Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bangalore 30/11

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on sunday.Main event of the day wears an open look.Icemaker won very impressively in heavy going clocking smart timing and appeals most.Starwave has earlier beaten Absfabs and should finish second.Originality may be the Doosra from MAM's camp but has never travelled this distance.

Race1:Bid For Glory(6)/Sarmaidar

Bidforglory:Ended close unextended 7th in mysore,now running with +ve change of shoes and jockey,earlier won a race in lower category in bangalore,working well,can pull it off it in this weak set.
Sarmaidar:Working very well,well bred,should be in top 2.
Pinaakini:Working well,can place in this set.

Race2:Aspiring Seven(2)/Takemyword
Aspiringseven: Only genuine sprinter in this set,should win in absence of worthy opponent.
Flying Jet:Has initial speed,will place.
Take My Word:Strong saddle assistence,working well,distane is sharp,may grace the board.

Race3:Affirmed Crown(4)/Thespartan
Affirmed Crown:Second to eventual Mysore derby winner Abfabs,winner of mockrace,this is the horse to be beaten.
The Spartan:Next best in this set,should play the role of bridesmaid to Affirmed crown.
Worth A Million:A forward runner and advantegously drawn in innermost box,can place.

Race4:Star Assembly(5)-win

Starassembly has nothing to beat in this set and should win with measure of comfort.Rashida who had run benifit and now running with +ve change of shoes and jockey will finish second.Mystic Quest,full sister to Nora,is working very well and should place.

Race5:Van De Star(1)/Doubleelite(6)

Ignore last run of Vandestar,drawn advantegously in innermost box and will go on start to finish mission,can chalk out a win.Double elite looks good for place.Badgeofhonor may grace board.

Race6:The Last Samurai(12)/Firezone(10)/Flyfree(8)

Valiant Bay:Running after long lay,failed twice in last season,working very very well,now running with "Blk" clearly suggest that everything is not fine with it and it cannot be backed confidently.
Sunzone&Man United:-ve change of shoes and presence of Mam's fav mars their chances.
Sangini:No track after last one month,may need this run.
Royal Player:Working well,ignore its run in Mysore,earlier won a race in lower category beating poor opposition,can at best place.
Flyfree:Ignore its last run in Mysore,earlier cleared maiden status in great fashion,working well but running with "S" shoes,still is genuine upset.
Firezone:Showing tremendous initial speed in trackwork,should be in top 2.
One:Failed as fav in its last run,will not make amends immediately.
The Last Samurai:Ignore last run where it ran easy,now running with +ve switch of jky and shoes,working very well,should be a prime contender.

Race7:Icebreaker(13)/Star Wave(10)/Abs Fabs(1)

Race is restricted to this three with former having advantage and should return as winner from Starwave and Absfabs.Reflection Of Gold may finish fourth and if one of them fails can place.

Race8:Masquenada(6)/Stone Of Destiny(5)/Easy(8)

Masquenada has good chance to score in this set.Stone of destiny will place at longer odds.Easy should be in top3.

Race9:Shisham(2)/A Run To Remember(6)

Shisham appeals most here and can pull it off from A run to remeber and Starnews.

Affirmed Crown(3-4)

Affirmed Crown(3-4)/Star Assembly(4-5)

Affirmed Crown(3-4)/Star Assembly(4-5)/Icebreaker(7-13)

Have a nice day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hyderabad 28/11

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to held on Friday.Card looks interesting.

Race1: Starsenora(2)-win

Starsenora, a impressive winner in its last outing over identical distance appeals most.Local ikon was moving well over 1800mts in its last outing,had good chance over extra 400mts,but choice of jockey is -ve.Sikander-e-alam warms up late and may be finish second.

Race2: Rudolphvalentino(3)-win

Rudolphvalentino in this shorter distance and strong saddle assistence looks good and should win.Ignore Cefiros last run where it was ridden in shorter distance,can create a flutter here.Indiandancer,may be fancied at best can finish on board.Cometogether is best upto 1200mts,iam not impressed by her chances over 1400mts.


Highlands won the opening event of Winterseason,finished flying second in its last outing is all set to win this race.Templebells finished close fourth in its last run in Monsoon,now running with +ve switch of shoes and jockey,working well will be involved in finish.Luckydamsel pulled up lame in its last run,hence it wud be wise to watch her run here.Olympiccrown is onepaced horse.Youngstar is entrusted to Kamlesh and may need this run,is out of form.


This race will be dominated by Anant Vatsalya's horses.Palace affair is classic material and shud reduce this race to one horse affair.Proviso is good long shot place bet.


Aljameel: Last two runs were not uptomark,may be fancied but at best can place.
Leodvij:Slowlyoff and hanging in straight,yet finished good fourth,now running with +ve change of shoes,can save place money.
Classicone:Ignore its first run of season where jockey didnot urge the horse at any stage,in last run came up with electric turn of foot to finish good second,should win.
Royaldignitary:Ignore last run where it was interfered by Penumatcha in final furlong,is place certainity over this distance.


Kinginsky:Did all the running before being beaten over 1800mts,has good chance to place with 200mts less to travel.
Cannonview:First run of season ran unextended,subsequent run impressed most while finishing second to Zagreb,last run distance was sharp,over this mile can create a flutter,worth a bet.
Azzax:Running with +ve change of shoes ,can place.


