best chance to register a win even though steel plates is -ve indication,worth a good bet.
(10)Corbett:Winner of poor company,at best can place due to jockey merit.
(8)Sunnygold:Great career so far 3 win out of 5 runs,will definetely be in contention even in this higher set.
(4)Sun Zone:Winner with A shoes when in Puttana's stable,last run was forward,no track after last run,can be ignored.
(9)Allmycolors:Ignore last run,now running with +ve change of shoes and "Blks",but choice of jockey is big deterrent.
(2)Conceptual:Winner of lower class,looks very difficult to make an impact in higher category at almost same weight.
(7)The last sammurai:Failed to clear 40-65class ,will find it very difficult to make an impact here.

Bad race.Seasonsgreetings can cause a major upset and worth each way bet.Allrise is certain to place.Garafluid may lead all the way till being caught.

Good double:Virtouso/Sixshooter
Massive Quadraple:Timeflies/Virtouso/Perfectanalysis/Sixshooter

Place roll:Sweettimer/gracian/Sparkofrevernce/Casandra/Allrise

Have a nice day

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bangalore 26th june

Hi all,

Trackwork at hyd has begun.I Will be posting inputs that i recieve from my man who without fail attends all morning workouts.I temporarily closed my blog as i was unable to devout enough time due to my work commitments and continous bad performance from my side was depressing.I have been told that i ran away due to my last position in various contest being held.I STRONGLY BELIEVE that i do not stand any where near talented tipsters.I have little knowledge of hyd racing and rest centres i just gave an trial.I will be posting my views whenever i find time.

Following are views for sat races.


(5)Walter:Has best credentials on basis of its second under heavy conditions,seen regularly in pool over last week,should run a good race and can pull it off.
(2)Mediaman:Winner over identical distance at Mysore,ignore its last few runs where it was seen running in front over longer distance,is fit as evident by regular pool exercise during last week,should be a good place bet.
(4)You and I :Was seen moving well at the fag end of race over identical distance,will be fancied but has to beat Duo of Walter and Mediaman,can only hope to place.
(3)Sundevice:Winner of lower class,not prepared the way it was prepared for last run clearly indicating that it is looking for drop in scales.
(1)Just great:Showed some form when after clearing maidens finished good second to Cartwheel,but looks to have developed some fitness problem as evident by Bursting of blood vessel in winter,can be ignored as it is hopelessly out of form.

Race2:Fantastic Flame(3)-Win/Spread A Smile(5)-Place

(3)Fantastic Flame:In this lower set has very good chance to clear maiden status.
(5)Spread A Smile:Is better than rest of donkeys and stands good chance to place,can upset.
(8)Nice Guy:Only winner in this bunch,should place.
(6)Freedom Fighter:Is in forward condition,tracking well,can hope to place if any of the above falters at all important end.

Race3:Express It(5)-Win/Voodoo Moon(7)-Place

(5)Express It:Failed narrowly last time,working well,now with aid of "Blks",should easily account for this set.
(7)Voodoo Moon:Warmed up late in its last two starts,has best chance to place.
(4)Act Of Duty:Won as hot market fancy in a race where all runners were carrying extra 3kgs,now in this set looks difficult to repeat that feat,at best can place.
(6)Clouseau:Non winner till date,no track after last run,failed to deliver even in Mysore,can be ignored for win.
(2)Leone Cavallo:Impressive winner in Mysore,was entered to run in hyd derby,running after almost 10months,will definetely need this run.
(8)Retro Queen:Winner of lower class,not sighted in trackafter that which clearly indicates it will run easy in this race for drop in scales.

Race4:Polish Patriot(3)-Win/Ramasses(6)-Place

(3)Polish Patriot:Won impressively on debut with plenty on hand,working well thereafter,can do well for this distance.
(6)Ramasses:Won with plently in hand at parent centre beating Davenport which ran good race here,prepared very well and can upset as it has blood line to sustain over this distance.
(4)Arabian Prince:In its debut run,managed to beat Leonardo by whisker who went on to finish impressive second in colts stake last week.Aboline's defeat over mile last week clearly underlined the fact that Burdenofproof offsprings are best suited upto 1400mts,hence can be ignored.
(2)Saptawasha:Start to finish specialist,prepared well but will not be able to make an impact in company of talented youngsters.
(5)Ready To Mingle:Best suited for 1400,looking for class down,ignore.
(1)Fair Option:Has won over identical distance in lower class beating not so impressive small field,same feat cannot be expected.
(7)Going for gold:Beaten by Fair option,has handicap in favour,cleared maiden beating ordinary horses,looks difficult.

