Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hyderabad 1st Feb-->Comments and selections

Post derby races are bound to throw many surprises.Card looks very ordinary and can be avoided.

Race1:Genuis Empress(4)

Alexander Square has lost form completely,cannot be trusted.

Vijays Conquer buckles under pressure.

Genuis Empress last run can be ignored due to strong opposition,can come good here.


Whatsup has showed good turn of foot in trackswork,can upset in the very first run of its career

Galiat was interfered in its last run in stronger company,is the obivous choice for this race.

Kohinoor Thunder and Graceland will not sustain this distance.

Roma Rogue is urged in tracks for response,falls back after 6 furlongs

Race3:Home Town Hero(2)

Race is restricted to Hometown Hero and Equiliser,former has impressed a lot in final trackwork and hence gets first preference over latter who improved all of a sudden in its last run.

Cold Smile has credentials to place.

Race4:Lioness Heart(5)

Ignore Lioness Heart where due to fast ace it could not be in striking position,here the pace of race is bound to be slow and can strike in this step up distance.

Airborne Magic needs hard riding which cannot be expected from this whipless rider.

Race5:Handsome Hunk(8)

Handsome Hunk is enjoying preferred handicap reduction,gets better rider over step up distance,can win finally

Westminister was seen moving very impressively in race no 146,now runs in this lower class but weight will be stopper.

Cristiano should place.

Qinhuangdo is best suited for 1400mts.


Race7:Don Valentino(1)--Days Best

Race8:Bold Attack(10)

Race9:Kohinoor Adhira(8)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bangalore 31st January-->Comments and selections

Card looks confusing,caution is advised

Race1:Hatchet Harry(9)
[Weights raised by 1.5kgs]

Confusing race.Brigade's Supreme is tracking well but ridden by whipless jockey who has not performed well in this season.

You are a star is working well but running after 14months and is slow starter,cannot be trusted.

Rise to Glory may find this distance sharp.

Hatchet Harry gave good forward run over 1400mts in last run in lower class,in this shorter distance and relatively weaker company of higher class can kick on gamely till end.

Jeyem has credentials to place at longer odds.

Race2:Bourbon Rock(8)

[Weights raised by 3.5kgs]

Bourbon Rock was impressive winner of lower class and in this weaker higher class can win again.

Day trader has remained non winner for 3 years after clearing maidens,has failed in same age group of lower class,known bleeder,cannot be trusted

Style of Signature is ridden by jockey who has displayed amazing capability of winning on non performing horses,this being winner only in Mysore and over 1400mts,can he do it here too???.

Race3:Czar Of Romance(2)

Tough race with many worthy contenders.

Muroi was literally flying in its last run,unfortunately disqualified,can do well but has tough set to handle.

Czar Of Romance won very easily cutting handsome finishing time and is the one they all have to beat,can be considered as days best as the odds would be very good,worth taking risk.

Perfect Soul who is final entry may not sustain

Albertino who won impressively now runs with cnb on and has paid penalty for late entry in this race


Race for lowest rated horses,best to be pick here would be Distinctive who has can come good in this handicap race.

Sareeta now runs with blks on,will try its best to shed maiden status.

Turf Fame has chance to place.

Race5:Superior Edge(8)

Superior Edge can win this time in this poor set.

Youre Chulbuli is tracking well but non winner for 2 years.

Tribal Queen gets better rider this time,can place

jewel Lady has chance to place.


Race for best sprinters at the centre,almost all horses will try their best.Klipspringer can show clean pair of heels to entire field in this shorter distance.

Silken Touch will be ignored due to stablemate Six Speed,has good chance to place at longer odds.

Six Speed is more suited for 1400mts.

Optimus Prime is highest rated,may find pace of race too hot to handle as it likes to come off the pace.

Secret punch has remained non winner for over a year

Race7:Ace Dancer (2)

Ace Dancer is class better than rest but running for first time after being gelded.

If Ace Dancer fails then Rich Celebration has best chance


Ignore Shuddering's all run in higher class,has good chance to win inspite of this whipless rider.

Superb Style won well last time but heavily penalised.

Cataraman has good chance to place.

Race9:Apple Jack(1)

Apple Jack's last run in longer distance can be ignored,earlier cleared maidens in style,wrking very well,can win.

Petite Flour runs green under pressure,top weight can unsettle it.

You are rocking is suspect over this distance

Smokeyhead is non winner.

Haute Ecole can place at longer odds.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mysore 30th Jan

Hectic week ahead.Mysore races are tricky.One option per race is selected,will be happy if atleast 3 obliges in entire card.Extreme caution is advised.


Runs in this class for first time in its career,winner of 20-45 class,has come down rapidly in scales,this run will  prove whether it was brought down for a coup or the horse has lost form completely,worth each way bet.


Prepared very well,can strike on debut.


Gets better rider and weaker company,can strike,good each way bet.

Race4:Indian Royalty(9)

Failed fav in 40-65 class in last run,earlier was seen moving well in this 60-ab class,has great chance to upset at lucrative odds,worth each way.

Race5:Pearl Of Bangalore(11)

Last run was good forward one,has great chance over this distance,however two points are against it,first is stablemate Blues and Royals and second is possibility of connections looking for class down as it is just a ran away from slipping to that required rating,however stable mate Blues and Royal may not sustain over this 7 furlongs and in that case this can fly in final 50mts to victory,worth only if odds are above 10/1 for win and 2.5 for place.

Race6:Heavenly Divas(4)

At steady rating of 39 for last 5 runs inspite of finishing off board,now with allowance claiming jky should run away to victory,worth only if odds are above 8/1

Race7:Treasure Mountain(5)

Treasure Mountain looks good after light penalty but has to be careful with Color who has blinding speed,better to opt for place of latter if odds are decent.


Ignore last run,now can stage pillar to post victory,worth eachway if odds are above 8/1

Race9:Naughts And Crosses(8)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Review of Hyderabad Derby race day

Derby day selections of this blog failed miserably,none of the good bets mentioned did not even place.All the efforts of travelling 20kms from Bagha to Panjim to find a internet and post selections  gone in vain,infact must have caused a huge loss to followers of this blog.I really regretted my decision of stealing time from my vacation to post,atleast so many ppl would have saved lot of money.That really pained me,nothing can be done to undo that but enough care should be taken from here on.its afterall hard earned money.