Shikra:Was way behind in its last run,started gaining places in final furlong,+ve switch of jockey shud see it thru,observed to be one pace.
Onemission:Weight is proving to be stopper.
Hariharpriya:Ignore last run where it was denied clear run,can do well here,place is certain.
Habituated: A forward runner,can place.
Alchology: Was moving impressively,always ran along superior horses,even though this distance is bit sharp,still has good chance.
Bundleofroses:Has electric turn of foot should be in top 2.


Essence:Has regained form as evident by its last run,should win this race provided Kamlesh does not mess it up.
Flashytrend:Ignore its last run,earlier finished good fourth,should save place money.
Truefashion:Impressive winner, is in forward condition,cannot be ignored.
Splendidscot:Was seen running very good till bend,had no answer to Truefashion,eased off,if essence fails it will grab the opportunity.


Bad race.Spinethemall was seen gaining places in its last run over 1400mts,can do well with extra 200mts to run.Thescot is working well and will be fancied.Renukaspride, a demotee with +ve switch of jockey n shoes may place.Tenthplanet may grace board.




Have a nice and wonderful day

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hyderabad 27/11

Hi all,

Following are my views for races to be held on Thursday.

Race1: Meticulous(1)-win

Meticulous even though at top weight looks good in this very weak set.Superbrand warms up late and will finish second to stable mate Meticulous.Realtor failed to impress in its last run and this run is too early for its comfort.

Race2: Nanowar(3)-win

Timeon: Runs in and out of form,at this weight looks difficult over this distance.
Vijayam:Warms up late,this distance at this weight is bit sharp.
Nanowar:Impressive winner,had wonderful monsoon season,there is no reason y it shud loose here.
Regentspark:Working very well,running after long lay off,will need this run.
Cannontreasure: Will cherish the slowpace,will definetely be in place.


Ignore last run of Secretassest,is working very well showing lot of initial speed and is my first pick to win this from Hot market Fancy Chestnutcharmer and Democracy who looks good for place.


Scamper should win this race with measure of comfort.Leadinglight and Iki Tombi are good longshot place bets.

Race5:Chief De Mission(1)-win

Chief De Mission: Was seen moving very well in its last outing,has very good chance to win over this weak company.
Vijay Marg: Impressive winner in monsoon, was seen moving well in last part of race,met slight interference with Shikra,can do well over this distance.
Goldentricks: Slowlyoff in its last run,looks difficult here.
Embattled: Was seen moving impressively in its last run should place.

Race6:Kohinoor Star(3)-win

Alzahara:Ducked at start,was bad last till bend,went wide in straight,was seen moving well,
and finished good fifth.Benifit of 4points in rating,now running with +ve change of shoes and worked well on Tuesday,should place.
Kohinoor Star: Ignore last run where it ran in sharper distance,earlier finished very good second to superior Copertina,has very good chance to win.
Sugarlady: Positive switch of jockey warrants attention,looks good for place.
Changeofloyalty: Won once in monsoon with Jockey harish astride,now again entrusted to him,iam not impressed by his chances of winning here.

Race7:Fly By Wire(6)-win

Classic Art:Is indeed very good horse but needs strong rider,last run can be ignored as horse didnot like the hotpace.
Boldblast:In its last run it was Second till last 200mts,beaten.Jockey was uneasy and even vomitted during the race,so that run can be ignored.Earlier beaten coralbables,should be in fighting line.
Mission Chief:Should be watched in this new stables,ignore.
Touch Of Gold:Impressive run earlier,last run cud not produce that gallop,running too early,so iam ignoring it on that count.
Fly By Wire:Iam of firm opinion that Flybywire is best suited for mile and should be a winner
True Legend:Longlayoff and medicore jockey are the two reasons iam ignoring it,otherwise in this distance has very good chance.
Yesesyeses:Looks very good and should finish second to Flybywire.


Badrace.Ignore last run of Bonfire where due to outermost box and initial hot speed cud not go to front,can do well here.Sugargold, a impressive winner on thursday,can do it again here.Race is restricted to this two.Royalassembly is best for 1100mts.Vijaylakh needs distance,this is sharp.Queenalba was costly failure last time,was promiment in front bunch,can upset,do not ignore for JP.

Race9:Al Malawi(3)-win

Page Three:Always a front runner,in this distance has very good chance.
Al Malawi:Did all the running over 1200mts till beaten,has rosy chance in this 1000mts.
Just Be Cool:A forward runner at feather weight,should be in top 3.

Daysbest:Fly By Wire(7-6)

Double:Nanowar(2-3)/Fly By Wire(7-6)

Nanowar(2-3)/Kohinoor Star(6-3)/Fly By Wire(7-6)

Places:Superbrand(1-3),Embattled(5-6),Alzahara(6-1),True Legend(7-7)

Have a nice and wonderful day

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jockey D R Fox missing

Jockey D R Fox is missing and a missing complaint has been lodged by Trainer Abbas at Punjagutta police station.Further details are awaited.

