Wednesday, September 15, 2021

GreyVille, Beverley & Thistle Down15.09

 All this centers are taken by HRC online App. It.looks like HRC online App is not taking US races as tweeted by their official Twitter handle

4:00 PM: 1-2.Winter Journey
4:35 PM: 2-7.Supper At Six
5:10 PM: 3-5.Shield Maiden
5:50 PM: 4-10.Tromso
6:25 PM: 5-4.Keeps Light On
7:00 PM: 6-4.Maria Carolina--DAYS BEST
7:35 PM: 7-4.Native Tongue
8:12 PM: 8-1.Princess Anastasia-GOOD

🇬🇧 Beverley
5:30 PM: 1-2.Luxor Flush
6:00 PM: 2-8.Ridicule
6:35 PM: 3-1.Five Stars
7:05 PM: 4-10.Libby
7:40 PM: 5-1.Jojo Rabbit
8:10.PM: 6-2.Sudona--DAYS BEST
8:40 PM: 7-6.At A Pinch
9:15 PM: 8-10.Iron Sheriff

Situated in Ohio

10:20 PM: 1-4.Always Special
This race is restricted to Horses who haven't won more than 2 races
Always Special appeared in higher purse races this year and should be a strong force in this lower $5000 claiming Race

10:50 PM: 2-6.Susie's Kid --DAYS BEST
Qualifies on Horse-Jockey Developing Partnership

11:20 PM: 3-5.Small Town Hero
Gets services of his fav rider, big player in sloppy conditions

11:50 PM: 4-3.Big If True 
Best of lot on class terms, stands decent chance despite change of regular Jockey

12:20 AM: 5-7.Diamond State
Scored an encore defying Class Penalty, facing modest set and can repeat

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