Friday, January 14, 2022

Chennai 14.01

Race-1: 2.Turf Beauty / 1.Sweet Fragnance
Flying Safe returned bleeding in the last run and hence despite superior bloodlines ignored here

Race-23.Hallucinate / 8.Wise Do

Race-38.Glorious Sunlight / 1.Katahdin
Arlette from Bangalore has class but runs after a long lay off and Jockey S Anthony was suspended for careless riding on it.

Race-41.Catelyn / 5.Excellent Phoenix

Race-5: 2.Emelda10. Eagle Prince

Race-6: 6.Super Girl 8.Shadow Of Love {Place only}

Race-71.Wild Frank7. Nagada
Full of Surprise{4} has the best credentials but Jockey is turning out to be a dud

Try a Roll with bare minimum investment
Win: 2-3/5-2/6-6
Place: 1-1/3-1/6-8/7-7

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