Thursday, December 31, 2009

NewYear Bangalore

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year

I wish all Visitors Prosperity,Good health,Wealth,Happiness,GreenPastures,Abundant Blessings.

May 2010 be the year you achieve acheive wonderful things in Gods Guidance and strength.

May God be with u.....Be Blessed

Following are my selections for Bng races to be held on Friday.


2 .Braavo

1 .Sky Train

8 .Flame Back

Indeed difficult to pick a clear cut winner in this set as trackwork is the only guiding factor.Braavo and Sky Train are the only horses which have are ridden by jockeys who have given track work,hence get preference over others.Braavo has impressed in gate practises and can win.Flame back is ridden to Saddle Magician but all his wins have come on mounts whom he has tracked in its final work outs.


6 .Isinbayeva

8 .Track Wonder

3 .Yes We Can

Bad race.Track wonder and Spread A Smile are the only winners in this set.Jockey merit may ensure win for Isinbayeva.Trackwonder if fit can make them all run for their money.


1 .Sure Speed

9 .Missoni

5 .Mystic Dawn

Sure Speed won with plenty on hand,can win again.Missoni inspite of running green finished second to odds-on fav Appillina,will run close to winner.Mystic Dawn is well bred,entrusted to very good rider who is wearing this colors for first time,can upset.


2 .Calypso Star

3 .Ruby Legend

7 .Massimiliano

Calypso was unlucky in its last three runs,with aid of extra gears Blks will run bold race and should earn well deserved win.Ruby Legend with better saddle assistance will be in thick of action,can do well.Massimilliano has services of top jockey,looks very fit,has good initial speed and can run away to victory.


5 .Aristos

8 .Ohiyesa

9 .Cruising

Aritos ran mighty second to Celestial way which went on to win classic,last run was unable to carry top weight over 9 furlongs,at this handicap will be hard to toss.Ohiyesa even though lacks class is at tidy handicap and can place ahead of Cruising.Tomsk ,Splendid Surprise are running after long lay off.Royal Ambassador requires hard riding which cannot be expected from Appu.


6 .Star Assembly

1 .Becket

4 .Alacrity

Becket won impressively in poor companies,this run will reveal its true colors.Star Assembly looks very fit,has good turn of foot and can upset.Alacrity will place for sure.


2 .Dream Park

7 .Youre A Legend

10.Regal Glory

Jockey Suraj Narredu had feel of this horse in trackworks,has good chance in this set where only threat Brunetta is running without any preparation which is not the winning pattern.Regal Glory is running after long lay off,hence win option is ignored.Amar Prem,Game Dancer will fizzle out in final furlong.Ticket to ride is yet to impress in open class after registering a win in maidens group.


1 .Advantage Logan

2 .Spring A Surprise

3 .Son Of The Soil

Advantage Logan won impressively last time,looks good in this set where except for Spring A Surprise and Son Of The Soil rest of the runners have no credibility.


Good bets: Sure Speed(3-1)- Calypso Star(4-2)- Dream Park(7-2)-Advantage Logan(8-1)

Mumbai 31st December


Following appeal to me for todays Mumbai races.

Race1:Premeir Connection(5)-Win

Step By Step emerges on top in my type of handicapping but it failed as hot fav with strong riders on too many times clearing giving indication that it is not reliable horse.

Premier Connection covered good ground in its last run in good time,now with better saddle assistence looks home and dry.

Benedictus is entrusted to S Zervan who is yet to register a win for this trainer,looks difficult.


Churchill faces no opposition and should win this race followed by The Giant.

Race3:Kite Runner(1)-Win

Kite Runner was seen moving very well in its last outing in relatively strong company,had great Pune season,should win this race.

Prince Of Troy failed as fav in RAN but NOT WON class,at best can place.

Billo Rani merits attention due to rider whose confidence must be high after great sunday.

Race4:Fire Streak(2)-Win/Shp

Onasiss was mighty impressive winner and if it able to win in this higher class carrying additional 5kgs then it will be classic horse.

Firestreak is the only one which can challenge Onassis and may upset its smooth transistion to higher class.