Mr Glorious took a good jump,settled well in closely packed front bunch and accelerated under heavy whipping to win convincingly in the end.Gold medal tried its best but could only manage to finish second. Exclusive was fully extended but still could only finish third.Favourite Sabreen ran one paced without any acceleration.Bold Attack gave good forward run and can strike before the end of season.Swift Arrow looked least interested in proceedings.


Lovely Angel settled well in striking position till bend and made its move cleverly to win at handsome odds and completing grand double of trainer-jockey combo.Hot fav Wow o Wow struggled to settle well thru out,got drifted at bend and thereafter did not raise fluent gallop but still as a maiden,run was impressive,will win in next outing.Dancing In The Rain warmed up late,can do well.Ein Ein Ein cut fast pace and was not disgraced in this loss.


Regal Groom was hot fav,settled well and surged ahead in final 200mts but was beatem by Okai Okai Okai who changed tactics and played waiting game instead of hitting front,can repeat again.Golden Dash ran on well under heavy whipping to end up third  beat tiring Sarvagna Fortunate was way behind all the way and made its move very late ,was seen finishing on well in the end,can win by end of season.


Emerald Reef breeze passed thru front runners Rocking Racer and Our Mascot  to win in style.Ground Crew was bumped at start and therefore could not go in front,ignore this run,can win soon.


Key note lead all the way before being beaten on post by brilliantly ridden Dusty Lady.Note Kings cruise who was seen moving the best of lot.Fav Aphrodiasic struggled to keep up with hot pace.Mr Khoasteep could not hit front due to large field and very hot pace set by Keynote.My fancy Speed Striker [can any one tell what were  the odds of this horse in bookies ring and tote] who was sporting bandage legs,came out from the widest box to be up with front bunch but was travelling wide and ran out of gas,note this horse,will surely win by end of season.Stylish Chieftan just could not handle the hot pace and was last till bend,in the end was seen galloping well


Staying best won lot easily than it appeared.Dandelion tried to upset stablesmate chance,note this horse,it belongs to influential owners,till win many races.The one horse which impressed was Golden Arrow which had to shift in rail side to find room,was travelling the best of lot.My fancy Ice Barrier recieved interference twice at start and was in rear always.Thus goes the theory that MAM definetely wins a race on derby day.Fairy Emperor looked like  least interested.


Plentipotent finally found its winning ways even iam of opinion that it was not the best one.Al Sarrah ran good forward run.Garcia Marcquez was seen covering good ground to gain runner up berth.My pick Scubario was in front bunch till bend,could not do much thereon.Melody Queen should not be touched till its rating slips to 85.


Tintinabulation silenced all its critics


Brahmani was the most impressive winner of the day,came up very well from the rail sides to win.My picks True Scholar ran like a dud,this horse must be ignored from here.Prince Of Arabia was in striking position till last 200mts,went back thereafter,need to see  race report,must have suffered some setback.

PS:Btw did anyone notice A Horizontal Urge tipped for  today,won at handsome odds.BTC paid 375 for win.Mobile users cannot view side bar and hence would not have noticed that tip

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hyderabad 27th J.anuary---->Derby selections and comments

Good card has been framed for the d day.

Following three looks good.

Speed Striker(5-18)
Scubario (7-9)

Race1:Gold Medal(5)/Swift Arrow(7)

Ignore all previous runs of Gold Medal where it was seen sprinting ahead and loosing out steam in final 100mts,here it has good chance to force a win.

Swift Arrow runs with +ve change of shoes and jky,last run was prominent till last 200mts over 1400mts ,now in this shorter distance and forceful rider has good chance.

Bold Attack for long shot place prospect.

Exclusive will not be able to carry this weight.

Sabreen Princess gets better rider,previous runs suggest it needs more ground.

Mr Glorious and Onti Onti Onti are compulsive slow starter,cannot be trusted.

Kohinoor Revantha is non winner,lacks winning punch,one paced

Airborne magic has remained non winner for two season,is best suited for long distances.

Race2:Lovely Angel(5)/Wow O Wow(8)

Lovely Angel inspite of loosing whip finished good 4th to Striking in Gr3 race,working well and has good chance to win.

Wow O Wow is blazing tracks,will be hotly fancied.

Squanderers Square can place at longer odds.

Race3:Fortunate(9)/Okai Okai Okai(5)

Fortunate was seen moving very well in its last run,in this step up distance,has good chance to win.

Regal Groom has impressed in mockrace,gets better rider,but 8 furlongs race is always tough especially when there are experienced and stronger horses.

Big Boss at this weight looks very difficult for win,ideal handicap would be 54-55

Yet Again is in form,facing tough set this time,has handicap to take care of.

Ice Mountain failed in same age group.

Okai Okai Okai gets better rider and runs with XNB off,will do all the running till being caught.

sarvagna gave good forward in its last run,earlier as fav finished 30 lengths behind winner,can be ignored.

Enigma runs after long lay off with not so impressive trackwork,jky declared may use this to get feel of the track and conditions.

Allendale is non winner and will not sustain this distance.

Race4:Emerald Reef(2)/Ground Crew(8)

Emerald Reef won well last time,has very good chance to repeat.

Golden Jewel is back to its winning class,but ideal handicap would have been 58-59.

Montego Bay surprisingly has changed stables,entrusted to very poor rider,if he manages to show any zeal then this horse has good chance.

Our Mascot has failed too many times,inconsistent.

Rocking Racer needs to be heavily whipped to extract best from it,can be ignored for win.

Camacho Speed is non winner,lacks winning effort,can be ignored for win.

Ground Crew showed tremendous speed in its last run,can run away on this No False Rails Day

Silver Arnage is entrusted to weak rider yet has credentials to finish in place.

Race5:Speed Striker(18)/Stylish Cheiftan(11)

Very very tough race with too many contenders vying for honors.

Speed Striker has impressed a lot in its last win and in my view is the one they all to have to beat.