Race5:Aksinya(7)-Win/Advantage Logan(9)-Place

(7)Aksinya:Bred out of Allaire which won Bangalore derby and finished second in Indian derby,impressed in Mockrace,well prepared and can strike in its first run.
(9)Advantage Logan:Good second in its first run,working regularly thereafter,will be in contention.
(1)Gurujosh:Failed as hot market fancy in its first run,looks to have improved,can make amends
(6)Brigade's Pride:Hungout badly in debut run,beaten in final track,can be ignored.
(12)Game Dancer:Not sighted in tracks,last run was good forward one,was regular in trials when it was fancied with Suraj narredu astride in its debut run,lack of preparation clearly indicates this run also will be a preparatory run,note when runs after preparation.
(10)Fond Approach:No preparation and jockey declared are clear -ve signs.
(4)Spark Of Ilderim:Inspite of tender handling by rider finished notable third on debut,but i do not prefer maiden horses which r running after long lay off without any gate practise,will need this run.

Race6:Aristos(5)/Reflection Of gold(2) Blink(10)-Place

(5)Aristos:Gets the first preference due to superb unextended wins over same distance in Winter,will not go down without fight.
(2)Reflection Of Gold:Running very good races this season in strong company,likes to come off the pace,was beaten by Aritos,now has handicap advantage vis-a-vis that run,if not ridden off pace can win.
(10)Blink:Has very good chance to place at this weight.
(4)Succeeding Star:Impressive career record so far,its chances will be hampered due to fast initial pace of the race.
(8)Flaming Lamborgini:Has good chance to place but choice of jockey is clear -ve indication hence ignored.
(1)Tomsk:One cannot ignore a horse which won 6 times out of 9 runs,has proved his credibility beyond doubt but top weight will mar its chances.
(9)Star Wave:Failed to accelerate in its last runs,its run in winters were unextended in superior company,at best can place due to jockey merit.
(12)Soberano:Front runner drawn in outermost box,stands no chance whatsoever.
(11)Milford:Unable to perform well at Bangalore,just managed to win two races in Mysore,can be ignored.
(3)Royal Ambassador:Has lost form completely,working well,will have to wait till it shows signs of his old form.
(6)Balance De Power:With great difficulty managed to win at Mumbai after failing on many occasions,has no chance to make an impact here.
(7)Daredon:Mysore only

Race7:Redstone(6)-Win Sarang(8)-Place

(6)Redstone:Seen finishing on well to classic horses like Aboline,Gypsymagic.Working well and should win this race over extended trip.
(5)Shades Of White:Prepared well,will be involved in final finish.
(8)Sarang:Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in its last three outings,but one cannot ignore Puttana's horses which are regular in tracks,will finish in top 3,good place bet.
(4)A Run To Remember:Front runner entrusted to weak jockey,will lead all the way till being caught near final furlong,ignore.
(2)Mind Me:Bad temparement horse,failed to impress in mockrace,seen regular in pool.
(1)Spark Of Salerno:Avereagely bred,Now running with "TS" and "CNB",Shaped well in lone track work,was seen moving well in shorter distances and if weight is not bother can make an impact in the end.
(3)Glory To Dancer:Poor third to likes of Son of soil and Sipah salar which failed in their in next runs,can be ignored.

Race8:The Senator(5)/Frozenfire(11)

Nothing separetes The Senator and Frozenfire,i would prefer former which has stripped fitter after an easy run last time and now with strong saddle assistence and +ve change of shoes should pull it from Frozenfire who will not go down without fight.Imperial guest with aid of "Blks" can upset,place looks good.

Daysbest:Express it(3-5)

Good double:Express it(3-5)/Polish Patriot(4-3)

Express it(3-5)/Polish Patriot(4-3)/The Senator(8-5)

Have a nice day

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hi all,

Following are my selections for Sundays races.

Race1: Bocconcino(1)
Bocconcino was fancied in its last run in higher class,now in lower class with better saddle assistance has good chance to score an encore.
Flashing Crown:Prepapred well for this race,now running with +ve switch of jockey and shoes should be in thick of action along with Bocconcino.
Royal legend:Ran easy in all its previous runs,now running with “TS” and “blks” should place.