He was staying at the house of his trainer. Even as the city police launched a search to trace the jockey following a complaint filed by his trainer, Shehzad Abbas, they learnt during their enquiries with some acquaintances of the jockey here that he fled the country. Apparently, Dominique Fox sent messages to his friends informing them that he had to leave suddenly for his home as his mother fell sick.
According to the Punjagutta SI, Mohammed Khaja, Fox, a jockey with
some repute in England and two-time champion at one of the major centres in UK, came to Hyderabad a fortnight ago to work for the veteran trainer and polo player, Shehzad Abbas.
According to the police, Fox was staying with Shehzad Abbas in Soma
jiguda. The two had a long discussion about a particular race in which Fox had ridden one of Abbas' horses on Monday before they retired to their respective rooms in the night.
"According to the trainer, when he went to Fox's room in
the wee hours on Tuesday to wake him up so that they could go as usual to the racecourse to work their horses, the trainer noticed the jockey missing. He immediately lodged a complaint with police," Khaja said.

Some points which leaves us baffled:

  • Y Should a Guest leave in midnight without informing his Host?
  • When he could inform all his friends,y he didnot inform Abbas himself?
  • Was he unhappy with his riding and letting down his owners or was he was threatened or feared?
  • Can i person in haste fly out of country in night?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hyderabad 24/11

Hi all,

Opening event of the day wears an open look.Realtor incurred a penalty of 10.5kg after finishing 6th in race no 189 in monsoon,subsequently was reduced by 11 points after next race.This is quite baffling and far from my understanding. Trainer Narayan rao will hog limelight and should atleast boot 3 winners.Following are my views

Race1: Realtor(4)-win

At this weight Realtor looks good and should be good bet,only threat comes from Pillantonics.Royalembassy will save place money.Ladyescort is suspect over this distance.


Recast's last run warrants attention and should be able to pull it off in this very weak set.Indianarmy should place.


Zamboanga ran easy to stablemate Fireblaze,was seen moving very impressively in final furlong,tracking very well beating Dashonregardless(R 69),running with +ve change of shoes should win from Spark and gallantprince.


Cannonview stands tall in this set and should not have much difficulty in winning this race from Stablemate Kohinoormagic and Whitechieftan.Timesquare pulled up lame in its last run in monsoon,only one track after that suggests it will not be extended fully.Galloping grocer is genuine dark horse but no trackwork,so ignored.


Cannonhunt won very impressively last time beating superior Adorna,looks very good in this set.Manduro,if not for jockey would have been first choice.Titleshot is running within 5 days,fitness will be big thing.Vijaysena,no chance of one more made up race,so ignored.


Sprintrace.Horses which have good initial speed are main contenders.Cannonscot can be ignored due to jockey and change of shoes.Fabalouscrown has given very good forward runs along with superior horses and finishing close,has BEST chance over this distance,only worry is that it has been given 2 gatepractises,hope it does not bolt up like last time.Sixthelement looks good for place.Kingsfortune,at best can finish third.


What a race this will be! Not for weak hearted.Cogent,birdie,vinaleo,Bundleofroses,habituated all have equal chances.Iam opting for Cogent which earlier won in record time in monsoon and in next run has beaten formidable company which included Dancingtouch and truefashion(both have won easily in winter).Birdie is next best and will be locked together with Cogent at WP.Bundleofroses literally flies in last part of race,hotpace here may not be to its liking.Habituated is endowed with good initial speed and by virtue of being drawn in inner box will have advantage and will surely place.


Sugargold is at feather weight and should be a strong contender in this distance.Stablemate Kohinoorstar may be fancied on basis of its second to copertina,but has problem of drifting in straight,distance is sharp.Mijhinkle and Grandact will fight for minor placings.


Royalassembly is at tidy handicap and should win from Worldwide and Freakfantasy.Kudos may try start to finish tactics but weight will be stopper.

Daysbest: Realtor(1-4)





Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hyderabad selections 23/11

Hi all,

First graded race of season has only local contenders and no outstation horses for reasons known to all.Attractress is running virtually unopposed.Suporting event of the day wears an open look and Adamant approach has wafer thin advantage over Touch of gold.Following are my views for other races.


Greatballofchina is "First among Equals: Equally worst in this case" and has very good chance to finally earn a winning berth.Southernqueen moved up verywell to finish good second in its first run this season,may play the role of bridesmaid.Parineeta is habitual slowstarter whereas Kinginthesky and jayjay cannot last this distance.


Puremagic was seen moving well in its only run,running with +ve change of shoes should return as winner.Admire aura,half sister to Adamantapproach,Refresh will need this run and may finish second.Chesapeake is working well and will be fancied,has to beat above said duo.


Hurricanebay: Ignore last run where it ran in much superior company,+ve change of shoes,working well and should be a force to be reckoned in this set.
Kingofhabashe: Was seen moving impressively to finish close third to Soundofnature in its last outing,+ve change of shoes and jockey are indication that it will be fully extended,should follow winner home.
Kohinoorfairytale: Impressed most in its last outing where it moved up very well to finish second,in this higher set running at feather weight,should definetely place.
Vijaysamrat: Working very well,won a race initially in Monsoon,subsequent runs were not so impressive,looks difficult here.
Standingovation:Looks to have improved,entrusted to taskmaster,but i suspect its capabilities over this distance.
Bakersfield: Not in this set.