Estevez has tremendous turn of foot and can upset the fancied duo of Semper Eadem and Forever Young.Calling the Shots is hiding true form,not sure whether it will reveal it here or may would opt for further reduction in handicap.

Race6:Sun Glory(4)-Win

Really difficult to assess outcome of this race.Rakesh Kumar Wadhwan has three horses with 3 different trainers.Sun Glory looks best of three.Macchupicchu does not deserve the odds at which it is quoted.

Race7:Black Rainbow(3)-Win

Black Rainbow impressed in mock race,has superior saddle assistence and should win this race from Torrential who will be running with Extra gears Blks this time.

Daysbest:Black Rainbow(7-3)

Double:Kite Runner(3-1)-Black Rainbow(7-3)

Premeir Connection(5)-Kite Runner(3-1)-Black Rainbow(7-3)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mysore Wednesday 30 th December


Following appeals to me for todays Mysore races.


6 .Opera Priincess

10.Famous For Free

9 .Gun Rock

8 .Record Time

Opera Priincess won at same handicap with same rider in summer season,prepared well and now running with +Ve change of shoes,will run a good race and can return as winner.Famous for Free is consistent and will place.Record Time has bad gate manners.



4 .Nano Blue

2 .Berkley Square

8 .Moonlight Dancer

Mahseer was running in same age group,one may discount his chances in this open age group,but looks very good at this handicap and merits and each way bet.Nano Blue has been knocking door for some time and will again extend its best here.Bennythebull be market fancy but top weight will mar its chances.


7 .Amatol

6 .Wise Words

8 .Mr Bureaucrat

5 .Bee For You

Wise Words comes on top but no track for last 28 days,may be best suited for 1200mts.Amatol is in rousing form,impressed in gate practises,may do well again.Mr Bureaucrat is knocking door for sometime,will extend its best here.Bee For You can sneak in place at longer odds.


2 .Red Dawn

1 .Place Her Well

4 .Snap Dragon

3 .Tantrik

All looks well with Red Dawn now,if takes level jump,has very good chance to win.Place Her well is not sighted in tracks,but has class to place.Snap Dragon will do well and can place.


2 .Gershwin

7 .The Force

8 .Super Sha

9 .Demanding

Last run of Gershwin can be ignored,as age in his favour in this set and may win.The Force is entrusted saddle magician who extracts best from his mounts,will be in thick of action.Super sha won impressively in its last outing and will place.Demanding is long shot place prospect.


2 .Majestic Strides

6 .Royal Liason

3 .Bliss

5 .Forever Grande

Majestic Pride once failed as hot fav this season,now entrusted to superior rider,can win.Royal Liason has best credentials to be in 1-2.Bliss is long shot place prospect.


9 .Golden Flowers

2 .Alinski

3 .Artistic Way

8 .Final Frontier

Golden Flowers always does well with A shoes,has good chance to beat Alinski.Final Frontier is good place prospect.


2 .Heroism

4 .Chamcha In Chief

3 .Son Of Fortune

8 .Victory Queen

Heroism is endowed with good initial speed,can hold on till end.Chamcha In Chief will be in thick if action and will place.Satin wood is from Bangalore,not impressive in tracks,hence ignored.

Daysbest:Golden Flowers(7-9)

Good bets:Amatol(3-7),Red Dawn(4-2),

Have a nice day.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hyderabad Monday


Following appeals to me for Monday Hyd races.It will be prudent to back 6 year old horses{rated below 75 and Non winner from Monsoon season}.They will be running probably for the last time and will extend their best.Trainer Faisal Hassan will be in limelight.

Race1:Royal Flyer(1)-Win

Royal Flyer does not impress if we go by standard handicapping method,but one cannot ignore the fact that it has been extensively prepared and being a 6 year old it is natural that it will be extended and can win due to FRIENDLY ASSISTENCE from other runners.

Race2:Proud Accolade(1)-Win

Proud Accolade loves winter track,all its victories baring one{total 6} came in winter,Trainer will be on job and hence will do its best.

