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*****Edited******* Review of Bangalore 1st June

Edited on 3rd June

Owing to incessant rains PNR will be on higher side and as such there is need to change certain selections.

Progenies of Burden Of  Proof and Epic Centre pedigree perform very well in soft conditions.

Best 4 from my side would be 
Bold Nature(4-9)
Czar Of Romance(5-9)
Wild Nexus(6-2)
Silken Touch

Race1:Nayan Star(6)-Win

Nayan Star was fancied in maidens race where it finished close,had run benifit this season,now runs with blks on,can win as racing logic suggests horses coming from maidens to class 4 or 5 have upper hand over other horses,Breeding is suited for soft conditions

Haute Cole may not be able to sustain till end.

Sparkling Image won in higher class last summer,suffered setback,runs well with fresh legs,active in pools,being a progeny of Burden Of Proof should love underfoot conditions and should place

Reformer displayed fractious behavior in both starts,bolted on way to gates in first run and slow start in second,not sighted in tracks,regular in pools,may need this run.

Usually Loknath horses do well with A shoes but The Muse inspite of negative change of shoes was almost winner in its last run,was winner in similar conditions at start of last season but biggest worry is lack of preparation and hence ignored.

Bank On Me warms up late,not in tracks or pool,will need this run


Summer Sun had good easy run this season,back to its winning class,sighted in pools,can surprise as the market fancies does not have the credibility to justify favouritism that would be bestowed upon them.

Royal Admiral is tracking well with same rider,will be hot market fancy,won unimpressively in lower class,has herculean task,at best place

Grey Connection will be market fancy,not sure whether it will be able to show clean pair of heels to entire field.

Transcendental was easy winner in last season,not in tracks and just three pool exercise casts doubt over its fitness

Allianz lacks winning punch,running very week,can be ignored.

Smokehead displays erratic form,in some runs it finishes distance down the field and in some manages to fill up place berths,but likes soft underfoot conditions and hence has chance to do well

Race3:Whispering Gallery(12) or Eeze Go Lucky(4)-Win

Glorious Moments,influence and Oriental Belle are the ones which likes soft underfoot conditions but r ignored due to lack of preparation,jky and form

Race for maidens,trackwork is the only pointer

Whispering Gallery has impressed in final gate practise and as such will be market fancy.

Eeeze Go Lucky looks eager to race,will be in contention.

Ace Mesmerise has benifit of mockrace and regular trackwork but ridden by wrk jky same is the case with Influence

Salzburg is impressive in trackwork but ridden by incompetent rider

Race4:Bold Nature(9)

Jersey Shore will be short price runner,has ran impressively along better horses.

Twinkling Of Eye was good winner at Hyd,will finish second to Jersey Shore

Money Ball can place at decent odds

Bold Nature is best suited for this soft underfoot conditions,can kick on gamely till end.

Spark Of Harmony and Day trader are expected to do well in this conditions

Race5:Czar Of Romance(9)-Win

Main event of the day,very tough to handicap as many runners are in chance.

Czar Of Romance will relish this conditions and as such emerges as main contenders

Race6:Wild Nexus(2)-Days Best

Wild Nexus's last run in higher class should be ignored,has numbers in favor,suited for this conditions as it was winner on  day with PNR 5.3,can upset at longer odds.

Catamaran was lucky winner in its last run where it was seen getting weakened in last 50mts,can be ignored.

Hillstone is vanquisher of Catamaran but ridden by wrk jky hence ignored.

Scenic Blast is showing out in tracks,can place

Salsa Touch has habit of slow start

Lads Gladiator has done nothing worthy to merit attention inspite of strong jky astride this time

Race7:Silken Touch(3) 

Silken Touch has ran impressively against good horses,good for this soft underfoot conditions,can be in contention

Talisker has benifit of run this season,regular in pools,can upset.

Raphire in this class up will not be able to do much.