Ignore last run of Stylish Chieftan,on this D Day may strike even in this shorter distance.

Aphrodiasic is running in this class after long time,working well but top weight and large field,one mistake and there is no chance of any recovery,very difficult for win.

Bloody Mary will find this distance sharp.

Dusty lady will not be able to sustain this distance with this weight.

Kings Cruise for same age group,not here.

Key Note has been penalised,at threshold of being pushed into cat1,will run easy here.

Fine Racer has short dash,cannot be trusted as it failed to deliver in relatively easy set.

Vijay sheel is best for 1000mts.

Mr Khoasteep has won 5 in row,cut handsome finishing time,cannot be ignored atleast for jackpot.

Oru Oru Oru is hiding true form and waiting for a big coup,dont be surprised if it does on this d day.good place option.

Precisely That has failed as fav in this class,now runs without XNB,can be ignored for win.

Race6:Ice Barrier(9)/Fairy Emperor(1)

Ice Barrier has handicap in favor and can create a flutter as its both runs have been good.

Fairy Emperor won well and can repeat.

Staying The best can place.

Race7:Scubario(9)/Melody Queen(4)

Scubario in its last run was way behind till bend,started moving well when urged,has good chance to upset at longer odds over this extended trip.

Guiding Light is best suited for 1200mts,looks difficult over this distance with this weight.

Plenipotent has developed problem of shifting under pressure,cannot be trusted.

Al sarrah runs after long lay off,tends to get weakened over this distance.

Melody Queen runs in most apt distance,can upset in this set.

Race8:Shivalik Star(4)/Storm Tracker(5)

Shivalik Star is highest rated,tested in mockrace over 2000mts clearly indicating that it has been prepared for this event,can win.

Storm Tracker won impressively in Mumbai,can surprise.

Tintinabulation no doubt is classic and has proved his worth but this run may have come too soon for its comfort as just 14 days back it ran in Kol derby.

Race9:True Scholor(13)/Prince Of Arabia

True Scholar has impressed in mockrace,can do well here in this set.

Prince Of Arabia has been consistent,

Aerosmith and Ocean Side are on threshold of being pushed in cat 1.

Sheer Genuis will find this distance sharp.

Glorious View is struggling  this class

Jackpot[48 Tickets]



All the best

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mumbai 23rd Jan---> Selections and comments

Card looks great

[4] Nanina-->In its last run stormed from the outerdraw to lead till last 200mts,gave up to avoid attracting penalty for sudden reversal of form,has been active in pools regularly for last 10 days,can win here.

Other Horses

[1] On downslide,winner of 20-45 class 16months back,cannot carry this weight [2] No form whatsover [3] failed as fav in last run,horse almost stopped in the end,will fail again [5] Lacks initial speed,will run easy here [6] Long lay off,may need this run,still has a chance to place at massive odds [7] yet to finish second in his career,failed even in same age group [8] Winner four years back,urged in tracks [9],[10],[11]  Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in last three runs,ignore
Other Horses
[3] Blue Ace-->Has age in favor,can defy penalty and win in this higher class.

Other Horses

[1] 4 Wins out of 6 but now at rating of 78 at age of 6,any further progress will pitch it against the best  ,would definetely not want to do so. [2] out of form but interestingly at same rating in last 6 runs inspite of finishing way behind [4] Will find this distance sharp

[8] Arabian Lord--> in its last run was galloping strongly till last 100mts,can kick on gamely in this set.
[6] Yardstick--> Regular in pools,has benifit of handicap reduction,can do well here in this set

Other Horses

Failed fav in same class at Pune,not in tracks or pool after last run [2] yet to finish on board,whipless rider [3] First run [4] Long lay off,prev runs suggest it will find this distance sharp [5] Failed fav at same centre with better rider,now entrusted to jky who is yet to get a winner  [7] Wrk jky [9] in same age group [10] fails to accelerate,now runs with blks [11] Will find this distance sharp

[13] Prince---->Running close in all runs,at this weight can kick on gamely till end.

Other Horses
[1]non winner, Whipless rider and winless rider,prev runs suggest it lacks initial speed [2] Favs from this stables are not worth backing,as fav finished 13 lengths behind in Pune [3] No show in debut run,need to improve a lot [4] Not in tracks or pool,wrk jky [5] slow starter and lugs in under pressure [6] last run was uncomfortable thru out for no apparent reason,now runs with blks,track work very poor [7] long lay off,wrk jky [8] Inspite of change of equipments in last run failed to settle well [9] Wrk jky [10] debut run very bad [11],[12] Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in last three runs,ignore [14] failed in same age group

Race5:Ascot Magic(1)

Ascot Magic's preparation reveals it has been prepared for this event.

[10] Etesan----> Good forward run in both runs in hands of whipless rider,can do well here under this rider.

Other Horses

[1] Will not be able to carry this weight [2] Needs more ground [3] Winner of same age group of lower class [4] blood vessel case [5] Best for 1000mts [6] Looking for class down [7] Has problem of hanging in,ignore [8] Failed as fav in all the runs ,looks like it gets scared when challenged ,now runs without blks [9] Best for 1200mts [11] Needs hard rider,this whipless rider will not be able to extract best

[1] Mon Ami--->Impressive winner at Pune,last run in higher class forced to hit front due to slow pace of the race which was won by Clinton,now  runs with TS on,should not have much difficulty in picking up this race.

Other Horses
[2] May not sustain this distance [3] Improving with every run,not in tracks [4] Disappointed lot of times,should be ignored till it finds its winning ways [5] Runs with blks but struggles under pressure [,12] Wrk jky  [9] Winner of lower class in same age  group,ignore [11] Looking for class down [13,14] Totally out of

Race8:Celtic King(2)

Race for youngsters.