Kings Cruise has done nothing wrong till date,last run was placed disadvantegously in outermost box and therefore could not justify favourtism, now is running in most apt distance but very fast pace of the race will spoil its chances.

Pleasing Display is entrusted to better rider this time,but is running in shorter distance and hence will need lot of luck to win this race.

Arabian Dancer failed as hot fav in its last run,cannot improve in immediate run.

Rainbow Fog is very very speedy and will make everyone run for their money,place looks certain.

Race3:Al Fatha(4)-Win

Al Fatha has ran along superior horses,has class and should win this race.

Vijaysiddanth's faraway second to Sparks which went on to win Derby cannot be ignored and will be in fighting line.

King Of Court's trainer is facing enquiry for its dismayal performance in its last outing,cannot improve immediately.

Race4:Air Bender(4)-Win

Air Bender is now aided with extra gears Blks,tested with same in trials,with better saddle assistence can raise winning flag.

Gables belongs to list of horses from LD Silva who start with BANG but once they loose form they never again get on top.Silent Presence is one horse i remember who used to decimate opposition with utter impunity but after its return from Bangalore never ever could win a race.

Smart Empire is now running in this lower class with +ve switch of shoes,but lack of track work is big deterent.

Shes Got The Look wins a race in this class at almost same handicap,runs listless in higher class,then again comes down in this class and wins.This has been repeated three times till now.Will it be lucky fourth time,well +ve switch of shoes does indicate its connections willingness,can win if in ODDS.


Dhrutiman has been lightly penalised,will extend its best again.

Yippee has strong saddle assistence this time,this horse loves soft under foot conditions,has good chance to win this race.

Rest all runners can be ignored for win.Boyance can be considered for third place.

Race6:Taste Of India(7)-Win

Y a foreign jockey is riding Narwhal who cannot even sustain 7 furlongs,anyways this jockey has not impressed till now.

Al Jameel has been consistent over 7 furlongs,this distance is out of compass,hence may not even place.

I always felt that Taste Of India is best suited for 1600+,has good chance to score an encore.

Break Point won a race with A shoes,after it was made to run in steel shoes,hence there is an element of doubt abt its connections intentions,they may not be interested.

Golden Sabot has been consistent,had his share of win this season,now forget it.

Race7:The Beatles Angel(4)-Win

In first run of this season Casablanca has beaten Mr Don,Dhrutiman,Star faours all which have a won a race thereafter.In its second run finished close 4th to Storm Force{twice winner} and Flaming Ruby{Distance winner in next outing} but only worry is short distance.

Armada won effortlessly last time,penalised heavily,will extend its best again.

The Beatles Angel impressed in gate practise,is very consistent this season and deserves a win.

No two runs of Greet Well has been similar,hence it would not be wise to fancy its chances on basis of its third in last run.

Daysbest:Taste Of India(6-7)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hyderabad & Mumbai 27th December



Following appeal to me for Mumbai races.


Race2:Destined Prince(1)-Win

Race3: Anamika(6)-Win/Shp


Race5:Our Fortune(5)-Win

Race6:Ice Breaker(2)-Win

Race7:Ocean Wish(8)-Place

Race8:Suzi Wong(6)-Place


Daysbest:Destined Prince(2-1)

Following appeal to me for Sunday Hyd races.


Manki,Recast and Shivaji are the only winners of this set.With removal of Blks Manki won well last time and should not find much difficulty in again winning in this very very poor set.Cicilia will place.


Victory signal impressed in gate practise,will be fancied but has tough job on hand.Madho has been knocking on the door and will be live force.Blue magic is entrusted to new jockey Kiran Naidu who iam told is relative of Narredu's.Dartos the Muscle has good chance to win.Finally if Victory Signal is fav below Even ,it is better to LAY it and hedge it with place bet on Madho.

Race3:Youre An Aeton(8)-Win

Trainer S A Abbas has battery of well bred Youngsters,Youre An Aeton is one of those, is blazing the tracks and will be strongly fancied to win this race.Power Colors gave good forward run last time,his last track was HIGHLY impressive where it clocked 26 sec for 400mts,with +ve switch of shoes should fight every inch of ground.Hail the star is tracking well and with some change of Equipments,may place.