Favourableterms:Back to where it belongs,place looks certain.
Trueforce: Does not belong to this set,+ve change of shoes and allowance claiming jockey,only -ve point is that it may not be able to last this distance,still has good chance.
Airbender: Always works verywell,at best can finish on board.
Highland: Winner in lowercategory,no chance here.
Benazir: Nice forward in its last outing,earlier won in lowercategory,will run easy.
Bonfire:Place prospect.


Alchology: Has always ran with good superior horses,relishes this distances and "A" shoes are added advantage,will win this race.
Gables: Hatrick winner but all over very weak company,will have to beat Alchology.
Rubenstein: Has disappointed quite few times, in this distance can suprise but jockey is relatively less inexperienced on this track.
Winningrays: Drawn advantegously in inner box,will lead the field till beaten.Place looks good.
Greenvision: Blotted its image by loosing to very mediocore horses,looks difficult in this set.
Lavendermist: Winner in lowercategory,looks difficult here.
Caliagate: -Ve change of shoes is clear indication,cannot sustain over this distance.


Aljameel: Ignore its lastrun where it was boxed up between Benazir and copertina in final furlong,has good chance to win here.Good eachway.
Dancingharbour:Ignore last run where it was slowlyoff,was seen gaining places in final stages of races,do not ignore, can do a "YIPEE" again.
Costamesa: Winner of mockrace,earlier record very poor.
Stormgladiator: Tends to get weakened after 1100mts,at best can finish on board.
Chinapearl: Has failed to impress,giving up after leadingtill bend,best to be ignored.
Easytouch: Long held up horse, can surprise here,do not ignore for JP.


Flyingrudolp: Running frequently.In its Last run it was hanging in and in race no 22 it lost 2 lengths at start,very good horse but at this weight looks difficult,though its chances cannot be ruled out entirely.
Vijayraaj: Setback horse,has some medical problem,ignore.
Touchofgold: Was seen moving very well,has very good chance to be in 1-2.
Adamantapproach: Beaten by Champforever which went to win again impressively beating a strong field.Whoever beats him is winner.
Glaringgodzilla:Place certainity,can win also.


Attractress: Its run in Mysore derby alone stands testimony of its class,should reduce the race to one horse affair.
Dorabella: Running in right distance,may finish second.
Icecandy: May place.


Easyflash: Ignore last run,working very very well,has very good chance to win.
Superflous: Surprised by yipee in its last run,weight seems to be stopper as evident by it last run where it was seen moving along the rails and struggled a bit to accelerate.
Classicdancer:Distance is sharp.
Starspellbound:+ve change of shoes,working well,but cannot sustain itself till end.
classicone:jockey is -ve.
Manonfire: Was prominent till last 200mts over 1400mts in its last outing,has good chance to place in this distance.
Allegation: At this weight and in this shorter distance is live threat to one and all.
Retromagic: Last run jockey was not rigorous,outermost box is -ve,hence ignored.




Have a nice and wonderfulday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hyderabad Revised Selections 20/11 with lastest track updates

**Edited at 11.30am**
Hi all,

(Since i follow vel which gave Iapetus with S shoes i ignored it,but it is confirmed that it is running with A shoes hence iam changing my selection for 6thrace.)
Following are my revised selections for races to be held on Thursday and Trackwork of horses Noted on Tuesday.

Opening odds(Posted at 12.30)


2-2 1/2
4-3 1/2

1-4 1/2
2 -2 1/2

1- 5/1
6- 3 1/2
7- 2 1/4


4-2 3/4
6- 1 1/2

3-4 1/2
4-4 1/2


Sparsh is top rated,has enough class to thwart attempts of powerplay.Rest all does not signify.


Menlopark is working very well,running with "A" shoes is my first pick to win this race from Ruffiano and Jiayohjiayoh.


Vanenberg may be fancied but looks difficult as it has habit of slowstart.Ripples has been brought down in scales and looks good.


Very very tough race where all runners have equal chance,i would like to go with Classicart who has run benifit on this track,running over pet distance and will be right there at busy end.Feather weighted Bernado is very good but jockey is huge -ve,still looks good for place.


Asian delight was prominent in its last three runs,now running with TS,has very good chance.

Race6: Iapetus(4)-win

Iapetus is best of lot,has very good chance to win this race.Spectacularfalcon is very good horse and will lead the filed till being beaten.Dashonregardless may find this weight as hindrance.Blaackmischief, a impressive winner in its last outing will have to cope with hot pace of Spectacularfalcon.


Turning point looks good bet in this weak set.

Daysbest: Classicart(4-2)

Kainchi:Ripples(3-4)/ Classicart(4-2)/ Iapetus(6-4)


Asiandelight(B Shanker)/Rubycrown(Ashad): 600(47),Both level
Blastinclass(Laxman): 600(47),Handy
Jaanbaaz(Sharok):800(1.1),600(45) Unextended.
Dandiya(Umesh):800(1.2),600(46.5).Moved well
Powerplay(A Imran): 800(56),600(42).Pleased.
Bernado(RB)/Khaleelprides(Mukesh):800(1.1),600(46) .Former moved well.
Boldblast(Christopher):800(1.1),600(45.5) Moved on bit.
Champforever(A Imran): 800(56),600(41.5) Impressed.
Rubyqueen(Laxman): 800(58.5),600(44).Handy
Adelaide(Rb),Mysticimpact(Ravinder): 1000(1-16),800(1-0),600(43).Bothlevel
Golden Sabot (B.Shanker) (1,200-600) 46. Moved on the bit.
Iaepetus (Fox) 600(47), 400/32. Not extended

Have a nice and wonderful day.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hyderabad 16/11

Hi all,

Card looks good.Ldsilva will dominate the procedings.English jockey Dominic R Fox is here in hyd to ride for S A Abbas who has Liquor Barons horses in his stables,looks like he is trying hard to cope with loss of Col S B Nairs horses which have been shifted to Delhi based Anupam sharmas stable.R B Shinde is back on track after a long time.It may be recalled that due to some injury he was away from racing for quite sometime.


