Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Holi to Everyone

Wishing you all Happy Holi.Enjoy it safely with natural colors...Dont worry abt water wastage ,,,that can be easily compensated by following simple steps of water saving like closing running taps during shaving and brushing..So go all out and enjoy this unique festival of color and joy

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tipster of the day--->Sharat Sharma of Trackeagle

Hi all,

This post is to congratulate  Sharat Sharma of www.Trackeagle.blogspot.com who tipped 7 winners [6 in row]

Sharat Sharma is one of the oldest blogger who has immense knowledge of all aspects of racing.He has  been generous and kind enough to share his expertise with us continously without fail for last 5 years.

There is a saying that when Going goes tough..tough gets going..Today's card was very tough and hard to crack but not for our dear Ex Army Man who with his knowledge and keen observation could predict winners for first 6 races and in 8th race..Even the winner of last race was tipped by him as third choice.

I once again express my gratitude and sincere thanks towards this great blogger from whom i learnt a lot abt  racing.

Thanks and Keep up the great work Sir!!!

Vinod Vyas

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