Celtic King won in mockrace with same rider,can do well

Domingo looks well bred,can be in fighting line

[2] Astomia-->Ignore last run under whipless rider,can force a win here

Other Horses
[1] Front runner drawn in outerbox,will not be able to hit front [3] Failed fav in same class,ignore [4] Easy winner of very poor class in weight raised by 4kgs race,fast pace of the race will not allow it to settle,not sighted in tracks [5] Not the kind of horse which can hit front,will struggle to keep up with hot pace [6] Failed to beat half of the field of same class even once in last three runs,ignore [7] Sparingly raced in its career,failed when fancied,now runs with benifit of mockrace,can only hope to place [8] Running for handicap reduction [9] Failed as fav in same age group,ignore [10] impressive trackworks but first run and out of form jky [11] Looking for class down [12] Wrk jky [13] First run [14.15] out of form


Days best:Mon Ami(7-1)

CDQT:Prince(4-13)/Etesan(6-10)/ Astromia(9-2)

PS:Going out on vacation with family,next posting on 30th..if able to find access to internet,will try to post for Hyd Derby

Btw does anyone have idea how to write post in blogs in mobile,,,iam able to view but unable to find "SIGN IN " tab

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mysore22nd January -->Short selections

Mysore is tricky and one needs to be lucky on the day to win.


Last two runs were forward in 1400mts,now in this shorter trip has good chance to clear maiden status.

Son Of the Sun was impressive second,should be in fighting line,can end up as runner up.

Hammerstrike can place at longer odds.


Sarvani ran easy in wrong distance in last run,can win again.

Flip Your Destiny has all the credentials to fill in runner up berth

Bolzano is long shot place prospect.

Race3:Chantilly Jewel(3)

Withdrawn last time due to unfit rider,working very well and can win in this class.

Pepper has chance to play role of bridesmaid to eventual winner.

Corbett Queen can place at longer odds.

Race4:Little Athena(5)---Days Best

Ignore last run of Athena where it gave forward run and ran out of gas in final stages of race,in this bunch has good chance to clear its maiden status.

Time Matters is rapidly coming down in scales,working well,has best credentials to be in top 2.

Mr Hurrican in this longer distance should place.

Race5:Seriously Perfect(1)

Seriously perfect gets better rider,can pull it off inspite of top weight.

Indian Royalty is back to its winning class,can finish in top 2.

Formidable has outside chance to place.

Race6:Absolute Pleasure(2)

Keturah won handsomely last time but over 1400mts,now runs in shorter distance.

Absolute Pleasure merits strong attention due to very impressive gate practise.

So Fast gets strong rider,will only place.

Race7:The Spartan(7)

The Spartan finished good second in its last run,can win now

Virat has credentials to finish second.

Scholar can finish in place.


Last run was unextended,best suited for this distance ,can do it now.

Born To Perform can be in 1-2

Napolean Dynamite can place at longer odds

PS:Kolkotta races--No selections

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hyderabad 21st jan--> Comments and selections

Card looks interesting.Kindly exercise caution

Following three are good for the day.

Pussy Galore(4-10)
Baba's Gift(8-8)

Race1:Enrapture(1)/Dartos The Muscle(10)

Enrapture has enjoyed preferred handicap reduction,now in this lower set with +ve change of shoes and jockey has very good chance

Foudre Rouge gets better rider but in last run as fav failed very badly,is non winner till date.

Jaz Elle has won a race in identical class,weight and distance,will be hotly fancied,horse seems to have developed problems,cannot be trusted.

Something is brewing in Nihal,will be on job,should place ,can upset also.

Dartos The Muscle has beaten Lady Luck which went on to win comprehensively in higher class,in next run was seen moving fastest in blanket finish,sighted in pools,has chance to win.

Race2:Shimmering Ice(8)/Winning Shot(4)

Shimmering ice will be hot market fancy for obivous reasons[second to Rainbow in Sky which went on to beat quality field of winners] ,working well,can oblige.

Winning shot has benifit of mockrace,final trackwork very impressive,can do well.

Note Zorro The Legend for long shot place prospect.

Race3:Speed To Succeed(3)/Castle Town(1)

Castle Town is giving 8 kgs to its nearest rival,will it be easy to carry this weight over this distance?

Laurel Canyon is blessed with good initial speed and will lead all the way till being caught.

Note Speed To Succeed who will be different customer this time and can upset at longer odds.

Race4:Pussy Galore(10)/Grigori(6)

Pussy Galore was seen moving very well in its last run,now in hands of this strong rider can win.

Grigori failed as fav in its last run,enjoying preferred handicap reduction,can strike.

Cascading Glory should place.


Proof does not like hot pace,may not settle well if Aristos cuts loose.

Nasheeta is out of form as evident by poor performance in mockrace.

Kohinoor Wish at identical weight has beaten Aristos but here it may not be able to catch it in this shorter distance.

Race6:Molecule(5)/Rio Grande(8)

Molecule has beaten Snow Bird in Monsoon which went on to win classic at Bang,should be able to WIN.

Windsor Manor has weight to carry,may not sustain till end.

Indian Epic may find this distance sharp,has developed habit of boxing up near rails in final part of the race.

Rio Grande cut handsome finishing time in its last win in lower class,can place at longer odds.

Race7:Robust(4)/Onti Onti Onti(2)

Ashleen state has remained non winner for 2 years,running inconsistently.

Onti Onti onti has impressed in mockrace where it was last till bend but started galloping very well in the end,will be on job,should place.

Ignore last two runs of Robust,enjoying preferred handicap reduction,should be on job,has good chance to win.

Race8:Baba's Gift(8)/Victory Sky(5)

Bernabeu has failed too many times as fav,can be ignored.

Something is brewing in Victory Sky,will be on job,should place,can upset.

Maid for love will find this distance sharp,has been penalised.

Baba's Gift is place certainity,can win.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mumbai 20th Jan ->Comments and selections

*****Hyderabad 20th Jan already posted *********

Mumbai card is long but interesting.


[4] Good Looking:Knocking door,can settle well and enforce a win over tiring runners in this set.
[10] Bongini: Running in money something brewing in it,can upset.

Other Horses

[1]  in same age group of 6 yrs old and up not here,never won a race over this distance [2]last run saddle slipped but  in same age group of 6 yrs old and up not here  [3non winner for 16months,]in same age group of 6 yrs old and up not here  [5] Distance is sharp [6] Running for class down [7] Distance is sharp [8] Good rider but may warm up late [9] Coming down in ratings rapidly,one gets the feeling that it is looking for class down

Race2:Skip [Long distance race of lowest class]

Race3:Skip [Youngsters]

[7] Hills And Heights: One of the few horses which defied huge penalty and came out winning impressively in higher class,in this shorter distance and at this handicap has good chance to win
[3]Class Apart: ignore last three runs as it were meant for handicap reduction,can do well here.