Youngsters race,nothing much to read into.Grandrapidis is tracking very well along with superior horses,has benifit of mockrace,running with "A" Shoes,should ran a good race.Pythagorus is well bred,tracking extremely well and if distance is not sharp then will be right there at busy end.Scamper is showing lot of initial speed in tracks can cause an upset.


Monsoon runs of Rudolphvalentino were not so impressive.After change of stables finished an impressive second to sparsh in its last outing,is in rousing form as evident by pleasant track work and will be the horse to be beaten.Hypnotiq won well in monsoon,subsequently lost to inform Adamant approach,working well,will be right there at busy end.Indian dancer is back to where it belonged,has won a race in this category but over weak company,does not impress here in this set and at this weight.Kingsize ran some good races in monsoon,this distance looks beyond its compass.


Flashflares is working very well but this distance is very sharp for his comfort,can be safely ignored.Aljaded was twice winner over identical distance in monsoon,subsequently ran along with superior horses,impressed in gate practise and tracks,should be able to pull it off.Navija can be ignored due to sharp distance.Dancing touch has shown good form in monsoon,working well,but will have to beat Aljaded.Essence's last run can be ignored,earlier was withdrawn twice,hence it would be wise to wait until it shows his old form.Mrchief,a forward runner in this apt distance,but outermost box is big disadvantage.Seeyouthere was fancied by its connections in its last run in which due to outermost box it cud not go to front,here drawn advantegously is sure to place.


Aljameel even though a winner in maidens group looks good in this very weak set.Luckydamsel won over very weak company and failed to show any zest in slightly tougher company,at best can finish on board.Pharlap fully extended in its last outing but failed to make an impact,distance and weight are against this classic filly.Zorbonaut at best can place.Bangalore horse Copertina is entrusted to Foreign imported jockey D R Fox and both will need this run to get accustomed to conditions here.Kohinoor stars last run can be ignored in which it ran easy as Stable-prefered Penumatcha was ahead,looks good for place.Cabochan,winner in lower category at best can finish second.Benazir is genuine dark horse and can cause upset.


Lenavi is on demotion,+ve change of shoes and is working very well,should finish in top3.Hariharpriya won in lower category and due to medicore jockey can be safely ignored.Alukhas, a winner in its last outing,is working extremely well and everyone have to catch him.Hollygolightly gave a nice forward runner in its last outing,but here it may face tough challenge.Danzsingh has benifit of run and SHOULD PLACE.Splendidscot is working well,shown very good form in monsoon,but here i guess will not be able to cope up with initial speed.Truefashion,a longshot place prospect.


Narwhal was in striking position in its last outing,can do well in this very weak set.Heyden showed some form in its last run and will place.Tiara has -ve change of shoes where as Tigana has problem of slow take offs.Pacific groove is working well,very poor record,at best can place.Vijaylakh,a winner in lower category does not appeal here.


Iam surprised by the choice of jockey on Spymate who is well poised in handicap and looks best of lot.If spymate is not allowed to run on its merit then Flyingrudolp will finally earn a much awaited win.Arrow of light cannot carry this weight.Crocodile hunter always works very well but has failed in its last two outings,is best suited for mile.Globlal presence will set a hot pace and can win also,place looks certain.Sprucespringstein and cefiro will need distance.Oneinall cannot make any impression in this set.


Vintagedancer has been prepared very well and is my first choice to win this youngsters race from Modestbride and Chiquelle.Chestnut dancer,full brother to Meditas pride does not appeal in this distance.


Arsham finished good unextended second to Highlands in the opening race of the season,working very well and should win this race easily from Debonair and Smartchoice.





Places:Scamper(1-5),Seeyouthere(3-9),Kohinoor stars(4-6),Danzsingh(5-4),Heyden(6-3),Globlal presence(7-5),Debonair(9-2)

JP: 1,8/3,6/3,4/2,5,7/5=24 Tickets


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hyderabad 10/11


Iam utterly disappointed by Horrfic "9/11" on Sunday .I feel bad for all persons who might have followed or trusted my words.What is the use of all such lengthy comments and explanations if the end result is "zero".Tommorows card look no better and caution remains the key word.Pls go slow.


Spoton is working well,running with +ve shoes and thats it.Star Of Newyork,Half brother to Bellacool is working well beating Tedlapidus which won on Sunday,one can expect it to do better.

Race2:Local Ikon(5)

Adorna is best of lot,but change of stables makes a difference.Localikon looks good at this handicap,if ridden properly should be able to hoist winning flag today.Goldensabot cannot be ignored.


