Wednesday, January 26, 2022

UK 26.01

 🇬🇧 Lingfield

6:30 PM: 1-5.Eagle's Realm
7:00 PM: 2-2.No Files On Me--DAYS BEST
7:30 PM: 3-2.Criollo--GOOD
8:00 PM: 4-10.Ocean Eyes
8:30 PM: 5-9.T Maxie
9:00 PM: 6-2.Enough Already
9:30 PM: 7-7.Deputise

🇬🇧 Kempton
Hosted by 

10:00 PM: 1-14.Swiss Rowe
10:30 PM: 2-6.Take A Stand 
11:00 PM: 3-9.Marchetti- Days Best
11:30 PM: 4-11.Last Mission- GOOD 
12:00 AM: 5-3.Minister for Magic

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