Other Horses
[2] Need to shed weight [4] Failed as fav in same age group [5] Heavily penalised,will run easy in this higher class [6] Winner of 20-45 class,struggling

[6] Invictus: Impressive winner of lower class,can defy penalty

Other Horses
[1] Will not sustain this distance [2] Non winner for over year,can do well in 60-85 class not here [3] Best for 1200mts [4] Distance sharp [5] Wrk jky

[2] Mateus Rose: Failed fav in its last run,regular in pools,can win over this extended distance.
[15]Super Satin: Finishing close in both runs,working well,will be on job in this set.
[18] Viva Capri: Last run was good forward one,earlier finished well in Pune,gets top rider,can upset

Other Horses
[1] Will not sustain this distance [3] Non winner,will not sustain this distance [4] Wrk jky,distance sharp [5] Finishes on,lacks winning punch  [6] Definetely looking for class down [7] Failed fav in lower class,urged in tracks,can be ignored [8] No form,wrk jky [9] Both runs way behind,urged in tracks [10] Long lay off,unimpressive trackwork [11] No form whatsover [12] Wrk jky,no form [13] Best is finishing 10 lengths behind winner [14] Wrk jky [16] Lost form completely,non winner for 3 yrs,outer box for this front runner is huge disadvantage [17] Wrk jky,winner of lower class in same age group [19] Wrk jky

[15] Fire Falcon: Was seen moving well under work jky,now gets better rider in extended trip,has good chance.

Other Horses

[1] May not sustain [2] Last run very poor,no track after last run [3] Need to reduce handicap [4] Won well last time in lower class,earlier failed as fav in same class,rider not the best one [5] may not sustain this distance [6] Failed as hot fav too many times [7] Best for 1000mts [9] Lost form completely [10] Long lay off with not so impressive trackwork [12] Long lay off,will need this run [13] Looking for class down [14] Best for 1000mts [16] Wrk jky [17] Slow starter [18] Wrk jky [19] Failed as fav in lower class

[3] Magical Spell:Won with absolute ease,horse was mving mighty impressively without whipping,can run a great race.
[4] Marinsky: Cut handsome timing on just pushing,will be the one to be beaten.

Other Horses
[1] Runs green under pressure [2] Will do all the running before petering out in this strong set[5] Laboured win  [6] not so impressive preparation [7] Will need lot of polishing,not in this strong set [8] One paced horse,can be ignored [9] Mighty impressive track but this being tough set will not be able to do much


Main event of the day.Ladies Derby

My choice is Capital Attraction(2)

[9] So True:Met interference in last run,now entrusted to stronger rider, can win.
[4] Mountain Mynah:has credentials to place.

Other Horses
[1]Non winner for over 17months,failed in same class,distance sharp [2]Last run was way behind,not in tracks,can do well in 6yrs old group [3] Wrk jky.not in tracks,looking for class down [6] In same age group of 6yrs old not here [6] Wrk jky [7] Need to shed weight.will run easy [8] Heavily backed in its last run and won as expected,now in this higher class will run easy  [10] Lost form,non winner for 2 years

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hyderabad 20th January-->Comments and selections

Mixed card.

Race1:Crimson Look(2)

Confidential struggled under same rider in same age group,not in tracks though sited occasionally in pools,inpsite of hard taskmaster can be ignored for win.

Crimson look failed as fav in last run of Monsoon and trainer stated that he had no explanation for poor run,in first run of season opted to run with Ts,gave very good forward run over 7 furlongs,has good chance to win.

Hidden Power is yet to win over this distance,has earlier beaten Molla which went on to win next three races,at best may finish second.

Skandar is tracking well seems to be struggling to get form.

Race2:Rajkumari(2)--Days Best

Odalis need to shed weight,can do well in handicap not in terms.

Rajkumari in its last run could not settle well due to outermost box and interference,earlier in race no 110 was penalised more than the horse which finished ahead of it which speaks volumes of its class,can stage pillar to post victory.

Oasis vision last run was in wrong distance now runs in most apt distance,was slow in start in its last run,not sighted in tracks or pool after that run,best for handicap races not for terms.

Strides of glory runs with blks on but the pace of the race which will be very hot will unsettle it.

Race3:Silver Arnage(8)/Lady Luck(6)

Chemeli is compulsive slow starter.

Symbol Of Beauty is non winner reason being its sluggish starts and veering out under pressure,cannot be trusted

Lady Luck which lost as fav in lower class can do well in this weak set,Netto has done this before in this season.

Silver Arnage in its last run was moving very attractively thru out,purposely gave up as it was very very long in odds,has very good chance to win.

Race:4:Queens Craft(8)/Qinghuangdo(3)

Aegis has remained non winner for over 1 year,weight is stopper.

Garcia Marquez is on downslide,winner of class 1,now struggling.

Qinghuangdo is running in apt distance,will be on job,can do well.

Aarohan is running for class down.

Audicous and Bound For Glory are  struggling in this class,can be ignored.

Queens Craft was mighty impressive winner,lightly penalised ,has won a race in this class and distance, should be job,place is certain.

Winning Strides in its last run was held for room till last 200mts, surged ahead strongly moment it got opening,one gets the feeling it is best for 1200mts.

Thirteen Black is tracking well but running in this class for first time

Race5:Camacho Speed(7)/Komo Komo Komo(8)

Camocho speed has reduced handicap significantly,now runs with xnb,best suited for this distance can upset at huge odds,not worth if odds below 8/1

Komo Komo Komo has been tried with multiple change of equipments for many times,can do it now.

Ceremonious gave good forward run in its last run,now runs with blks,stable mate queens Necklace may be fancied

Queens Necklace has won in poor company,cannot sustain now.

Inner Strength is running with blks on,distance is sharp.