The Leader if fancied can be ignored even for place

Drop Of Honey will find distance sharp

Atlantus needs very hard riding which cannot be expected from this ordinary rider

Zultanite needs to improve a lot,last run was first run after gelding

Archibaldo is tracking well but looks outclass in this set.

State Secret will need this run.

Race8:Magnomical (4)-Win

Magnomical was moving best of lot in last run,now runs in same age group,should not have much difficulty in picking up this race,Best suited for this conditions

Neron likes to come off the pace,much depends on skills of rider,at best late finishing place berth

Living Legend can place at longer odds

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New improved HRC website

Official website of HRC has improved a lot by adding new features like TOP 10 perfomers and Columnist sections.Entire main page looks sleek,well designed for easy navigation.kudos to software team for their efforts

Members stand is being extended till Grandstand.Extended part will hover the paddock area thru which horses pass.

PS:Surprisingly this article of mine was not published in leading horseracing website of it case of bias or deliberate attempt to keep HRC as second level club

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bangalore 26th May-->Comments and Selections

Card looks interesting and highly competitive in nature,upsets will be the order of the day

Race1:Flashing Colors(7)

Chiffon is not sighted in tracks for last 15 days,stables had dream run on saturday,will take it easy on Sunday.

On trackwork Flashing colors look outstanding and should not have much difficulty in picking up this race.

Irish Song can place at decent odds.


Segoma has been consistent under the same rider,regular in pool,should be able to win in this set.

Success Star is regular in pool,runs with +ve change of shoes,has never even placed once in its career.

Immaculate has impressed in gate practise,runs with "Blks" on this time,could not do much when fancied under strong rider,lacks winning punch.

Mystic Lavender has never been tried till date,gets better rider this time,working regularly,can place.

Buzzword will be market fancy due to jockey and previous runs,one gets the feeling it is best till 1200mts.

Trillion Win is regular in pool,runs well with fresh legs,can end up in place at decent odds.

Autumn Ride is not sighted in tracks or pool,runs under a new rider

Race3:Force Ensign(6)

Isnt She Special is tracking very impressively,was hotly fancied in debut run where it could not do much due to shoe plate coming out during race,on paper looks outstanding

But racing is game of glorious uncertainities and in this maidens race that can come in from of Adriphos or Force Ensign.

Force Ensign looks very fit and eager to race,can surprise them all.

Adriphos is working well along class 2 horse,will be in contention.

Race4:Spark Of Diablo(8)

Spark Of Diablo runs well with fresh legs,looks fit as evident by regular pool exercise,with +ve change of shoes can upset in this most apt distance and class.One can also note that this is the only horse which came down by 9 points at start of this season whereas uniform reduction was of 6 points.

Independence Day has disappointed when fancied,needs very hard riding,can be ignored.

Ice Storm failed as fav,working ordinarily,can be ignored for win.

Race5:Sandstorm(5)-Days Best

Sandstorm is best of lot,working very impressively and should win if stables permit to.

Spaniard is working well but has tendency of hanging out under pressure.

Kilimanjaro,inspite of -ve change of shoes and jockey merits attention,can place at longer odds.

Mi Amor has tendency of slow start,cannot be trusted.

Cool Aproach is compulsive slow starter,may be fancied,one cannot ignore the fact that it is winner of class 2.

Apollo King is compulsive slow starter.


Main event of the day.

Out of 8 runners 3 from MAM stables so Supreme Regime and Light Of Success can be ignored.

Kallu Mama runs for first time after being gelded,hence ignored.

Ashikara though working well has to be ignored due to first run and stablemate with better rider.

Marinsky is better suited for 1200mts,can be ignored.

So we are left with Albertino,Murioi and Invincible Prince.

Murioi won Poonawalla Multimillion at Mumbai,it was really lucky to win that race inspite of lugging in,timing clocked was not so impressive,no doubt it is very good horse but with tempermental behavior,can loose

Albertino has beaten Murioi at same centre,ran easy in Poonawalla Multimillion,working exceptionally well and should be in contention.