Shikra is tracking well,running in his age group,if intentions are there,should win with ease.Fearlessflame to me looks very good for place.


Vijayama at this weight looks difficult.Olympic kingdom does not impress much.Rubenstein,Meticulous cannot sustain over this distance,i feel.Armstrong even though running in higher category,but is at tidy handicap,should be their at busy end.

Race5:Kohinoor Star(4)-win

Kohinoor star appeals to me in this set.Bonfire looks good for place.

Race6:Romantic Flyer(5)-win

Romantic Flyer is my first pick to win from Kohinoor magic and Fairtouch.


Spectacularhero has slight advantage and can win from Sugargold and classicone.


Oneraoneraonera is my first pick to win from Autumngold and Impact.


Goodbets(win/shp/place):Armstrong(4-6)/Kohinoor Star(5-4)/:Oneraoneraonera(8-4)


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hyderabad 9/11


Card looks dull with no clear winner.Caution will be the keyword.

Race1:Secret Asset(7)/Proviso(5)

3 out of 7 are from Stables of Anantvatsalya who has won all three youngsters races.Dreamdancer with "A" Shoes and jockey Harish astride will be market fancy.Secret asset is working very well,impressed in gate practises.In youngsters race, the horses which came out well have greater chances of winning and trainers usually dont adopt tactics of prefering one over other,by that logic secretasset has very good chance to win.Proviso is improving,can do well,place looks good.


Leodivj ran easy in its last run,won a race in winter in same category in very good timings."S" shoes and only two charges of Ldsilve are -ve points.Superflous won impressively beating horses which went on to win.Earlier in winter ran good races finishing ahead of Sparsh and king size,tracking very well.If their is lack of will on Leodvij then it should win hands down.Royalcode loves to run in front and outermost box is -ve.Page3 looks good for place in this very weak set.


Cannonscot won effortlessly inspite of rough passage initially,is all set to repeat as it is working very well.Flashytrend flashed up late in its last run,ran some good races in begining of Monsoon races,subsequent runs were dismayal,needs to come down in handicap.Birdie ran along very good horses,only worry is that it cannot sustain itself over this distance.Dreamcounsel won over identical distance,last run was poor,does not impress.Embattled failed to accelerate in its last run,best left alone.Superbrand fully extended to finish second to Venturous looks very difficult in this set.Redcarpet finished second to oneinall in its last outing,but thats the only good run,earlier all runs were very poor ,ignore.Pillantronics won a race on opening day of Monsoon,subsequent runs were very very poor,best to be ignored.Nanowar is winner in lower category and in this set cannot make any impression.Darkdesire,something is brewing in that,is MORAL CERTAINITY for place.Corpscommand is entrusted to Delhibased Trainer,no track after last run,ignore.


Mizzna is working very well,should win easily with measure of comfort in this set.Hardcore runs best in 1200mts and below.Sikander e alam was backed heavily in its last outing over a mile ,now running within a week,one cannot be sure of its fitness,moresover this distance is sharp for him.Allegation was costly failure last week,looks very unimpressive,ignore.Artisticemperor has very good chance to place in this set.


Very intersting race.On paper Auxillary looks outstanding as it won two races in a row effortlessly.A closer look at this races and one notices that in both the races there were not more than 1 genuine sprinters.Here in this bunch we have Buddybrothers,Rajveer,Starcomposer who will set a hotpace Which is not to the liking of Auxillary as evident by its defeat in Raceno 53 where Rajveer n Vinaleo scorched the field initially.Classicart will find this distance very sharp and one shud not be surprised if it finishes off board.Starcomposer won like a champion in its last outing and at this weight can create a flutter.Flyingrudoplh will definetely finish in First two.


Fuedal lords, a surprise winner in its last outing,tracking good,+ve change of shoes ,should not have difficulty in winning.Venturous,surprise winner in its last outing looks very difficult here .Goldentricks is working very well,will be involved in final tussle with Fuedallords.Truefashion inspite of Mediocore jockey looks good for place.


Ignore last run of Amontillado where it was badly squeezed along rails side and thereby lost momentum and pace,has very good chance to win.Almalawi will place.Stormcommand is working very well but -ve change of shoes is deterrent.Chamatkar is best suited for 1100mts,so is the case with Chinapearl.


Jugnu is very well poised to strike in this set,is very good eachwaybet.Freakfantasy is drawn advantegously in innermost box and should surely place.

Betting options





Have a nice and wonderful day,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bangalore 08/11


Following appeals to me for second day of Bangalore winter races.

Race1: Chelsy Dancer(1)/Nice Guy(7)

Chelsydancer does not belong to this set,finished second to Succedding star which went on to win Deccan derby,subsequent as favourite ended tame fourth due to breaking of blood vessels,Working impressively should canter home in style.Niceguy,a forward runner should definetely place in this set.Scramjet is regular in track but with ordinary horses,does not impress.Sundevice warms up late and this distance will be sharp.


Latvia is tracking very well beating Andronicus rated68,Weight will be a issue but since field is so weak it should not have much difficulty in hoisting winning flag in able hands of Suraj.Redshift ran easy at Mysore,earlier in Bangalore finished good second with "A" shoes,working well should place by default.Ternmeon and Royalconfidence does not impress.