Race6:Power Drive(5)/Amazon Princess(4)

Tough race with many worthy youngsters competing

Amozon Princess won impressively cutting handsome finishing time and is the one all have to beat.

Ray Of Hope is well bred,finished very good second on debut to too good Dandelion,can come good over this distance.

Choclate Soldier is the only won who has won over this distance.

But in my view Power Drive is the one which can surprise everyone,it was very very easy winner in its last run.

Race7:Young Sapper(5)/Chal Bhai Chal

Chal Bhai Chal has won in mockrace,runs in lower class but has weight to carry.

Jewel In The Crown has impressed in mockrace where it was seen moving well thru out but best for 1200mts.

Young Sapper is knocking door,can come win here.

Citi Supreme will be different customer this time,can place at longer odds.

Bangalore 19th --> Short selections

Short Selections for todays races


Facing relatively poor set,can do it.

Race2:Glycys Bay(7)

None of the horses have won even in 1600mts and now running in 2000mts.Rebuttal and Glycys Bay preparation reveals it has been prepared for this event,former has tendency of getting weakened,hence latter is opted as it finished good third over mile in its last run in higher class

Race3:Hatchet Harry(5)
Running in apt distance with +ve change of shoes and jky with impressive trackworks,can provide this rider first win at this centre.

Race4:Decorated(9)--Days Best

Decorated has come down in scales rapidly,working very well,can win here .

Race5:Solitaire Royal(2)
Won lot easily than it appeared,can beat Murioi who will hot fancy.

Race6:Final Countdown(4)

Final Countdown in its last run beat Bessie which went to win by 5 lengths in its next outing,has been penalised but can repeat in this weak set of higher class.

Race7:Atlas Power(1)

Atlas power is best suited for this distance,should be able to beat Archibaldo who is lightly penalised for its win.

Race8:Angel queen(3)

Angel Queen is running in same age group,should run a bold race and can provide back to back double to trainer/jockey combo

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bangalore 18th November-->Comments and Selections

Bland card with no sense of competition or clarity.


Cherish is impressive in trackworks after educational run, now runs with Ts on and gets good rider,should be able to pull it off.

O My Darling has been tested in Gate practise by same rider who is riding it,will be on job.

One of a Kind is also active in pools,very rare to see a youngster trying that,can place at longer odds.

Race2:Frame Partner(7)

Corleone is non winner for 26 months in higher class,is on downslide,cannot be trusted inspite of top rider.

Rusty failed as fav in same class,winner of lower class.

Shades Of Scarlet is non winner for over a year,lacks winning punch.

Frame Partner gets good rider,has been regular in pools,can upset


Evraz tracking very well,should take lot of beating.

Man of Vision and Alcabza are expected to fill in remaining berths.

Race4:Superior Edge(5)

Yet another bad race.

Superior edge is lightly penalised for its win,can repeat in this very poor set.

Another voice is active in pools,can do this time now.


Zultanite is cut above the rest and should win easily.

Casanova will try start to finish tactics,can hold on to runner up position.

Race6:Union Jack(1)

Union Jack in this lowerclass looks best of lot and can win.

The Scientist if fit can trouble the eventual winner.

Anfield will be fancied,can deliver.


Simpleton and Diamonate are prime contenders,former is classy type and should be able to beat latter.

Firelight can place ahead of Sumitamo.


Wind And Flight running after 13 months and as such there is always an element of doubt over its race fitness however good trackworks may be.

Key of Knowledge won hard pressed in lower class last time,lightly penalised but repeat of same is not possible.

Resurgent's last run was in wrong distance,in this shorter distance can kick on gamely till end.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mysore 16th January-->Selections

Race1:Prost(4)/Passage Of Time(2)

Prost who lost as fav in last two runs merits another chance due to same age group and blks .

Passage Of Time  won in last run at age of 7 after running for 40 runs,such is the state of affairs of this centre,can repeat.

Darling Dynamite is ignored due to blood vessel suspect case

Race2:Absence(7)/Stardom Girl(4)

Absence gets better rider this time after  listless runs in last two runs in same age group under whipless riders,can do well here

Stardom Girl may be fancied due to jockey,has failed as fav in identical distance and class,opposition is very weak,may kick on till end here in this set.

Race3:Secret Treasure(6)-Days Best

Secret Treasure is blazing track,impressed in gate practises,can win on debut.

Rickety Rock and Dasara Queen can fill in remaining berths.

Race4:Pearl of Bangalore(8)/Lake Of Magic(3)

Pearl Of Bangalore in its last run was sporting bandage legs,slightly slow in start and  way behind on bend,was seen devouring ground rapidly in the end,with better saddle assistence,can do well now.

Lake of Magic has witnessed handicap reduction after 3 listless runs earlier  mighty impressive win in lower class,will be on job.


Infatuation should easily pull it off in this set.

Caesria in this shorter distance has good chance to place.

Race6:Naughts And Crosses(8)/Sarang(6)

Naughts and Crosses is most suited for this distance,can do well

Sarang has reduced handicap significantly, can surprise now.

Race7:Shaka Zulu(2)/Amazer(8)

Shaka Zulu has been impressive through out,can do well here under strong rider.

Amazer gave Kiran Rai its win of the season,lightly penalised,can repeat.

Race8:Alabama(3)/Visual Element(10)

Alabama was heavily backed in its last run.can make amends here.

Visual element has good chance to place at longer odds

Race9:Enduring Speed(3)/Tornado Force(1)

Enduring speed is running in this class after long time,was favoured in last run in higher class,tracking very well,can pull it off

Tornado Force is running in A shoes after long long time,impressed in trackworks and in this lower class can extend its best,good place option

Race10:Truth And Faith(7)/Queens Color(11)

Truth And Faith emerges good in this set and distance.

Queens Color can place at longer odds

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hyderabad and Mumbai 15th Jan selections

Card looks ordinary .Strangely we have mum races also on Tuesday

Race1:Fortunate(4)[Finished second by Head]

Both Asta La Viste and Lioness Heart won in poor company with not so impressive finishing timings,cannot repeat.

Kohinoor Revanta is non winner,unplaced in this distance,gets good rider but cannot be trusted.