Invincible Prince looks outclass before duo of Murioi and Albertino

Race7:Equine Lover(1)

Race is restricted to Equine Lover and Palm Springs,both will shoot out from outer draw,it was very difficult to determine which horse will be able to hit front and thus gain the all important edge,after having look at initial speed timings of both horses one can conclude that Equine Lover is shade better and hence preferred over Palm Springs.Turf familiarity was the another reason in favour of Equine Lover

Equine Lover ran as fav in 1000Guineas,was leading till last 200mts in 1600mts,now runs in 1200mts race,active in pool,can make them all run.

Palm Strings has shown glimpses of class at its parent centre,hyd,likes to run freely in front,only worry is outer draw

Sunstone and Own Asset needs more ground.

Smooth Glider not in class and age group

Volcano lost blood vessel in last run,will run in front group till bend and then will ease up

Will Star won impressively,can place at decent odds here

Race8:Ace Buchephalus(6)

Ignore last run of Ace Bucephalus where it was running green thru out,now runs with TS on,working well and can surprise them all.

Gerome and Fastest Finger are  outstanding on track but first run after gelding,hence ignored

Alejor likes to run in front which will not be possible due to outermost box

Agostini was easy winner at Mumbai,continues to be fit as evident by regular tracks,will be in front bunch till bend,may not be able to do much from thereon

Vocation is tracked in a pattern which suggests this run is educational run.

Golden Phantom won under heavy whipping in ordinary company at its parent centre,can be ignored in this bunch

Shivalik Fire is ignored due to jockey,needs hard riding


Truimpant is not in tracks or pool,cannot guage its race fitness,likes to run in front but weakens very fast

Frenemee is working so well that inspite of Steel Shoes one cannot ignore it.

Lepton Pennatus has impressed in mockrace,earlier good third over 1100mts,can do well over this extended trip

Alcabza and All Proof have cleared maidens and are now running in handicap race,on racing logic they should be given preference over others.

All Proof is working very very impressively but first run after gelding.

Alcabza just about manage to win over 1100mts,tracking not so impressively,top weight may mar its chances

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bangalore 25th May-->Comments and selections

Not an ideal race card from my point of view.Most of the races lack competitive spirit and winner may be from first two favourites.

Race1: Demand Draft(11)-Win

Faraway King has tendency of slow start.

Samovar returned lame in it last run,no track thereafter.

Demand Draft with "Blks" on improved all of a sudden in last run,working regularly,will be on job,can win.

Impressive attitude is working well,now runs without blks which will aid its free running,can end up in top 2.

Super Excited runs with -ve change of shoes,active in pools,will need this run,ignore.

Royal Romario will be market fancy due to class demotion,+ve change of shoes and extensive trackwork and pool exercise,best till date is finishing 13 lengths behind winner

Race2:Scenic Warrior(6)-Win

Scenic Warrior on basis of its impressive runs in strong company in Mumbai and decent trackwork stands out.

Noble Path is tracking well along with class 2 horse,last run inspite of slow start finished close fourth,will be in contention,place is certain.

Absolute Red is tracking best of lot,now runs with Ts on,belongs to unreliable stable.cannot be trusted

Windsurfer failed as fav in ordinary company,not in tracks or pool for last 15 days

Sur La Tete had trouble in both starts,not in track or pool,thus cannot take any stand on its chances

Race3:Placervilles Glory(8)-Win

On trackwork Spiritofchartwel looks very good,may run at low odds,stables are not known for their luck with on money favs.

Natural way finished good fourth in its debut but not sighted in tracks,can upset.

Placervilles Glory is tracking well and can upset chances of Spiritchartwell.

Race4:Acclaimed(1)-Days Best

Acclaimed is outstanding and should easily win.

Sherman Oaks is tracking very impressively and in all probability should end up second to Acclaimed.