Chinatown:Systematically prepared ,has services of good jockey and can win.
Portobella:Ignore last run,earlier ran races with Dartagan,Chintz,should be in 1-2.
Celestial way:Working very well but long lay off.

Race3: Misseverywhere(1)
Misseverywhere:Has nothing to beat in this set and should easily win this race. Isinbayeva and Seasons greeting has good chance to place.

Race4:Rugged beauty(6)
Rugged beauty has best timings,now at this weight should easily win.Coorghoney and Sansperil will follow her home.

Edmondo is endowed with good intial speed and can run away to victory.In the zone is ignored due to lack of track work whereas jockey on Own voice doesnot inspire confidence.Just in time has good chance to place.

Very good and competitive race.My first pick is Systematic who ran very good race last time,has best timings and should run a bold race and can upset applecart.Captivating is the horse to be beaten and will not give up easily.Gyspy magic has bad temparment and cannot be backed.Astral flash should be in 1-2.

Race7: Amazing Queen(10)
Amazing Queen has been prepared well and can score an encore on debut itself.Leave it to me will be market rage based on its trackwork.Brunetta can hope to place after costly failure in last run.

Jiah yoh jiah will find this distance sharp,Above the line may not be able to carry this weight.Dreampark has best credentials to win.Garafluid is drawn disadvantegously in outer box.

Daysbest:Rugged beauty(4-6)

My bets in Shyambhai's contest:
Rugged beauty:Win 3000
Systematic:Win 1000 Shp 1000 Place 1000=3000

Saturday, June 13, 2009

No posting this week

Hi all,
Due to family function iam unable to post my selections for this weekend races.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hi all,

Follwing are my views for sunday races.

Race1:Worth a Million(1)/Rubylegend(2)/Star league(3)

Worth a million is forward runner and can run away in this very very poor set.Rubylegend has done nothing worthy so far,may be fancied but looks difficult,at best can finish second.Star league is drawn advanegously in innermost box and should place.

Race2:Enduring speed(1)/Modern art(7)/Yes we can(2)

Modern art may be fancied but lay off nearly 3 months is big disadvantage.I would prefer enduring speed who is in forward condition and kick on till end in this poor set.Yes we can can hope to place.

Race3:Green bro(1)/Calypso Star(8)/The senator(2)

Greenbro and Calypso Star have equal chance,i prefer former due to +ve change of shoes and jockey.Final track work of Greenbro was given by Rajendra himself.The senator is dark horse and upset,cannot be ignored.

Race4:Vivacity(1)/Star Assembly(5)/Aspiring Seven(6)

Star assembly has better timings when compared to Vivacity but i would prefer vivacity because it is a winner beating Bourban bay,working comparatively better.Aspring seven can place.

Race5:Bid For Glory(1)/Express It(8)/Voodoo Moon(6)

Bid for glory has good chance in this lower set provided jockey can handle it properly.Express has failed to deliver in medicore company,strong riding can see it thru.Voodoo moon was seen finishing on well in its last run,can hope to place here.

Race6:Diamond Hunter(1)/Originality(11)/Lionheart(3)

Ignore last failure of Diamond hunter,should run a bold race here can enforce a win.Originality has run good with better horses,running in pet distance,will fight it out with diamond hunter.Lionheart can place.


This three are closely matched,i would prefer former due to jockey.

Race8:Non Stop Cannon(1)/Cindy Girl(4)/Act Of Duty(3)

Ignore last failure of Nonstop cannon,can kick on gamely till end in this very poor set.Act of duty finished good second over 1200mts in heavy under foot conditions,can do well over this extended trip.Cindy girl has right credentials to upset.



My kainchi for today:Greenbro(3-1)/Vivacity(4-1)/Diamond Hunter(6-1)/Oban(3)

Have a nice day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Picks for Bangalore 6th June

Hi all,

Following are my shortlisted selections.


Race2:Marianella(2)/Movie queen(8)/Royal Player(4)

Race3:All rise(2)/Aaj tak(7)/Cute Angel(4)

Race4:Luminous gold(10)/Smart n special(8)/Poetic(2)

Race5:Fleetindia(1)/The dawn(4)/Hot n happening(9)

Race6:Rimpuche(4)/Kyles of bute(5) /Read my mind(6)

Race7:Silken thomas(10)/Mucho (8) /Astounding blue (3)

Race8:Corleone(5)/Virtouso(1)/ Lowdens Square(2)


Have a nice day

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