Fortunate lost to Yet Again which defied penalty in its next outing,has good chance to win here.

Post race:Asta La Viste was installed as fav and won well.Fortunate tried its best but winner was too good,Custodian denied fortunate free run till last 300mts.

Race2:Alastor(1)--Days Best[Won by 3Lengths]

Youngsters race with many contenders.

Alastor in debut run impressed a lot in very strong company where it was seen moving from last position at bend to close 5th in the end in hands of work jockey,now with +ve change of shoes and jky,will be market fancy,can win

Proud Image in its debut run ran good forward run to too good Fearless Moments and Fastest Finger,working very well,should be in fighting line,if odds permit safe place bet.

Spirited was good third to Superior Dandelion and Ray Of Hope ,should be involved in finish

Post race:Alastor was installed as fav at 12/10 and further backed down to 8/10,came up well from outer draw to lead and won untroubled with jky looking back in final 100mts.Proud Image was seen moving well thru out,can enter winners circle soon.Spirited disappointed

Race3:Fairy Boy(3)[ Finished second]

Fairy Boy in its last run was sporting bandage legs,was interfered  twice,when urged was seen moving very well at fag end of race,its final fast track work with class 1 horse is very impressive and should run a good race.

Sherman Oaks has been prepared in typical LD style,should place.

Anicilary has impressed in gate practise,but will need this run.

Post race;Anicilary was installed as fav,looked troubled with headgears on,ran poorly.Sherman oaks was steady at 2.5 and won easily.Fairy Boy surprisingly chose Start to finish tactics,ran well till being caught by Sherman oaks,was available at 8/1

Race4:Classic Wish(8)--Long shot prospect [Lost]

Race for lowest rated horses.

Classic crown has failed in same class when fancied,can be ignored

Khabza may be ignored for stablemate Sugar Deal.

Rajkumar has failed as fav in same class,now gets better rider with +ve change of shoes,may be fancied but hard to deliver

Sugar Deal is non winner for 51 runs,last run enjoyed preferrred handicap reduction,yet could not win.

Classic Wish can upset.

Manipulator is enjoying preferred handicap reduction,should place.[Withdrawn]

Post race; Classic Wish was sporting bandage legs,was way behind all the time.Rajkumar was installed as fav at 2.5 and just managed to won from Khabza who could not be ridden to full advantage due to whipless rider,nano tribute was in front bunch and finished third

Race5:Elenor(2) [Won]

Kohinoor Supreme can do well only on No False Rails day not on this False rails day.

Elenor is on roll,has won 4 races on trot,now at Rating of 72 one would be tempted to assume that it would not like to proceed further to Cat 1,but it has age in favor,will try its luck in top class also.

Naughty Gal's two runs of this season need to be ignored due to slow start in first one and bumped in second one but one need to note that it has been gaining handicap inspite of not winning and at this rating of 71 will not want to proceed further to category 1.

Vijays Best in its last run ran without XNB,settled well from outermost box to be in striking position but inspite of heavy whipping by jky it just did not raise the required gallop,now on this False rails day will find hard to keep up with pace,can be ignored for win as it has disappointed too many times.

Elegant Approach has developed habit of slow start,one gets the feeling it is looking for class down.

Marquise is best for 1000mts but it has failed to impress in this class 2 plus the worrying fact is that it has not shown any spark in two Gate practises given.

Ann Arbor is looking for class down.

Desert Bloom is ridden by Venkat who is yet to get a winner,looking for class down.

Post race;Elenor was sporting bandage legs,opened at 7/10 and went upto evens,just managed to hold on from Vijays Best who was mercilessly whipped.Kohinoor supreme ended up third for the simple reason that no other runner was interested.Elegant Approach received support but as expected was slow in start and lost all the chances as pace was very hot

Race6:Montego Bay(2)[Won]

Sea Runner will not be able to sustain this distance.

Montego Bay in this set looks good and should be able to hold on till end.

Smashing Beauty cannot be trusted as it has tendency of slow start,blood vessel suspect case.

Cypress Way in this higher class can be ignored

Ground Crew is fractious,cannot be trusted.

Guiding Spirit has been prepared quietly,can upset,place is certain.[Placed third]

Post race; Montego bay and Ground Crew opened up at 2/1 as joint fav,,Montego bay received further support and was backed down to 1.5..Smashing beauty which opened at 5/1 was backed down to 3/1 and as expected did not impress.In the end Montego bay just managed to beat Ground Crew who at one staged looked like it will run away with this race.Guiding Spirit finished third and paid handsome dividend of 4/1 for place.

Race7:Vijay Keerthi(2)

Golden Palace lost whip in its last run,weight seems to be stopper.

Vijay Keerthi has done nothing wrong till date,won impressively last time,has weight to carry.

Something is brewing in Nano Storm,should not be ignored,upset chance

Post race;Vijaykeerthi was suprisingly available at evens,drifted out badly in straight course and lost all chances,took tons of money to drain.Drayton won easily providing Jockey Venkat his first win of the season.

Race8:Sheridan(5)[Lost badly]

Sheridan in this shorter distance can kick on gamely till end,final trackwork very impressive.

Vijaysheel is ridden by a rider who is yet to get a winner this season,rider is known for late burst not STF specialist

If Alastor wins then Pavan will be fully tried,has remained non winner for 16months,changed stables from K Srinivas to Zoheb Sheikh.

Street Magic will find this distance sharp.

Post race;Street Magic opened at 2/1,followed bu Power plant at 3.5,Sheridan and Pavan were available at 6/1.Sheridan was in striking position but lacked the required gallop to hit front.Street Magic justified favouritism by winning handsomely


The Best Man is running in most apt distance in its fav class,should place,can upset

Chitrangada has impressed in gate practise,won very well last time,can repeat.

Deccan Queen has failed too many times in this class.

Itsy Bitsy runs with multiple change of equipments,last run as fav finished 20 lengths behind.

Khallis Gold is working well,has  services of good jky,can do well.


Race1:Quando Quando(4)[Won at 10/1]

Quando Quando has come down rapidly in rating after winning in first race of season,has good chance here.