Allianz was eye catching third on opening day,will be in place money again.

Ballantoy can place at longer odds


Severstahl at this handicap can run away to victory before others could wake up.

Maddox is best till 1400mts.

Panamera will find this distance sharp,jky skills will further diminish its chances.

Spearhead will find this distance sharp

Unforgettable has very good record but not in tracks after 4th May

Chase The Sun will find this company too tough to handle

An Acquired Taste no doubt has class written all over it but in this hot paced race may not be able to make impact


Fearless Moment has impressed a lot as youngster at its parent centre Hyderabad,working well and ridden by top saddle artist this run will be  litmus test of its class.

Skylight Express will not be able to do much over this distance.

Cristofee lost in nose verdict to too good Decathalon,working well and should win

Coral Springs will need this run.


Bad race,except for Appartion,Par Excellence and Potomac rest of the runners are running either in -ve shoes or with work jky.

Appartion is tracking well and may win from Potomac.

Lady Mandy may place at longer odds.


Same as race no 7.

Balance of Nature has problem of slow start,hence cannot be trusted.

Sukhmanee can win in this very poor set.

Hill Country has benifit of mockrace and can place

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mysore 22nd May selections

Mysore races are tricky,race time pointers will give clear picture.

Race1:Heart Of Reality(2)

Looks fit can stage pillar to post victory.


Running close in all its runs,in this weak set can force a win in final furlong.

Race3:Duma(7)---Days Best

Duma is in rousing form as evident by trackworks,should run a bold race.

Race4:Mountain Glory(5)

Working well,has good chance in this set where most of the runners are best suited for 1200mts

Race5:Rickety Rock(5)

Dash for cash race.Rickety Rock has good initial speed and can make a race out of it.


Scholar has run impressively in top class,working well and can surprise them all


Estorical has shed enough handicap to come down to its winning class.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bangalore 19th May-->Pointers and selections

Bangalore has witnessed sudden downpour on Saturday evening.Card is long,well filled and highly competitve in nature.

Race1:Royal Salute(1)

Royal Salute won commandingly in its last run,should easily pull it off inspite of top weight from tiring Arziki and Dance With Me.Youre Gorgeous can sneak in place at longer odds.

Race2:Royal Sarot(11)

Shemrock Lady is tracking impressively but will need this run.Arch Duchess and Royal Sarot emerge as main contender,latter is improving with every run,pleasing in trials and can win from former.Strike The Stars can upset at longer odds.


Nabisco is best of lot but stablemate StrengthAndWonder gets better rider.Lagoona has easily beaten stimulate which won impressively on opening day and on that count gets first preference.Diamonds Quest can sneak in place.

Race4:Stately Dance(13)

Bad race.Velvetine,Sareeta and Street Of Fire can be market fancy due to jockey declared but they dont impress on form,the one which can upset is Stately Dance due to fitness.

Race5:Samara Sun(9)

Samara Sun with blks on will be different customer this time,can stage pillar to post victory.Mr Capre will breath fire on its neck thru out.Wind Of Soul qualifies as upset option.Field Marshall has class and required initial speed but only one track work indicates that its just running for the feel of conditions.


Machavellinism is class better but lost blood vessel in Indian Derby,much depends on its fitness.Immense performs well in heavy conditions and as such emerges as main contender to lift this race.MAM has three runners in this graded race but none of them have any notable recent form.


The Guardian is not sighted  in tracks or pool,failed in same age group twice.Bebo showed good turn of foot in last but one run in same class,active in pools,will be in contention.Indian Pride has developed habit of slow start hence cannot be trusted


Raphire is back to its winning class,fit as evident by pleasing trackwork,can make a race out of it.Brabus Speed is best on form and numbers but not in tracks or pool after its last run on Dec 1.Cirque Du Soliel won impressively in lower class,is in fine nick and should be in thick of action


Ice lander is tracking well,belongs to most unreliable stables,can win if there is intention to do so.
Ultimate Fantasy can place

Days Best:Samara Sun(5-9)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bangalore opening day-->comments and selections

Races run according to merit,cricket played honestly,politicians not indulging in corruptions and Cat turning vegetarian is MYTH

Be careful before taking any call.