Race3:Grisrapade(4)/Gara Fluid(5)

One may not be able to carry itself at this weight.Grisrapade is drawn advantegously in innermost box,should run away with this race.Garafluid yet another forward runner should be a good place prospect.

Race4:Mercurial(3)/Jersey Pride(2)

Mercurial has very good chance to win here.Originality will have to beat Mercurial who will set a hot pace.Nobleguest won as she like in Mysore,but here it will not do anything for obivous reasons.Jersey pride is working very well,entrusted to its favourite jockey,should be in Top 2.In the zone won very impressively at Mysore,but ran some very ordinary races in Bangalore.

Race5:Applique(8)/Spark Of Class(10)

Applique is short of class but working extremely well beating good superior horses in track,will be involved in final finish.Sparkofclass ran very good races as younster, is working well and place looks certain.Equidae has not done anything so extraordinary to deserve such hot favouritism,at best can place.Kylesofbutes won effortlessly while clearing maiden status,working very well,but jockey shud have been Appu instead of John.Alcmene is working very well but running after long lay off.Glorious Princess has very good chance to place in this distance.


Ignore last run of Tomsk,has best credentials to win this race.Icebreaker may not be able to sustain itself over this distance at this weight.Star Of Washington at best can finish on board.Motherspride inpsite of top weight has very good chance to place.

Race7:Scenic Melody(8)/Luminous Gold(10)

Scenicmelody has nothing to beat in this set,should score easily from Sunnybaba and Luminousgold.


Double:Latvia(2-2)/Scenic Melody(7-8)

Have a nice day

Monday, November 3, 2008

Probable odds 03/11


Following are probable odds for todays races.Selections are already posted,pls scroll down below this post.

Caliagatae(2)- 1 1/2
Goldensabot(5)-2 1/2
Manduro(1) -4 /1
Sikander e alam(6)-5/1

Albarodo(1)- 80/100

Zycon(6) - 2/1




Starsenora(4)- 3/1
Ninjapower(1)-4 1/2
Madho(6)- 6/1


Greenvision(8)- 18/10
Essence(5)- 4/1

Siddipetexpress(5)-4 1/2


Hollygolightly(4)- 16/10
Rest all - Above 6/1


Sahebzadi(2)-2 1/4
Asiandelight(3)- 2 3/4

Scroll down to next posting for Todays selections

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hyderabad selections 03/11

Hi all,

Following appeals to me for 2nd day of winter races.Card looks good,rail birds can have a field day. 6 out of 30 follow Horses ran on Sunday and 4 won With grandact at lucrative odds.Todays card has 3 Follow horse i,e Sparsh,Cefiro,Lucrative and in all probability baring mishap Sparsh should return as winner.Cefiro will have to wait for next run.Lucrative will be a winner over 1200mts.


Torrestrella finished impressive second in its last outing,with extra 2oomts more to travel has good chance here.Manduro will relish this distance and will be right there at busy end along with Torrestrella.Caligatae cannot sustain itself over this distance.Goldensabot has not shown any improvement,is working well,but i feel it has beat above said duo.Sikander a alam is genuine darkhorse and place looks a good bet.Montush i feel cannot sustain itself over this distance.

Race2: Alborado(1)-win

Albarado is well bred,is tracking very well and should win.Radicalplayer is full sister to Redriverrebel which started her carreer on promising note,is regular in tracks ,will finish in top 3.Belledancer and Zycon bloodlines r unimpressive and one will have to wait and see how it performs as track work looks ordinary.

Race3: Sparsh(3)-win

Sparsh is in rousing form and should win this race with measure of comfort.It will be available at unplayable odds hence it would be better to have a place bet on hurricane bay which is very well poised to finish in top3.


Ignore monsoon runs of Ripples where it was made to run in wrong distances,now running with +ve change of shoes ,working well should win this race.Vanenberg's pattern of running is inconsistent.Ninjapower cannot sustain itself over this distance.It would be intersting to watch starsenora run over this distance as i feel its bloodlines suggest it cannot travel this distance.Cherokeefigher has done well in lower class,one cannot expect it to do well here.In the end final fight should be between Ripples and Starsenora.


Greenvision has advantage over other runners in this set and should win easily,only threat comes from Essence who is advantageously poised to be in contention for winners berth.Onemission at this weight needs to show lot of potential in this set.Danzsingh is drawn in innermost box and will set a hot pace,can win if other runners fail to collar him.Blazingbounty, a winner in lowerclass failed to impress in its last run.


Race for lowest rated horses,Turning point has some credential in this set and should win from Allegation and Lucrative.


Soundofnature holds distinct advantage in this set and should win with measure of comfort.Hollygolightly will be nearest rival,rest all stand no chance.


Asiandelight in its last run was shaping like a winner but jockey did not show required urgency,here with strong saddle assistence can win very easily from Sahebzadi and Spinthemall

Daysbest: Soundofnature(7-1)



Have a nice and wonderful day


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hyderabad 02/11/08

Hi all,

Appu is back with LdSilva,whereas Surprisingly Christopher is riding for Srinivas,may be Appu will ride for Ldsilva till the start of bangalore season and from thereon Christopher will again join Ldsilva.Looks like things are not all right between Suraj and Prasadraju and it is pity to see a good jockey like Suraj riding mediocore horses.T s jodha is here to ride for Laxmans horses and is sure to pick atleast one race.Both races of Youngsters looks safe in kitty of cricketer turned Trainer Anantvatsaya who is improving with every season,has good strings of youngsters under his charge.Following are my selections for opening day of winter races.