Race2:Bizarro(4) [Finished second]

Bizarro has been underrated,has enough class to beat two fancied horses.Neona may fold up over this distance.Centrestage won erratically in its last run.

Race3:Mahiki(3)[Lost at post]

Mahiki has been running close in all its runs,now runs with Blks on under strong rider,has no business loosing this race.Castletroy is well bred and now runs wth Ts on but has to beat Mahiki

Race4:Octopaul(5)[Finished no where]

 Blue Ace may be fancied due to its win over Borsalino but one cannot ignore the fact that it lost as fav in same class at Pune

Barringo may not sustain this distance

Octopaul is most suited to this distance,has not run in this distance for long time except for one run in Pune where it could not ride to full potential due to snapping of Nose strap,has good chance to upset

Race5:Panthera(9)[Finished second]
Rio is hotly fancied due to its good second in debut run but Panthera who is full sister to Forest Flair deserves another chance.

Race6:Myla Rose(8)[Lost,Boxed up near 200mts and recieved strong interference resulting in momentary inbalance,surprisingly was opened at 2.5]

9 Furlongs race of class 4 with 15 runners will surely throw surprises.Myla Rose preparation reveals it has been prepared for this event,can upset.

Race7:Relic Hunter(5)
Bulls Eye was squarely beaten by first timer Monza,is fancied again,looks difficult going by its last run.

Destined to Glory has won impressively cutting smart timings but in 4yrs group which translates into 5yrs up now in this new year,so repeat of that is nt possible even though it has been lightly penalised.

Ignore last run of Relic Hunter working very well and should be the one to upset

Race8:Commander(3)---Days Best

Commander was badly boxed up at crucial juncture of race in its last run,was again struggling to find opening,now in this longer distance will settle well and can win.

Machiavellinism is yet to prove its mettle over this distance

Race9:Trump Card(5)

Very bad race,Trump Card can upset,is worth small each way bet

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kolkotta-----> Short Selections

12.00AM start is too early specially on Sundays..Could read only 4 race card 


Haystone always ran in front bunch before petering out over longer distance,now in this shorter distance and No False rails should be able to stage pillar to post victory.

Ijjal is not sighted in tracks,running pattern inconsistent,but choice of jky is big pointer and in all probability should finish second to Haystone

Eternal Instinct due to outer box will not be able to settle well,can be ignored for win at best place.

Ebony Princess will find this distance sharp


Adelino failed as hot fav in debut,was bumped at start as result of which could not keep up with the pace,then again in final 200mts was badly interfered,merits another chance.

Fire Angel seems to be a good type,working impressively,can do well


Coppelia may be hotly fancied due to its second in guineas early was runway winner of this same class but drifted out very badly,now carrying welter weight,at best place only.

Ardent And Graceful gave good rerun in its last run,will be in 1-2 .

Artimisa is the one which has impressed most in its last win where it moved handsomely thru rails to score an impressive victory,tracking very well and can win.


Borsolino should not have any difficulty in picking up this race.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kolkotta selections by Satish

Dear Friends,

Some thoughts for Kolkatta. Not sure you have IVB at your place.

Again this post is just for sharing with my dear friend Vinodh's permission.

1. Zip Zap Zoom
2. Words
3. Al Attaturk
4. Il Bronzino (purely based on last run. with a better jockey now)
5. Moment of Love (place)
6. Mesmerizer (SHP)
7.Crown Rule( not sure of its fitness. Running after a long gap)
8. Passion N Flames

These are some of the horses that I will look at. If friends from Kolkatta have any thoughts to share please do.

Bangalore and Kolkotta selections posted below

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bangalore and Kolkotta 12th Jan-->Comments and selections

Tread with caution.

[2] Star Struck--->If better saddle support can win in this very poor set.
[12]Autumn Red -->Last run was in wrong distance,should place,can win also
[1]Sugar Fairy-->Long shot place prospect

[2] Abbys Baby---> Back to its winning class with strong rider,should win.
[4] A Move To Remember---> Brought down in this lower class,should place.
[9] Aspect of love--> Runs with CNB,can upset.

[3] Recharged---.> Gets good rider,best on numbers can upset
[9] Arun--> Falls back rapidly,can only hope to place
[7] Senor Speedy---> Has credentials to place at longer odds

[3] Miracle Memories---> Blazing tracks,can win on debut
[4] Murioi----> Ran green in its debut,cannot be trusted,can win but not worth at this odds.
[5] Nabisco---> Impressed in final trackwork,can place at longer odds

[9] Grand Success---> Knocking door,last run was surprisingly very poor,but in this set has good chance to kick on till end
[5] Hard To Pin Down----> In this step distance good chance to place.
[1] Supremacy---> Can upset as it is running in same age  group

[1] Cape Ferrat----> Can take advantage of handicap reduction and can kick on gamely till end this time.
[9] Nickel Chrome----> Impressive winner of lower class,can repeat in this higher set.

[2] Raphire[Days Best]---> Merits another chance as earlier finished close second to Cecil which went on to win in higher class,can win
[9] Foswell---> Can place here in this set.
[10]  Miss Ching---> Running close,should be in fighting line,can upset

[1] Caraway---->Now runs in right distance,can do well,good long shot prospect
[11] Indian----> Was fancied in first run,withdrawn,working very well ,can clear maiden status
[4] Hillingdon---> last as hot fav in debut run,last run was after long lay off.can upset

[5] Cheque Discounter----> Can repeat as this set is very poor
[3] Aliyah----> Cleared maiden in style at Mysore,both runs in higher class were very poor,can do well here

Trying for first time Kolkotta races.Win or Eachway or Just place depending on race time odds.

R1)Colonel Boogey(4)

Colonel Boogey is at right handicap at which it won a race earlier in same class and weight.


Impressive winner in debut run inspite of drifting out,last run lost as fav,has better rider this time

R3)Lake Michigan(3)

Good third in its last run,now in this extended distance with +ve switch of shoes,has good chance,only cause of worry is that it burst blood vessel Monsoon season

R4)Calyspo Girl(9)

Ignore last run due to strong interference resulting in imbalancing ,earlier close runs.

R5) Zoffany(3)

Best for this distance,can do well inspite of whipless rider

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