First day of the season,needless to say caution is the key point.Neil Darashah and Y Srinath combo has decent chance of scoring double.

Race1:Sue Nevell(11)

Can be interesting race.Azetic Star is showing lot of speed in trackworks but not in tracks for last 12 days,cannot take confident call in its debut run

Noble and Nice has been prepared well,looks fit and should be in thick of action.

Tony Montanao is good in tracks and can place at longer odds.

Cruise Clear is running for first time without adequate preparation,will need this run.

Sue Nevell ran impressively in its debut run behind too good Cash My way,working well and has very good chance to win.

Race2:Ice Cream(3)

Cool Hand after getting liberal handicap  reduction of 3kgs inspite of finishing close fourth in higher class is back to its winning class,worked up well,but beaten in final trackwork by same class horse ,outermost box  and whipless rider are added worries.

Ice Cream now runs with CNB after long lay off,working well in tracks,facing weaker set,can upset

Thunder Blitz is regular in pools,looks fit,should place.

Volt runs after long lay off,first run after being gelded,ignore

Triple Victory is running in class down,not impressive trackwork as it is  getting beaten by lower rated horse in final trackwork

Silver Street  has no form.

Magnamous warms up late but in this set can place at lucrative odds.

Race3:Magical Spell(3)

Race is restricted to Magical Spell and Cash my way,former is too good and should easily get pass thru front running Cash My Way.Fantastic Strike or Amazing Bay can fill in remaining berth.


This is confusing race as worthy contenders are not in tracks or pool.

Divine Deliverance may not sustain this distance

Fire Light has come down to its winning class,but not in tracks or pool

Cow Boy cal is working well but runs in steel shoes which is not the winning pattern.

Formula One  is regular in tracks,may recieve some support due to notable second in its last run but it is bad carrier of top weight.

Sumitamo may find this distance bit sharp,can place

Supreme is not sighted in tracks or pools,ran good forward races in higher class,can tackle this set,only worry is fitness


Striking,Perfect Soul and Archie emerge as main contenders.

Striking has beaten Perfect soul which was installed as hot fav,has tremendous turn of foot and should take lot of beating.

Perfect Soul after failing as fav won impressively in its next run,last run was impressive in graded race,will be in serious contention,has to beat striking.

Archie impressed as debutant in Mum,difference of track will have huge effect.

Refreshed can place at longer odds.

Cheque discounter has outside chance to place at lucrative odds.


Class 1 race with many worthy contenders.

Successor is showing lot of promise in tracks,can do well in hands of this ace jockey.

Chulbul Pandey is ridden by average jockey,pace of race may deter its chances.

Secret Punch is well placed and should place,can upset also.

Cecil likes to come off the pace thru rails side which may not be possible in hot paced large field race.

Cape Ferrat can place at longer odds

Jersey Girl faces tough higher class,has tough job on hand


Charlatan has been running consistently over 6 furlongs,in this step up distance had chance but first run after gelding,hence ignored

Bronzino is working well but belongs to unreliable stables,can win.

Triumpant can place at longer odds

Watch out for market trends of Laguna Beach,can surprise on debut if in odds below 7/1

Stimulate is working well,failed as fav in debut run,at best can place

Race8:Dance of General(11)

Dance of General has some form to support in this set of non performers,can pull it off from Jewel Lady and Tower Of Hanoi

Days Best:Successor(6-3)

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Regular blogging from 18th May

Highly competitive and exciting Bangalore Summer season is all set to start from 18th May.As usual best of outstation horses will be trying their luck in this season.

Will resume regular blogging from hereon

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