Monday, July 24, 2017

Subscription for August-Open

Subscription for  August opens on 25th July  and will close on 31st July 2017.Also available "Only Pune" subscription offer

Services: DR/TR and complete worksheet with analysis and selections  for main centres like Bangalore,Pune .For other centres Top 4 in DR ,analysis and selections

To view sample postings Pls click on desired date under Blog Archive tab in side bar

Postings will be mailed to subscribers


For details  mail to 

Eligibility: Persons of Indian origin aged above 21years 

Payment: Preferably by Cheque or transfer 

Terms and Conditions 
Payment is made to view DR,selections which are for guidance only,they are not recommendations of any sort 

In spite of expertise and best efforts by blogger Vinod Vyas subscribers may still end up in financial losses for which they should not hold either Blogger Vinod Vyas or Blogs Deccan selections responsible in any manner 

Subscribers declare that they are acting on their own freewill fully aware of the volatile and unpredictable nature of this horse racing 


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