Saturday, August 6, 2022

Turffontein, Ascot, Curragh,Redcar, Haydock Park 06.08

 🇿🇦 Turffontein

3:40 PM: 1-5. Twice The Storm--Won
4:10 PM: 2-4. Gregarious Girl
4:45 PM: 3-3. Atlantic City
5:20 PM: 4-5. Crusade To Royalty
5:55 PM: 5-5. Arlington Action
6:30 PM: 6-5.Ocean Warrior--Won
7:05 PM: 7-3. Roha--Won
7:40 PM: 8-6. Silvery Blue
8:15 PM: 9-2. Ridge To Reef 

UK Races are tough to handicap due to lot of variables. Performance of a horse is badly affected by GOING, one day it will run like a champion and other day it would just fizzle out badly making us wonder how did we end up picking such a dud. Jockey's skill matters most, horses win on rerun- a rare phenomenon not seen in any other racing country. There are no "Also Ran" types here hence Negative handicapping yields little success. 

Keeping above in mind I pick horse(s) who have top saddle assistance, decent Course-Distance record and positive performance in today's Going {Good, Soft, Heavy} 

This is not an exact science and I am still in process of evolving a decent system. 

Lastly I would not recommend a place bet in such competitive races, it would be prudent to back Win hedged by Show {Top-2 position pool}. Our selection will either come out flying good to win or runner up else would finish in ruts. 

Don't bet if odds are between 1.5-2.2 even if they r listed here. 

🇬🇧 Ascot
5:30 PM: 1-6. Adjourn
6:05 PM: 2-1. Orbaan--Won
6:40 PM: 3-6. Manaccan--Won
7:15 PM: 4-1. Rock Eagle
7:50 PM: 5-5. Pretty Sweet/ 8. State of Bliss
8:25 PM: 6-10. Jungle Cove--Won/ 3. Bopedro
9:00 PM: 7-6. Berkshire Breeze
9:35 PM: 8-11. Conflict D 6.Adaay In Asia--Won
🇨🇮 Curragh {Ireland}
7:45 PM: 4-8. Dubawi Legend
8:15 PM: 5-2. Probe
8:45 PM: 6-3. Bradsell
9:25 PM: 7-7. She's In The Game
9:55 PM: 8-5. Neo Soul

🇬🇧 Redcar
7:22 PM: 3-9. War Defender/ 7. Diamond On The Hill--Won
7:57 PM: 4-5. Golden Voice
8:32 PM: 5-7. Mrs Bageran
9:05 PM: 6-9. Premiership
9:40 PM: 7-9. Prophesise 

🇬🇧 Haydock Park
8:05 PM: 4-9. Crenelle
8:40 PM: 5-4. Glittering Choice
9:10 PM: 6-2. Whitebeam--Won
9:45 PM: 7-5. Star Zinc

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