Race4:Just Be Cool(5)-Win/Shp

Just Be Cool has ran good forward races with better horses,in this set can run away to victory,good each way bet.Lady Patricia can be ignored for win,is bad carrier of top weight.Try Me Today can place.

Race5:Royal Bay(5)-Win

Royal Bay finished an eye catching third last week,is facing mild opposition and should win this race easily.Kansas City Mac and Citi Dancer will place


Iaepetus is in great form and should again win this race from Old Man of HRC Coral Gables.Vijayrath looks to have regained form and can spring surprise.

Race7:Lavender Mist(13)/Modest Bride(6)/Golden Tricks(8)

Lavender Mist was impressive winner in lower class,is at attractive handicap and can again win from Modest Bride and Golden tricks.Winner should emerge fron this three only.

Race8:Vendetta(4)/Feudal Lords(3)/Vijay Dhanush(5)

Race is restricted to this three only.Vendetta has ran along very good horses,can win.Fuedal Lords can surprise.Vijay Dhanush will be on Job and can win.

Race9:Allegation(3)/Ninja Power(2)-Win

Ninja Power and Allegation are better than rest.Allegation has better chance to win.Zorbonaut is long shot place prospect.

Daysbest:Royal Bay(5-5)
















Friday, December 25, 2009

Kolkotta Boxer Day Choices


Following are my views for Kol races.

Race1:Sea Sprite(14)-Win

Sea Sprite at this weight will make everyone run for their money however Devilish is the one which can upset if fit.Mirror Image is long shot place prospect.


Maznavi is better poised than Jacksonville and Everybody salsa and emerges as good bet of the day.

Race3:Royal Saga(4)-Win

Royal Saga gave good forward run in its debut,working well thereafter,will run a good race and can win from Awesome indian who has services of top rider.


Corazon has slender advantage over Bold Babe.Italian Star will place.

Race5:Aamar Kaku(4)-Win

Aamar Kaku is in rousing form and can annex one more race..Andrology has strong saddle assistence this time and will be involved in finish ahead of Golden Globe.


Tough race.Ultra Consistent
Samarkhand gets first prefernce over Arktouros and Cotswold Arms.


Main event of the race and is restricted to Harmonica and Sans Peril.

Race8:Italian Splendour(13)-Win

Italian Splendour in this extended distance emerges as good long shot prospect.Badal will place.


Bangalore Christmas Day


2 .Approach

1 .Showers Of Luck

4 .Give Me The Money

All are equally worst.Approach with better saddle assistance and relatively better preparation gets first nod ahead of others.


3 .Rumour Proof

1 .Pleasure Bite

9 .Gentle Legend

Yet another race where all horses have no form.Rumour Proof looks well prepared and may win.Note Gentle Legend for good place prospect


7 .Sun Dancing

2 .Tempus Fugit

3 .Elite Land

If Sun Dancing is able to reproduce its track form then it will be a winner.Tempus Fugit is working very impressively,has to beat Sun Dancing.


6 .Misty Moonlight

5 .Stagelight

4 .Supreme Arch

Misty Moonlight in this shorter distance looks best of lot and has good chance to win.Stagelight will place.Supreme Arch is long shot place prospect.


1 .Firezone

9 .Desert Rule

7 .Star Wave

Fire Zone has been knocking door this season and this extended distance will be live threat to one and all.Desert Rule at this handicap will make everyone run for their money.


12.Romance In The Air

4 .Panchakshari

3 .Voice Of India

Outermost draw spoiled chances of Romance In The Air in its last run,will be hard to catch at this handicap.Panchakshari is long shot place prospect.Voice of India can upset if tried.


3 .Portobello

2 .Arabian Prince

8 .Brigade's Pride

Portbello requires hard riding and has good chance in this distance under strong saddle assistance.Brigade’s Pride should place.


5 .Jamaican Bolt

9 .Sunny Spell

1 .Iwana Dance

Jamaican Bolt has ran good along with superior horses,looks to be prepared well and can upset.Sunny Spell will be on job

Daysbest: Sun Dancing(3-7)

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