Race1: Oceancity(6)/Highlands(1)

[Probodds: Highlands(1)-16/10,Autumngold(5)-18/10,Zagreb(3)-3 1/2,Colorsergent(4)-7/1]

Oceancity, a forward runner over longer distance, is advantegously placed in innermost box and with strong jockey astride has very good chance to win over this shorter distance..Autumngold if ridden properly by jockey should give a tough fight.Highlands is running in lower class, is entrusted to top jockey,but distance is sharp.Zagreb with +ve change of shoes will be fancied but its previous run suggests it cannot hold till end even over this distance.Colorsergeant ran some forward races last winter,run unextended in its only run in monsoon,now running with +ve change of shoes,but jockey is huge -ve,hence ignored.Finally oceancity should easily win this race.


[Probodds:Abovetheline(4)-11/10,Palaceaffairs(7)-13/10 Rest all above 6/1]

Race for youngsters.Nothing much to read in,as per track work Palace affairs looks very good.Abovetheline is very impressive in track,well bred and shud reduce the race to one horse affair if palaceaffairs fails to deliver.



Fireblaze is full sister to dash on regardless,working very well and shud win this race with measure of comfort.Zamboanga full brother to Aljadeed will relish this shorter distance,working well,should be in fighting line,place looks certain.Modestbride,full sister to Impressive wish may run easy over this distance.Ride to glory is working very well,if distance is not sharp for his comfort,then may find herself next to Fireblaze.


[Probodds:Greenhaven(1)-2 3/4,Strokeoofluck(5)-3/1,Easyflash(2)-3/1, Pharlap(4)- 5 1/2 Cannonvision(7)- 5 1/2]

Greenhaven, eventhough a winner over maidens group looks very good in this set,is all set to repeat.Classicdancer and stroke of luck both r regular slowstarters,hence cannot be trusted.Pharlap is very good filly,has potential of going upto top class,but there is frequent change of tactics.Goldenflame is working very well,is very well poised,shud definetely finish in top3.Royalbond will lead the field till it retires.

Race5: Dashofclass(7)/Reconnect(1)/Proudaccolade(8)

[Probodds:Reconnect(1)-40/100,Integar(5)- 4/1, Dashonregardless(2)- 4 3/4]

On paper Reconnect may look outstanding after its second to Succedding star in Colts stakes,but at this weight over this distance will find challenge from unexpected quarters in form of Dashofclass who is dangerously poised to upset all calculations,very good eachway bet.Proudaccolade is good longshot place bet.I would be having a eachwaybet on Dashofclass and place bet on proudaccolade.Integar i feel will not be able to last this distance.Lapalitus has done nothing wrong yet,but will have to beat the duo of dashof class and reconnect.Silverrose and Colorful cannot make any impact in this set.


[Probodds:Lavendermist(5)-evens,Cleverploy(1)-4 3/4,Fusionmusic(8)-5 1/2,Amontillado(11)-6/1]

Amontillado won impressively in its last outing,is at tidy handicap,working well ,can easily tackle this weak set.Cleverploy does not impress.Lavendermist, a winner over maidens group at best can finish second.Titleshot finished a good third after demotion,cannot be ignored.Jaanbaaz has habit of lethargic start,warms up late ,cannot make any impression as the pace of race will be fast due to presence of Kohinoorfairytale,Fusionmusic and Ujjaini.


[Probodds:Carteblanche(6)-70/100,Spectacularfalcon(4)- 1 3/4,Timeon(1)-7/1]

Timeon has improved a lot,is working very well, is my first choice to win this race from Hot market fancy Carteblanche who is running with -ve change of shoes.Spectacularfalcon will lead the field till being overtaken.Accordion does not impress in this set.


[Probodds:Champforever(3)-90/100,Adamantapproach(6)- 1 3/4, Flybywire(7)-5 /1,Globalpresence(8)-6/1]

Very interesting race.Iam opting for rank outsider Touch of gold to upset all calculations.Globalpresence,vinaleo will set a hotpace which may not be to the liking of champforever which is drawn in innermost box,Flybywire which comes off the pace.Adamantapproach has done well in weak company.Touchofgold won very impressively over good company consisting of Classicart(twice winner and Vanquiser of Champforever,Flybywire&Globalpresence),is working very well and should be a strong contender for this chief event of day.


[Probodds:Bundleofroses(3)-1 1/2,Johngalt(1)- 2 1/2,Unexpected twist(2)-4/1,

Eventhough i feel Unexpectedtwist is best suited for 1400mts but iam forced to choose it as my first choice as it is systematically prepared,fit and entrusted to good jockey.If it fails to accelerate then Grandact who is knocking the door for sometime will pick up the race.

Daysbest: Amontillado(6-11)

Double: Greenhaven(4-1)/Amontillado(6-11)

Treble: Greenhaven(4-1)/Amontillad0(6-11)/Unexpectedtwist(9-2)


Place: Goldenflame(4-8),Proudaccolade(5-8),Titleshot(6-2)


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